Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! ::2015:: #ThankfulMomma

The one thing I am most thankful for is being surrounded by my family, and those who truly love us. I am thankful for being loved by so many. I am thankful for all the love that my children and Husband give me unconditionally. I am thankful for everything I have lived and for all that I still have to experiences. Life is great and we have so much to be thankful for everyday.

Thanksgiving is not about a week, or a few days, it's a lifetime of events and thoughts. I am thankful for all those who I can continue to share with. 

Thank you for being here and for following Momma of DOS! I am SO thankful for all those who read our blog and follow our social media sites. Thank you always!! You have made 2015 possible and a huge success. 


::The Good Dinosaur:: #moviereview #ad

               ::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion. 

You've never seen Dinosaurs quite like the kind in "The Good Dinosaur". They aren't from around these parts. Or maybe they are. So, the best question to ask here is, do you like westerns? Because that's what you will get with this movie. It had all the components of a good western movie, kind of. It had a farm with Dinosaur farmers and outlaw villains and some herding cowboy Dinosaurs too! Trust me, it's like nothing you have seen before. It is an adventure for sure. 

The movie begins when with Arlo's birth, from that moment his Dad knew he would be destined for greatness. His size didn't really reflect it, but deep down inside as a parent you always know. The lesson for the parents; sometimes we push our children too much. We want them to do so much that we don't allow them to seek and find their own destiny. If we just step back a bit and allow them to find their way they will eventually make their own mark in this life.  Arlo along with his new friend Spot, a Neanderthal boy embarks on a journey where he will learn to face his fears. Fears that he learns don't have to be overcome but conquered.

The movie has so many great moments that teach us the value of family and friendships and how fragile life can be. But, Arlo and Spot become best friends and together they can handle anything or anyone that comes their way. Filled with many wild and kooky characters the movie made us laugh, made us cry and made us feel proud. Arlo finds a way to leave his mark and returns home safely to help his family with the harvest before winter begins. 

My kids enjoyed it very much, it will be one that we find on DVD. We even found a real life Spot! It is a family friendly movie and the 3D effects are the best.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

::LivingSocial:: Gifts made Easy #ad

                           ::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion. 

Whether we like it or not, the Holiday season is in full swing. This year we decided to start our Holiday shopping early and like many we did most of it online. It's so convenient and literally at the click of mouse, you can complete all your shopping for everyone in the family. While it's easy to shop for some people, it can be tricky when shopping for families or couples. Today I decided to partner up with LivingSocial a great site for all types of gifts that your family and friends can use year round! 

Let's begin, our top 10 items from LivingSocial that I feel a couple or family would love:

::Camping with Style:: 

We love camping. And, many in our family love it too. But, I found the best camping site for those of us who want to be outdoors but not so much. This is Glamping, or Glam camping like no other. Check out the site for all the details on this deal for camping on Lake Bastrop this December! We would love this gift, hint hint, but I know many in our family would too.

::Overnight Stay in a Teepee:: 

Now, for the kid in you and for those with actual kids, ha. This Teepee stay would be the best adventure ever! I can already imagine my children having a blast and looking at the deal it would be very affordable for us as a family of 4. It's only about a 4 hour drive away and a great mini-vacation for us all. This is one we are definitely considering for ourselves. 

::Local Family Activities:: 

Lego Fan Festival in Houston

For those families looking for some local fun. And, for those kids who are in love with the long time Lego craze. The Lego Fan festival in January here in Houston would be a great gift idea! You and your family can enjoy all the fun and never leave the city. My son loves Lego's so this is another we will definitely be looking into.  See the site for all the details. 

Museum of Natural Science in Houston

Another local favorite is the Museum district LivingSocial has a deal for the Museum of Natural Science. My children love Dinosaurs and learning about the history of our earth. This one is another fun idea to gift to our family and friends for their children. Learning and a fun interactive time is always time well spent.   

