Monday, April 11, 2016

::Weekend Snapshots:: Texas Bluebonnets 2016

This weekend was super busy for our little family. Saturday we had to split up, I went to an all day conference with our HLB crew and my Hubby and kids had baseball. This is one of the biggest sacrifices I make as a Momma who wants to grow and develop not only for myself but for my brand. And, a sacrifice my children and Hubby make for me as my children and spouse. I try to rarely cut into our family time and obligations on the weekend but sometimes it's needed. This was also an event that we committed to a while ago and before I knew we would do baseball this season. But, I made no excuses and woke up early and left the house that morning, leaving behind all baseball things prepped for my kids so that their morning could go smooth as well.

I am really glad I did. Because we made new connections at the Business Advancement Conference and our administrative team was able to have an actual face to face meeting, most of our day to day work is done online via, chat and texts, and phone calls. Face to face is becoming more and more important as we begin to get more organized and structured and committed to our group. So, that was awesome! I love seeing Jihane and Ariana in person when needed. I think we are 3 truly different people and our dynamic is interesting but I feel we have and continue to grow every time we meet and talk. 

More on the conference this week. 

Since I had spent all day away from the kids and Hubby we went to dinner at my In-Laws house to eat some crawfish. And, we also planned a small day-trip for the next day to seek out what the bluebonnet craze was all about! Sunday morning we slept in a little and then woke up, got ready and met up with Ricardo's cousin for a short trip further out into the country. We drove, with really no clue of where we would go. Finally, about 30-45 minutes away from Houston we found a spot along the side of the road where everyone was stopping so we stopped, cause when in Rome. Ha. We for the first time ever, yes, ever, got bluebonnet shots! It was fun until we were eaten alive by tiny ants. After which we continued to take more pictures but were definitely done with it. We headed towards the Blue Bell Creameries, we didn't know it would be closed but still looked around and planned to go back on a weekday when it's open to see more.

{ Please note we did not climb on the truck, we gently sat for pictures. } 

You would think our Sunday would have ended there, but oh yeah we have a 5 and 6-year old who never stop. We had a late lunch at MOD Pizza and then headed out to Meyer park to walk it off. We had fun and for sure, a FAMILY filled day. Exploring is always good, we went home exhausted, us, not the kids, and then tried to relax and get ready for the week.

How was your weekend?? 

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