Saturday, July 31, 2010

Santiago (My Tiny Chunk of a Man)

Month 10 (July 16, 2010) --this is about 15 days OVERDUE! I know....-- and in 16 days..I will be working on HIS 11TH MONTH UPDATE! O.M.GOSH!


You said "MONTH WHAT??!?!?"; I know…so did I!

Number 1, it totally crept up on me and number 2…can you believe it???

Seriously this month has come too fast. My baby will soon be a toddler!

Yes the “exhaustion” continues but this month was such a roller coaster of emotions that I didn't have time to think about it! I like it that way.

I know that I emphasize A LOT on the exhausting part of having a son but I hope everyone also understands or realizes how much fun it is! How amazing and awestruck you can feel just to have a child! And I hope it never comes off as bitter or complaining... I love my son with all my heart and LOVE having him in my life!

It's just not an easy task and I think most, if not all, mom's can agree, being a mom is the single most difficult and challenging job I have ever had! And let me tell you I have had some jobs! Ha. But with this new stage of my life, I must be TOO many people all at once! Christian/Catholic, Mom, Wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, co-worker, funny person, supporter, consoler, housekeeper, accountant, babysitter, listener; trust me the list goes on and on!

I mean look at my life...what is there not to love?

And, my “attempt” to be a “single mom”…total fail. I have been frustrated, lonely and just plain miserable at times. My friend who is a Single Mom reminded me of how long she has been a Single Mom for and allowed me some perspective as to how EASY I have it…. Love You “T”.

Needless to say I have many wonderful Blessings in my life and have truly gained new appreciation for them, especially my husband whom I miss tremendously. You see I am usually a hardheaded, spoiled and naggy wife…with my husband gone….I realized this a LOT more…my husband even jokes by asking…so now do you miss me? I would usually say no, just to be stubborn, BUT these days it’s… "O.M.GOSH, YESSS!"

This month I also realized that although I was so jealous (and upset, and mad, and BITTER) of the fact that my husband got to stay home with my 'Ago from his this 3rd month until his 8th; for almost 3 months now I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy his new mobile adventures and he has sadly been missing some very cute and very joyous milestones!

But we all signed up for this Internship and it has definitely been for the best and in the end it will be to better our little family of 3! We are VERY grateful for it and it was a true Blessing this summer, although I didn't have too much money at the end of the month we paid all of our bills and got to have some fun as well!


  • Santiago now has 6 teeth and 2 more in the works…yes..he has some good eating chompers and good thing.. cause he LOVES to eat!
  • He now crawls almost to a “run” or “sprint” if you will, this kid is quick and he is YES… EVERYWHERE!
  • He is TRYING to stand alone and still has “I can walk alone complex”.
  • He is VERY "vocal" now, KNOWS exactly what to do to get your attention, how to “ask” for more and how to “ask” for help amongst other very amusing sounds and gestures!! Gestures “gimme” and wants everything!
  • He LOVES to play with his Grandparents, tiring them out beyond their wildest imaginations; I think some days they wish they had stunt doubles, I KNOW I DO!
  • He is VERY spoiled by EVERYONE.
  • He is very, very good at sleeping at night now, pretty much through the night, out at 10pm up at 6:30am. Mostly due to his SUPER EXTREMELY ACTIVE days! Not a bad thing, I am Blessed to have a HAPPY and HEALTHY baby!
  • He is very observant {Partly because he is witnessing the WORLD for the first time!
  • Has MANY emotions; happy, grumpy, sleepy, hungry, thirsty, lazy, tired; maybe that’s how they came up with the 7 dwarfs names! By watching babies! Ha.
  • He grunts when he doesn’t like something.
  • He dances and LOVES music!
  • He eats cheerios!
  • He loves to play and be silly!
  • He is very attached to me, yaaay and then boo! Ha.
  • He helps me pack and unpack now!
  • He loves dresser drawers and doors!
  • He loves knowing that he's accomplished something; like all humans; like when he climbs over things or reaches for toys! I guess it’s reassurance!

  • That he looooves to DANCE!!
  • Bugs! YES…and he loves to touch, feel and explore!
  • I love when he looks out onto something new…almost everything at this point…and his glare of wonder and excitement all in one…he can’t contain himself and marvels at it…even if it just a piece of lint! Ha.


