Wednesday, April 6, 2016

::Qualities of a Good Leader:: #IKSH

Lead by example. 

It's simple enough but once you are in that position many things can go array. The best opportunities to learn for me have come by surrounding myself by other women in leading positions. 

Last week on, Wednesday, April 27th, I know Somebody Houston hosted it’s annual Firestarters event to a packed house of women leaders at a local bar and restaurant, Ladybirds. With amazing Firestarters such as Misti Pace-Krahl Founder of The Mommie Series-Houston, Dawniel Winningham, Founder of Wealthy Sisters Network, Sharon Lee Zapata, Founder of The Bitchy Business Briefs & The Zapata Group, Tikila Adolph, Founder of WTF - Winning Through Fitness - The ADOLPHs & Lee Brochstein, Founder and Chief Editor of J-Vibe and myself as Co-Founder of Houston Latina Bloggers & Founder of Momma of Dos. There is no doubt that we were all "moved, inspired, redeemed, and ignited." - Victoria O. Garcia of IKSH 

Victoria O. Garcia of IKSH {Picture credit} 

When I look at these women I think of leadership and being a good example. I created the following list of the qualities that I feel this group possess. And, I am honored to have been able to stand with them side by side and have shared our stories of courage and inspiration together.  These ladies have given me a new sense of purpose and life. Filled me with motivation and beautiful words of encouragement. It's not east to lead a group and sometimes you get stomped on, but these ladies reminded me of why we do what we do and reminded me of HOW we do what is needed to get ahead. 

1) High Standards- It's easy to see when you meet these ladies that they have high standards for themselves and the way they conduct business. It's so important, it helps you be accountable and helps you create a specific type of brand that is committed and dedicated to working hard. 

2) Strength- Every woman I have met and that I continue to connect with have amazing strength. How do I know that because I have listened to their stories and know what they are capable of. It's empowering. 

3) Willpower- One thing that I have learned is that when there is a will, there will always be a way. When you show others that you can do those things that maybe you yourself didn't think you were capable of your willpower to succeed shows. And, others will love that and are more willing to follow you. 

4) Drive- Saying you will do things is easy, but having focus and drive to make things happen, that's a whole other ball game! Stepping it up to that next level is what creates impact in others, being the example and leading in that example of doing as I do, not just as I say. That's true leadership. 

5) Goals Achieved- Of course, everyone has goals, but these goals need to be reached. These ladies have stated months, maybe years before that they would have or do certain things to be their own person. And, when you meet them they have taken the steps needed to reach their goals and have achieved them! 

6) Open to Criticism- We don't like to be told when we are wrong or how to correct things, but these ladies have all had this type of criticism. And, this is the type of people I want in my corner, not always agreeing with me or telling me I am great; because that will never bring growth. People who are honest and open and can tell me how it is, because then I will learn from my mistakes and perfect my craft. 

7) Willingness to Share- We all have to start somewhere, and being able to share what we have learned along the way is a big step into creating other women leaders. I have met many amazing ladies willing to share their processes and methods to succeed. Becoming my mentors and giving me insight into how I too can be successful this is always great to me. It's proof of confidence and uniqueness.

8) Adaptable to Change- It's so important to be adaptable to change, nothing will always remain the same, if it does, then you have a problem. Change creates growth and learning experiences that can help you overcome situations. Being able to see those changes and embrace them is highly important to most every entrepreneur I have met.

9) Shaky Past- Great leaders are created by their past, sometimes those past lives have not always been great. I think that having a shaky past is what creates the adaptability to change and the willingness to help others. My past is not the best which is why I never think twice to give a helping hand in whatever that might be! Not saying everyone must face adversity to succeed, but sometimes having that perspective helps us better connect with others.

10) Empowerment- Every lady I met last week has an innate ability to simply empower, to make you feel like you can go out and follow your dreams and better yet achieve them. This is the type of positive high that I love. Feeling that sense of self to achieve anything I want. A great leader will make you feel this way. It's my goal to make others feel this way, because I have been there and the feeling is immense.

 Pictures Courtesy of IKSH 

My goal is to create leaders, to be surrounded by women who are on the same playing field as me, who are my equals. It's the only way to move forward in a positive direction. Empowering women to grow and learn what they need to succeed.

Not to divide and conquer but to unite and succeed! 

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