Thursday, January 31, 2013

{A lot of Faith} ♥

Yesterday my Sister said to me...."if it's meant to be then it will be."

So simple.

So true.


Something I am SURE I have said to her many times or to others who are seeking. But, why is it so hard to accept that right now? I have faith that whatever is meant to be these days will be. I keep busy and fill my calendar. With my goals and my purpose. Not worrying too much about what everyone else has going on or where everyone else is in their journey of seeking, I have been there....and yes..most times...done that. Right now it's time for this Momma to seek in a different manner. Not only a Dream job but MY dream for the next 30 years and my family's future.

Years ago when I first met my Hubby I don't think I imagined my life to become, so full of LIFE. Our kids are a Blessing. Such an awesome Blessing, that at one point I didn't know if it would ever be possible to have children. At 32, I can honestly say that I have lived my life and accomplished almost everything that I have set my mind to do, small or big. Sometimes walking away from God, so far ahead that I have to stop myself and be reminded that He has been my strength. But, in the midst of it all I have never lost sight of His Love, His Wisdom and His words; which live deep inside my heart. Deep inside my soul. I knew of God as a kid, I didn't know God until I was 24. 24. I am  now 31, 32 in June. Those things, situations or circumstances that I thought were a priority then, now sit on the back burner.

I have found myself, in many dark corners and through many heartfelt and horribly shed tears. But, through it all I have remained. In faith. In light. And, open to the possibilities ahead. So, why is it so hard to accept where I am right now? In this quiet place. Still. Married to a great and supportive Man who yes...puts up with all my crazy antics and blog posts, Ha. Ha. A Momma of DOS very active, very hyper, somewhat spoiled {ok, very SPOILED}, tantrum throwing and demanding children who never use their inside voice and who consume my every being in the best way possible; who are teaching me patience and about using my inside voice. {True story; my son asked me not to SPEAK SO LOUDLY,or yell, at him and to instead speak to him in a calm inside voice....convinced that he would listen to me, I tried it and he still doesn't listen to me, boys... Oyi.}

Be still.


It's hard for me.

But, I have faith.

I remain.

God knows when and how. 

And, no matter how difficult it is to be still...I pray for His peace and patience while He works on my prayers which I know He has heard very loud, dramatically and clear. {I am an active pray-er!} Ha. God sees my heart. He knows my heart. And, I pray that He can hear my heart.... shouting out to Him. In every way possible.

    Psalm 46:10
    He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Lost....

Hello World. It's me... a little lost. 

Is it just me or don't you feel lost when you don't have your own things.... like your cold pillow on a hot afternoon... or your warm blanket on a winter night... it's how I feel without my computer. That computer has  been my partner through many sleepless, restless nights and then through many awesome joyous moments. It's my friend. Yes, it's from like 2005 or something.. but it holds everything. My whole life, or my last 7 years. It's true what they say. You never know what you have until it's gone. 

Then I think...I am attached to a machine? A computer? But, I am. I truly am. If it's all gone. What will I do? If it's not will I do better at taking care of it all?

In the mean time, I type from one of my worse nightmares a laptop. I am not a fan. I know, how is it possible that a "tech/social media guru" doesn't like laptops? But, it's true. I understand the convenience of it. Trust me on many days the past few weeks I have been tempted to sit in bed while my children sleep and just type. But, to me there is something so "authentic" about sitting at a desk with your desktop computer in a spot that inspires you with all those things that motivate you sitting or running wild around you.

These days when my writers itch hits I feel weird running to a laptop that isn't mine to type it write it all down.. oh cause did I mention, I borrowed the laptop from a very awesome Cousin {in law}. It just doesn't seem right, like I am cheating on my desktop. Too personal. Ha. Just a thought I guess.

It's Friday and I haven't been very uhm in the mood for my Friday Letters...  we shall see. I have a very busy weekend and week ahead of me. Hoping to hear about my computer soon...good more than bad..but either way. I am waiting. Patiently.

What about you? Do laptops inspire you?

Have a great weekend ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


First off, I still don't have my computer and fear for the worse.... my computer had everything on it. Ugh. HUGE, FAT, UGLY, UGH! But, it seems that those huge, fat, ugly, UGH's are following me these days....

My Husband is a firm believer in the fact that less is more, don't share too much, or say too much. I am used to sharing. My fears, my dreams, and everything in between...and while I share, trust me...I don't really share everything and I know that God is the keeper of all things awesome in all those corners of untold dreams, goals and future plans....

