Friday, August 24, 2012

{Viernes} ♥ & Work Travel....

It's been a busy week; work, home, life! Feeling blah and then the crazy no bueno in Houston.

It makes for a draby long drawn out week...I wished I was in bed most days but not possible for this Momma. It has been an "AHHH!" kind of week! And, this weekend.... CHANGE. Lots.

My Hubby is such an amazing person and I don't give him as much credit as I should...for weeks now he's been saying....I will be gone and you will miss me. To which I say...WHY? Why would I miss you? I got this! {It's the SuperMomma in me talking... }

Truth is. The day is here too soon.

This weekend Ricardo will leave for Utah. For 3 weeks! I will be a "single" Momma! All the single Momma's out there you will hear me whine and you will have to tell me to get over IT! And, I will. It will be a challenge with two kids that go to two separate places of care and who don't like waking up early and who cry, fight and make "meshes" everywhere.

I will fortunately have some help but as I told my boss at work... I don't want to abuse that help and I will not be fully dependant on others to help me all the time, I need to do most, if not all on my own. The next few weeks will test my organization, time management and sanity. {God help me.}


I am not sure how far that is from here but I am sure it's FAR. It's going to be crazy! We are going to try and get web cams so that we can see each other and mostly so the Hubby can see the kids! They will definitely think it's bizarre to have their Daddy there but  not there!

For those of you who don't know....My Hubby graduated from UH in June he landed a pretty sweet job and in July on his first week at work... he was asked to go to Utah, as part of his training...for 3 weeks in August-September. Now, we are there.... Sunday he will catch his plane and be on his way...a new little adventure.... for Him and for our family! I am not sure we will get to visit it will be tough! We shall see. Where this new little stage in our lives will take us....


I don't know what I will do or how..but I will. Manage.

I know it's a Blessing. I know God wanted this for us. And, I know my Hubby will only emerge a new person. A new well trained employee I am sure. And, somehow I feel that as individuals him and I will learn a lot about ourselves... that will help us grow as adults, spouses, parents, and everything else that make us.... US. Ha. I think that, that's what this whole journey has taught us so far... that we must be strong as individuals to be strong as a couple and a family.

Feliz Viernes a todos....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

{When God is silent....} ♥

There come days in my life...when I can't hear Him. I know He is there and I can see Him speaking....but I don't know what He is saying or trying to get me to understand.... everything gets lost in translation.

My thoughts these days are; what is it? What is my purpose here? What should I be learning? Why am I not "there" yet?

It's frustrating and God knows it that I try everyday to get back on track.

I have NEVER stated that I am perfect, nor do I pretend or attempt to be....I am me. I am who I am. I speak up and move into action when I think it's just. I help others and try to build them up when I know they can't seems to do it for themselves...I don't do it for the light. I do it because I love them and want to see people succeed.

Then I come back to me. Am I really helping myself enough?

In order for us to help others we must take care of ourselves first, right? Be good in body, mind and spirit as an individual so that I can as a whole bring light and courage into other peoples lives.

It's hard.

These are thoughts.

And, I really don't know what all God is saying. Or how much longer He wants me to wait...but I am here. An open heart. A ready mind and an able body....waiting.

To hear His voice.

To follow Him.

In the midst of my imperfections and in the midst of my stubbornness. I am ready.

But, I can't hear Him....

Just yet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Date Night} ♥ Anniversary Edition

It's been 13 years; the Hubby and I, know each other....pretty well. We started off as "my cousins friend" and the "cousin who just moved here from the valley". Although my Husband says it started way earlier than the college years... He was my Cousin's Best Friend still is {we are Compadres to this day}... I was the cousin who would visit Houston from the Valley...South Texas to be exact... Mission. When I was about 15, Ricardo was about 17 my cousins, my siblings and myself went to the apartments Ricardo lived in with his family to swim, they had the "better pool". I maybe, glanced at him and said Hello. I was 15. I was really a whatever kind of girl, much like now. 3 years later I came to Houston to start college, I was 18; Ricardo was about to be 20.  

