Monday, November 23, 2015

::5 Camping Lessons Learned:: Prarents Editions

As a parent I often underestimate not only my own abilities but also those of my children. Last weekend we went camping. In hind site, there are certain things I don't ever think I can do but thanks to our camping trips my perspective has changed. 

Last year I wrote about the 5 lessons I hoped my children would learn from camping, you can read those here. Today, I am sharing the 5 lessons that I have learned as a parent from our camping trips. In hopes that these might encourage you to venture into your own outdoor adventures. 

1) Creativity- My Husband and I are not, by any means, expert campers, nor did we do this a lot as children. We have had to be creative; when it comes to our sleeping arrangements, daily activities and eating. We don't have a camp guide who tells us the plan. My Husband usually takes charge in this area and creates the meal plan and our tentative schedule. We then have to execute it with the little information or no true knowledge of what we've gotten ourselves into. But somehow, we do it and have been successful at it, twice!  

2) Resourcefulness- When we do make it out into "the wild", we have to be resourceful and make use of what we have. We have traveled out of Houston for both of our camping trips and we usually can't run back home for anything. Nor is there some  big retail store near by for extra stuff. Garner does have a mini-grocery store onsite, which we do rely on for most of our forgotten items. If they don't have it we are basically out of luck and use what we have. It has worked out pretty well and thankfully we haven't forgotten anything major.  If you read our first recap you know that my Sister-in-Law did save us  on this trip, bringing us extra towels, snacks and blankets. 

3) Relax- Now regardless of the situation, I am always a Momma on the edge of my seat. Always aware of where we are and the surroundings. I am a bit of what one would call a helicopter Momma. I don't want to be that way and want to trust my children and their abilities, as well as allow them to explore and learn. So, I have learned to let go and realize that the kids are OK. And, I do tend to relax just a little more than usual. If you know me, that's nearly impossible. But, I try I don't ever want to hinder my children's learning experience and from growing into their individuality. But, I am always conscious of large bodies of water or high dangerous areas. 

4) Packing- Kind of! When you go camping you do realize that you don't need everything from your house and we do have to learn to pack a bit more light. But, there are certain things that I don't pack and that I know I don't necessarily need daily. Like electronics or flat irons. The kids don't ever need more than I bring them and they don't miss things like their toys or the TV. We do bring our phones and I-pad only because it helps with the crazy long trips and to keep them busy while we cook or prepare the tent.  But, in all honestly as they get older I feel the packing may get lighter. At least I hope. Ha. 

5) Adaptability- Kids are adaptable, this is something I tend to forget because I see my children as too young to know this. And, I always expect them to react {or over react} to certain situations, that really hasn't been the case other than true joy and excitement. More times than not they are the ones who adapt the best to just about any situation. It's always a relief and something great to see as a parent. Meanwhile, I do tend to freak out about certain things and know that I shouldn't but I try to remain calm and "play it cool". Only because I don't want my children to be scared of trying new things. I want them to always be open to exploring and discovering their abilities! 

At the end of the day, we have learned that while we love camping we still have so much to learn! And, we hope that by camping trip 20 we will be somewhat experts.

Do you go camping? What are some of your favorite lessons/ self-discoveries from your trips? 

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