Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Dia de Los Muertos} Culture Experience

When I was younger I remember building an altar around the tombs of our family members who were no longer with us. We would lay out picture of us with them and their favorite foods in their honor. Our belief was that on the Day of the Dead, their souls would come back to be amongst us and to enjoy our offerings. We would gather late at night and say a rosary in their remembrance, bring them flowers and celebrate their lives as we remembered them here on earth.

As a young child or teen I didn't think anything of it and wasn't even scared to participate in this late night stroll through the rundown cemeteries in Reynosa.  It wasn't just a tradition, it was part of our everyday. My Grandfather always says.... "no le tengas miedo a los muertos, te le mas miedo a los vivos...."

It's these small memories that make me who I's these small memories that I want to pass on to my children... but like most people I am a visual person and I have a feeling my kids will be like that as well. Which is why I want to every year build on what they see and experience. If we can't go to Mexico then I want to bring Mexico to them. Huge? No, just some effort! I realize that the only way that our culture will not be lost in their generation is by making these small connections to big traditions.

This year I decided that we would start our Holiday's off by learning what a Dia de los Muertos altar was. So, I took my kids to see the beautiful exhibits over at Meca, here in Houston. It was small step for this Momma pero un paso mas hace nuestras tradiciones.

We had fun! See for yourself.....

{The Beautiful young lady in the picture was my lovely assistant for the day...her name is Erica and she is my Hubby's cousin. I love familia!}

Monday, October 29, 2012

#LATISM Conference {Parte Uno; Words no Pictures}

It's Monday Ya'll! Y no tengo ni idea de como empezar a relatar todo lo que hice este fin de semana!

It had only been a couple of hours of the 2012 LATISM Conference and already my brain was on fire.... {story of my life}....Thoughts, inspiration and new friendship developed almost instantly.

::REMINDER~This Momma is a total cheese ball. Ha.:: It was such an amazing experience to be con gente como yo! To feel welcomed and accepted. Being a part of something bigger and knowing that it was all done by's very important to me. Very. It just continuously gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. It's awesome. The warmth, the embraces, y el Español! 

What I learned on DAY UNO of the LATISM'12 Conference:

1. {Don't be shy}; the word doesn't exist in this environment. There was no place I could sit without speaking to someone. The opportunity was too good and the conversations were very educational.

2. {Remember Names, Faces and Blogs}; I saw so many people within minutes of showing up and I felt horrible...I couldn't remember their names, that went with the faces that went with the Blogs! I was BLOG-STAR-STRUCK! My brain was mush and soon enough it all came back to me!

3. {Bring your charger}; If you plan on functioning... BRING YOUR CHARGER. As soon as you lose the all seems to stop and you lose your momentum! Ha. Or Ahhhhhh! ::runsaroundlikechickenwithherheadcutoff::

4. {En Español}; I loved being able to communicate en Español about EVERYTHING! It made things so much easier...oh yes and the awesome accents...I am thinking I had the Mexican-Texan accent going for myself, Ha. But, I loved listening to everyone else speak...especially... Lisa from AutismWonderland, Ruby from Growing up Blackxican and Ariana from the 3twentySix... their accents made me feel happy and warm inside...and so many more! 

5. {Give out your calling card!}; Don't forget to pass out your card...I met so many people it's impossible to keep up with your calling/business card is your instant connection!

6. {"Wepa!",Relax}; Once your head stops spinning and you can take it all in... relax, everyone is there to have fun, to learn and to all you have to do is relax and join in!

7. {Dress Comfortably}; I learned day one... to be myself. Dress comfortably and bring flats...first impressions mean a lot but the only way to make a good one is to be yourself and look comfortable in  your own skin!

8. {Find a Buddy}; I was so BLESSED to have found Ariana from the 3twentysix...our  connection was instant...not to mention we were both a little shy at first and somehow we still managed to find each other... fellow Houstonians! It was so meant to be! Ha.

9. {Free drinks=Strong Drinks}; Keep in mind.....if you take a free drink from the super cute waitress you have a good chance of getting extra tipsy really quick! Probably not a good idea. Ha. The bought drinks were not as strong... and just as good... Ha.

10. {Make friends with the girl whose purse can charge your phone.} Just sayin'! Her purse was awesome and she was super some awesome advice too... "Hello My Name is Connie and I am a Parenting Blogger!" Love it!!!!! 

I am so Thankful to have been invited to be a part of this great opportunity I thank the Latism'12 Houston Chapter organizers for sponsoring me! It has meant a lot to me and I hope that this will only be the beginning of what is wonderfully to come!

