Monday, June 13, 2016

::Original Wear Clothing:: Travels to the Valley

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

One of my favorite Texas shops abroad is Original Wear Clothing for several reason; Myriam the owner is a High School friend and finding her via Facebook over 10 years after we graduated to learn about her adventures and success has been wonderful! Not only is her story fascinating; which is always my favorite part of local shops, getting to know how they were created and founded then there are her store items, they are amazing. If you have not visited her online shop, you should. Her sense of style is very unique and is kind of Texas boho meets Spanish Chic. I love it all. I love her accessories and those small detailed clutches. 

For this review, she sent  several of us over at Houston Latina Bloggers the above box with a bonus which I will talk about below, it was awesome to open! I loved the personalization that Myriam took the time to do. She is always very cheerful and giving, much like her beautiful items! The colors and  quality in her leather goods and clothing is what keeps me attracted to her brand. 

In picture, which I think she is running out of.... soon, are the Moroccan Leather Wristlet-
and, one of my personal favorites the Slice of Heaven Cuff-

Since Myriam and I grew up in South Texas, I thought it would be most appropriate to take my items with me on my recent visit back home and do a mini-photo shoot while on my trip! My Husband who tries to be helpful and supportive was funny enough to take the following pictures of me. If I am smiling really big, it's because he makes me laugh a lot.  I wore the wristlet everywhere I went because it was small and still very spacious for all the things I really needed!

You can see all of Myriam's new items over on her website:
Pictures were taken in McAllen, Texas at the Quinta Mazatlan by my Hubby and myself.

As you can see, the wristlet is fairly small but a good travel size, great for carrying around just the right amount of items while out and about. And, it really does go with just about anything. Everyone who saw it asked me about it and loved it. I even purchased one to gift to my Cousin's wife who hosted us for the weekend, so it's also a good personalized gift for all fashion lovers! 

The bonus item that Myriam included was an original leather cuff created by another South Texas Artist, Mitch D'arte, you can see all of her creations here: 

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