::Couples Ideas::

Date Night 

Once we can settle on a babysitter my Hubby and I love date-night, I mean what parent doesn't!? Thanks to this deal with LivingSocial we can have a unique night out, spend some quality time together and learn new skills. Like Painting! This December we might have to try this one out. I have seen others go to this type of event and it always look like they have a blast. 

Brunch for Two

Or, if you prefer some Jazz music and good food maybe this deal suites you more. Brunch for two at a local Houston restaurant. As self-proclaimed foodies my Husband and I are always seeking out new places to enjoy food. We also love music and great atmospheres, so this one seems like so much fun. But, LivingSocial has so many options, you are sure to find a deal that fits your taste, no pun intended.  Ha. 

::Spa and Fitness::

A day at the Spa

You may want to give this to your wife or Momma for taking care of you all year, a nice relaxing day at the spa. Or, even to a couple for a romantic afternoon away from it all. Spa days sounds great no matter what time of the year. LivingSocial has many great options. After all our hard-work, Thanksgiving cooking and upcoming Holiday shopping we would all benefit from a spa day. 

Fitness Time

For those of us who might eat a little too much this Holiday season or who want to begin early on their New Year resolutions maybe some fitness deals are best! I for one will be hitting my boot-camp every chance I get after all the turkey this Thanksgiving. You can get your family and friends fit and healthy for this Holiday season. I personally love these fitness deals. 

::Best Deals for the Dollar::

Under 50

Who can go wrong with good affordable gifts for everyone LivingSocial has many options under $50.00. You can give great gifts and save your wallet the extra pain. Check out all the options LivingSocial has for a good price.


Finally, food, need I say more!? Gifting food is always my favorite. I mean people have to eat right? What better way to save someone some time or money when they are in a hurry on a busy weekday night. This is another true favorite as a Momma who often has to find time to cook, eating out is easy and receiving gift cards or deal is the best.

There you are! 

Will you be gifting some of these great deals? Which are your favorites? 

Today I am Thankful for....

Having the ability to give to others and share the little that we have is something I am very thankful for. When we have been blessed with support many times in our family. We have needed and in times when others have needed help, we try to give. Even if we don't have much or we know that we may not be able to fully give, we try to. We help as many people as possible and give back to all those who have been there for us. For myself I volunteer my time and donate money to many local organizations and charities. This is something I want to teach my children, giving back to our local community or to organizations that truly make a difference is so important to me.  If I am able, I always help! 

For this I am thankful. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

::Blessed:: A home to call my own

Having a roof over our heads is something that we might take for granted, having a true home is also important. Creating a place of peace and safety is important to me as a Momma. I am so thankful that my Husband and I have been able to afford a home for our family and that we can maintain it. I am thankful that we have a place we can call our own. I am thankful that we are sheltered from the cold and rain, from the heat and streets. I am thankful for my casa. No matter how crazy, it's ours. No matter how old and untidy, it's where we can come and relax. No matter how loud and chaotic most days get, we are thankful for our home and all the memories being created with it. 

For this I am thankful. 


Monday, November 23, 2015

::Give Thanks:: Health and Inner Strength

Health and inner strength I feel go hand in hand. Today, I am thankful for having both, for learning to maintain them. For being able to physically workout and follow an exercise plan. I may ache and be in pain. I may struggle and wobble. But, I can do it. I try to move daily and remain active, many are not able to do this. I am thankful that I have found true balance and am in a good place of peace. My thoughts finally align with where I am. I am thankful for all the strength I have gained over the years both physically and mentally. It's not easy to have these two attributes and I have struggled in the past but today I feel good. 

For this I am thankful. 


::5 Camping Lessons Learned:: Prarents Editions

As a parent I often underestimate not only my own abilities but also those of my children. Last weekend we went camping. In hind site, there are certain things I don't ever think I can do but thanks to our camping trips my perspective has changed. 

Last year I wrote about the 5 lessons I hoped my children would learn from camping, you can read those here. Today, I am sharing the 5 lessons that I have learned as a parent from our camping trips. In hopes that these might encourage you to venture into your own outdoor adventures. 

