Thursday, January 28, 2016

::Building Strategic Partnerships in 2016::

You know how sometimes you make specific plans in your mind for things to go a certain way and then oh yeah. Hello, Life. Well 2016, started with a major plot twist at my job, which could be a great and wonderful change. The universe and the stars were looking out for me and I think I like it. I have for a few years been escaping toxic environments. I love working, I say it all the time. I love my blog, it's become the hidden passion I didn't know I had 8 years ago.  

Having my 8-5 pm merge with my passion, has been in the works for years now. It had not ever worked out. But, now I feel SO much closer than ever before. And, I feel timing couldn't be better, cause it is. 

I also started my year with saying YES, to a lot of great things. I also wanted to remain local with events and conferences, and so far, so good. How did this happen? Well honestly, even though it's not happening as I thought it would, it's happening. The best thing is that I have had this need to tell my story, who I am, where I come from and how I make it all work. Suddenly those doors have opened widely.

All the while, these words remained in my head; strategic partnerships and tell your story or purpose. Today I will share with you how I feel you can build good strategic partnerships.

:: Things to keep in mind with Strategic Partnerships are::

1) Not everything that shines is a star- Don't be blinded by the social media numbers that I rock, well not me but JLo. Obviously, she is a superstar. In real life, we want to not only seek good partners but also be good partners. Just cause people have thousands of followers, are they really superstars or are they duds? Do they really create relevant and useful content? Do they have quality content like you? Does your vision look like theirs? Or is it very similar?

You can't be blinded by the shining lights, you must look past the numbers, and their possible "celebrity" status and figure out if there is depth. If they are all surface or are  they really making the light shine brightly for a reason. 

2) Build relationships (the money comes later)- Really get to know who you want to work with and what they stand for. Do their visions align with yours? Just because someone can potentially make you money, doesn't mean you should work with them. At the end of the day, some of my best partnerships with brands and people have been because I truly like their vision and they truly like my style.

I have repeat brands that come to me regardless of my pitch. Or brands that just come to me without even pitching. Usually, they have studied me and my blog and my style and they like it. The money, perks, and benefits are just that... perks of the relationship being built.

3) Be Supportive- Being supportive is so important. But, being consistent and having mutual levels of support is, even more, important. You can't just support people when it's most convenient for you. Yes, we are both trying to gain something. Whatever that gain might be it can be important too but at the same time, if one side is gaining more than the other, the trust is lost.  I don't ever want to be the person always giving or taking, neither are productive to anyone. You will lose credibility if people realize you are just trying to gain from them and never give in return.

So, supporting one another is not only key for all around success but also for building those relationships that will really allow you to be who you are and create productive partnerships. For women the concept of partnerships is far more important these days. Let's try to support one another and build empires that we can all be successful in!

Look for tomorrow's post on telling your story, some fun Youtube videos will be required......

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