Wednesday, September 30, 2015

::5 Reasons I attend Conferences:: #TexasConferenceforWomen

::Momma Disclosure::{ This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

This past week I went to Austin, first time going alone. For a conference for work. It was a great experience, I didn't get to see or eat everything I wanted to, Ha. But, I know that next month when I go again, I will try to see more places and experience true Austin cuisine.  When I go again it will be for another type of conference though. One that I have great expectations about. The Texas Conference for Women. One of my Blogging-Sisters will be speaking, which is very exciting! Melanie of Que Means What ; will be part of the Social Media Round-table.  {You can read more about the speakers here

I love going to Conference, here are the top 5 reason why: 

::Personal Growth::
Every conference has brought on a different experience and level of personal growth. I have either learned something about myself or something that will help me gain valuable insight into my future goals. Either way conferences hold many modes of inspiration and motivation which have all led to moments of great growth for me. In many areas. I honestly have tried to cut back on them because you can become so overwhelmed and want to attend them all but if you select a few very specific ones the growth is more abundant. 

You just never know who you will meet, what type of life-lasting connection you will make. Conferences bring together people for all walks of life and with their own unique experiences. Meeting these people, speaking to them and learning from them add so much value to you as an individual. I have met some very interesting people at conferences most of whom I keep in touch with now. We become business partners, friends and a good source of information for one another. It's truly a great way to meet new people you wouldn't otherwise be able to connect with. 

:: Me-Time ::
Let's face it, as a working wife with {Dos} 2 toddlers, I don't get much down time. Attending conferences, even when local and for a day, to me is the best type of me-time! I get to be around good company, enjoy what I am learning and do something that I love. What else can I ask for out of me time. It may still be considered "work" to some and it's not exactly a day at the spa but to me, when people and situations can ignite my brain and set my soul on fire, well that to me is a great day! The motivation and inspiration attained is like no other. For someone like me, I couldn't ask for anything more. 

:: Travel/Exploring ::
Attending conferences, even when locally, gives me a chance to travel and explore on my own. The furthest I have gone so far is Detroit, MI. Which was amazing. I traveled alone for the first in years and now I know what I can handle. I have also visited other cities in Texas like San Antonio and Austin on my own and both have been good experiences as well. When the conferences are here in Houston, I love to take the time to learn more about what this city has to offer for not only myself but for my family. I love it all. Travel is good for clearing your mind and expanding your knowledge. 

:: Sister-hood ::
Again, I have met so many amazing women from all over the world at this point. Some of whom I become very close friends with. We are able to bond over the 1 or 2 day conferences and learn about each other and our goals and passions for what we do. The bond becomes one that helps us carry-out good working partnerships and even a select type of sister-hood. One where we can support one another, where we can learn from one another, where we can be mentors to each-other. We share about our experiences as Wives, as Momma's and as Career driven individuals with like-minded goals. The Sister-hood should grow and develop over time and the respect and collaboration should be mutual. 

I am truly excited to be returning to Austin and attend the Texas Conference for Women for so many reasons and I can't wait to see what new inspiration comes of it... 

You can read more about the conference here. The day will be filled with innovative speakers and incredible breakout sessions. I can't wait to experience it all and bring back the highlights to you via social media. Make sure to follow us on InstagramTwitter for more updates! And, follow the conferences social media sites for more information! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

While in Austin... {Picture Recap of Austin Trip}

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Austin, with my company for a conference. You can read more about it here.  Today, I am giving you a little recap of what I got to see while I was there. It was more about business than it was a touristy type visit.

One thing that stood out to me were colors, I loved the colors in downtown Austin. As the guitar above states, it's a vibrant city

I walked a lot which helped with my daily step count. I even ventured out onto 6th Street the first night, like a Momma on 6th Street at 9 p.m., as you can imagine..... nope didn't work. I walked right back over to my hotel and got in bed. Not sure what would posses me to think, anyway. Along the way I found Mexi-Arte and decided I would visit on another day. Glad I did. 