1) Creativity- My Husband and I are not, by any means, expert campers, nor did we do this a lot as children. We have had to be creative; when it comes to our sleeping arrangements, daily activities and eating. We don't have a camp guide who tells us the plan. My Husband usually takes charge in this area and creates the meal plan and our tentative schedule. We then have to execute it with the little information or no true knowledge of what we've gotten ourselves into. But somehow, we do it and have been successful at it, twice!  

2) Resourcefulness- When we do make it out into "the wild", we have to be resourceful and make use of what we have. We have traveled out of Houston for both of our camping trips and we usually can't run back home for anything. Nor is there some  big retail store near by for extra stuff. Garner does have a mini-grocery store onsite, which we do rely on for most of our forgotten items. If they don't have it we are basically out of luck and use what we have. It has worked out pretty well and thankfully we haven't forgotten anything major.  If you read our first recap you know that my Sister-in-Law did save us  on this trip, bringing us extra towels, snacks and blankets. 

3) Relax- Now regardless of the situation, I am always a Momma on the edge of my seat. Always aware of where we are and the surroundings. I am a bit of what one would call a helicopter Momma. I don't want to be that way and want to trust my children and their abilities, as well as allow them to explore and learn. So, I have learned to let go and realize that the kids are OK. And, I do tend to relax just a little more than usual. If you know me, that's nearly impossible. But, I try I don't ever want to hinder my children's learning experience and from growing into their individuality. But, I am always conscious of large bodies of water or high dangerous areas. 

4) Packing- Kind of! When you go camping you do realize that you don't need everything from your house and we do have to learn to pack a bit more light. But, there are certain things that I don't pack and that I know I don't necessarily need daily. Like electronics or flat irons. The kids don't ever need more than I bring them and they don't miss things like their toys or the TV. We do bring our phones and I-pad only because it helps with the crazy long trips and to keep them busy while we cook or prepare the tent.  But, in all honestly as they get older I feel the packing may get lighter. At least I hope. Ha. 

5) Adaptability- Kids are adaptable, this is something I tend to forget because I see my children as too young to know this. And, I always expect them to react {or over react} to certain situations, that really hasn't been the case other than true joy and excitement. More times than not they are the ones who adapt the best to just about any situation. It's always a relief and something great to see as a parent. Meanwhile, I do tend to freak out about certain things and know that I shouldn't but I try to remain calm and "play it cool". Only because I don't want my children to be scared of trying new things. I want them to always be open to exploring and discovering their abilities! 

At the end of the day, we have learned that while we love camping we still have so much to learn! And, we hope that by camping trip 20 we will be somewhat experts.

Do you go camping? What are some of your favorite lessons/ self-discoveries from your trips? 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

::Remain Thankful:: Having a job

In times when so many have lost their jobs or where people don't have a job. I am thankful for my job. No matter good or bad, I have always had good fortune. I have a job that allows me so many benefits, resources and flexibility that others may not have. I am thankful for being employed.  I am thankful for being able to constantly provide for my family. I am thankful for the paycheck that is delivered to my bank account every two weeks. I know that some may not be in the same situation. 

For my job, I am very thankful. 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

::Thankful:: Friends

Meeting new people in the last 34 years hasn't been hard. I have had several jobs, volunteer opportunities and with blogging my networking scope has widened so much. Along the way a lot of those connections and acquaintances have become true friends. Friends who follow me, encourage me, push me, support me and just genuinely care about me. I am thankful for them and all that they bring to my life.  I am thankful for their honest opinions and happy thoughts. I am thankful for their friendships and for always putting up with me. 

For them I am thankful! 


