Friday, January 29, 2016

Telling Your Story #Purpose

Yesterday I posted about Building Strategic Partnerships, today I wanted to share how to effectively tell your story to others. I have always known that I wanted others to know more about me.

If you can imagine that to be more possible.

But, it really is. Aside from everything I share here I do have almost 35 years of life in general, 16 years of 24/7 relationship/marriage experience and not to mention the 25/8 of almost 7 years of Momma experience. As well as 5 years of college experience and almost 18 years of work experience. Trust me, there is so much you don't know about me. But, no worries. I have no problem with sharing. And, after the painfully embarrassing YouTube videos I uploaded yesterday and am sharing here today, you will officially know so much more about me. Videos were recorded some time last month but I just now had the guts to upload them thanks to inspiration from an amazing Austin Latina Blogger, Anali of the Nueva Latina (More information about her at the end of this blog). But first....

:: Things to keep in mind when Telling your Story::

1) Know what your purpose is- Even after so many years of knowing who I am and really seeking my purpose. I don't think it's become clear until recently. I am a Momma with a mission and telling my story in a way that is appropriate and relevant is my purpose. I want my purpose to mean something, to empower and to motivate. Never to harm others or my family. So, if you are going to share your story keep in mind, your audience, who might be involved and is it truly serving a purpose. If so, share it. With confidence and move forward. Your story could mean a lot to someone who hears it and the only way to know is by sharing it.

2) Be conscious of what you are about to share- For me my personal story involves a lot of pain, a family history full of turmoil and just things that most might not be comfortable with me sharing. I am very tactful about how I share my story and how much of it is truly relevant. Some details are not always needed and I understand that. Like I said, I am also conscious of who is involved in my story and how it might affect their present lives by me sharing it. So, with that in mind, just think carefully about what you are going to share and how much of it you can share. Or obtain permission if your story involves others. It may or may not. Just be mindful. 

3) Be Truthful- This is extremely important. There are so many instances of people who have shared horrible pasts only to gain attention and in the end, their stories were not true. And, trust me the truth always comes back to haunt you. Be honest and truthful. Always keeping in mind number 2 of this list... what you are sharing, how much you are sharing and with who. No need to lie, people should love you and appreciate you for who you are. If you have to lie to them, well they are not meant to be in your life.

4) Be YOURSELF, be unique - I can't tell you enough how much you don't want to be like everyone else. I can't tell you enough how much you really should just do what YOU do. Is it risky? Good. Are others doing it? If not, then GOOD. Like in life, you can't create this fake persona online. Because, when you meet people in person. They will know. They WILL know. That you aren't the totally social and well put-together Momma with the awesome hair and flawless skin.

Cause uhm, duh. They can see you. 

If you are that person both on and off the screen, AWESOME, you are God-given. Me. I pray every day that I say the right thing and that the pimples on my face really aren't as big as they appear in the rear-view mirror! Like, really. I will tell you here cause when you see me, hot mess express. For sure. And, those two super cute kids are usually sassy and sometimes dirty faced and stinky from lounging on the couch all day. So be warned, we are real people.

And videos... I created these as a submission vlog for a conference, I was not selected but still wanted Momma's to know my story. One is a short version and the other includes reference to past conference submissions.

This one has Camila in it. HA.


More about Anali, because of her I was inspired to share my videos and tell my story!

Anali Martinez is a 20-Something Latina living in Austin, TX. She is from Del Rio, TX. She is a proud Mexican and loves to learn more about her heritage every day. She went to college at The University of Texas at Austin and earned her bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Her hobbies are blogging, live music, running, working out, Zumba, and hanging out with loved ones as much as she can. She is a Kate Spade lover and planner addict. You can visit her blog here: and her new YouTube channel here:

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