Thursday, March 17, 2016

::How can you empower YOUNG women:: #SXSW

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Music Keynote Speaker and First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.

Powerhouse women. That's who was united on the stages of SXSW this week. Powerhouse people, artists, creatives, and doers. As a Momma, as a Woman, as a Writer. I am affected and fully inspired by these types of events.  One of my favorite panels was Let Girls Learn Panel. Moderated by Queen Latifah. It was composed of the most epic Boss Lady/Tribe ever. Michelle Obama, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, and Sophia Bush. I mean who wouldn't want any of the ladies sitting on stage in their corner and it got me thinking... who do I have in mine?   

You know who I keep in my corner? Women who love me and support me. People, who believe in me. People. Who want me to succeed. Those people who will look at me and be real, who will say...yeah you are crazy but go for it! I have people in my life who are honest and hurt my feelings but love me. I have people in my life who inspire me, motivate me, push me. I have people in my corner who keep me humble and remind is NOT that serious. And, who don't take me for granted. I have people in my life who allow me to be me, who allow me to miss dates or rescheduled appointments because I have a family. I have people in my life who don't create more drama and issues for me but instead, help me solve issues and give me solutions.

That is what this panel brought to mind. How can I feel empowered and in return empower the younger generation of women? More importantly, how can I empower those young women in my life, especially my daughter


"Find your passion, turn it into Action! Support your Sisters!!" -Queen Latifah

Equal rights is the work of both men and women. 

You can't look to other for a change...."Change happens on the ground!"-Michelle Obama

  • Never give up
  • Work Hard
  • Nothing will ever be handed to you
  • When others tell you, you are a nobody, show them who you are and MORE
  • Don't let anyone hold you down. 

Powerful women, empower women. 

How can you help empower young ladies in your life?

1. Be Involved- Volunteer, advocate, and support those organizations that will help young women achieve the dreams and create an impact. There are so many out there, locally and nationwide. The one presented in this panel was #62MillionGirls 

2. Tell them they CAN- Your words can make a huge difference. Encouraging young women, mentoring them and telling them that they CAN be the difference everyone speaks of, is a very important and powerful part of the puzzle.

3. Be the example- As most things happen, we must show others what we are capable of by leading and being the example that young women need. You do have to lead by example.

4. Instill an education- I say it all the time and I know that many great people have not needed schooling and are self-taught. But, when a child is taught that an education can change their lives, it helps them grow with that mindset. I want my children to know school is an option. And, when other children want an education and can't get one, then we should take advantage of that and run with it.

5. Give them options- Just as I mentioned before, we want our children to know that they do have option. If a 4 year degree isn't for them, maybe some other type of certification or enrichment programs can be obtained. And, always letting them know that they can follow their dreams by taking different paths.

6. Inspire their dreams- In that same sense, we want to feed our children's dreams, support and encourage those dreams. I want my children to know that they can do anything they want, as long as they put the work in and become educated in what they want to do.

7. Let them be creative- Allowing young women to freely express, to be creative and to know that they can express their dreams through different outlets.

8. Help them find their voice- In the same sense of feeding young ladies dreams and allowing them to be creative, we can help them find their voice through mentoring and exposure to different resources.

9. Help them produce change- And, like with anything else you want to help young ladies and walk with them side-by-side to help them achieve their dreams. Providing resources and information they need to grow and learn.

10. Be the change! -  We cannot move forward without truly creating change, unless we create action and do those things that we say we are going to do! That's what it's about.

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