  • Saying NO in a way that he understands.
  • Finding new and creative ways to keep him from being bored. (i.e. Shakers and Flashcards)
  • Having to deal with the illnesses Santi's and my own...on my own!
  • Having to deal with all the house chores and bills on my own
  • Having to handle IMPORTANT DECISIONS over the phone with the hubs!
  • Sadness and Loneliness; mostly related to my husband not being around to help me right now!

  • Separation Anxiety, ESPECIALLY AFTER NAPS! And in this last week or so when I leave him at his Grandma’s house for the day…..he clenches to my arm and it just breaks my heart.
  • Not getting his way and throwing fits and yes even holding his breath. Which is totally normal, I hear!
  • Hitting others, SCRATCHING AND BITING!
  • Being bored
  • Having to wake up early to be taken to his place of daily care, his GranMa’s house
  • Being easily scared by new objects AND sounds, like mom and dad’s laugh, it really freaks him out.
  • Fever
  • Cold
  • Diarrhea
  • Teething
  • Getting him to go to sleep without an overnight bottle
  • Getting him to sleep alone in his crib!
  • Getting him to go to sleep at his bedtime!

Height: 29 5/8 Inches —90th percentile (Same as before)

Weight: 20.8 lbs---50th percentile (Same as before)

Next doctor’s visit: At 1 YEAR of age! (2 months)

What to look forward to:

His Baptism, still in the works.

His first Birthday!!! Only 2 months away.

The ZOO!

The Museum.

Trips and Travel in August.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Must be a Mommy/Creative Week!

Ok, so I totally got this new idea.

A Blogger that I follow created a "Purge Book", well I am totally going to steal the idea and create my own (borrowed) recipe book! Should be fun!!!! It may be more like a binder but you get my drift! Ha. I will work on it and show it to you later...

This is something that I created the year (2006) I got married to keep all my new Wife papers together. I was very proud of it! But, looking at it now, it's not my most creative or nice looking work, Ha. It served it's purpose though. I had all my bills, medical information, name change paper work and all others in it. I had a Marriage prayer on the front and Bible Verses on the back for when it all weighed me down. The "I am not FORGOTTEN", it's my FAVORITE Israel Houghton song!

In the mean time know that Tuesday, I did a little "ME" shopping..ALTHOUGH everything was from the Clearance rack.....I still felt super guilty and went back and returned like 10 million things! Ok, just 2 shirts went back but I really didn't feel comfortable in them......this is what I kept:

My Fav is the Green one with the's cute... $3 at TARGET!

I also bought my beautiful son some pretty snazzy shorts:.

FOR $2!

And these cute little "Snack Bags" from the Dollar section at Target: 

Already in use: 

I ALSO tried this new "thing", my Sis in Law [::Waves:: "Hi, Ale!" ::Smiles::) is doing this whole "HerbaLife" thing. Well I was a total non-believer; until that night! I had a "super" "secret" Green Tea, to "give me energy" and call me crazy or totally susceptible to the power of suggestion but IT WORKED! No joke. Before I drank it I was so tired and want to just go to bed when I got home but then I had it and was like the Tasmanian devil for hours! [Good and Bad]

But yeah!

As you can may...or may NOT....still be "working"...hmmmm..... [::laughs for no reason::]

In all, I had a good little time shopping that day....and then came number one I am getting ready for Santi's first Birthday and number is my weakness.

I went to Archiver's which by the way...they are evil...hahaha...not really but wait.... I went to return a hole punch($25.99)...(found the same one for $11.00 at Hobby Lobby, with a 40% off single item coupon)

Well, I went determined to get my money back....I walked in, approach the "nice" cashier and tell her I want to return and item. She then tells me "Ok great do you wanna shop around while I get this ready for you?"

I didn't want to be rude so I said sure..this is where they are evil..and I am weak...I found "stuff"..end of story I came back to the register and only walked out with a $19.00 dollar return.

You do the math....

With my return at Target, the 2 shirts that didn't sit well with me, I got $40.00 back. That's probably why they didn't sit well with me, all the others were less than $6 a piece! But then ended up buying some toys for Santiago's Birthday goodie bags to give out to the kids...they had some CUTE stuff! 

