Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keeping it Real~The F*BOMB post

It was pointed out to me that those who don't really know me in person, might not know that I cuss.

Weird subject I know. Bare with me. 

Well, I do. Some days more than others. I do. I am a professional and I don't go around cussing people out at work and I also don't just randomly cuss at strangers. I do though at home, in the car, around my Husband and kids, am known to drop the "F*bomb" and cuss in general, as tacky as that may sound. Some days my speech and how I want to convey certain passions or emotions are only done by adding the correct amount of cuss words. Just being real. 

And, if you follow me on social media or my blog then you know I tend to keep my style very G or PG rated. Because I do work with brands and have a very serious level of professionalism for my blog as well. I treat it as I would my 8-5 pm job. But, I don't by any means want to give off the "I am so sweet, goodie goodie, cookie cutter, Momma" image, because if we become friends you will realize. That's not really who "I am". Don't get me wrong, I am sweet and can be very cookie cutter and play by the rules and all. But, I don't ever want to scare people who might follow me here if I meet them in person and rant off with some cussing included. 

This came up because I have a new love for a podcast by Andy Frisella, of MFCEO. While his point might get across without him cussing. He addressed that cussing is just natural for him. For me, his point comes across a lot more clear and with much more passion when he cusses. I love his words and his posts. I don't want to feel like I can't share these posts because they might offend someone. I know they might but at the end of the day. I want to be real. I like to follow people who have these same real raw emotions. Because well. Deep down inside I sometimes feel the same way about life. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to change my style drastically but I might just post this type of thing now and again and I don't want anyone to be surprised when I do. 

I recently gave a speech about how I have gained my confidence and taken risks in my life, I spoke about my faith and praying. Because I am a faith filled, believer. But, I also spoke about being a BadAss. I also always preach about balance in my life, I feel that this post is about balance. How I balance having faith, praying and also expressing myself with words and sometimes those words are "bad" words. Cause, well I am human. I don't ever feel I need to be one extreme or the other. I also don't feel I should hide it or not be myself cause I am scared of what others might think.

My blog has been around the block and I just like to freely be me. As I have been in the past but maybe a little more raw these days. 

My 30's have been great and are only getting better and I feel that I have found a place as  a Momma, a Wife, an employee, a Sister, a daughter, a doer, a dreamer and I want others to also find their place. I want other momma's to know they can be awesome and badasses while being the sweet fun Momma's they want to be.

See, that wasn't so bad. Or probably what you thought it would be. You can relax now. 

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