Tuesday, May 10, 2016

::Top 10 Motivational/Inspirational Songs:: Momma Edition

When I am looking for daily motivation or inspiration, I often listen to either podcasts (one of my favorites is MFCEO), Ted Talks (Love them!) or a variety of music.

On my sad days or days when things don't seem to go right I listen to radio stations like KSBJ here in Houston. Their overall message is very motivational. For years, I have listened to KSBJ. And, the other day I realized that since I started listening back in 2001, the morning show has been very important. Not only because of my long commutes and the need to listen to good-positive radio, but also because of the dynamics of the morning show hosts. The hosts are usually male and female, parents and non-parents, but their dynamic over the years has been similar. They work wonderfully together to uplift, to encourage, or provoke deep thought as well as to make you laugh. I have fallen in love with every pair of hosts and truly appreciate a good morning radio show.

Mornings are so important because they set the mood for the rest of the day. When you don't feel great and no on else has told you that everything will be okay or that your day can turn around, motivating messages like those on the radio can help change your mood.

Here are my current top 5 KSBJ motivating/inspiring songs, there are so many others but these I love. You might recognize some of the faces from American Idol.

Then, of course, the girl power has got to flow! My top 5 female empowerment songs.

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