His family and friends called him "Flaco", he was a good ol' Mexican kid from the Southwest side of Houston, 19 years old and pretty cute. All I wanted to do was study and have no life, I wasn't too keen on guys and whatever it was their idea of fun was. My Momma taught me to keep in line and walk the path.... or else...she'd warned me about boys like Ricardo..... I listened to her and then followed my heart....

13 years later here we are. Married. College Graduates. With DOS {two} amazing little Blessings from up above.

We love. We work hard. And, we've learned to listen, care and respect one another very much. Yes, we argue. Some days A LOT. No we are NOT perfect by any means. I love him and he loves me. We tell each other things that we don't mean and then we forgive one another and remember that God has brought us to this very place on earth in our lives. We pray. We praise and we Thank God every day for all the little Blessings and the big struggles that have made us the individuals and family that we are today.

These days our family has a busy schedule, most days very busy. We lead some pretty busy lives. It's not exactly how we planned it but at the end of the day it's where we had planned to be with a little bit of faith and hard work. Together.

We have been a bit well busy lately. Still, I constantly speak of non-existent date nights. My Husband will say to the kids; "Momma and Daddy need some alone time." To which Camila smiles and nods and Santiago says; "no" and then laughs nervously.

With our busy schedules and our beautiful kids who deserve all of our undivided attention we rarely make time for us. The week of Ricardo's graduation was a rare one we got TWO nights to ourselves...with friends. It was nice. Really nice.  I do think though that a night out on the town...ALONE was long overdue.

Just to catch up and refresh. It's always nice.

So, what kind of a date night did we dream up.....

Dinner and some fancy drinks....the grown up kind! Then a Rock'en' Español concert.... Cafe Tacuba to be exact.... "Eres...." On this night the possibilities were endless...and bedtime was right around the corner. By 9pm we wanted to go home and when 3am hit we were, well exhausted and a bit delirious. To be out so late who does that kind of thing....oh wait...we used to...a  long time ago... when we were young and had no little ones to run after and be responsible for. It was amazing fun and a great night spent, laughing with friends, dancing and just having some genuine grown up fun! We celebrated and we conquered! We were parents and then we crashed out at my Momma's house...

We were determined. We accomplished a date night. Alone. For our 6th year Wedding Anniversary {13th year together-versary!}.

Happy Anniversary to the man that I can't live with and I would not know how to live without. It's been a lifetime and an amazing ride... it's been a Blessed time and happy love. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the good, the bad and the ugly with for the rest of the days that God has planned for us.

Team Gomez in the making....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Officially. Fat.


In May I lost about 8 or 9 pounds and OH.BOY.TRUST.ME. Have I found them!

I know that I say this a lot but tonight as I stuff my face with Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and read about Clean Diets and look at pictures of slim beautiful 20-something year olds...I told myself.


I can't continue down this path of body-self-destruction. It's unhealthy and honestly I feel uncomfortable.

The excuse that I work 12 hours a day, have two toddlers and a ton of clothes to wash; just don't fly anymore around here!

I need to get my Big Momma Booty in shape! Pronto!!
Good-bye Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I will catch you on the flip side and when you see me again, which you won't for a really, really long time, I will be looking good! Now take that and double fudge it!

Ok. A bit dramatic. But, you get the point!

I just know I can do it. My prayers have not been where they should be and I am going to take this time to get back on track! Focus has been lost and time is a wasting!!!!!

Join me if you will and let me know what your biggest weight loss GOAL is for the rest of the year!

Share your diets or exercising tips here!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Life} Lately.....

It's been... a little bit of this {AHHHHH, UGGGGHHHH, EEEEEEEK} and a little bit of that {SMILE,HAPPY, TEARS, JOY}....And still we have managed to make it through a very difficult month... but I think the hardest month is yet to come...

And honestly, I can't complain.... Could things be better? Sure.
Could things be worse? Of course!
But, you know what...I am taking it truly, ONE.DAY.AT.A.TIME. 

