Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Leftovers} ♥

I know I had sworn off all things Thanksgiving Turkey BUT I just HAD to do one more gobble-gobble post....

This one comes in the form of leftovers... that's right... leftovers. After a couple of days as you may recall we were all turkied-out! Ha. The traditional turkey that is. How is it possible that after 12 months of anticipation for the day to come and now, I am so ok with it being another 12 months away. Ha.

So, in our futile attempt to waste as little God-given food as possible my Hubby decided to make some TURKEY TACOS!

Yup! They were good. I also discovered that though I am not a good cook, I do make good salsa's ... here is our turkey taco lunch, the Saturday after Thanksgiving!


Take your leftover cooked turkey meat and mix it with diced onions, black pepper and a little bit of salt. This will be your taco stuffing.

Take your corn tortillas and heat them up on your comal. Place about 2 tablespoons of turkey filling in your tortilla and fold it over, like a taco, not a flauta!!

In a pan add some oil, when the oil is hot you lay the folded taco in the oil until it is crispy on one side, then carefully turn it over on the other, until that side is crispy.

Then place fried tacos on a napkin to soak off any excess oil.

Top your tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and of course...SALSA!

And enjoy...some yumma tacos!

Friday, November 25, 2011

{A Menu and some Changes....}

I wanted to share what we actually ate for Thanksgiving..I don't have pictures, SORRY! 

Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey {Marinaded with Tony Chachere's Injectable Roasted Garlic and Herbs; My Hubby made a rub for the outside from the Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning} We cooked it for over 5 hours... it was yumma! If I do say so myself!

Ham {from Sam's Club, fully cooked and honey glazed baked with fresh pineapple slices}

Stuffing {my Momma's recipe... bagged seasoned stuffing mix, ground beef, rice, chopped up onions, bell peppers and celery; seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, fried then baked together added broth from boiling the turkey gizzards.} My Mother-in-Law made some as well but I don't know her recipe... :)

Seasoned fresh Green beans { I boiled the green beans then fried them with coarse black pepper and bacon! Bacon makes everything better...}

Corn on the Cob {Boiled with butter and garlic salt}

Mashed Sweet Potatoes {I boiled them then pureed them in the food processor my hubby added nutmeg and cinnamon.}

Lumpy Mashed Potatoes { Made by my Sis; boiled potatoes, heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper to taste}

Fruit Salad {Ric's cousin Erica made it! Very Yumma! }

Green bean casserole {Ric's Aunt MaryAnn made it...also Yumma!}

Pumpkin & Pecan pies and an Apple Cinnamon Bunt Cake { My Momma bought some and Ric's Aunt Yolanda made one from scratch, my Sis-in-Law Ale made the cake..... Yummmmaa!}

Dinner rolls and Tostadas... we is Mexican and some Salsa Verde {Just boiled green tomatoes and jalapeño peppers added some salt and once they were soft I blended them....}

Whole Cranberries Cranberry Sauce {Canned Ocean Spray..HA!}

Gravy { Canned as well; white and brown}

Some White Wine and Coronas....

Ahhhhh. I  hope I didn't forgot anything....

So, after TWO whole days of this.... I have decided to make lots of changes in the next 30-days... yep! I am going to do a detox and possible "look" change...I am scared and not sure how it will go..but we shall see!

I will start December 1.

When a Thankful Thursday turns into an Amazing Memory....

Here is our Thanksgiving in pictures: 

We decided on a crafty idea for the boys...they made their own Thanksgiving shirts the night before....

The next day started here....

{Sorry I didn't get a picture of all of our cooked food!}

It went on to this....

And, finally family arrived....

It was Cami's first Thanksgiving...she was excited....

The following were my favorite shots from  our Thanksgiving day! 

It all ended here: 

Happy Thanksgiving from Momma of Dos!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Thankful Thursday} Fo'Sho!

This year our lives have been radically moved! 
God like every year has been more than gracious and generous to us! 
Though we have struggled and made many a sacrifices, we have NO complaints and our love as a family of NOW four has been far more of a Blessing than we could have ever imagined! 