I couldn't resist! 

Leave you with this: I also wanted to share what my at home "creative" workstation looks like. It's my dining room table...I know..I need to work on a better creative space!  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No. Pos. Wow.

Growing up I am always reminded of that movie “Varsity Blues”, Dixie Chicks and Elote en Vaso.

Born in MISSION!
I know.

Totally skewed memories!

Thing is I grew up in a SMALL town. When I was about 12 my parents decided that we would move to the Valley. We owned a home there but mostly lived in Houston and Detroit, throughout my childhood. But, around this time, my Grandmother (My dads mom) , a stronghold in the "De La Rosa" family was very ill. She had Diabetes. But, not just like you watch your diet and take a pill. My Grandmother and most of her sisters have THAT kind of Diabetes, amputees and Dialysis patient’s kind.

So, in 1994 we left Houston and moved to Mission, Texas; home of the Mighty Mission Eagles.[ I actually lived in Alton, on the 5 mile; La milla Cinco.

For 5 years, I listen to a mix of Country and Tejano, unlike any other, a true Texan. We ate raspas, elote en vaso and "hac-docs" (as my parents would say) estilo Reynosa. (Snow cones-Mexican style, Corn in a cup, and Hot dogs like they have in Reynosa; the border town) We spoke “Spang-lish” and didn’t mind it. “I fit in”. I fell in love with trucks…BIG trucks. I fell in love with comfort. Being in a small “protected” area. I was “home”.

Except there was one problem, I was city girl! [Houston that is!]

Deep down inside; I LOVED tall buildings, craved traffic (YES…TRAFFIC), and the hustle and bustle of being a super busy "stylish" corporate junkie!

So, after 5 years, I graduated High School, some of the best years of my life. Lots of turmoil in my home/family life, but I made it out.


Even though that was “home”. I knew I couldn’t stay there forever. I needed to leave. Be ME and leave the Valley. So, I did.

It’s been 11 years since I lived in “the Valley”, the RGV! That’s my home.

I used to be so ashamed to be a country girl. So ashamed for people to know that I was A “VALLEY” girl.

In denial if you will.

Shame on me. 

But, at 29 I realize that was HOME. My comfort zone and maybe just maybe I should have never left…but if I wouldn’t have left, I wouldn’t have had what I have now; Ricardo and Santiago. The two most amazing men in my life. My safety, my comfort, my real home.

But you know what?

......I miss it.

WHAT? Yes ME, the “city girl”, MIRALA-WOW!

Yes, I miss it.

Friends. Family. Being a teen. Food. Music. Culture. Spang-lish. The “ehi Miss”, the “No es que you know what, sabes que.”, AND THE FOOD! MAN THE FOOD! I love it.

Not sure who this man is...but he is selling ELOTE EN VASO!

But, these days; in the city, we attempt to escape it and live in a suburb, kind of…and though Houston is our "home" we plan on leaving it somewhat behind and build our dream home…yes in the COUNTRY!

It’s peace. It’s quiet. It's home.

You take the girl out of the Valley but you can’t take the Valley out of the girl.

Porque dices? (Why was this my topic today?)

Just yesterday in the Kroger by my house a lady walked past me while saying; “ehh, ira mija, las carrots estas estan bien purdy.” …yes this is where you can laugh… “Mejor you know what, dejà las otras and get some of these.” And it takes me back 11 years to a place where no one would have laughed at her and others would have said, “No pos’ wow, si, estas carrots estan major, gi’me’sum.” [Smiles]

And, on the radio the other day; I hear this [Bobby Pulido] and thought…yes…I remember los dias de ayer. Cuando escuchaba a Selena, Jaime de Anda, and Gary Hobbs! Those days were the shi’snik (as my hubby would say)!

Just takes me back.

To the RGV.


And because of technology and Internet, and oh yes Facebook, I have reconnected with SO many old High School friends and I can’t help but think….ahhhh I wish I WAS THERE!

One day I will teach my son about true Southern Hospitality, Deep South Cooking and the Love of our culture!

Tex-Mex. Because we are Texan but we are also Mexican.
Me in HS...My Junior year with a good friend, who I recently found on Facebook!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"If You Really Knew Me"

If you really know know that I am a self-seeker and I love inner change through pain. We all have pain. We all have a story....

