Thursday, May 30, 2013

{The Daycare Post}

One of the everyday issues as a Working Momma, I think, is la guarderia {daycare} it sounds so negative in Spanish. Ha. I imagine a guard and my kids just there, being guarded. Kept from the outside world? Dramatic much? Just a bit.

It has always been one of my concerns. My son has been in daycare on and off but my daughter spent one week in daycare last year and uhm, lets just say, it didn't work out. Almost 3 weeks ago though both my children headed back to daycare as I started my new job. It was a different experience this time. I was ready for them to go back and they were ready to be there. Especially Santiago. Camila, we were worried about.

Surprisingly enough she was doing really good until about day 4, the realization that I was actually leaving her the whole day, set it. How could I have ever left and abandon her there? So much so, that when we "reunite" in the afternoon it's emotional. Her face cringes and tears start to fill her eyes as she sees me walk in the door. She runs to me with hugs and excitement.  I feel bad. And, the other morning leaving her was emotional more so for me than for her.

Thankfully our daycare is so good they immediately sent me a text, a picture of Camila eating breakfast calmly and sitting with her class and teacher around her. It put me at ease. I realized though that if I leave her within her group in the morning it's easier. I usually drop them off in the breakfast room and then they are escorted to their class but Camila doesn't like that part of the morning, thankfully there are options.

It helps me realize how different my kids are.

I also realized that my own anxiety and worries are what put me in an emotional place with Camila, and I am sure she can sense the fear. Thankfully, this week I kept calm and so did Camila. I found the secret to leaving Camila at daycare without either of us crying or having a bad morning.......

Good-bye bad mornings, Hello happy Cami and Momma.

As a working Momma I have always had mixed emotions about leaving my kids behind. The fear and the what-ifs are easy to overcome if you trust your child's caregiver. That feeling that your kids are safe and happy throughout the day is a peaceful feeling.

At times, I think it's more difficult for us as Momma's to deal with the separation anxiety than it is for our children.... but we say a little prayer and move on in our day.

With a little faith and confidence everything will be ok at the guarderia.... 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Guest Post} Sybil


Three times a Mami: Visions of Staying at Home Dance in my Head

Not long after I graduated from college and started working full time, I became a wife and a Mami. So basically, all my adult life, I've been working from 9 to 5, five days a week. Now nine years and three kids later, I can’t help but feel the longing of wanting to stay home and tend to my family all day.
I’ll sometimes catch myself trying to do the math and balance the budget to see if it’d be possible, to stay at home and be a one-income household. If push comes to shove, I’m confident we’d manage but right now I don’t know if we’d be able to do with less. We like the perks and commodities we have as a two-income household.
It can be difficult and sometimes daunting being both a full time mom and a full time employee. I find myself wanting to throw in the professional towel when my kids bring low grades from school, the house is a mess and there’s no spare time to do any of the crafts and activities you’d hope to do with your kids. But, unless it's gotten to a point were you HAVE TO intervene, you just have to keep moving forward.
Us working moms need to trust our abilities to juggle career and family life. However, when we feel a ball is about to come loose, we need to make sure that the ball we drop isn't family.

{About Sybil}
Sybil is an aspiring Houston Latina blogger. When not hesitating to write for herself, you will find her writing and producing for a local Spanish television station’s Community Affairs Department, where she has been since August 2003. Sybil graduated in May 2003 from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor’s in Communications and Spanish, minor in Theology.  Sybil is the mother of three beautiful children and wife of Francisco Sánchez.

You can read more from her on her {Blog} at: 
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Twitter @sybil_sanchez 
Instagram @sybil_sanchez & 
LinkedIn Sybil Moncivais Sanchez.

Friday, May 17, 2013

{Material Girl in an Industrial World}

I am a Momma of many words. My brain over loads and at times I don't know if, how, when, or what to express but I do; in hopes that someone will be moved, motivated, or inspired to share their stories.
I am no SuperMomma nor do I pretend to be. I fail. A lot. In many, many, did I say many, areas of my life. I do. I cuss, I throw fits and I have melt-downs. Small ones. Big ones. Overly dramatic ones. But still, I move on.
It's been 11 days since my last post. So much has happened in those 11 days this Momma received a job offer, and I then proceeded to about 7 days of approving, document signing, drug screening, background screening, I think even credit screening. As well as re-enrolling my children into daycare. {A whole other post all it's own.} Then days of mental, physical and emotional preparation happened. Trust me the last 11 days have been busy for us.
Our home and hearts have been buzzing. Now notice, I haven't mentioned the words "dream job" I think in one of my last posts I mentioned, obtaining the right job for the right now. What is going on right now, is only what is right for now. I have a lot of faith in my decisions and my Hubby and I have discussed them thoroughly and it's what is best for us. There is plenty of time for dreams to come true.... plenty of room for growth.
For now my motivation are my Hubby's words. He says to me days after I accepted my new job offer... "all of the sudden the possibilities seem endless...." {as he stares at a 60 plus inch flat screen, blah-blah-blah at Target} and they do. He is my biggest support, my biggest cheer leader. We have faith in one another.
{About the job}
I don't usually speak too much about work. Work is work and because the world wide web is a public place I trend to keep certain information private. I will say this. I am in a whole new industry. I have become a material girl in an industrial world. Literally. It will be a new experience and one that I have been prepping for, for some time now. I am really enjoying the change of scenery. It's close to a lot of things and I love it.
I do feel super girly being in this mostly male dominated environment but it looks like it will be fun. I am excited. Did I say that already. Ha.
I hope all the Momma's had a great day last weekend and I will be back soon with not so many words and some pictures! You can also follow me on Instagram for a picture overload @mommaofdos or head on over to our facebook page ::HERE::

