Saturday, December 31, 2011


Where did it go?
Aside from having Camila most the year is a blur.
Is that bad?
Is that Momma brain?

Ahii. I don't know. But, the days keep moving along into a new year and all I can think is CHANGE. Change Connie. Change. I want BIG things to happen in my life and if I want a difference then I should initiate CHANGE!

Seems to be the word of the week. CHANGE. De-cluttering. De-stressing. Simplifying. Life. Faith. Friends. Family. EVERYTHING. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it's a good thing.

Therefore all I can think of for 2012 is CHANGE. Make a difference in ME. Make a difference in MY home. Make a difference in MY children. Make a difference in MY marriage. Make a difference in MY life. Selfish? Maybe. But we all need some time to regroup. To rethink. To readjust. To rethink. To regroup.

As, I backtrack through 2011..Good and Bad. It all worked it's self out for the best. For the truth to be revealed, for friendships to be tested. For faith to be endured. For Love to be matched. For justice to overcome. For GOOD to prevail. In the end. God has opened new doors, closed MANY others and shone His light on what should be in our lives for 2012. "Plans to prosper..not to harm you...."

Therefore no matter where we spend New Years Eve or with whom. God already has our plans for 2012. Nothing we do can change that. The only thing that needs to change is our way of thinking. Our attitude. For myself my biggest GOAL, my biggest RESOLUTION. Is ME. It takes some mistake making to learn. This year. I have learned. I promise. No really. I have.

So, 2011 Good day to you! I will miss you. You brought many a new Blessings. Especially my new little CamNoodles to Love and to hold forever and ever... no matter how many tantrums she throws as I type up this BLOG! HA. You've left me MANY a bittersweet memories to love and to cherish deep in my soul. You've left with me sadness as friends have left my side. I wish them well and so much LOVE. You leave me deep sorrow as we lost my Beautiful Aunt Lola to a disease I am yet to understand but plan to fight for! You leave us questions as my Husband lost his uncle to a questionable cold-hearted murder, I can't understand...You leave me with pain and questions to be answered BUT guess what 2012 will be better and new days will come. Truth will uphold and be revealed. Justice and Good will always overcome evil no matter how long it takes. I plan to add wisdom and maturity to my days and my words...




Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Traditions in Faith} ♥

When it comes to traditions they are deeply rooted in my background. Our Mexican culture and most definitely in our Catholic faith. I want my children to grow up with these same traditions, culture, memories and faith.

I think I have stated it before as I was growing up I didn't understand my faith. It was when I was an adult that I learned to embrace it and ultimately love it. I want my children to learn more about our faith than I did growing up. My parents followed the Catholic faith and just assumed that we should as well. But, I want to go that extra step and have faith and explain why we do what we do.

One of my biggest goals is Christmas. To ensure my children that there is more to opening presents and gift giving. That there is family, selfless-ness and faith as well as Love in every Christmas that we celebrate. That we are celebrating our faith in the birth of Jesus Christ. That we are followers of Mary and Joseph. That their pilgrimage to seek a safe haven to birth the Saviour was a long one filled with struggles and obstacles but that they ultimately found the most humble and faith-filled place for Jesus to be born and to be honored as the light and salvation of our lives.

Here is what we experienced this December 2011.....

El Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe: 

Pedir Posada: 

y Familia:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh, CHRISTmas Tree ♥

This year our Christmas tree isn't overflowing with presents. And, no we are not trying to teach our children a lesson, they are too little to understand. This year God has decided that as adults, my Husband and I, should learn about Love, FAITH, and having one another.
My Hubby has never really been one to worry about presents anyway, me on the other hand... I wasn't always that way... times are hard and people struggle. God knows our hearts and what we really need in our lives, or who we really need in our lives.God has provided for us in the most amazing manner. And given us the best friends any couple could wish for... 

This year God has been good to us. A new baby girl to spend Christmas eve with, a Hubby who is ALMOST done with school, and new job to better support my family. I have slowly learned that Christmas..and life in general is not about the gifts you receive but about the type of Blessing  you are... 

Just the other night...I handed a man at a gas station $7.00 {It's all the cash I had. It was cold. And he was standing outside the gas station  with his 2 young daughters and teenage son. I saw this man being humbled and not ashamed to reflect need....times are hard., he simply said..."God Bless you ma'am." It filled my heart and the tears didn't stop... 

I hear of so many families who lose their little ones for various reasons, of marriages that can't conceive and pray every night for a child, of parents who intentionally hurt their children and themselves, and I look at my two special little Blessings and my heart is OVER flowing.... 

Marriages that fall apart or are in crisis, Husband's and Wives that cheat on one another, or are disrespectful to each other...and sitting next to me is an Oger to the world and a soft mushy bear to heart has been complete.....

This Christmas I am Blessed. And, I have learned that it doesn't matter what you receive as long as you are a Blessing to others...nothing else matters...

To be Humble, Self-less, Forgiving, Merciful, Loving and Faith-filled... That is my Blessing.. 