Friday, November 20, 2015

::Be Thankful:: Family

It's easy to remind ourselves of the people we should be thankful for I am thankful for my family. My parents, who have sacrificed so much, worked so hard and always loved us. They have always thought about our well-being and wanted the best for us. We all have our shortcomings, we all have our faults. But, that has not stopped them from moving us forward, pushing us on and reminding us what family really is. Thankful for my brothers and my sister, without them I don't think I would know what responsibility is. Without them I wouldn't have had long time companionship, someone to fight with, someone to nag at. Without my family, I would have nothing. 

For them, I am thankful. 

Please follow us for the next 7 days as I tell you what I am most thankful for during this holiday season. 



 ::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion. 

A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas

Alley Theatre presents the 28th production of A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas, by Charles Dickens, adapted and originally directed by Michael Wilson and directed by James Black. Michael Wilson’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol is  a re-telling of Charles Dickens’ classic story, which follows Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey with the three ghostly spirits that visit him on Christmas Eve. A Christmas Carol instills a powerful message about redemption and the spirit of the holiday season. Family audiences can enjoy this colorful, comical, and music-filled production. Magical and heartwarming, this unforgettable theatrical production of A Christmas Carol - A Ghost Story of Christmas instills a powerful message about redemption and the true spirit of the holiday season.

Twitter: @alleytheatre #ChristmasCarolHOU

*recommended for general audiences; ages 6+

Bring Tiny Tim and the whole family to see A Christmas Carol! 

Enter for a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to see A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Alley Theatre.  

::Giveaway Info::
One winner will receive a certificate valid for four complimentary tickets to one of the performances times listed for A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Winner must choose from the dates listed and call the box office two days in advance of their selected performance date.  Tickets are subject to availability. Winner will be mailed the certificate and must present the original certificate in person at the box office.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

::Thankful Thursday:: 7 Days of Thanksgiving

When I started blogging a group of fellow bloggers would post a series called "Thankful Thursday". I loved it and joined in often. This has inspired this mini-series of Thankfulness for this Holiday season. Last week I was sitting in our company Thanksgiving luncheon and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. In a good way. One of our co-workers was our host, his words rang loud and clear with me... "we should be thankful for our jobs and that we work for a company that will allow us to celebrate these holidays." It all was so beautiful.

I have so much to be thankful for, not just now but everyday. This time last year while I was in a good place with a good job, I wasn't happy. Today, I am, very much so and my co-workers words just reached my heart. I needed to share all the great things in my life right now. I am thankful for so much but will try to share as much as I can in the next 7 days.

Today and everyday, I am most thankful for my Husband and two children. They provide for me in so many areas and in ways that no one else has been able to. They are a true blessing and I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to be a wife and a Momma. Without them my life really would not be complete. Are we a perfect happy family, no not always. But, we love one another deeply, we protect one another and we are always there for each other! 

Follow Momma of Dos for the next 7 days as we share what we are most thankful for! 

What are you thankful for today? 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

::10th Annual Houston Via Colori::

 ::Momma Disclosure:: This is not a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion. 

This Weekend will be the 10th Annual Houston Via Colori  which will be benefiting The Center for Hearing and Speech. Event is completely free and open to the public. The artistry will be amazing and the beneficiary is a local organization which is wonderful for the Houston community!

What is Via Colori?
LINN Energy will be presenting  Houston's Via Colori, now in its 10th year. More than 200 artists from the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Belgium will create chalk murals on the streets of downtown Houston. Live bands will perform on three stages throughout the weekend. All proceeds benefit The Center for Hearing and Speech.

When is it?

This Saturday, November 21, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday, November 22, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Where will it be held? 

In downtown Houston at Hermann Square at City Hall at 901 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002.

Who will be there?    

200 Artists including: Joel Yau, professional artist, San Rafael, California; Vera Bugatti, professional artist, Italy; Adry del Rocio, professional artist, Mexico; Melanie Stimmell Van Latum, professional artist, California. Local artists are also available for interviews. All will be available for interviews throughout the day. Public is invited to attend. Admission is free.