What is the Gomez family Thankful for this year? 

Well here let me give you an idea: 

I have a BEAUTIFUL family of four; My Hubby, my Santi, my Cami and I are so Blessed.
God is more than amazing to us!

We have not one but TWO sets of very supportive and loving Parents {Grandparents}!

We have siblings who love us and care for us as much as we care for them!

We have a more than loving and supportive extended family who are always willing to lend a helping hand! 

We have amazing friends who never leave us!

We have a home, we both have jobs, and we are safe and healthy over all!!!! 

MORE IMPORTANTLY we have God and we have each other.... 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{BloggyMommas} ♥

I am not sure if  most of you  know but  I started Blogging as a away to practice my writing/sharpen my skills{total fail} and to kill some my job at that time "required" it. Therefore, I really had NO idea what all the Blog World entailed. I was quickly inspired by THIS amazingly witty and beautiful Momma Blogger. Soon after, I got pregnant and I was inspired EVEN more and MORE then EVER to write. I wanted to join this whole Momma Blogger know, be part of the crowd but at times I limited myself and my writing with my Husband's fear of sharing too much or being too personal that our lives would loose meaning... but little did I know that being REAL is what this whole up-rising is about! Not real like you want to share every bitter remorse of your life but REAL like...I do things the SAME.WAY.YOU.DO.THINGS!  

You know what I mean?

Well, Heather has a bazillion followers and I am sure she will never call me for coffee so I quickly started looking for locals...more importantly young {30-something}, Hispanic Bloggers... soon after I just looked for Momma Bloggers who I might just have the possibility of meeting one day...You know regular everyday women with lives similar to mine and everyday struggles and shuffles...

It's been almost 4 years and just this past week I realized..I HAVE A GROUP OF BLOGGYMOMMA'S! Not only do I read their Blogs and they read mine but one day, we could just meet! Amazing? Sure, I would like to call it Godly. I am a firm believer in that God does everything for a reason. And, what more amazing reason to Blog than about being a Momma! Not just the I'm pregnant, having a baby tomorrow, bloated, ahh how cute post but the I think my hair is on fire, get the hose, Santi ran outside, and Cami is throwing up in the hall post! And, you know what...I love it! Real Momma's with real lives, and real drama...not like {High School, hater drama}but Momma {I should be reading a book or napping not chasing this child around the house while he throws goldfish at his sister drama!}Ha!

Here are some amazing Bloggers who, I not only read about everyday but we actually  talk to one another and I consider their feedback important and uplifting! You good Amigas should! This group of ladies has definitely been a source of inspiration, motivation and cultivation! I hope to one day be part of an event where I can meet them and bring them all together! I think it would be beyond awesome!

Then there are the women that like those mentioned before not only capture my heart but my culture as well and remind me... que SI se PUEDE! 

And, finally but definitely not least... are the following group of ladies who are amazing Women of Faith and Beautiful Momma's in my EVERYDAY life and I consider them some pretty amazing BFF Momma Bloggers...we actually see one anther regularly! :D

Then there are women like my Mom who I wish had a Blog...because she's always been my BIGGEST motivation,drive,supporter and inspiration!!!!

What about you? Who do you follow? Who do you wish you could meet? Who do you wish had a Blog?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Social Momma?

This weekend was full of events; for the kids, for me, for all of us! It was fun, tiring and honestly....much needed.

Last week I had friends over at my house....TWICE! As Santi would say...WHOA-WHOA-WHOA! Trust me, it's a big deal. Between; work, getting the kids ready and organizing the Gomez weekly chaos...I rarely attempt to be "social" but some how this week it all worked out for the best. I think my because of my fear of judgement; you know....your house is a mess, you look tired and really you you left your house looking like that today?, I limit weekly friend visits. Plus, it's a challenge with working an hour away from home, having to pick up the kids and making it somewhere before it gets dark. But, thanks to some pretty amazing amigas this week, it happened. I overcame the fear of being judged. Had friends over, and had so much fun! Had some good ol'Momma time and moved on with my week!