I pray that EVERYONE has an amazing 
and most Blessed Christmas eve... 



Friday, December 23, 2011

The Vocabulary Game

The Pediatrician gave Santi until January to speak. Literally. He has words, now some phrases but more than half the time I get that blank stare of "Mom, don't you know what I'm saying?" the sad truth is that, I don't know what Santi is saying half the time. It result in total frustration. I end up sad cause I am a horrible Momma..or so I think. He ends up frustrated because he knows what he is trying to tell me but I have no clue.

He has many words, and phrases most of which I know. The few that remain an enigma are the ones that I just wish I had a baby translator for. Santi is to our impression fully bilingual at this point. We speak to him in English at home and with his Grandmother{ who cares for him Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm} he speaks only Spanish. It's what we wanted for him, so him staying at home with her and now Cami has been more than a Blessing. We want Santi to be fully bilingual but not sure how much that is really affecting him when it comes to getting the words across.

I am trying everyday more and more to hold full conversations with him. We read together. He is more than fully engaged and really surprises us most days when he seems to be responding and answering our questions.

My Husband and I have gotten in the habit of asking him how his day went, what he did and who he was with all the day. He does pretty well but January is around the corner and I don't know what else to do for him..when time is of the essence.

My next step is labeling and flashcards. We shall see....

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

{When it's hard to stand...}

We pray. 

We have faith. 

We have each other. 

We have friends

We have family. 

We have God

We have love. 

We have resources

We have work. 

We are Blessed

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~2011 to 2012~

First off, I am really just out of it this week.

I have been out of the game {Bloggy-game that is} for some time. I have the time to write and think but I think that because of my everyday 8 to 5 job..I am all thought out! Ha. I can't find a way to express, I can't find the words to share.

I have never had this kind of an issue. 

I have been seeking inspiration for 2 days now. And, "nothing"...I have NOTHING! 

I mean. I have something. But, how can I convey my thoughts in an orderly and interesting manner!

Don't know. But, here we go. 

So, like every other "New Year is a upon us last minute resolution maker"..I really do want to be healthier in the new year. I have gained weight. Lots. I will spare you the shape of my body but uhm yeah, muffin top I think is more than totally in order. I should totally become {"totally"} become accountable for these thoughts and take pictures of myself, but it's almost midnight here in Houston and I don't want to be a fatty and frumpy so we shall leave those for another day! No really. Another day. I need to get with it and get my booty in gear. Not to look hot or be that Momma but just because I hate not fitting into my work pants about 5 minutes before I  leave to work! Not a good sight and not good on the ears... Ahiii. That and plus I have been really horrible at my H2O intake since around Thanksgiving and I am sure that I have been dodging a huge kidney stone bullet. So yes, New Years Resolution making begins, I guess tonight... 

And, then there is the whole not being inspired and writing from the top of my head kinda thing that I really need to NOT let happen, ever again!

Let's recap:

Loose weight and Write more. Hmmm. Pretty simple. Pretty easy? I am sure the list will grow in the last few days of 2011. I am sure the words self control and discipline come to mind, but we shall be spared.

And then all I could think is almost over? How did that happen? When did it happen? The year is not quite a blur and amazing as well as sad memories come to mind....but I must stop while I'm a head, get a good nights sleep and see if the inspiration fairy hitches a ride with the dream fairy and come to pillow tonight... cause the parking lot is really it is.

Buenas Noches...

Monday, December 19, 2011


I really hate that I have neglected my Blog. I am trying to get back on track and putting some real thought into my posts for the next couple of weeks.

I went back and read some of my drafts to see if I could post something but  they just didn't make the cut. You know those Blog posts, the ones that come to mind in moments of anger, sadness, or just blah-moments. 

Some of my thoughts, emotions, words and writings are just too raw for the world to see and read. I just don't know how others will perceive them and/or interpret. Therefore some of my drafts will never make it onto my Blog but I do go back and re-read them just in case.. but sometimes the second time seems worse than the first so I click the delete button and bury those feelings and thoughts. It may not be the healthiest thing to do but at the moment it's the best thing to do.

I guess you can say I have a writer's block..probably from lack there of... it's sad. It's not normal for me. I usually have lots to say, explain and share. I haven't lost my inspiration it's just been sitting on the warm up bench for so long I am scared to let release it...

We shall see. I am going to sleep on it. Let my mind run wild and come back mañana...hopefully it's a good come-back! HA!

I do have plans of cleaning, decorating and memory making for my next 2 weeks of vacation... my mini-stay-at-home Momma moment... I guess this is why we have an imagination and play pretend everything when we are prepare for moments like this! Ha.

What about you... Christmas will be here ASAP, then NEW YEARS, and 2012, what are you plans, goals and aspirations for the Holiday's and new year?

Friday, December 16, 2011

{Back Tracking....}

Let's rewind a little bit....

