Tuesday, March 22, 2016

::Why Zootopia is a must see for your Family::

A feel good, all-around family friendly movie. It's what Zootopia is. And, a little truth of how conditioned my brain is. An ugly truth at that. I had no clue about this movie or what it was about, my son saw it on his first movie field trip with his class last week but I had no clue. I knew it was about a bunny who wants to be a cop, confession I thought the bunny was male. Why? Becuase it's what my brain is used to. A dumb assumption on my part, I know.

But, the movie did not disappoint. We went Sunday early afternoon since we had $5 tickets to Studio Movie grill from Groupon and they were about to expire. And, even though my son had seen the movie the rest of us had not. He tried not to spoil too many parts, exept every part he remembered as the movie played. I feel this movie captured it all, from some of the best God Father references to Shakira's hips that don't lie.

A "far-fetched" (My Husband reminds me, it's a cartoon, Connie.) child's movie, about a bunny cop, Lt. Judy Hopps, who believes anything is possible. Then proves that, yes, with respect, bravery and confidence ANYTHING is possible if we simply try. Trying and never giving up, believing in yourself and acceptance of all "animal" (human) kind is an eye-opening message that in a way brings forth the truth of current reality. While it might be easy to sometimes fall back into "old habits" that might seem, "biological" or nature driven, truth is we have evolved and we can and should move forward into a better world. Yes, a world that is messy and requires work but one that is worth hustling for!

We loved the movie. Adults can learn so much. Great lessons to learn for the whole family. We laughed even after the movie was over. The topics were all very fitting of the times we live in.

::My top 5 reasons for loving Zootopia::

1. Female Empowerment- Lt. Judy Hopps is a beautiful, strong and brave female bunny who will not give up on her dreams. What a perfect message to send to all little girls and children as a whole, that they can be anyone they want to be. And, a perfect reminder to us as Mommas to continue to feed those dreams!

2. A message of Acceptance and Inclusion-  Zootopia is a city where everyone is welcomed and accepted. The reality is that we must move forward together, as humans, to make this world a better place! We must accept those around us and know that we are ALL capable of great things!

3. Be Brave and follow your Heart-  I know that we are all born with special talents or skills, as my Cami likes to call them. We also all have a specific and unique purpose to fulfil, with an innate nature to do those things that need to be done to reach our goals and simply be ourselves. Part of being brave and filling this purpose involves listening to your heart and following it, where ever it may take you. Zootopia reminds us of such a wonderful heartfelt message.

4. Never Giving up!- Success isn't always about winning. You will fail and what's important is that you get right back up and push forward. Judy Hopps wasn't the best at everything but with hard work and constant dedication she proved herself to be a very worthy cop regardless of her size and what others thought of her because she never gave up.

5. Being kind and standing by your friends- Being a good person and backing up your friends are simple rules that will take you a long way. Supporting and believing in those around you when others don't believe in them, makes you a great friend! Building lasting friendships that revolve around trust and honesty is important for anyone as they grow.

I hope you get to see it with your kids... just a great overall family movie! Will definitely be buying this one!

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