The museum's current exhibit is Dia de Los Muertos altars. They are filled with colors, beautiful details and of course my favorite, LAS CALACAS! Houston has a similar exhibit which we have visited several times since the kids were little, you can read about it here.

Another friend suggested I visit, St. Mary's Cathedral, but I never made it during mass hours. So, I explored outside the building. It's a beautiful structure. I wish I could have gone inside. But, there will be October, when I return, for yet another Momma adventure... 

I kept walking and found small buildings with obvious historic background. 

On one night I made it all the way to the Capitol building. Which my Husband reminded me that I had already been and even went inside. I am now 34, my memory of 10 years ago, is not the same. Ha. This time though it was different. When you are older there is a different appreciation of the silence, the clouds, the structure itself and of course the History.  

I was born and raised in Texas and sadly tried to learn more about Mexico up until recent years. I guess, Mexico is a part of me, that I don't want to loose but I am proud to be Texan as well. This time, I was reminded of the other side of my roots. You know the side across the Rio Grande where I was born and raised, Texas/Tejas. 

To be standing in a place that will forever hold true Texas history, is such an inspiration. Finding the Tejano Monument made a great difference. 

I love reading about how Tejanos contributed to the growth and presence of our state. 

Until next month Austin, when we meet again.... 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Coming off of Cloud 9, back to reality...

First off,  the conference I was in Austin for last week, was for my new job. I don't usually disclose where I work. I can tell you though that, I worked with a company involved in the Oil and Gas industry prior to this, for 2 years. The job was a very good experience, some of the people there, not so much. But, I learned and grew in so many areas. It has now brought me to where I am today. I am still somewhat in Oil and Gas. I am a coordinator for a large organization and it is allowing me to learn about conferences and I will be doing some travel. 

My experiences last week were very unique to my career. I  embraced it all and am so happy to have been able to go to Austin to my first conference with this company. Through blogging I have been able to attend several conferences. But, being on the opposite end of assisting with the logistic, running the registration office and connecting and communicating with the vendors. It was all new to me. I loved learning it all. I look forward to being further involved. We go to Vancouver in 6 months, that I am sure will be an experience all in itself.

My 2 years prior to this job, were definitely an experience, I hated that I couldn't just settle and be happy in my job at my old company. I tried. Time and time again. I adjusted my attitude, changed my perspective, and moved into a different position, just to make it all work. At the end of the day. I felt like giving that all too well known "break-up" speech, "It's not you, it's me...". Truth is, it could have been a little of both. The company was large. Some of the employees that I interacted with daily, lacked social skills and didn't know how to separate "home from work". The company is so large and production drive that culture truly lacks.  And, the focus is not on creating employees that can work together and instead focused on; how much more money can these people make us.

Today. I am in a completely different spectrum of all that non-sense. I have creative freedom, autonomy, and employers who want to build you up as an individual to create a productive employee who will grow with the company. I came back from a great trip and conference experience to the through of, "now what?" As if I have reach the peak of my current experience and am ready for so much more. I am being propelled forward and motivated to do so much within my position. And, then I thought, I have lasted longer at jobs I didn't like, so why I do feel that this job is propelling me to go further? Maybe even into a bigger and better position else where?

I realized that this is what you call a "career" high. Finally for once in my life, I don't feel like a company  isn't giving me enough motivation, they are giving me so much I want to fly. But, instead I should step down from my cloud and pace myself. Do my job and prepare for what's next. Be reminded of the realities of life and deal with it all, one day at a time.

I need to refocus on my current tasks, step off of cloud 9 and settle back into reality. Taking it slow and truly learning what is required of me.

How about you, are your current career choices making you love your job or do you have regrets?

Friday, September 18, 2015

When you do too much.... #FridayLetter

Dear Reader, 

Trust me. I know what it seems like. If you follow me on Social Media or here on my blog, it's easy to think...she does too much. But, maybe I don't do enough. Crazy to think about it this way. But, I could be gone tomorrow and never have done anything that I really wanted to do. A little of it all. I exercise sometimes, I eat right some days, I take care of my family and love my children, all the time. I work hard and over share.