This show...hit home.

And, after I put myself back together I decided....THIS ONE...I have to share!

If you really knew me....

You'd know that we NEVER really know.




If You Really Knew Me Ep. 101 Freedom High School: "Challenge Day comes to Freedom High School to address racism, suicide and anything else that may linger inside the students' hearts."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mommy Wish List!

I want a NEW and better picture taking Camera!
I want a small portable everyday camera!
I want to take a PHOTOGRAPHY class, to learn to better use these cameras that I want! Ha.
I want I want I want....

I want to take some writing classes.
I want to take my GRE! Soon..before I get too old to go to Grad-School. Ha.
I want I want I want...

I want a New or Used, Mommy car!
I want to organize my hobby workspace!
I want to re-do my bedroom floor!
I want to re-do my computer room!
I want to throw out everything in my GARAGE! (Seriously!)
I want I want I want......

I want to be a stay at home Mom. (Supa' Dupa' Serious!)
I want to be a Super Mommy!
I want to be more energetic!
I want to have a more organized schedule!
I want I want I want.....

I want to work closer to home so I don't have to park and ride and carpool, it's been 2 years and it's annoying!
I want to be more ME! {Whatever that MAY be!}
I want my hubby to be home already!
I want to be able to sleep a entire night! (Not because of Santiago waking up anymore but because he currently sleeps with me and Oh My does that child move!)
I want I want I want....

A little Selfish today! Or wishful thinking...tomato, tomatoe!

Me, me, me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Whaaaat?

Yes, it's been some days..not too long I hope but yes. Some time. Just relaxing. Enjoying. Living.

Can't tell you how Blessed I am. How great my LIFE (personal that is) is. No explanation but life is good.

I had a great weekend. Lots to do. Lots to process.

A little Santi update...HE LOVES to DANCE....Dances it all. I just pray he will like to dance with Mommy and can be my little dance partner. Love it.

I know I am SO behind on my SANTI update and soon it will be time for another one...and the countdown is on.... to his FIRST Birthday. I didn't want it to be such a huge production where every year had to be continuously lived up to but he is the first born son, grandson and nephew to many soooo I guess it's inevitable!

We shall see.

Also pending...his Baptism...GabGab we will get on the ball swear, and love you Comadre! Haha. Sounds cute, Huh?

My good friend, who's mom is my mom's childhood friend, was married this weekend by the Catholic Church. She has a wonderful family; husband Mario, son Aaron and daughter Yaya! I am happy to have been there to witness the Blessing of such amazing gifts from God...I know Ms. Karen has some good pictures, will have to get them from her... 

In all, our weekend was another AWESOME one....

Despite it all...feeling SO much more peace than in past days...Thank You to my girlfriend Casey for listening to it all..I think the worse is behind us...

Another countdown that I am SO looking forward to is that of my husband coming back home.... it's almost over ya'll!


In 11 days I will go on vacation.... 

and.... 8 days after that...we will all be back home...yes all; Daddy, Mommy, and Lil'Daddy! 

Praise Him.  

I don't have new pictures uploaded but here is a good one:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Morning rituals and then some...

I don't know about you but I tend to be pretty predictable in my ways....

Ever since I can remember I have been doing this one thing the same, persigno.... or make the sign of the cross over myself.

It's something that as a Mexican and a Catholic, I grew up doing.

My Grandmothers used to always say, "Persignate" (Or make the sign of the cross over yourself, as a Blessing and protection if you will).

So, on every trip; long or short this would be the norm. Then I grew up and started driving and I would just do it, Bless my day by making the sign of the cross over myself, as I walked out of the house. Then I started dating Ricardo and we started traveling together....when I did this, he looked at me and simply said..."Bless me too." So, long trips or short this would be the norm. No questioned asked. Well NOW, we have a Beautiful little gift from God who rides with us. And everyday....long trip or short, I Bless my "sonny" (as my Husband, Ricardo, calls him) and then Bless myself. 