Back in September I got a promotion...woooo-whoooo me! Yes. But, it meant more responsibility, longer work hours and less time at home. Also in September, my Husband began his last Fall semester...we pray. Back then December seemed so far away. During the last 3 months; I have had surgery, my kids have been ill, Ricardo has been working hard as an Intern, a student, a Daddy, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, and a friend. We thought we had already had a difficult semester when our family was stricken with the pain of loss, Ricardo's uncle was murdered  here in Houston. It's been, a challenge. Dealing. But, I pray for justice, peace and faith to overcome.

Then there is today. The closing of the semester at UH, my last day of work for 2011 {thank God} and the Holiday's. It's so difficult to think that a family will be without. That they will be in pain and mourning. But again, I pray that justice will prevail. I can't imagine what the family is going through I can only pray for their comfort and well being.

Over the next two weeks I will attempt to be social, be crafty, be a temporary Stay-at-Home Mom {for 2 weeks, HA!}and assist my Husband in any way possible in moving forward with his career choices. I also plan to have fun, relax and enjoy not only my time off but my little ones... they grow so fast and not being there everyday with them has me feeling really guilty most I want to be happy with them and for them to be happy around me. It will be great!

Life is so difficult. Life has been a struggle. I think it helps define  you as a person and creates character. As we overcome every obstacle set forth with peace and faith that one day things will be okay and back to normal.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cosas del Amor ♥

{For all my Spanish readers.... }

En cuanto a mi matrimonio, no digo que somos perfectos pero si somos quienes somos. Ricardo es su propia persona, al igual que yo. Nos conocimos hace 12 años, hemos pasado por muchos momentos tristes, felices, de madures, de amor, de fe, de aprendizaje, de estrés. Pero todos los días, un día a la vez. Hemos tenido 2 hermosos angelitos de Dios, y casi siempre estamos super ocupados; con nuestros trabajos, Ricardo con la escuela y yo con los ninños y  mi casa. Tratamos de pasar tiempo en familia, porque por 10 años convivimos como pareja…y cuando se puede nos tratamos de escapar solitos. Pero preferimos estar con Santi y Cami.

Cuando nos casamos éramos; ehhh, jóvenes, él tenía 27 y yo 25, pero los últimos 5 años yo se que hemos madurado individualmente y crecido como pareja. Yo creo que como “crecimos” juntos hemos podido ayudarnos a enfrentar nuestras faltas, debilidades e defectos al igual que corregirlos. Les repito cada quien es su propia persona pero juntos.Se entiende?

Todos los dias son diferentes y cada dia lo tratamos como un nuevo dia. Lo de ayer se olvida y se perdona y lo de hoy se aprende y se sobrepasa!

Quisas lo que quiero decir es que en cosas del amor, todas, y todos, somo diferentes. Pero lo mas importante es ser fiel a la comunicacion, a su pareja y al respeto. No todo mundo se tiene que casar "como lo manda Dios", el matrimonio es algo MUY serio y es algo que quizas no sea para todos, pero para nosotros a funcionado muy bien. Hay muchas parejas que nunca se casan ni por el civil, ni por la iglesia... y estan muy bien, pero repito respeto, comunicacion y fidelidad, es lo mas esencial en cada relacion!

En Cosas del Amor, yo estoy muy bendecida... pero no todo en mi vida ha sido facil... como todo es color de rosa... y el que quiere azul celeste...QUE LE CUESTE!

{Disculpen si algo no esta bien escrito... my MS Word en casa es superr lento! JA!}


Monday, December 5, 2011

{Updates and then some?}

Where did we leave off between Leftovers..already forgotten and Baby on the brain... Work, family and just LIFE...we are struck by tragedy in a family with a heart so big we've definitely been hit far too harshly...

My Husband's uncle was killed a week ago today... in a very unsettling way. It's left a family in pieces and trying to catch up with the reality of life and how to move forward. Death is difficult as it is. When it's expected there is some type of closure and understanding... but when it's in such a sudden and abrupt matter...there is only turmoil and broken-ness. But, I pray. I pray for peace. I pray for faith. I pray for life. I pray for justice to be done. Houston is a huge city and I know that the person{s} responsible for this may never be found but I hope that God can give the Amaro family the justice that they are seeking, the answers left up in the air and the love to move forward.

With that said.. I leave you with this...

The priest spoke at the funeral service about a mission... an individual mission in our lives. How God has placed us on this earth only for the sufficient amount of time to fulfill our own individual missions... so I ask you...

What is your mission? Have you found it? Are you seeking it? Are you living it?

Another, thing that he spoke of was forgiveness, and seeking our own faults to correct them. I know I am not perfect and I ask for forgiveness from those whom I have hurt and/or offended with my ways, words and thoughts... I AM SORRY. FORGIVE ME.

Good night....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

{Once upon a time....}

I was pregnant....

And then....

I was pregnant again....

Ahhhh. I miss the baby belly ......

A lot of my friends are pregnant...
TWO of my VERY close friends...
Just makes me think and wonder...
Do I want another baby? 
If so, when? 
Only God knows.