But, you know what?

Some people never do anything or enough.

I don't want to have regrets of the what if's? 

I try it all. I succeed at some stuff, and fail at others. I never give up and keep moving forward, no matter how many times I stumble or look dumb. It's life. Is it really that serious? Life is far too short to take anything that serious. Nothing more than my kids and Husband deserve my full dedication and commitment. In part all that I do is because of them

Because, of their patience with the Momma stuck to the computer. Because, of their support of the Wife that goes to all these random events, because of the their endless love of me. No matter what kind of mistakes I make or how many cuss words spew out of my mouth. My youngest Camila will say "Mommy, what have I told you about cussing at Daddy!!" with her hand on her hip and her tiny face. I love those moments. I live for those words. I laugh and forget what the cussing was about. 

So, do I do too much



Who knows.

Who cares?

All I know is that no matter what, love exists in my life daily. And that my friends, is all that matters. 

Happy Friday.

P.S. This place will be quiet and lonely for a few days..maybe a week or so...I will be out of town on business...{Have always wanted to say that!}.....then you will ask... "why isn't she doing anything?" Funny huh?


This Momma 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

::Mom Expo:: #HoustonEvent

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is not a compensated post. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest. }

As a local Momma I am constantly seeking events where I can network,meet amazing new people, learn and explore Houston a little more. Having the best support system and great resources is very important for every Momma. Which is why I am happy to be helping spread the word about this years Mom Expo! 

Will you join us for great information and resources and I am sure a fun-filled day?  

The Houston Mom Expo is a family friendly, Momma lead event.  You will not want to miss it, join us in the fun and tell your friends about it! Visit the site for all the details and if you come by on Saturday we might even run into each other, see you there.... 

  September 26, 2015 /Saturday 10-4
  One NRG Park, Houston, TX, 77054
$5 per person ages 12+; Kids are FREE! 
 Tickets available online or at the door.


Check out the show schedule; filled with vendors and forums that fit every Momma's needs.!houston-show-schedule/c1yo9

The show has some great pre-show promotions and sponsors!!houston-sponsors/c1z3z

For a full list visit the website today:!houston-exhibit/c1kny



Learn more about the creator: 

About the  Host

I had the pleasurable and unique experience of forming a mommy group, where I was so fortunate to share my experiences with other women through both online and off-line interactions. This group was very near and dear to my heart for the four years I ran it as the founder and organizer, while my first child was very small, and until my second daughter was about a year old, where I felt deeply connected to its foundation because of my passion for continuing my bond with fellow moms.  I was able to devote additional quality time for my children as well as build on my own social interaction as a new mommy.  I was already running my own business from home, a boutique media consulting group, when my mompreneur abilities nurtured a newly founded mommy marketing division, Mommy Gateway.  My personal life started to blend with my professional background, and I soon developed the Mom EXPO, where I simply placed my own needs and experiences about being a mom right out there on the trade show floor.  I love what I do! I pair moms with their needs, and businesses who target moms, with theirs.   It's a very satisfying role in my journey.  The Mom EXPO has grown to a national tour, and has also spun off Mom 2 CEO:  The Work-At-Home Mom Conference.

The reason for coordinating this EXPO, is because as a mommy group organizer, I've been inspired by our moms who ask questions about their journey of motherhood and look upon other moms for advise and comfort when they don't know if what they're doing is right. Some are more confident than others, but most of us first time moms experience uncertainty in our abilities as a new parent, and sometimes just need reassurance and seek compassion during times of doubt. This is also why I chose the theme of our first year event to be "Positive Affirmations of A Mother's Journey". Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that what we do is important, and we do matter every day as we raise our children.

Mom EXPO will come together to "Celebrate A Mother's Journey" for many years to come.  

Lori Carrese
Mom EXPO Event Coordinator
Principal, Mommy Gateway

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Turning 6....

Dear Santiago,

I have been writing you ::letters :: since before you were born. In my heart, in  mind. ::Letters:: that I would hope you could one day look back on. As a reflection of how much you are loved and how perfectly you have been created.

