Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Change} ♥

For a few weeks now I have been As if I just didn't belong. I was in-between feelings. For people, for life, for my future.

This morning it hit me. 

It's called Change.

God has been calling me to look around myself and reevaluate; friendships, work, life, myself. It's not a bad thing, it's a freeing thing. How else can I walk towards God's bigger plan and purpose for my life, if I don't allow change, if I don't embrace it, if I don't accept it. 

That's probably the most difficult, accepting it. I have had many, many amazing friendships and jobs in my life, I have learned so much from all of them. But, it's time to move on. To move forward and God is calling me there. I have to accept it. No matter who or what gets left behind. I will have to accept it.

Friendships change, they grow, they mature, they move in different directions, with different goals and ambitions, with different opinions and views. But, then God opens your eyes and allows you to realize that He's replaced those friendships with others that are a bit more like you and on the same track of family, career and life. AND. THAT. IS.OK. In some cases those friendship were already there, I just didn't open my heart to what should be and was being stubborn as to what I thought I wanted it to be.

Lately, I have been freaking out about things that have happened even at work, that have given me bigger responsibilities. Bigger opportunities. Bigger challenges. And then I realized "Connie, now is your time to shine!" Wake up. For so many years I have asked for this, I have prayed for it with tears in my eyes and God kept saying, "hold on." Now I have it and I didn't even know my bottom from my head but this morning, clarity.

Clear. ::deep breath of relief::

Everything happens for a reason. Change is one those things that has to happen in order for us to further fulfill our purpose for His reason!

I am so excited. I am moving forward and I am ready for this change!




I hope you are embracing change and opening your heart to what is to come. God is with you. In Him find strength. In Him find peace. In Him find FREEDOM.

For change. 

::deep embracing breath::

I will place my focus where God wants it to be and not where I want it to be.

God is with me. I know.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have not done one of these in a while...not that I am not thankful...just that...I have been off track with my Blogging schedule....

Thankful Thursdays Button

But, here we go....

This week I am most Thankful for:

{A listening ear} I know that you must get tired of hearing me talk about my girlfriends and how awesome they are...well they totally are! I have been ever so Blessed to find good long-lasting Momma friendships in many-a-places one very important place is work! To have a helpful, non-judgmental listening ear at work is SUCH a huge stress reliever in so many ways! So, today I am thankful for the listening ears over the years....

{Faith} As Cardinal DiNardo mentioned tonight that we are set free to become disciples of God's word and reach people in EVERY area of our lives; tonight I am thankful that in some way I have reached my Hubby's family...this week Ricardo's not so little cousin Erica completed her first 3 sacraments and her next one will be marriage..sure that's special no matter what but I am most Thankful because she not only asked me to help her in the process but allowed me to be her Sponsor... I feel such pride to be a Christian today but  more so to be sharing my faith with others...

{Birthdays} Last month I turned 31. ::insert mid-life crisis meltdown here:: I am just Thankful that I have made it to this year with so many wonderful situations lived & such beautiful people {especially my Hubby and lil'babies!} in my life and happy moments despite all the bad and ugly; God has filled me with hope and joy to live a life of faith and growth....for that I am thankful. Lots.

{Ch-Cha-Change} It seems like every other month I announce change..but isn't that what life is about....constant evolution for the better and glory of the purpose that God has given us. My Husband graduated in May, landed a new job in June, and will be leaving to UTAH for about a August... YIKES. Yup. LOTS more change for Team Gomez... we will be gearing up in the next 4 weeks or so for him to leave... stay tuned. 

What are you Thankful for today??

Friday, July 6, 2012

{Ode to July} ♥

July, you're here!?

Welcome! Bienvenido!

Every month I think, this month will be the month....and days fall short, life happens and here I am... with only some things marked off my monthly "to-do" list...

June List:

My Birthday
Santi will start daycare/school
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids
I want to take a cute set of picture of Cami in an outfit I intend to make {HA!}
One of my good friends Casey Love will have her baby shower and then her baby Bella
Father's DAY
And just so much more....

July List:
Start getting things ready for Cami's Baptism
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house {REALLY, finish Cami's no longer nursery but now her toddler bedroom!}
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids {I want to take them...the Hubby will have to jump on board!}
Some late "Spring" Cleaning will have to take place...
Complete Tu-tu, Headband and Custom Onesie orders for the month! {No longer accepting July orders, sorry everyone, my month is booked!} 
Find a GOOD fabric store/website/wholesaler!

Don't forget to check out some  
Momma Blogs who have been ever so nice as to post 
my Blog Ad on their pages... 
I am officially a Sponsor!!!

