Saturday, July 2, 2016

San Antonio we meet again... #SummerRoadtrips

It's been a couple of years since we visited San Antonio with the kids. Since, we were rained out of our camping trip back at the end of May, we decided that weekend to head on over to San Antonio and relax in a fun and dry hotel room! On our last visit, in 2014, we missed out on the River Walk boat Tour because we arrived to late in the day, so that was one of our goals for this short visit. And, since the kids are older we thought the Alamo would be a good learning experience on Memorial Day. It was very much worth it. Santiago loved hearing about the history of the Alamo and how Mexico used to own Texas. I am horrible at History but seeing that Santi loves it, I will need to brush up on it. He retained some of the information and during the week after our visit as we traveled to the Rio Grande Valley he asked me questions about Mexico and who won what. That just shows how much his little 6 year old brain is absorbing. 

We also had a wonderful boat tour it was hot outside but very relaxing. I don't have many pictures from it because I SnapChapped most of it (@realmommaofdos). The San Antonio waterway history with Rio Tours was very informative, the guide was funny and entertaining! The kids took in all the site seeing that the ride has to offer and were pumped to explore the River Walk some more. We had a fun caricature drawn of them by a local artist and then had some ice cream and food before heading back home. I think like many other cities, it will take several trips before we have visited all the great sites in San Antonio, just recently someone recommended I visit the missions. I have never been. Maybe next Spring we can return to San Antonio... in the mean time, hasta pronto!  

Thank you San my Hubby would say.. It's been real! 

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