I also do it at the end of my to Thank God for having allowed me to get through the day, good or bad...and yesterday as I drove home and just out of the blue, Blessed the end of my day and Thanked God, I realized the lady in the car next to me was staring at me. (You may have guessed, traffic was heavy on I-10) 

I don't ever feel embarrassed, as much as I fear judgement. Like she may be thinking.... "Esta, esta loca!" (This one is crazy!) I quickly looked away and drove off....I feel like people may not understand..but I do and I will NEVER stop...long trips or short..that's what I will do!  

So, tell me....what are your morning rituals? How do you think others perceive them?

On another NOTE:
Totally beautiful morning in H-Town and my hubby should be in by this afternoon..he will be flying in for the weekend! Very excited!!! And Blessed...and better believe...on my way there...I will "perignarme!"  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little rock in my shoe.

Yes, I know yesterday I was all; but nothing fits me it’s too big…well now I have to lose more weight… due to a 10 to 15 pound rock in my shoe…..

It’s called Cholesterol.


It’s more like a boulder right now.

While I was pregnant I had Gestational Diabetes the most horrible scare of my life. But expected. It's in my family history. So while I was pregnant I couldn't exercise but I did diet. Yes I know I was pregnant and had to diet. I guess that's why I didn't gain too much weight. Now, I don’t mind the “dieting” and exercising. It’s just the thought that something is wrong with me that is annoying. How can I not be healthy? I have to be. There is no choice. I have a little 22 pound, 10 month old depending on me, everyday for the rest of my life! This has to be done.  

It’s difficult at times. But, how can it not be. As I drove down 290 yesterday morning, horrible in itself, but one corner alone... in the same place one after the other; Wendy’s, McDonald's and Taco Bell,


Further down; Burger King, Whataburger and BBQ joints, yep, then Shipley’s and Starbucks, all line this 30 minute plus stretch on a drive that I would make every day if it weren’t for I-10. Which I am sure holds its own fast food feeder frenzy!

I can do this.

I know I can.

I don’t mind loosing the 10 to 15 pounds suggested by the doctor, it would be awesome.

SO, here is where I am.

Before I was pregnant with Santiago I was at 180 pounds, the day I delivered him I was at 200lbs, and today I am at 168lbs…pretty good, I think! The breastfeeding I think helped. Well now I am at this cross road; Ricardo and I want a second Blessing, very much but I promised myself that this time around I would be healthy!! This way I don’t encounter as many complications as I did with Santiago. I guess this is my chance....

The doctor has given me a 3 month time period, along with medicine, diet and exercise to reach my goal of between 153 and 158; periodically I will update you guys on what and how I am doing.

In the mean time I will battle it out with the fridge, stove and GROCERY store! EEEkkkkk.

Ok, ok, this is me currently...
can you see the belly by Santiago's legs..that's my belly...
I will have to lose that AND THEN SOME!

And I know I know..I have not finished Santiago's 10 Month Update! I will....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Momma Stories:

I am sure I will have MANY more of these types of stories but I wanted to share some of my most recent adventures with you.... 

First one…was a Hubby Suggestion (He said, “Blog about it.”)

5 Minute Showers: So, Santiago usually takes his showers at night before bed, unless it‘s the weekend and I am being super lazy then we wait until the next morning. And, I do it soon after breakfast because I know he will get dirty. Well this past weekend Santiago had 2 incidents where he well, pooped all over himself and it wasn’t bath time so I gave him a “5 minute shower”. Then on Saturday my husband was here and we had a really hectic schedule trying to get in all that we had to do together as well as get ourselves ready for a birthday party. Well my son now crawls and is everywhere and though he doesn’t get dirty, I feel like he does and needed to get him bathed quickly to get him ready to go!

One problem; he loves to play in the water! HE loves BATH TIME.

But, we had no time.

And I said, “Son we need to give you a 5 minute bath!” My husband laughed very loud and said, “You should Blog about it and see what other mom’s think!” Making fun of me and implying that I was being a “whatever” mom.

But ladies, please tell me I am not?

Please tell me I am not the only one with the “5 minute bath”, philosophy?

I mean he is tiny…I scrubbed his little head with shampoo, his little body with body wash and then rinse! If it were up to me that’s how it would be every time but Santiago again has other plans plus it wears him out to take a full blown out bath right before bed time and it helps him sleep, so bath time will be bath time.

But, "5 minute showers" will be "5 minute showers"!

What’s your take on this?