Not only did I have friends over but I actually made it to happy hour and a children's birthday party all I could think was; "Wow!, my attempt to be social this week...actually worked out!" I got to see old friend, Santi got to make new friends and we all had a lot of awesome memory making moments... you know for those....when the kids get older stories!

I guess I am finally  getting into that comfort zone where balance is not only a must but do-able. I just know that with a little effort on my behalf, some support from my Hubby and motivation from my Momma's been possible and very fun! I don't feel guilty going out anymore and leaving  my beautiful children behind...I see it as a little time away to regroup and remind myself that other adults do exist! It helps you relax and unwind. I think!

What about you, how do you stay social but still find time to be a Momma and/or a Wife?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Potty Trauma

So, the topic of choice tonight is POOP. Yea. I said it. Caca. And, also number 1! Ha.

Lil'Man is 2 years and 2 months. Around the time when Cami was born {7 1/2 months ago} everyone started asking me about potty training. Being that I now work over 12 hours a day, outside my home and that my Mother-in-Law who not only watches my TWO crazy little ones but also my Hubby's Grandmother who is a Dialysis patient; it has NOT been handled. I just don't feel like we should be that pushy about it. The kid sees a toilet and has a panic attack...I don't think it's worth the trauma... at least not now.

I know that it would save us a ton on insurance.... no wait... that can't be right....I'm tired... it's late... but saving. On diapers. It would save us some good moola on diapers. But, honestly. Not just cause I am a zombie half the time but cause I really do believe in.... dale tiempo al tiempo. It will come. No one likes to be rushed. We all learn at different paces and we all learn within due time...from life and experience. Santi is TWO, has a good way to go before he can realize that he must go on the potty in order to normally function within social adult settings...but again.. he is TWO! He will one day ask to sit on the potty and just do what is natural to most, poop on the toilet. Too raw? Again it's late. Sleep deprived. Momma of Dos...etc etc. Ha.

What are your thoughts? I don't want to push my son to learn one more thing. He counts to 10, reads to Cami all day, sings the alphabet kinda, can name all his facial features, runs around all day, invests his time in movies, jumps on beds, empties baby powder containers, eats, sleeps and punches his Grandmother when he's wants...I think he has a full day as it is! Why should I push I feel like it will come..and when it does, we will all smile and say..."Great job Lil'Man!" Hugs and kisses will probably be in order and as adults we will be left with thoughts as to why we don't get proper appreciation when we use the potty. No? Ok, maybe not but you get my point.

It is what it will come. He will conquer the day he can poop on the potty and all the universe will be at ease that one more diaper will not go onto some landfill to decompose after a ba-zilliion years...

I know it's probably important for Santi to start potty training but it something that I should be that pushy about, right now?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Knocks you down...}

I love THIS song... not only does love knock you down..but so DOES life...all you can do is get back UP...and keep ROCKIN'!

I think. 

That's all I know....

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
~Keri Hilson

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~Table 5~

This post must begin with a temper tantrum. Maybe this is where Santi is getting it from. Ahiii. Thankfully my Hubby knows me and remained objective. Ha.

It starts out on a Saturday afternoon. Frustration set in as we were getting ready for a very good friends wedding. I didn't like the way my clothes was fitting me. Let's face it. I've never been, naturally, a size 2. I am about a cupcake and a cherry coke away from a meltdown most days. I am a short and curvy Hispanic Momma. Asi soy, lo acepto!  I've always had to work at being a stable size 10/12 {does that exist?}. The last five years I've fluctuated between tears and struggles from a size10 to a size 16 while pregnant.

This Saturday I was determined. To fight the pain of these forever unforgiving kidney stones and to forget that I am at 165 in a size 14..but forcing myself into a size12. The aches and pains of being a curvy Momma were overcome and I moved forward. In a black pencil skirt, a nice cream blouse and heels.

We made it to the wedding where we were greeted by smiling faces on a dark patio. I thought, THANK GOD! No lighting! I will appear smaller than I really am, HA. Our friends looked amazing and their happiness and family were more than welcoming. Cocktail hour would come to a close and they would summon us to the dinning room. We assumed we'd be sitting at  the "college buddies" table. We waited at the entrance of the reception for our table number and walked in straight past the table that we would have thought to be at, table 8, where all the other "college buddies" were sitting.