Monday, May 6, 2013

Developing Self-Worth {Time & Talents}

It is true that our lives go through many stages and seasons if you will. I know that for years, I went to school, I volunteered and did as much as I could in the Hispanic Community here in Houston. Then, I graduated from college, became a Wife and then a Momma and my life and priorities changed and shifted, in so many ways and in a new direction. 

Today, I have been unemployed for 7 months. I start to think about this journey of being a Stay at Home Momma coming to an end and new journey, a new beginning taking place and it makes me sad. A little bittersweet. I almost want to cry and cling to my house. But, then I think about my time and my talents. 

Since my son was born and almost since I started my Blogging journey in 2008 I have wanted to become a Stay at Home Momma. Then, last year in October after a very frightening series of events, life changing if  you will, I become one. Here I am 7 months later. A survivor after 7 months at home with not one but DOS toddlers. My hats off to all those Momma's at home with more than DOS. Because this Momma can not do it.

The lessons learned here in my home have been those of growth and perseverance and always one DAY at a time and most days, ONE minute at a time. The moods, the emotions were ever changing. The depression and feelings of help-less ness were overwhelming at times.  And, today. I live to tell you that if I can do it, you can too! It's easy. You clean and expect for it to get dirty, you wash and expect to wash again, you cook and expect to cook all day... but you know what... the time that I have spent with my children the last 7 months has been priceless. No matter what happens today or tomorrow, I will always have the 7 months that I tried the whole being a Stay at Home Momma situation. 

"The struggle you're in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow"

I realized back in January that what I wanted for my children and for my life; and needed in order for my children to be successful and learn from example was to find a new job. Something new. Something different. A new journey. 

I am working on it. I feel close. And, then I thought. Why? Where? And, how will this new journey affect my time and use my talents. I pray every day that my purpose shines through in everything that I do and in everything that I have become. And, sometimes I think...I don't have to be out and about in this world to fulfill a purpose, as a Wife and Momma alone I am fulfilling a purpose. 

Yet, these days. I feel like I am being called to do more. Yes, I know that for financial reasons and because of student loan debt we need for me to become once more a Working Outside the Home Momma but still I think that this time this is really going to be easier because I am doing all those things needed to follow the direction for my life. 

Trust me, it took me a long time to get to this place of acceptance and willingness. But, I am here and I am ready. 

I know that we are NOT all made to be awesome Stay at Home Momma's. I never sought out to be that perfect Momma or the most crafty, the most teachable, the most organized, or the most whatever whatever.... I wanted to rest and be at home with my kids. If during that time I could learn to be organized, be crafty and use my time for things that I love like spending time with my children and blogging well then so be it. I am now ready for the next stage, the next level, the next anything that life wants to bring me. 

I will admit for a minute there I felt weak, and as if I had reached my max in this life! But, then I prayed and I changed my thoughts and my willingness to listen not just to my heart but to my surroundings. And, guess what. I am recharged. Inspired. Motivated and prepared. 

I also learned a thing or two about how I was manifesting those feelings. So, I have also changed my eating habits and my daily activity levels. {More on that later.... } 

The questions in my brain tonight: Have I been using my time and talents accordingly? How will I use them now? And, what kind of talents will shine though as a cause of this breakthrough? What about you? Are you living in a new stage and seeking a new challenge? 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

{Pozole} Happy "Cinco de Mayo" Ya'll!


Oh the old Cinco de Mayo Controversy. You see it's not "really" a Mexican "holiday" per say it's more of a State holiday for Puebla because May 5th was when la Batalla de Puebla took place. In all reality it should be called El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla but I think that for all marketing purposes here in the U.S. it's called Cinco de Mayo and it originated in California. 

Now that, that is out of the way. 

My all time favorite Mexican dish is Pozole. Not just Pozole but Pozole estilo Morelense. My Momma grew up in a small town called Temixco. It's in the state of Morelos. Most of my life I grew up in Mexico. And, if I have not stated it before, let me state it now. In order to understand me like most other people you must understand my background. Where I came from. Where my parents come from and where I grew up. 

My Momma is from Morelos, my Dad is from Reynosa. Oh, so VERY different. Not just in culture and in "language" but in food as well. Therefore, I grew up speaking differently depending on what area of Mexico we traveled to that Summer and eating differently. Now that I think back on it and although I hated it as a child, I am thankful for my parents and their distinct and unique backgrounds. Mexico is so diverse in itself. It's so sad that these days politics and drug lords have taken over more than is necessary really but we won't get into that. 