Coupon Clipping: I went to HEB to buy grocery the yesterday, I love HEB. And as I was at the register I noticed that the girl in front of me had coupons, lots of them….I couldn’t help but think that I should have had coupons as well.

Well I have a secret.

You see. The grocery store and I, are not friends, much less coupon and deal making…you see that “job” has been very considerably and very graciously, might I add, taken up by my husband! Yes, he is the bargain seeking grocery list making, grocery shopping person in our home, I know horrible. But, its a little compromise we have among many others. I usually shop for all the cleaning, kitchen, bathroom and baby necessities; Toilet Paper, Diapers, Napkins, Green Cleaning supplies (which I have to update you guys on!)

But, guess what? This summer he’s been gone for almost 3 months now and it’s made me more conscious and aware of all the things I should be saving on and how expensive everything is.  Groceries combined with the bill paying thing…which I don’t do either…has had my head spinning this summer...I know….bit much spoiled!

So, do you clip coupons? If so where and how much do you save? Would love some tips on this.



Nothing to wear: So, for the last almost year and half I have not had a “real” wardrobe change. You see. The clothes I wore while I was not pregnant was a good and ok fit until I blew up like an absolute blimp around my 6th month, which then led me to buy some maternity clothes which I have VERY strategically given away at this point. BUT I still kept some very choice pieces. And that, left over maternity clothes, plus the clothes I had from before I was pregnant doesn't leave me very much to choose from. Or rather very much that fits me....

Because some how, some way I managed to loose 10 extra pounds since I've had Santiago; meaning....I was at 178 before I had Santiago, the at 200lbs upon my delivery and am now at 168!
Me at almost 200 lbs right before I had Santi.

My hubby was sooo awesome last year for Christmas and knowing that I had very few clothes to choose from, he gave me a hundred dollar gift card to my FAVE store, NY&C! Although I bought a really good amount of clothes to help me through the last 7 months, I am now stuck wearing clothes that really don’t fit me!

Well with that dilemma at hand here is the second one; in those same amount of months; 19 to be exact…Ricardo and I have not gone out. We LOVE to dance and go out with friends, well we actually wanted to do that, or were very very intentional on doing it, we almost did, really. But, all the while I couldn't help but think and didn’t want to whine about the fact that number one I have NO earthly idea what women, more importantly MOMS are wearing to go out these days…and I don’t mean the usual jeans, tank and flip flops that I used to “go out” haha. I mean like a date night outfit! And number 2, that nothing fits me (my clothes is too big for me, and I feel frumpy!)!!!

How do I become this super fun and exciting yet modest and humble mom, without breaking the bank?! Anyone? I don’t show skin, not even before I had Santi and so I don’t plan on doing that now…so any suggestions ya’ll!?!

Out with my friends before Santi....

Me out with friends after Santi! Love.

The final momma story/dilemma/whining story for today promise!

Children’s To-do List: Now my Santiago is going to be 1 in a couple of months and one HUGE thing that we are thinking is activities; Play dates, Swimming lessons, and possibly soon Soccerfor all my mommy’s out there, what else can he be involved in at such a young age? Any fun suggestions out there? Do you think this is too much?

And on a final note; for Santiago’s first birthday I have almost everything “planned”, except for food?!?! What are some good first birthday foods, there will be other toddlers and older children as well as adults, so what do you all suggest?

Still working on: Santiago's 10 Month update......this post should hold you over until tomorrow! Haha. Please suggest! I would LOVE to hear from you guys!!!


He plays, throws fits and learns....I made him flashcards and he loves the computer keyboard!

Mexico Game June 2010

This is who I woke up to on my 29th Birthday!

Fourth of July weekend with Daddy and Grandparents in Lake Charles, LA!
God Bless America!!

Being lazy at home...

My beautiful nephew Olin!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Connie's Almost Extreme Home Make Over! (Segunda Parte)

And...these are from this Summer.

Notice Santiago's play area on the floor in one picture, my dad's rear in another, Haha, my uncle taking instructions (my dad and my uncle painted), the horrible lighting in my house and my pooooor picture taking skills! Hahaha. 

My house is really not that big but I do what I can! And I love it.