Tomorrow... LATISM'12 PICTURE EXPLOSION. {I hope! Ha. If I can figure it all out...}

Buen Dia a todos!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

{Patience} ♥

I have this son. He is 3 years old. 
He's more than a times he is my teacher. 
I am very impatient. Very. Not good. Trust me. I know. 

He is just like me. 
Everything NOW. Not later. 

But, some days he teaches me that patience is the only way. 

I have caught him several times now, waiting on me. 
{It's usually to hit play on the DVD or computer screen to get his favorite movie going.} 
The same boy that I just told 20 times to stop, wait and not touch. 
He sits and waits. 



Because he knows. 

That if he waits just long enough for me. 
I will come to his rescue. 

Every time. 

If only. 
I had that same patience. 

To wait. To endure. To sit quietly. To be patient! 

I would know that at the end of the wait...there is reward... 
that which  you have asked for comes with patience. 

It's what I have learned from my 3 year old son..
he is wise beyond his years and my little man.  
As an adult. 
It's easier said than done...

I love him for being a great teacher... 

{Isaiah 40:31} Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} SAHM Edition #latism #latism12

Good Morning! 

Today my list will consist of the 5 reasons I am Thankful for being a S@HMomma:

Thankful Thursdays Button

1} Spending more time at home with my kids... I love it! It's a true Blessing! 

2} Having my own schedule! I try really hard to stick to one and it seems to be working....for me. :) 

3} Not having to deal with HOUSTON traffic! 

4} Not spending as much on GAS! Now that it's cheaper....haha. 

5} Oh yes....and being able to attend BLOGGER CONFERENCES! I will be there tonight!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Hold Me Still} #motivation #inspiration #latism #foreverjones

Why am I so invested in this whole blog thing?

Some days I don't even know what to write about! Most days I don't have super great pictures to go along with my words... other days... the words are just there... I never really know my reach or my impact... ahiii Connie so horribly "blah",  I know! Ha. Trust me I know EVERYTHING takes time and I am a very impatient person... but I think this whole Blogger Conference has me thinking. This whole Stay-@-Home-Momma thing, has me thinking.

Some days are good and others I need to not over think and relax. Some days it's hard... not to Over.think and to just relax.

I am working on my inspiration and motivation of words, space and life... 

What should I write? How should I write? Where is this all going to lead me to? Who knows. 

In the mean time...I keep busy and try not to seem so lost...if this is what I prayed for..why is it becoming so difficult.

I know I am Blessed...but I am still seeking and these feelings of "what-if" and doubt are stirring in my heart!

It's difficult.

But, I move forward!

Then I pray. I hear and I listen.

Dear Lord Hold Me Still...

And, He says to me;

Fill every, EVERY corner of your heart with Faith and Hope. Faith that I am here RIGHT NOW. Hope that I KNOW where I am leading you. I know it's hard to see right now. I know it's hard to envision it. And, I KNOW it's hard to stand right now but TRUST me, you and I have made the right choice. I know where I want you to go I know where I want you to be. I am holding you still... have peace. Be patient. Have faith...that I am holding you still... 

"DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR FUTURE I won't magnify the small things... I WILL ONLY GLORIFY THE FATHER...."

The perfect moment....

Be still... 

God is here. 

Also, tomorrow... is the beginning of the LATISM BLOGGER CONFERENCE here in Houston! I am praying that my business cards come in and that God can give me grace to do everything that is asked of me, to meet expectations and to learn everything that is afforded to me! I am very excited! And I can't wait to see what is in store for this Momma....


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{On Relaxing} :)

It's difficult!

I am constantly telling my kids. Relax, deep breath, calm down. Truth is. They can't. They get it from their Momma. {You know you totally turned into a rapper for about a minute there but NO really they do!}

I am the weirdest most non-conformist person I know. I am constantly seeking the next big thing. My next big idea, project or move! Pero porque? Why can't I just relax, deep breath and stay calm! Since I have been at home I have napped a total of 2 times! 2 TIMES IN 2 WEEKS! The reason for me staying home was to rest, relax and enjoy. Instead I am doing, thinking and exciting! Then it happens the dizziness and shakes come back..I am constantly over-whelming myself... I need to learn to relax... so I forced myself to nap during this post and it's been about 4 days since I started it...Ha!

Anyway. On relaxing. I try. It's hard but I get it; we need to calm down and move slowly sometimes... 

I am learning. 

I am praying. 