Instead our table number, 5, was composed of 3 new couples, none of whom we knew. But, we didn't mind. We awkwardly sat down and took our respective places at the table. Shyly but surly we all started talking, asking how one another knew the happy Mr. & Mrs. Fernandez. As the stories and relationship statuses started pouring out the table became more at ease and the night got started.

Dinner was great and our conversations about marriage, John and Aby {the Mr. & Mrs.}, children, pets, college, technology and careers all seemed to fall right into place. Table 5 had far more in common than we had imagined. Suddenly the table number seemed suitable and age appropriate. Aby {& God} knew the type of company that we needed that night. Grown up company with similar lives. All of the sudden table 5 became our identity and the night had whisked away! Fun, laughter, dancing, singing, Faith, hope, Love and new friendships in the making. It was all worth while.

All I could think was Thank God I didn't give up on that black size 14 pencil skirt and that I decided not to throw a full on tantrum. Otherwise we would have missed out...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discipline Oyiii!

I know that I am a new Momma and all, I am probably only just scratching at the surface of what Motherhood, Discipline and having children entails but I am going to dare to give it a whirl. I think though that my Husband and I having children "later" in life {for us Mexican}, was for a good reason. We both believe and know that we will certainly lead by example. Yes, we are all human and yes even at 30 {"a much wiser age"} I continue to make mistakes but if there is something that I have learned is that these mistakes are made for learning and for growth.

Ricardo and I have both established that we should always agree on discipline and should never argue it's validity in front of our children. If Ricardo or myself are in the middle of discipline {yes, with our TWO year old} we support one another. We are yet to find a good balance in tone or firmness of it all but we never undermine one another or favor Santi's tantrum over our decision to act upon his actions. This is where questions arise. Yes, we more times than not agree that Santi needs structure, rules and at times stern reminders of what is right and what is wrong but our tactics are not always effective. He has a very strong personality and can dominate most situations. It's been a true challenge to find the "correct" or most effective type of discipline for his age and for his actions.

We started with "time out" around the time of Cami's arrival. We suspected some sibling jealously or rivalry if you will. But, as time passed and we realized that he was over powering other children and hitting his cousin who is a bit smaller than him in size, then we were faced with a new challenge. Added firmness to our discipline strategies. At times, yes, that means, the "s" WORD. Spanking. And, raising our voice more than once to get his attention. Which then led to empty threats of getting a belt but never really having the heart to do so which then all became a funny situation as he realized that we were really not being as "stern" as we thought we were. He would mimic our actions and mock the "pow-pow" motions with his hands. We couldn't help but laugh as he returned the waving of the pointer finger for him to behave and the gibberish that came out of his mouth was just as irrelevant as the words that were coming out of mine.

Now, almost 8 months after the arrival of his little sister; countless tears on Cami's part, frustration on our part, tears on Santi's part, and at times mine, we are back at square one. Ricardo tries but working 8 hours and going to school until 10pm, results in excuses of being tired. Don't get me wrong, I have the same excuse. I am too tired to make our little man see how bad he is being. Therefore,still, no resolution to Santi's "bad behavior".

When we took him to his two year check up the doctor blamed his "Terrible Two's" but honestly I think Santi knows; A. that he is being bad and can get away with it and B. that at times...we give up... 

Now we are here..."those parents" with "that child"... and I really don't think I like it. Just this past weekend a dinner turned into a lecture about the fact that we allow Santi to get away with more than he should and how if we don't get a hold of him now he may end up in jail. I feel horrible. I want to seek help and read up on what the professional have to say. I know that a big part has to be a really good effort on our part. But, we really don't believe in spanking and time out isn't working. We are not sure if taking things from him or not giving him "treats" will work because I really don't think he cares if we tell him he can't watch TV or that he won't get ice cream after dinner, ya' know?

What is this Momma to do? Any advice? Any good books?