There are also several areas that I am still working you will see in the half finished picture frame collage of Santiago. It's difficult to get it all done with Santi wrapped around my leg, arm, neck and hip; NO not all at once, Haha. Slowly but surely  I will finish it and update you guys...

Santiago though is my very own personal inspector!

He hates the sunburst mirror over the fireplace and LOVES the pictures of himself on the wall and he also loves the wedding picture of his Daddy...cause he could care less about me when he's around, HAHAHA! He also LOVES his bathroom, he LOVES to bathe, he LOVES water and he Loves his Monkey Friends!

I LOVE it all!!!   

Summer 2010 Before
Summer 2010 After

Connie's Almost Extreme Home Make Over!

Ok ok, so I painted and moved furniture and pictures around but for me it was almost extreme! Ha.

This one is old and I had just never gotten to it. We re-did Santiago's room before he was born last summer so these are from then....

Summer 2009
Fall 2009

Weekend Review!

Hello All!

As you all know, my husband was here this weekend and I just have SO many little items to check off on my imaginary my mind! Ha.

First off, my husband told me so many times this about it. HAHA. Which I thought was hilarious. He's not the up to date tech-y person he should be, up until about a year ago; he hated emailing, the Internet as a whole and didn't understand texting! He still struggles with it but with his new Internship he's had to deal with it and I think he likes it! Is even contemplating FACEBOOK! All I can say is wow! Ha.

On another note...he was here this weekend, we had an awesome time and FOR SOME odd reason, my camera never came out of it's bag! I guess we have spent so little time together this Summer that I couldn't waste any time being distracted. Don't get me wrong, I LOOVE pictures but this weekend...I wanted all my memories to myself! Sorry if I am being selfish. It's hard being away from my husband as it is and I just felt like I didn't want to share him with anyone other than my little man, Santi. And, like I said we had a GREAT weekend! A little rain but all else was perfect! He comes back Thursday! Thank God.

So, let me write down my metal "to do" list before I forget:

  • Want to post before and after pictures of my house
  • Want to post Santiago's 10 month update and some pictures of him
  • Want to discuss the "5 minute showers", per my husband's suggestion
  • Want to discuss my little hobby workstation, that I set up last night
And I may have a "New Addition to the Family"! Very VERY soon!!!

So, I am excited!!!!

In the mean time....tell me about your weekend!?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Double Post Friday:




Can you imagine if Google (which I love) and Facebook (which I used to love, well still secretly do but shhh) would ever, due to some strange twist of events, merge, the kind of astronomical event that would occur.... like.... World Peace! (Being silly but you know what I mean!)

Any who. Have to seeeee this film...have to. No really. I have to. Ha.


One of my fav Bloggers is reading "Eat. Pray. Love." and  I thought..hmmm, I really want to read that book....So yes as obsessed as I am with Amazon...I've already ordered it...and then this!!!!

SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE THE ODDS! Heaven I tell you, heaven.

Really good ending to a really good week!!!


A little Break please!

This morning I am a bit much eager to share....God is doing amazing and wonderful things in my life and I love it!!!

With that said...

It feels like most of the week I have been all business and no FUN!

So, enough of the emotional upheaval and trying to be on top of it all....

It's time to RELAX!

It is much needed.

This week has been long, to say the least. I have made some HUGE decisions and bigger mistakes, but no worries, it's all over now!I have been busy; at work, in my mind, on my Blog and at  my house. (I will post pictures of my redecorating this weekend..I hope!)

Soooo it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

I won't bug toooo long!

BUT KNOW THAT my special someone will be here for the HUBCHUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will be driving here with a co-worker from Mississippi. He makes friends quickly and funnily enough his co-worker...LIVES VERY VERY close to us...CRAZY huh?! 

So you know Monday will be exciting!!!!! Hope you come back to find out about our weekend!!!!  

On another note...I noticed how paranoid I am about lint on black clothing...BUT get this..I LOVE the color black...and wear black ALMOST EVERYDAY TO WORK! Irony! Hahaha.

Also, sad sad today...Michael Bublé is tonight...missing it...I also missed Camila last week...booo-hooo-hooo. If you go or went...tell me about it...would love to know!  

I leave you with this:

Mark 9: 24 "And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. "

Have a most fabulous weekend!!!!!

