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::Momma's Day Series 2016:: P's Story

::Momma of Dos Guest Blogger Post:: 
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Here's my story...

My name is Priscilla, but I go by P. I am 33 years old and from a small town in Southern California, but feel like a southern girl at heart ;) I've been married to my hubby for almost 11 years and we have two beautiful children, Jase who is 2 1/2 years old and Savannah who is 5 months old. Before getting pregnant, I struggled with infertility for 7 years. My struggle was due to a toxic relationship with diet and exercise that ultimately caused my reproductive system to shut down. It wasn't until I learned what it meant to live a truly healthy lifestyle that I got pregnant with both of my children naturally. It's because of my journey that I have become and Health & Fitness Coach in hopes of helping & inspiring others to learn how to live a truly healthy & happy life!

How old were you when you first became a Momma?  I was 31 years old when I had my son.

Was it expected? With my first, it had been a VERY long cycle and I had given up. Fully expecting to get my period that morning, I had this feeling I needed to take a test...I was shocked to see 2 pink lines! A day I will never forget. With my second I had no clue I could be pregnant, I had just gone off birth control 6 weeks prior and we hadn't started trying yet. 3 days late and I figure something was up...instantly 2 pink lines!!

Did your pregnancy/ies go well? I was VERY sick during both pregnancies and my first was considered high risk. I had a hard time gaining weight and felt like a stranger in my own body. This made me sad since getting pregnant was something I dreamed of for a long time, but finally accepted that it was just how my body responds to being pregnant.

Was your pregnancy what you expected? Nope! Not at all lol! I was expecting to feel amazing and be able to eat anything I wanted haha 

Did your delivery go well? Both of my deliveries, however, were AMAZING!! The two best days of my life and something I will miss forever. They are moments I wish I could go back to over and over again...

Was your delivery what you expected? They were both better than expected!! A true blessing!

How was your first year? My first year was amazing, to wake up that morning and actually have a little one to cuddle and celebrate with is something I will never forget. I cried tears of joy that night knowing how lucky I am!!

Was it all that you expected? Yes! Absolutely! And I had my own mother here to celebrate which made it all that more amazing!!

What advice do you have for others new Momma's? That time goes SO quick! When the hard days come, and they will, just know that it's only a phase. Focus on the good and remember to soak it all in.

We all struggle daily with so many self-issues; what has been your favorite quote, book, movie, item, or website that has helped you keep strong and move forward? The book Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson is AMAZING! One I think all mommas should read.

Contact "P": Absolutely! My email is, 
IG is Finding_Pure_Happiness

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