I promise, I am relaxing....My Hubby is helping me learn that, things don't always have to be perfect or run at a 110 miles per we went to the beach 2 weekends ago.. it helped me take it easy... and slow.down... what's to come? I have NO idea. But, I have faith that what ever it is..I will get there...slowly but surely...

God is here with me...with us...and my little family....

"Don't worry about tomorrow..God is already there...." {A plaque in my kitchen....} 

I am trying to follow  His way and take His guidance.. but sometimes.... I just can't relax enough to hear Him!  So, for today.... deep breath::calm down:: and relax:: God is taking care of it for you....

Amen?! Yes! Amen. {Click below for reassurance}


Monday, October 22, 2012

{Mexican & Politics} #latism
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I have never been one to play the race card or speak of politics... won't do either now.

I don't feel like I allow either to determine who I am or where I will go.

But, I will say this. I am Mexican. My parents came here 31 years ago. Yes, Illegally. Because of the 1986, Amnesty Act they remained in the U.S. working everyday of their lives as hard as they possibly could. One day after the other, like every other non-Mexican and Mexican in the U.S. alike. If I identify with Mexicans and Mexico it's because I have extremely close ties to it.

This day. My parents still work very hard and earn middle-class wages to one day build on that little dream they had when they arrived to the U.S., 31 yeas ago. I am sure it's not easy to accept but for a small portion of our lives we were on temporary "government" assistance. It was embarrassing but not a way of life. It was just that....temporary assistance. These days 3 of their 4 children {the 4th a Senior in H.S. taking Debate and winning them all.} are College graduates; GO COOGS! We stand our ground and have the same and maybe a bit better middle-class working jobs but a little better off. Home owners and paying taxes like everyone else.

In the future I pray that I can teach my children that the ONLY way to go is to educate yourself. To earn a college degree so that your intelligence is not determined by race or politics but by your work ethic, morals and family values. Because we were instilled hard working traditional family values and have obtained most of what we want in this life and in this country we want that and more of the American Dream.

I will remind my children that their grandparents, both maternal and paternal came to this country struggling immigrants granted an opportunity to make a living based on how hard they worked and not what color they are or who they vote for.

Be involved. Become educated. And, Vote! Not for a race or a party but because of your history and where you want your people to go. I can't stress enough that enough as well as become informed with local government and process.

Early Voting Begins today and I plan on voting sometime this week! I will be sure to keep you informed!

{I wasn't sure if I should post this but this{click here} Bloggy-Momma encouraged me to!}

Oh yes! 4 DAYS UNTIL THE LATISM CONFERENCE!!!! I can't wait!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

{SAHMomma} Updates & WhatNot #latism

Yes, I know. 

It's only been 2 weeks...already you have updates?! Ha.

Well I do. That and reflections.

I am searching. For a schedule. For a plan. For a niche. Trust me. This is serious.

When I made the decision to stay home I thought this would all fill itself in and while becoming a Stay-at-Home-Momma has been my dream and a Blessing, that doesn't mean I had all the answers or plans. I firmly believe that I am here for a good reason and purpose. Soon enough it will come, for now my everyday reason and purpose are two smiley faces that wake up say good morning, pee on the potty and brush their teeth. Not enough? Trust me. More than enough! I love it. It's been great! I am happy.

About the shakes and dizziness. I am waiting for my Hubby's insurance to kick in so I can go back to my specialist. I have pending blood work results and I am still not feeling 100%, I noticed more so this week when I had coffee..I am thinking caffeine is my new enemy. We shall see.

About Cami and how much fun she is. See for yourself. She is one walking, talking, cup of sugar and LOTS OF SPICE! Lots! She is sometimes kooky and cheesy and other times needy and lovey-dovey! As for my Santi, he is awesome everyday becoming more of a helper and little gentleman to his Sister...when he is not pushing her and taking her toys! They are so close though and have so much love for one another, it's amazing! They are MY kids!

About not working. I feel awful. It feels like the vacation should be over. I don't want to wake up and I may ask a stranger to pinch me just to make sure I am not dreaming. I am Blessed. It's definitely bitter-sweet! I would have somehow been a part of maybe the 2nd biggest Election in History instead I am home being a Mommy and I secretly Love it. I don't want to feel regret or guilt. But, SOMETIMES it's inevitable. Being a part of something BIGGER sometimes means being at Home and Being who God wants me to be... I have faith and I trust... I am exactly where He wants me to be.

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About the BLOGGER CONFERENCE! Have I mentioned how excited and nervous I am! Because I am. I can't wait and I just want to share everything that I learn! It will be great. I hope. Eeeek!

Happy Friday!