And, just like any other human, because I am human, and I am in NO way, shape or form perfect but growing...I struggle, with God's plan, with trusting that I am where HE wants me to be. I struggle. I move along and forward but it's difficult for me.

I am not one to stay still. I move. For years God has told me. Be still. I am God and I know what I have in store for you. But, I struggle. The movement within just bursts out and those deep down desires of my heart are aching. Struggling.

I take a deep breath and relax. As, I walked through the grocery store last night and in weeks past I think, my kids are only going to be this little once. Enjoy them Connie. They won't want you carrying them, hugging and kissing them all the time or telling them how amazing they are when they are teenagers. So, I embrace them and our current situation  Trust me, my everyday has so many up's and down's and twists and turns, I struggle but I embrace, I enjoy and I reflect.

In those reflections comes the thought  of my dream job! I feel that I am really on that journey. To seek that perfect job; I know that NOTHING is perfect but something great has got to be out there for me... that job that a lot of other women have; where the hours are good, the pay is better and there is this great balance of work and outside life or at least a good blend of  both. Trust me. It's out there. Women have these jobs. I have seen them. And, I know that comparison is not an option. I don't think it's a matter of comparing what I don't have to what they do have, I think it's a sincere way of seeking a better place for myself and my family.

Because part of me wants to just RUN out and get the first job possible to help grow our pockets... God keeps telling me...Slow down cowboy, that's NOT it.

For years I thought, "Wow! I have a pretty good job!!" Then, I had kids and my struggles became new ones. Now that I have been home and after almost 3 years of working outside the home and having children I think, "ugh, my jobs were NOT kid friendly!" And, I am seeking..... and so I struggle.

Trust me. It's so painstaking these days to "find a job" much less MY DREAM JOB! The task is daunting and my brain is weary. I am a thinker. Then I share. Then I think, some more. Pondering on the what-if's and then wishing for the right-now's! I know. I am a little impatient. Trust me. It's a struggle. The brain is always on the move... and not my friend on most days.

In the mean time, I will continue my quest and pray for the best.....{totally didn't mean for that to rhyme. Ha.}


Psalm 37:4
New International Version (NIV) 
Take delight in the Lord,   and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Orgullosa} A Community of Strong Latinas


When I hear the word "Orgullosa", I can't help but laugh. Yes, literally out loud. You see; when my Hubby and I first got married and we would go back to his parent's house to visit them, his GrandMother, whom he lived with alongside his parents would say... "Orgulloso, Presumido! Ya no nos vienes a ver!" They would make fun that since he now had a home of his own he was too proud and stuck-up to visit them in their humble home. In reality, my Hubby was and has always been very close to his Grandparents. It was all in good fun, and the term was used loosely.

Which, was not far from what I grew up thinking the term was or meant, which was that being "orgullosa" {or orgulloso} was a bad thing. You see when I was young, my upbringing taught me to be humble and to never feel superior to others, but to make sure to accomplish just as much or more through hard-work and dedication. As a Hispanic/Latina in the U.S. it would be the only way to prove myself and to redeem my parents transgression into this country.

Then I grew up, not ever in the best of circumstances or situations but I grew up. I went to school and graduated college and have been a part of established and well-known organizations. Not only did I graduate college and become a hard-working Mexican-American Citizen; I later became a Wife to a student who just last year also obtained his college degree and during that time I also became a Momma of Dos, hence the Blog, constant sharing and story telling.

And, though I know that we are far from being where we want to be or that we are anywhere near obtaining all of what we know we can achieve, I am VERY orgullosa. For many reason, not just of how far I have come and where I stand but how far my family as a whole has gone and where we are yet to go. While, we must always humble ourselves and treat everyone with equal and growing respect, I now know that the more I grow as an individual and the more I learn as a human being, the term ORGULLOSA more clearly represents what I have become. Orgullosa of my achievements and accomplishments as the daughter to Mexican Immigrant parents. Orgullosa of my growth and experiences as a college educated Mexican-American professional. Orgullosa of my life and everyday work as a dedicated and humble Wife and Momma of Dos. Orgullosa of my Mexican roots, culture and heritage. Orgullosa of who I am, who I have become and who I want to be. Not only as a person in general but as a Momma, as a Wife, as a Daughter, an Hermana and Amiga, as a Professional and Visionary and as a Writer and a Parenting/Lifestyle Blogger!

To me the word Orgullosa has turned into my confidence! But, I have not done it alone. I have worked alone but I have had a amazing community of support always by my side. Whether my community consisted of one family member or a group of fellow Parent/Lifestyle Bloggers, always a community to back me up, to guide me or to help me in my time of need! 

