Wednesday, July 6, 2016

::Top Wins and Challenges of being a Working Momma:: #WorkWardrobeSeries

::This post is written in collaboration with Val of  Val Around Town and her Work Wardrobe Series:: 

Summer is in full-effect for us in the Gomez home. Things just seem so laid back and we have been out of town quite a bit traveling and road-tripping as much as we can! More on that tomorrow. With that also comes a more laid back atmosphere at work. We have a much more casual and laid back wardrobe. We are currently allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts, all within good taste. I am so used to wearing more business casual clothes that I often forget about the casual wardrobe days at work but fully appreciate them on our busy Summer mornings. 

Today, I have partnered with Val a fellow Houston Latina Blogger to discuss our top 5 wins as working Momma's as well as our top 5 challenges. Every Momma is different and we should embrace the good and the bad that we learn along the way in this parenting journey. As well as support one another and encourage each other! 

 ::My top 5 wins have been::

1) Creating my own legacy- As a woman who has always seen her Momma work her butt off, all hours of the day and long hard days of the year. I wanted to create that same legacy for my children. My Momma's main goal was for my siblings and I to obtain degrees and have careers where we didn't have to scrub toilets like her. She would tell me in Spanish, "you need to do well in school, or you will end up like me." While she was never ashamed to be a house keeper, and nor have I ever been ashamed of her, she wanted us to work smarter not harder. I hope I am achieving that... 

2) Following my dreams- We all have different goals, when I first started my career I didn't know what direction it would take me in. Almost 18 years later the path of following your dreams, pursing your goals and working towards your passion, has truly paid off for me! I want all working Momma's to know that they to can do anything they set their mind to! 

3) Being Challenged- One of my biggest passions in life is being challenged, I know it sounds crazy, but I love the challenge of being a full-time outside the home employee, a full-time plus Momma, Wife, and Blogger. It's all part of me and I enjoy it! 

4) Making my own money- While my Husband has never been one to care where our income comes from or who is making the money. For me making my own money and having control of that aspect of my life makes me feel good. That's just me. I have had times when I have had to depend on my Husband as the sole-provider, and I didn't mind it, but having my own income, is great! 

5) Being that example for kids-  A job and a career can be in any industry and take on various forms, the most important part for me is the hustle. Being the example that my kids see working hard, every day, no matter what that means to gain income or a better life for them is very important to me. In the same way that I have seen my Momma work hard and hustle for 35 years, I want my kids to see that example in me and be driven to be better! 

In the same sense that I embrace all the good, I have had challenges in my last 6 years as a Working Momma. 

::My top 5 challenges have been::

1) Sacrificing Time-  This is something I try not to complain about, because I know what I signed up for when I decided to be a working Momma. But, that doesn't mean I don't struggle with it. And, I struggled with it more when the kids were little, there were always thought of "missing" something that they may do while I was at work. These days I have learned that my kids do "something" 24/7, and I can't miss it because they will repeat it and show  it to me a million times, so I don't forget it. 

2) Finding a Flexible job- Of course this is probably a struggle for many Momma's, we can't have it all, or can we? It's been a struggle to find a job that truly understands me and is fully flexible with my family schedule, happening and emergencies. But, thinking back every job has been accommodating in the best way possible. For that I am grateful! And, I have learned that no matter what I will find a way to be there with my kids, to help them when needed and to tend to the emergencies as they come! At the end of the day it's up to me to create my own flexibility and establish priorities. 

3) Not having down time- So you may have realized from my tag line that I don't sleep. Again, something I try not to complain about and knew exactly what the boat required when I jumped in it.  I don't have much down time these days; between home, writing, working out and work, down time is virtually non-existent. I do try to create as much down time as possible for myself. It's hard cause I love working and DOING. But, I try to rest when I can!  

4) Having to pay for childcare- Paying for daycare has over the years been hard. It's expensive but in my eyes has been worth it. My kids have had a safe, happy place to learn and meet kids their age. Exposing them to others and to an early educational start has been one of those items that although expensive has it's rewards, I don't regret it. Wish it was cheaper but no regrets! 

5) Making Choices- So, one of the challenges I have had as a working Momma has been that, making the choice to work or not. I tried being home, it worked for all the 7 months that I gave it a good honest go! Then I decided it wasn't for me. Of course then I struggled with leaving my kids, paying for daycare and being "that" working Momma. The choices that I have had to make have been life changing not just for me but for my entire family. It's one of the biggest things about this whole journey making the best and most appropriate choices for my family. 

What are some of your wins and current challenges as a  working Momma? 

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