Lots going on at work these days; which if you will notice I have been talking about that subject a little more....lots going on at home... as usual, my kids the chaos of my heart, my Husband the one that stole it.....above all filled with love, peace and faith.... 

I have been trying, TRYING really hard to get back on track with my weight and my has not been the best since May. I had this awesome goal of loosing some weight for my Hubby's graduation and I did but since then I just can't manage to get it together! But, I want to! I will be held accountable here. I have to get back on track with good eating and more physical motion. I tried Zumba today and it was fun, so we shall see!

As for will be there....some days crazy others boring but life none-the-less.

I love mine...

No matter how much I complain...and I shouldn't but I do.... It's a great one...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

2 Timothy 1:7

New International Version (NIV)
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On "the Third" {Numero Tres}

Lately it seems like babies are amongst us... a lot. Or at least on the brain or on FB somewhere....everywhere. Ha.

And yes, when my Hubby and I got married we said we would have 3 kids, because it would be a good well rounded number...right.

Then, I had ONE and thought... one is ok but DOS would be peachy and then I had my numero dos and now all I know is that if I EVER {ever} want to go to the restroom alone without having two kids {or more} camp out in front of me {yes, camp out, yesterday Cami pulled her fold out chair in there with her sippy and snacks, she said; "MA'!, caca?".... no words I tell words!} or maybe if one day I decide that sleeping with two {or more kids} swirling around in my bed  and asking for milk at 1am, 3am and 4 am cause they can't sleep while I am tying to get a good nights rest for my 4am wake up call and 12 plus hour shift at work the next day is a good idea then maybe a tres is totally in order.

My Hubby is telling me that we will be ok but I am tired, drained and in a constant state of "uhm". I don't remember what's what or know my foot from my hand most days. Physically, I know I can push my body through another gruelling 9 months and then be sliced and diced without any issues....but honestly. Mentally and emotionally. I am not sure I am fully equipped at this moment. IF, if , IF it were to happen some time by the end of the year that means that I would be 32 before I have the baby and that means that at 32 I would be juggling a 12 hour a day {plus} job {during election cycle}, a house with a Hubby who may or may not be traveling for his new job on and off, the Tres {a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a baby; doable? Sure.} but what about the crafting and blogging, oh yes then there are showers and maybe if I am lucky some eating... and oh did we forget extra curriculars; cause we want Santi in soccer and Cami in dancing by this fall. Did I mention the pet rock? Yes, we have managed to kill 2 fish in the las 3 months therefore we have decided  a pet rock is a bit more sustainable. And, has anyone been calculating the amount of money this will all cost us; I am not but my Hubby I know is, considering HE is the one asking for a third baby!

Aside from just physically having them, emotion and mental stability,  and financial stability have we thought about time and attention to be divided even more and sacrificed a hundred times over.... I have. I don't know. It just doesn't seem fair to the kids or myself, to wear myself so thin that I am already worried about not having time for a third baby.

I say we are good. My Hubby says... we not good enough.

I will definitely be praying about this one. A lot.

I do have a pending discussion with my OBGYN to see if she would even have me as her patient considering all of the reproductive issues I have had. Just so much at once and during an election cycle to even begin to think about it or wrap my brain around it....

God will know.

Only Him.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

{On Working Late}

At one point in my life I thought I wanted a know that kind of life where you have 20 different people calling your name all at once {not to be confused with your kids calling your name 20 times in a span of 20 seconds}, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend and  drink coffee for no reason at any given time of the day {this may have just happened regardless}....

Yeah. Uhm. At 31 with 2 toddlers{ the almost 3 year old and the 1 & 1/2'er}. That's totally not me anymore. At all. Or so I have come to realize it. Not by choice at least. In reality. That is my life outside of my home, I have happened to fall into this this called a career. And, it's been a bit well overwhelming to say the least.

You know as a young 20-something year old planning a future, buying a home and getting married while going to school and obtaining a degree to be a full-time career woman out in corporate America, I thought I was doing everything right. Now that I am 31, married, working, with 2 kids, and just so much going on around me, I doubt myself and where I am going or what I am really meant to do.