I encourage all young Hispanic Women to be orgullosas of who they are and to strive to be more than anyone would ever imagine them to be! To be confident and bold in who they want to become. To never allow what terms "should" mean to hold them back. To wear their orgullo with honor and confidence in what they have achieved. 

As Latinas/Hispanas it's a challenge to find our place in this ever growing market. I know that my biggest inspiration has come from watching my Momma work day in and day out as a housekeeper. Her words and her hard-work and dedication to her family has been my motivation to go beyond the expectations of others and this world. I seek everyday to be stronger and to be Blessed in everything that I do and how I go about doing it. I find it important to seek our talents and our inspirations in our everyday, in our families, and in our immediate surroundings. In our communities whether they be in person or through social media!

Which is why I encourage all of my fellow Women with Orgullo to visit and to follow Orgullosa on Facebook { } as well as to join the Orgullosa community {} !! 

Only as a united group or community will we increase the amount of women who can be Orgullosas and confident in their accomplishments, NO matter how big or how small. We should learn to encourage one another and be able to share what we have done that makes us so ORGULLOSAS! Orgullosas not only of who we are but also where we come from!!!

Confiansa y Orgullo! Let's wear it proud Orgullosas! 

Please be sure to visit the sites below!!! A great community filled with "Mujeres con la Falda Bien Puesta" are there ready to share their most proud moments with us, to inspire and motivate us to do and be more!!! 


Join the Community:

Momma Disclosure: This is a compensated post and was written in partnership with and Niche Mommy Network & ConferenceThe above statements are both my true and honest opinions.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Withdrawl Symptoms}

So, it seems these days all of my stories begin with... "my son...." he broke the T.V. screen, he broke my external drive, and now he broke my computer! Single handedly my 3 year old powerhouse of a son has broken all these I upset? Sure. Kind of..but he is so cute these things are totally material and most my data is either on this Blog, on my Facebook or some kind of external data gather-er, thing-a-ma-bob. I am horrible, being that I am a "social media/thechy guru" I have  no laptop and I have no other backup's.

Most people are probably cringing at the thought that I have no laptop, or I-Pad or blah blah...Ha. Ha. I have a smart phone only since about November and that's my life line right now, oh yes and this laptop that I have thankfully borrowed from my Aunt who is living with us... THANK YOU TIA!!! HA.

Until I get my computer fixed I will attempt to stay connected and in the loop with all that we have going on...I started my annual Rodeo volunteer work, I am sure I have several product reviews pending and job interviews to follow-up on! Ahi. How will I make it through the week. I am praying that SOME of my data can be recovered and that not all is lost, we do need a new computer but I need my old one to survive!

We shall see... in the mean time PLEASE be patient with me!



Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Rain & Motivation}

I don't know about you. But, rain, is my kryptonite! 

For days, it's been raining here in Houston. It makes me feel, NOT so great. Literally. It consumes me. Inside and out. For days my kids have been going crazy with indoor activities or lack there of. In return. I want to pull all my hair out. Maybe not all but most of it. My poor kids and yes, THIS poor Momma! Ha.

Then late last night as I attempted to release some frustration and negative energy by exercising. My little Man joined me. His energy is incomparable, even at 11:30pm. He was full of energy and asked to do the "yu-ga" routine AGAIN. He would say "Mom I like it that one, dancing!" and he gave me plenty of water breaks and commended me on a "good zch-oab!" He was an awesome, awesome, AHHHH-SU-M motivator.

Then this morning. Life. I love it. The sun {ahhhhh, the heavens opened up and the angels sang}, it came down slowly onto my computer screen through my sliding glass door and all I could think was "let's get this party started!" It was awesome. A new energy. Some new hope. Some new deals and offers. It was great!

Not sure what motivates you but this year; last night will be my Motivating memory and moment of the year! Every time I feel down I will go back to last night and my little man saying, "yes Mom, good zch-oab"!

Rain. You ain't  got nothin'on me! {Ok, you do... so go away!}

I did a LOT of pinning while it rained... check me out here ::CONNIE'S AWESOME PINTREST BOARDS:: I think I earned my Pinning Wings the last 2 days! Just sayin'....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{DreamTree} ♥


Why hello lovelies! My name is Casey, and I am a local Houston photographer trying to make it in this crazy business!  I got started like many other photographers… at the beginning of my SAHM journey when I was a tender 24 years old.  I had a cheap camera, didn’t know much about it, woke up one day, and decided to go to art school.  Ha!  I soon found myself interning with The Houston Ballet, and working with some pretty amazing people in and around the Houston area.  I am now less than a week away from turning the big two-seven, with not only one but two beautiful blessings- Aislynn (6 years old) and Anabella (6 months old).  Together, they motivate my everyday, and inspire me to be a better…well, me. 