Have fun. Stay cool. And Be Blessed!!!!!!

My son is 10 months today!!!
10 months!!!!
I am working on his monthly update as I write...hahaha.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google it?!?

Man. 8 weeks in and it seems like life has had me up then wayyyy down!

I have not been at peace.

BUT it all seems to be cooling down and I am starting to come up for air. I like it. Not back at that place where I was months ago but in a good place from where I was days ago!!!!

Has the summer been treating you well?

Cause I want to tie mine up and stick it in a closet somewhere in Timbuktu! Ha.

Anyways. Moving on.

So, the explanation.

My son rides in the front seat with me. [ Ahhh. Yes I know. Safety]

First we should start with what I drive:

This one is not mine, I found it online but mine is the exact one!

Hmmmm. Maybe it is mine?

Don’t know, at any rate…it’s a 2004 Toyota Tacoma.

I am a Texas girl after all and little or not I wanted a TRUCK. This truck came into my life 3 years before Santiago did and well we didn’t know we would have a baby "so soon".

This “truck” is “equipped” with a cab and a “half”, the half is really like 1/4. The back seat is hardly a seat and any person who sits back there is well uncomfortable. Crazily enough me and 2, 6 foot plus men rode in that truck to Austin one time…..the crazy things you do as newlyweds. The men were my husband and his best friend who thought I was small enough to sit back there for almost 3 hours, total fail.

[Our 2007 Camping Trip to Austin]

At any rate, if a person doesn’t fit, a child’s car seat sure doesn’t fit.

Well as you all may or may not know my husband was laid off a week before Santiago was born and he drives a nice size family car, a Jetta. Yes, at 6 foot tall and over 200 lbs…..he drives a mini-car. And we fit fine in there but there is one problem, it’s standard. I don’t drive standard and well we had to figure out pick up and drop arrangements for Santiago soon after he was born. And we didn’t,don't, have the resources to get a new family car but God knows why! You see my husband’s car is paid off, he recently got it all spruced up for his big trip to Mississippi, so it’s now like new and well my truck…God willing will be paid off by the end of the year!

So, YES one less bill! On the road to being debt free.

But anyway, it was around 9 weeks after Santiago was born that I had to go back to work and for the next month and a half, my husband, who has the nice size family car, cared for Santiago full time and everything worked out great! BUT then Ricardo had to go to school! AND  since I was at work, Santiago had to be taken to his Grand-ma’s to be cared for everyday. The arrangements were this; my husband would drop him off around noon or 1pm and I picked him up around 5:30 or 6pm. Which would be perfect for everyone involved BUT, it all crept up on us and before I picked him up in my truck for the first time, we wanted to be safe but had little time to figure it all out!

So, the week before our arrangements were to start my husband decided to go to the local Fire Department, won’t mention which station, but after he explained the situation the firefighter told him to Google it! He had even shown up in my truck with the car seat so they could help him but nothing and they simply turned him away. You would think that they would be a bit more helpful or concerned or simply known. Anyway. We then "Google" it! Not because we don't love Google, cause we's da'Beeest! (You know like Nacho We just refused to. So, we didn’t know what to do and tried asking other parents but only ended up with conflicting information. Our Pedi said "That wasn't an option" but we had no other choice! Finally, we to the truck to test out how it would all work and found that there are child car seat instructions on the passenger seat visor.  So we read and found that as long as the passenger side airbag is deactivated and the passenger seat is pulled all the way back, a rear facing seat can be placed there. SO that’s what we did!

And truth be told, to me that’s heaven because if Santiago freaks out, which he does often while in the car, he hates riding in his car seat; I can simply turn to him, only inches away and calm him down. It has worked out quite well. And, I think that because he can see me he tends to be a lot more calm than when he rides in a back seat and can’t see me!

So yeah!!!

And I have driven past several police officers and surely they can clearly see my son in the front seat, if it were a problem, they would stop me? Right? Who knows but they haven’t!

So, today as all good American’s do, I Googled it!!

And turns out…we are doing the right thing! Thank God! Ha.

[Car Seat FAQ]

You seeeeee I told you it was lengthy! Good thing I left it for today!

Have a Blessed day, all! And, I hope the Car Seat Safety FAQ are helpful..if not you know what to do….Google it!