Monday, November 14, 2011


And no, she ain't  my Tia. Just sayin'...

But, she is my Momma.


Growing up my Momma and Grad-Ma {my Momma's mom} both had their share of ideas of things and rituals that would make us feel better. Old wives tales if you will about what not to do when you're sick and what you should do to get better. Like, not walking without socks on a cold floor cause it makes colic worse. Or popping your back with aciete de recino and then taking a tea spoon of it as a remedy to make constipation better. Or drinking a mixture of fresh herbal teas for various aches and pains. Even wearing an "ojo de venado" for el mal de ojo, when you are a baby. Or the very popular limpia con el huevo. Yes. My Momma and Grand-Ma both had deep belief in remedios caseros... as we grew older we became a bit more skeptic and kept only those "rituals" which we "thought" helped or soothed....

I thinks it's a cultural tradition that comes from various areas of beliefs; including religious and just everyday wisdom from one Nana to the next... 

Hay tantos remedios caseros {some really work, I think!}

These are some that come to mind when I think of remedios...

  • Miel con limon para la garganta.

  • Te de Manzanilla para los colicos. {I just love all kinds of teas!}

  • and warm Savila for various skin issues.{They sell this stuff by the jug so it much work!}

More recently my Momma has been trying to treat my current Kidney condition con agua de uso, which is basically a variety of "leaves" boiled in a pot of water. I joke and tell my Momma  that I know she got them from her morning walk off people's lawns but I have faith in her and her mixutres..I drink them and pray to God that I can be healed soon. Inside and out. I need it.

I know this type of remedios aren't "normal" to many but as a Mexican child of a Mexican Momma, I believe in them and their healing relief...My Momma always says... "si no te cura tampoco te hace daño..." but more times than not I feel better...

My agua de uso is composed of "cola de caballo" and "palo azul" so far...I feel better... I think Momma's just have that extra touch that make everything better...

What about you? Do you believe in remedios caseros, if so...what are some of your favs?

Friday, November 11, 2011

{Taking back my LIFE!} Semana: 1

This week I made a resolution!

After my reservation for...Pity Party, Table of One, was cancelled... I decided to take back my life. Like any other normal human being, I am going to fight this pain! I REFUSE, to allow it to win and steal my joy! It, IT, doesn't have that kind of power over me! It just doesn't! What was I crazy to think that I could wallow for more than a few days! NO!

This morning, I woke up, took my meds, worked through the pain and got moving...I almost, almost put makeup on! {One day at a time Connie. One day at a time! Ha.} I hate to make light of a painful situation..but it's going to be the only way! The only way! As I got dressed Ric said...are you pain? {Yes.} cause you look like your in pain... {Thank you Captain Obvious! HA. Don't tell him I said that..Ha. He'd be mad! Ha.}

This week my goal is to work through the pain every morning and make progress in what ever needs to be done for the week....

I will update everyone soon... in the mean time...

I am looking for Guest Bloggers; I thought I wanted stories of Thankfulness but I think what I really want is a the form of my previous Thankful Thursday's post. You can be Thankful for one thing or a hundred. I would like about 5 people I will be posting the day of Thanksgiving along with my own Thankful List! 

Let me know if you'd like to join our Thankfulness party! Just email me at:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

(Pity Party}

That's right.

I woke up at 3 am today. Once more in pain. I prayed. I took my meds and then I thought. Why? Why am I allowing this pain to take over my life? To run me? WHY?!

For days now the pity party has been at my house, with one guest. Yes. Me.

Just now I thought; Ignore the pain, work through it and get past it! I stopped thinking about what was hurting and decided to sit down and read. I started with my good friend Casey's blogs, the Kathy, then Karen... all with the same message. Life. It happens. Why am I wallowing? Why haven't I taken God's offer to hold my hand and walk me through this? Why haven't I gone to church in over a month? Why Connie?

Then I thought. Life is passing you by. Life is happening and you are too busy... having this {ugh} pity party  for yourself...everyday. Every hour. Every minute. Get over it. 

I am seeking your face dear Lord. I am ready to start over. To take over. My health needs you. My body needs you. My heart needs you. I need you.