We don't have a perfect life, but you {and your Sister} make everything so much better. On days when I am sad, or mad; you are one person I can look to, to make me smile. And, to remind me, that life is not that serious.

You are full of energy. You play all day and truly have so much fun. I am guessing that's a good thing. Shows how much life and spirit you have. How you don't give in and how healthy and strong you have always been. You rarely get sick, when you do it's not easy but you are usually okay within a couple of days.

I think over the years I have covered how great you are; how much you are growing and how loved you are by everyone in our lives. But, I can't tell you enough, how loved you truly are. You are my sweet baby boy. My tough yet sensitive boy. I want you to continue to be who you are.

You started Kindergarten this year. It has not been easy. The adjustment to a different structure, to a different environment and teacher. I don't know if this new beginning shows patterns for the future. If so, it won't be easy but know that together we can do this! Your Dad and I, will always be there for you, to support you, to cheer you on, to help you. 

You have a strong personality, you don't take no for an answer and are very stubborn. Again, not sure what all this means for years to come but I hope they are traits that will help you grow into a strong minded and independent individual. 

You fight with your Sister, all day. All the time. It's annoying but I hope you can out grow that, one day, although I heard it gets worse before it gets better.

You {and Camila} are the sunshine in my heart. God has truly blessed me. You show me every day how to slow down, how to relax, and how to live life with no regrets. You remind me of the patience I lack and the strength I need to develop. Because in moments when I am frustrated you remain calm. And, at times when I have needed to be strong, you are always there to show me what true strength is.

I love you so much. I pray for you everyday. I want to hold you and protect you everyday of your life. I know how naive that is...because I can't. But, I know that you will be ok....

Happy 6th Birthday my Beautiful Baby!!!! 

Love, Yo'Momma <3 nbsp="" p="">

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

::Original Wear:: Product Review

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

Last week I posted about Original Wear Clothing shop, this week I received my products from the owner, Myriam. I couldn't be happier with them. As a Momma I rarely treat myself to anything. These three pieces were gifted by the shop. I instantly fell in love and knew that I wanted to take good picture to do them some justice. The leather and quality is everything to me. I am not a super flashy person so the neutral colors were nice.

I received the following 3 pieces from Original Wear

& a small hand purse from their Vida Collection

Outfit: Shirt, Acid Wash jeans {my FAV!} and the gold flats. From NYC. 
Pictures of me were taken by my good friend Ari of 3TwentySix.  

To contact Original Wear Clothing please see previous post: 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Meyer Park ::Houston Park Series::

Back in February a friend offered to do Valentine's Day picture for the kids. We happily went. The location was a park. We love parks in our house.  Honestly, it has taken some time for me to get used to the outdoors, my Husband is huge on nature. Me, not so much but these days..I can't live without it. 

We have made it a point to explore new parks in Houston, when we can and as we find them. Before we arrived, we did some online research. And, after our photo-shoot we decided to....explore. We were not disappointed. Meyer Park is very big and has so many great features. 

The park offers some very interesting history. Even an Archaeology site! It's worth exploring on sunny weekend afternoon. Hopefully this Houston weather can cooperate with us soon. The trees there are tall and the trails are endless. The lake is not only a great site to sit and watch the clouds float by but also has a trail to walk or run around it. 

We walked, took in the nature around us, relaxed and did we mention the fishing? Yes. My Husband knew that he could fish at this park so, he took advantage and had his own little fishing adventure! The kids were silly and we made sure to explore every corner possible. We even found back trails and a playground. But, trust me we didn't get to see everything the park has to offer but I do feel like we made the absolute best of what we did find.

This has really become one of our favorite weekend adventures. We have found a couple more parks since this and will be sharing them soon. Don't forget to go back and check out our other find in Houston nature and outdoor fun! For me, it's a time to slow down and remember what and who is really important when it comes to weekend adventures. It brings focus and purpose to the days ahead.

Houston is a big city, finding yourself and your happy place can take time but trust me it's worth it.