First Momma is Maria-Isabel over at MOMMY MADE! Not only is she ever so crafty at making people {Three Beautiful kids to be exact!} but she is also so very creative and makes the CUTEST ever accessories...and oh yes; she is a photographer too! Not only that but she is such a lovely looking lady! I hope you hop on over and visit her.... she is MOMMA APPROVED!

The second July Momma is Mandy from a sorta fairytale she is a sweet Momma Blogger with two also VERY sweet boys! Mandy is also a photographer and she is most definitely a Momma of Faith. I love it. I love her Blog and I hope you head on over and check her out too! Also, very much so MOMMA APPROVED!

What my kids thought of July....WORD!
 {4th of July Outfit made by Lila's Creations by Erica R.; 
Don't forget to check out her FB page, 
she has very cute Tu-tu's and Hair bows!}

So, lets get started ya'll, July is waiting!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Being Human}

It's "OK" to hit rock bottom and be humbled.

I  need it every once in a while.

To realize that WOW, I am human.

I am not perfect and neither are my actions.

My house is not always clean and my words are not always kind.

HEY. I am human. 

I learn though. I try to change. 
And, when this all gets the best of me. 
I move on. 
Towards a better me. 

Just sayin'....

Move on.

Let go.



No matter how much I fumble and miss....I want to move forward and be ME. Imperfect and loving.

Just sayin'.....

I am human.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Let me be brutally honest about some brutal truth today. 

The baby days of ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing are long gone in my house, it takes some time to realize it and accept it. These days the chaos reigns in my casa! I have a Two-&-8month old {My almost 3 year old} and a 15 month old {My Soon to be 2 year old}, yep. Your math is right, TWO terrible ever so "AH" TWO's in the mix.  

Trust me. I love my kids. I do everything I do for my kids. I live for them. But, this stage of their lives, the "TWO's" it transforms them into these tiny rebel beings who have no regard for the pain and embarrassment that this Momma goes through when one of the TWO's is jumping from one chair to another AT.THE.DR'S.OFFICE  with hash brown on their face while the other crawls underneath the said chairs and growls at the other kids, we won't point any fingers here. And, I am sorry BUT that is the TRU'F!

I don't lie. My two Beautiful Little Angels have alter egos and trust me not even their Momma recognizes them.....

I don't hide, or try to run from it, I embrace it. One.single.deep.breath.after.another. It's not easy but it is what it is.... two, terrible two-ers!

I don't like to get into the mind set of "Oh poor me!" or "I deserve a break!" cause who doesn't but I do voice my pain and fatigue to the Hubby who will then say...."ok" and step in.

So, tonight. With NO Momma guilt This Momma stepped out.... of the chaotic casa and went to dinner and a movie! With the muchachas! Yup. With the Hubby's not so little cousins... and yes...we LOVED and enjoyed ever minute of it... and YES more than once during the night the conversations turned towards Cami and Santi! The TWO rebel beings that take over my world by day and then conquer my heart by night... I can't help it and I am a Momma after all! 

picture taken at HEB by Nanielle!

Monday, July 2, 2012

{15 Months} CamBam! ♥

It's been 15 months of my amazing little Cami!!! 

She has several nicknames to her brother she is "Nena", to her Daddy she is "Migis", to me she is "Camila Isabel!".... to the rest of our family she is anything from Cami to CamBam, Cam Noodles, and Mila...
All I know is that what ever name sticks with her for the rest of her life it will never be enough to express the joy and sunshine that she is in our lives!

Her tiny spicy personality has begun to explode as she fights her brother in the infamous battles of the ever so terrible two's and the "mine" complex!
She is spunky and happy! 
She Loves food and doesn't mind sharing that beautiful God given smile!
 All her little Piranha teeth are perfectly crooked in every way. 
She is warm and loving a true little Momma. 
She is bright and fun.
All. the. time. 
Her soft little hands melt my heart and her tiny stinky feet melt my sense of smell. Ha. 

Camila has been an amazing little "Surprise" Blessing. 
In 2010 I had no thoughts of getting pregnant again so soon and when it happened...
I felt like it was just meant to be. 
This day. 
I know it was more than meant to be it was God given.

I finally have a mini-me, so full of life and pretty in pink. 
She dances and sings to any tune and is so easy going she rarely complains...
She carries a purse and has pink toes, God knew exactly who this family needed to give that perfect balance to this sweet sweet chaos
Don't get me is not all roses and peace...we have our ups and downs but knowing that God has Blessed us with such a beautiful little "Migis" just makes it all worth while! 
We cry, we laugh, we share, we fight, but through it all we have Sunshine...she is a little Sister and she is a Lil'Momma; My Cami is a beautiful Angel on earth given to me even without me deserving such a beautiful Blessing... 
 "She is the Dos in His equation of pure Love and Faith melted into one home."
She is another member of Team Gomez and a second prayer answered from up above....

She is 15 month old CamBam!!!