About the beneficiaries- The Center for Hearing and Speech:

For nearly 70 years, The Center for Hearing and Speech, a United Way agency, has been dedicated to improving the lives of children with hearing loss through clinical, education and support services. All of the Center’s programs demonstrate a commitment to enable deaf children to reach their full potential by teaching them listening, speaking and literacy skills. Last year, CHS provided services to more than 8,500 children.

For more information on CHS, visit

For more information on Houston Via Colori or to find out how to donate visit,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

:: 2015 Camping Recap:: The Good, the bad & oh yes, the Ugly!

{Photo credit: A nice lady riding her bike up the hill and needing a rest. So, she took our picture.}

My Husband always, always thinks I don't ever share the bad and of course the absolute ugly on my blog. I tell him, then you must not read my blog. I try to be as open and transparent as I can here. Always sharing truth and who we really are, if you ever ::laughs here:: think we are "perfect" please don't. We most definitely are far from that. Mini-disclosure over. 

This past weekend we went Camping. While, we love the idea of it and have now completed a couple of successful trips. I am sharing with you today, the Good, the bad and the oh yes so ugly! To help  my Husband sleep at night and rest at peace with our imperfections. Always.

::The Good::

Usually out weighs the bad. I don't care how bad things get, you can always come out on top with the absolute best moments. That's what matters. My Husband said, just take the picture cause you will make it seem like we had an amazing time anyway. Of course! Ha. But, truth is while the good is present the bad is always lurking near by, HA. I am never lying about our good moments or trying to hide the bad, it's just that I want to always give people good happy content, not whiny, complaints. And, when it's appropriate I share our bad moments, cause we do have them. 

Family time- our days get busy and the nights are short, so spending family time together just the 4 of us, is always good. We don't sit around and sing kumbaya or anything {if we could we would but that's not us}, we do share and love one another a lot. Listening to the kids and their crazy stories or rants is always priceless. My Husband and I will stare at each-other thinking, where in the world is this coming from? It's epic ya'll. 

Time away- it's good to disconnect and get away from the city for a bit. Little short vacations help bring back focus and forget about the hectic city life that awaits us. Even my kids are busy between school, sports, homework and annoying one another it gets tough for a 6 and 4 year old to find down time. Just laughed. It's not but they are busy kids and deserve a break too. We all do! 

New experiences- We all deserve new experiences, they help us grow and learn more about the world and more importantly about ourselves. We love being able to provide our children with new experiences. Some are even new to us and that's always fun, learning with our kids is a great adventure.

::The Bad::

Things don't always go as planned- they rarely go on without a hitch. This time, and it seems like every time we are traveling, our car {s} break down. Thankfully this time it was just a battery issue. We got the truck to work but there is always something that doesn't go as planned and could potentially ruin our trip. Car trouble is a bad one though. 

Last minute changes- so, while we love the outdoors and camping we are not expert campers and have not been doing this for years. Our kids are usually great at whatever we throw at them but this time we had to make an executive decision to switch the desired camp site at Lost Maples to Garner { more in part 2 of recap on this and why}. We also had planned for my parents and friend to join us, which didn't happen. We had to re-plan food and our minds as a whole, ha. 

The weather- the forecast had rain and cold. And, it did. Rain and it was cold. Which due to some unpreparedness was rough the first night! But, thanks to my Sister-in-law we got it all fixed by night two. Which was great. It didn't totally ruin our trip but by Sunday morning it was a nuisance and we were a little annoyed by the rain. But, we survived and all was well.

::The oh SO very Ugly::

The whining, complaining and fighting...and that was just the adults! Remember I mentioned the mishap above with the camping site. Yeah, it was kind of my fault. I didn't book the site in time so we ended up with a "Primitive" camp site at Lost Maples, not at all what we wanted. I had to last minute book a site at Garner. Which was tricky but I pulled it off. It didn't come without the stress, the fighting words and the blah. So much so, I forgot our big blankets and the first night had to rough it out with small blankets and sleeping bags. Again, thankfully my Sister-in-law came to the rescue! 