No more will allow the enemy to take over me. No more.

He (Jesus) said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” Mark 5:34

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{When Hope is Lost...}

I have faith in healing. I know God can perform many miracles.

But, on days like today when you feel useless...and yes...hopeless...when I pray and tears are inevitable. I can't help but remember how human I really am.

I am in NO way, shape or form trying to compare my current illness to other chronic and fatal illnesses such as Cancer. I can't imagine the pain the or rigorous treatments without result. But, I am ill. Right now, it feels like a chronic problem.

It started about a month ago. A visit to the ER for Kidney Stones, a week later an emergency surgery to remove them. A stent in for about a week. {The worse pain and experience of my life, btw.} I went back to work packed with meds, an everyday regime of pain, antibiotic and nausea pills to be a functional daily person. Ridiculous if you ask me. Ridiculous. Here I am almost 3 weeks later, failed medication and a slew of new problems.

More pain, a swollen Kidney, ER visits from what feel like I could give birth to a 10 lbs stone, not fun. I feel useless. I can't even care for my kids. I can't go to work without the anxiousness of being in pain. I can't be me. I want my life back. This, I am sorry, is not life.

I pray that God can give me total healing and health. That the doctor can give me an answer to the pain and that I can truly "normal" again.

Hospital bills are growing. Patience is being lost. Fear of the future is being built. Hope is being lost? I don't want that... I don't want that....

I don't want to be the sick Mom, the ill employee, the wife always in the hospital.... the person with medical issues. I guess no one does... It just reminds me of that movie...again not comparing my illness to illnesses like that but what else can I do when I feel hopeless and helpless...

Medication is my foe. Kidney stone are my enemy. Kryptonite if you will. Like one person said.... "she's always on the injured list...." Perspective I guess.

I don't want this to be my identity. And, the tears are inevitable.

Desperate for healing. UGH. About it all.

I want off of this roller coaster....RIGHT NOW!

"Do not fear. Look beyond what's dying to what's being born."- Marianne Williamson, is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and just a plain amazing woman.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's try this again....

12 years ago today Ricardo asked me for the SECOND time to be his girlfriend...I wasn't tryin' to get married or anything...I was only 18! He was 20!

When was the first time you may ask...well I may have already told this story..but I love it so.

Ricardo and I met in 1999. I wanted to be an accomplish doctor and he was still trying to figure out which direction he wanted to go in... I didn't want a boyfriend. I wanted to go to school and be happy...with ME!

We met in August, we spoke on the phone for about 2 months... finally in October we went on a couple of dates. Again. I didn't want to be serious with anyone...

It was October. Poor guy had to buy a cell phone after a few weeks of using a pay phone to call me...FYI, and he hates this detail...sometimes..  I would tell my mom to tell him I wasn't home. It wasn't that he wasn't a good guy or anything. Ricardo's always been a gentle giant {as my cousins once called him}. He was always sweet, respectful, attentive, and caring. One time, I told him I couldn't go to a concert with him cause I had a stomach flu and he sent me get-well flowers, a card and got the band at the concert to autograph a CD cover for me... I wasn't even that sick... it was uhm, that time of the month for me { I KNOW T.M.I. MOMMA! HA. } and was embarrased to be around hiim! Crazy, I know. But, I was young. Anyway. It was October. Halloween came around and we decided to go to a couple of haunted houses, my least favorite activity, I am not one to like scary me a whimp! I don't care! I just don't like it!

So. It's Halloween. We are standing outside of a haunted house and as we are walking in...Ricardo said... "do you want to be my girlfriend?"...he had caught me off guard...I said..... "uhm, no. sorry." It ruined the night and we left.... I didn't hear from him until 2 days later...

When he came back he was determined. It was el Dia de los Muertos.  My family was in the house and Ricardo came back knocked on the front door asked to speak to me and when he did, he asked...again. Only this time. I said YES. He said that would have been the last time he talk to me had I said No. But, something tells me...that's not true.

I said yes. 


He didn't give up. 

I am so glad he didn't......