I want the at home life. With my Momma Loves running around in their diapers or not {totally by choice they both now know how to take off their clothes and their diapers, yes I know my life is awesome}, yelling and crying all at once, pushing and punching while pulling hair and asking each other for hugs, don't ask, they are totally filled with a  million emotions at every minute of the day, my house is  melt-down city or lovey-dovey town at any given moment of the day all the while asking to watch "Wal-Ace" for the millionth time on demand or else! {My son is totally into Wallace and Gromit, don't ask, I have no clue. He is a pretty random kid.}

That's the life I thrive for. {Silly me.}

I know it's not possible RIGHT now but maybe one the near future. And, I know I ask for this a lot, the whole being at home with my kids and the maybe one day in the near future thing. It's just that the life I have I know is a Blessing and amazing but I just struggle with what God may be telling me to do. Drop it all and be a Super Momma or keep this life and prove to myself that I can do it.... that I CAN be everything I have ever wanted to be and more..but then I think; I am everything I have wanted to be and with my much more that I never thought I could be. Does that make sense?

It's a whole different world to have known the work-life and then motherhood.... I struggle. I want them both but where am I needed most?

I wanted to change the world and make the Hispanic community and better place...I wanted to heal the wounded and be recognized by the President one day for being so good at it. These days, I want to make my son be nice to his Nena {Sister} and my home and happy place filled with joy and happiness, faith and love, I want to heal every "boo-boo"  right as it happens and never be recognized for cause it's my duty as the Momma of my home. All I ask in return is for a warm hug that lights up my day, a nap with my lil'Momma and kisses from my lil'Man... it's the most amazing life that I want..but I guess we can't have it all...

The title really doesn't fit my post but it's when the feeling emerged as the clock hit 11pm and my Hubby texted me to say he was leaving  my daughter at my Mother-in-laws so that I wouldn't have to wake her up at 5 am the next morning just to take her back. The emotions hit me as I got home and my son was asleep and couldn't tell me how awesome of a day he had at school and how he had gone to the potty all by himself. The emotions arose as my Hubby said good-night and good-morning all at once, knowing that I wouldn't see him again for another 10 to 12 hours... all while working late and seeking purpose as to where this may lead me... and where God wants me to go....

I am a follower of Jesus but some days...I become confused and think about which path He really wants to lead me down...

While working late....

By the WAY, it's currently melt-down city in my house..... 

looking veryyy tired after a very long week.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

{My AWeSoMe Post} :)

One day I will be an awesome Blogger with awesome post about my awesome life... or something like that.... You know the kind that updates her Blog regularly with awesome pictures and cool how-to's with the kids, with post about trips to the city zoo and vacations with the family to some awesome place...Yeah that will be me one the mean time... here I am.. the almost every day 8 to 5 worker some days 6 to midnight... no I am not a doctor, or a nurse or some really awesome Blogger, just an Election worker. And this is my life.

I don't like lacking awesome-ness! I want to be AWESOME, really I do. But, I fail. Really bad sometimes. But, I survive! I have worked a total of 49.7 hours this week alone and it's not even Friday yet! Yes. That's the kind of job I have. But enough about work...back to being awesome!

I have these really AWESOME kids who I will soon {hopefully}, really soon get to spend more time with! I want us to do stuff and plan fun {and yes AWESOME} activities to catch up on what has or has not been a Summer for us!

I have this really AWESOME Hubby who has been EVER SO supportive of my crazy work schedule and antics over why his shoes are in the middle of the hall and the kids are playing with No seriously. And where did all these toys come from to begin with! They have no concept of space is all I know. The toys, obviously! But, he is really AWESOME. While he sleeps I am on my way home and I  leave before he wakes...and still he loves me. And I love him. In a very awesome way. Just sayin'.

Are you tired of the word AWESOME, I am loving it. More and more as we go! July was crazy, I mean...awesomely busy! I am ready for August but more so ready to rest....

August is filled with birthday parties, anniversaries, trips and life as usual... hopefully a little more Blogging...about...awesome stuff and yes being awesome in general.