Mood swings- this kind of trip involves long hours together, in a car or small space! Which in return results in mood swings, one minute we love one-another the next, it's Hunger Games all in one small tent. Camila and I get moody. Please beware. Ha. The boys do to! So, it's an even game. 

Ugly cries- Not just mine, the kids have their moments too, ha. They can't control it and cry. Sometimes a lot. I get nervous easily and the sweats kick in. I don't want to be seen as a bad parent who can't control their kids! I get anxious. I  do very well though at controlling the situations and deal with them. But, most times I hand it over to my Husband. Much easier. 

Tantrums- Every second, after every activity! OK, maybe not that bad but they do happen and it's not pretty. We deal with them as they come. People stare. We have gotten used to them. We have learned that to diffuse them we must first ignore them, easier said than done. Some moments it's easier to gain control and others you just want to lose it with them. But. for the most part we have learned to remain calm and simply...let it be. 

Hair pulling, fighting and biting- The kids love each other but the car ride and then being with each-other constantly for 3 days, becomes a bit much. As much as I would love for my children to be nice, sweet children who sit still and never fight. It doesn't happen. They get unruly, we control it and sometimes if they are outdoors, we just let them figure it out. If it gets too bad we stop them but for the most part it's harmless, they annoy one another and then move on. Then they have moments of happy, "I love you and lets be friends". Which are my favorite. 

And, I think Jim Gaffigan, has captured all of our camping trips in one big joke....

Monday, November 16, 2015

::HELLO:: #Adele

[ Hello from the other side
I must've called a thousand times 
To tell you I'm sorry, for 
everything that I've done
But when I call you never
seem to be home]
Funny story, I love break-up songs. Not because I have been involved in a ton of horrible break-ups. I have been with my Husband for over 15 years, never once have we split up. Good? Bad? I don't know.

But, there is one person I have issues with. I split up with that person and reconcile; and then split up again and start all over. That person is, me. No, not crazy, just bare with me. You see when I hear songs like Hello, I think about myself. The lyrics above speak to me, Hello Connie from the other side! In a good way. 

Still not crazy, wait for it. 

Every experience in my life, has been a moment to reflect, a good moment to reinvent myself, learn, grow and start over. With myself. Learning in my 20's who I really was. How strong I could really be. Here I am 7 months from 35.

Hello Connie, from the other side. Wiser, braver and far more knowledgeable of my capabilities. Scared, sure. Who isn't? But, not paralyzed by my fears like I was 5 years ago when I was a new Momma with 2 babies. 

[Hello, it's me, I was wondering
If after all these years you'd like to meet to go
over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal, yeah
But I ain't done much healing]

I must've called a thousand times, to tell you I 'm sorry for everything I have done.  As a Wife, a Momma, an Employee, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend. I have failed. I tell myself over and over that I am sorry for all that I have disrespected my true self, hated my body, felt sad and unworthy, felt like a failure. But, I forgive myself. I am allowed to fail and fall short. To disappoint and be firm in my beliefs and thoughts. I am sorry Connie, for all that I have done. To self-manipulate my confidence and strength. For thinking I was incapable or unworthy.

I have been broken in so many areas of my life. The healing has been hard. Judged and hurt. Like so many others. 

[There's such a difference between us
And a million miles]

Hello. I am on the other side. I stand strong. Now braver, more empowered and far more confident of my capabilities and worth! A song about self-love and how much stronger I have come out of every single ordeal I have been faced with.

A million miles from where I once have stood, from where I was and have fallen, many times. 

Maybe it's not the break-up songs I am attracted to but the female empowerment songs that really call out to me. It's about healing your soul and moving forward. It's about loving who you have become and continuing to grow. 

[Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I've tried 
To tell you I'm sorry, for breaking your
But it don't matter, it clearly
doesn't tear you apart

And, I am at peace with it all. Myself , who I am and who I am not. I have learned to love me, and get back up after being knocked down. Hello, again, from the other side.

Where I am strong, empowered and above all...loved.