The recipe Connie! 

Oh yes, so this recipe originated from my Momma's kitchen, I have always loved it, it's always on my request list when my Momma is cooking and my kids now love it so I am glad that I learned how to make it.  

Pozole estilo Morelense: 

Ingredients ~ Ojas de Laurel {Bay Leaves}, Oregano, Onion, Garlic, Knorr de Pollo, Pork Shoulder/Butt or Pork Picnic works best, a large can of Hominy {forgot the ounces!}, Lettuce, Radishes, Avocado, Chiles de Arbol, Cayenne Pepper, and Limes.


Start off with a Medium to Large pot {You can cut all this in half to make a smaller pot}

About a gallon, or so of water {enough to cover your piece of pork meat so that it can cook}
For this recipe I also added chicken just cause that's how we make it sometimes. 


In the pot I place my piece of meat with the gallon of water and about 4 to 5 Bay Leaves {Ojas de Laurel}, 2 table spoons of Oregano, half of an onion, because I am a huge garlic lover I use a whole bulb of garlic  
{you can use half}, and because it's easy to use as salt I use about 3 to 4 tablespoons of Knorr de Pollo  {you can taste it and add salt to taste or more Knorr de Pollo}. 

{Here in Houston you can find all of these ingredients in stores like Fiesta or Mexican Meat Markets, I found it all at Kroger or Wal-Mart too.} 

I place the pot on the stove at high heat until it boils, once it boils I remove the excess "foam" that travels to the top of the pot, I think it's fat, not sure. I then put it on low heat until my meat it cooked. I check it periodically for tenderness. Once the meat is soft and easy to pull apart {Usually about an hour or two} I then add the Hominy {you can rinse it and add a little extra water, about 3 cups} and let it cook for about 15 to 20 minutes until the Hominy is soft at touch. 

{Once the soup is done and meat is tender we like to pull the meat out of the pot because it gets mushy if you leave it in too long and it makes it easier to serve. I pull it apart in a large bowl with a fork and then every time I serve a bowl I add some meat to the top.} 

Now, preparation of your Pozole bowl... {the following ingredients are chopped while your Pozole is cooking} 

We add the following to the top of our Pozole: 


Shredded lettuce
Chopped Onions
Chopped Radishes
Avocado slices {not in picture}
Lime Juice
Cayenne Pepper 
And, I like to blend {or you can stick them in your food processor} some dry Chiles de Arbol and add then to the Pozole as well. { You can also use the Pepper flakes that they sell already made at the store, we just like to make our own}

As a side dish we like to make either taquitos de papa y de chorizo like flautas and then we top them with sour cream, queso fresco and homemade salsa. This time I made tostadas, YES with canned re-fried beans topped with sour cream, queso fresco and home made salsa {a whole other post on it's own!}. 



Then we eat it for days! Ha. It's just so good and comforting. It really does make me feel special and all warm and fuzzy inside! 

{Trust me it's not that difficult, and it's so good!}

Enjoy and Happy Cinco de Mayo!! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Developing Self-Worth {Career}

The other day I wrote about my faith and how much I have grown and learned over the years. Today, I want to tackle the Career aspect of Developing Self-Worth.


I have had a pretty good range of experiences in my life. From cleaning houses in the Summer when I was in High School with my Momma and my Tia to working in a Downtown office for corporate America. I had never really been without work. Or never really had to "find" a job. Most my positions were obtained because I knew someone. 

The last 6 months have definitely been an experience, not just the Staying@ Home part but the job seeking and seeking my "dream" job. When I was younger my ambitions were limitless. I wanted it all. The perfect job with the best salary and the best boss, with all the amenities and yes, my own corner office in a high rise building. Truth is, who doesn't! Then I started looking for this job and though I am sure that it is out there...I realized what I am really after is environment, flexibility and appreciation. For a company to capture my heart. To feel an excitement that I have not felt in years. 

Truth is. My dream job is one that I can learn and grow in. No matter how long it takes me. If the "amenities" come with it, then so be it. I just realized that companies these days can really make you doubt your self-worth and over all {monetary} worth. I know it shouldn't be all about the money but as a growing family we definitely have to calculate all of the necessities. And, ultimately as individuals we know how much we are worth. We also know the amount of work that it has taken us to be where we are. 

I think that overall if a job is good to you and takes your family into consideration and values your time spent with them then that to me can ultimately become your "dream" job, in the making. It doesn't have to be in a "perfect" place, with "perfect" people and "perfect" can be just about anywhere and I doubt it has to be fancy or of "high prestige". We are who we are because of what we make out of our own unique situation.

When I received my college diploma I thought I was on top of the world, the truth is that in order to make it anywhere you have to work hard and long to get out of it what you put into it. As cliche as that may sound, it's true. 

No matter what we do in life, it's going to take work and true dedication. I know now that what I have been  seeking most my adult life hasn't been a "dream" job but instead, "the" job... and everything else will only be shown through time and continuous dedication. 

In the mean time..I continue to seek and wait. And, wait and seek. It will come. One day....