Monday, February 1, 2016

::Weekend Snapshots:: Link-up with 3TwentySix

This weekend is now a blur.

I had a long 8-hour training today, that cancelled out my weekend high and placed my brain into a permanent state of FUEGO. Has that ever happened to you? A busy start to your week after a busy weekend? Happens to me often and some times things that I thought I would do, have to be scratched from the list. More on that later. 

Between my nephews 6th birthday, his photoshoot, and a one-year-old photo shoot, I lost my sense of time. I have also been sick, but for some reason, I can't rest and have been extra busy. Life. I guess.  I am sure one day soon, I will need to stop. For now, a Momma in motion remains in motion. It's my motto. Now on to my weekend snapshots. I am linking up with our Houston Latina Bloggers Social Media director Ari of 3TwentySix. Her weekend snapshot are always so great, she along with our with HLB co-founder Jihane, attended some great events this weekend.  

Let me start my snapshots with a little sneak peek of my weekend photo shoots- 

And, after all the great weather and fun pictures we went on to celebrate this little man. He is only 3 1/2 months younger than my Santi, they could be cousin twins. Kinda. Ha.

We had a lot of fun this weekend we celebrated with family and enjoyed the lovely outdoors as you can tell by the pictures above. But, first our weekends usually start with toys arranged in a manner that only Santiago can explain. By the way, that's a back massager not a toy at the end of the line there.

Our Saturdays also always start with morning hugs and snuggles with a little bit of eye boogers mixed in. Just to add to the fun.

Then I went off for my afternoon adventure... 

Finally, we celebrated my nephews 6th birthday with family and you know...the cool kids! My good friend of Entrepernuer and Blogger of Madre T Creations made us an amazing cake. The kids had fun and are always so happy to just see one another. 

My Momma actually got a semi-decent picture of my Dad and brothers. And, all was well in the universe for a couple of days... now on to the finish off my Monday with some sleep. Maybe. 

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