I’ve always had a passion for arts… When I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with the design and organization of my bedroom.  Six months wouldn’t go by without me redecorating and rearranging furniture.   By the time I was in middle school, I was in the school band, and music quickly became my muse.  Come high school, I danced and shimmied on stage to choreographed music.  And in college, I learned and finally embraced the fact that it’s okay to not “fit in” or be apart of the “in crowd”.  Art has always been apart of my life, and I hadn’t realized how much of an impact it made on my life until I picked up a camera and began snapping away! 

A little bit about my business:

The name, “DreamTree” encompasses the meaning of a dream… the roots of the tree, and the branches of hope… growing and blossoming into beautiful stories!  This too, has encompassed the journey of my own business.  When I first started out, I was all over the place… I hadn’t found my niche.  After photographing any and every opportunity that came at me, today, I can finally say I know exactly where I want DreamTree to go.  Over the past 6 months, my brand and style have taken on a new look and feel… one that I feel conveys the message behind DreamTree. 


I have had the pleasure of photographing some pretty ah-mazing people with beautiful stories to share and incredible hearts just bursting with pure LOVE!  Many clients have become wonderful and close friends, and each client has been a blessing!  I love being apart of something so very special! 

Please, feel free to take a look around my website and blog.  I’d love to meet you and your family, to get to know your dreams, and to help document some of the most precious and memorable moments in your lives!

{As a special thanks to Momma of Dos for having me as a guest on her oh so fab blog, with the mention of this post, receive 10% OFF your session.  Not a fan on Facebook? Become one, and receive a complimentary 11x14 with your session! Because you’re extra awesome, and want to share the love, share this post, comment below, and receive a $50 print credit towards your next session!} 

Thank you, all, for taking the time to read my little story!  And a special thank you to Momma of Dos for having me!  Much love, blessings, and happiness to you all!



Friday, January 4, 2013

{Friday Letters} 1st of 2013


Dear Friday
Hi there! You are the first Friday of the year. I see you. I embrace you. I am happy you are here. Until next week! 
Nos vemos. 

Dear Blog
I have goals and plans for you in 2013. Be patient. Cooperate and yes LISTEN. Ha. I will make it happen just trust me. 
Thanks for being so good to me. 

Dear Career
I am looking for you. Come out, come out where ever you are! 
No really stop hiding. 

Dear New Blog Readers!  
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE!!! As a Blogger, I totally and completely  appreciate your support! Come back daily and tell me what you think! 

Dear 2013
play nice and no one gets hurt!! 
Just Sayin'....

Dear Hubby and Kids
Thank you for your patience with me as a not so perfect Stay@HomeMomma. I appreciate your love and understanding. I am trying my best. 
Love you.

{Happy Weekend everyone!!!}

On finding my Dream Career......

What I learned about myself and about being a Stay-@-HomeMomma....yes, I know it's only been about 3 months but trust me, I have learned my lessons well..

Right now. It's not the best thing for us..."you see the way my bank account is set up"...totally had to throw that in there...

First of all, the cleaning and laundry is NEVER ever, ever, ever done. Simple as that. It isn't. That's all. I mean before I had the excuse of; I worked 8{plus} hours today you expect this house to be spotless... now, I have uhm some excuses but really none. So, my theory is we should as Stay-@-HomeMomma's have like a Cleaning Fairy or something, one who comes in at night, cleans it all up and allows you to sleep 8{plus} hours and be all cute and dressed up during the day. No? Not happening? Yeah, I didn't think so. All, I have got to say is... if your home is spotless and you have 2 toddlers at home either you come to my house and help me out or you must not live with people who sleep standing up, don't produce waste, or who don't eat, wear clothes or play with toys. Just sayin'! {not a rant, just a Momma observation}

Secondly. YES,  My kids need me and my care and love. But, they have that regardless of me staying at home and as much as I count, say the ABCs and read to them....they need professional structure, instruction and learning tools.{I think.} Because, let's get this right, being a teacher; at home or in a school, is a gift. A talent that one is given with patience and a true passion for well, teaching. I for one, was NOT granted that kind of awesome gift, I barely made it through High School and College. Don't get me wrong, I am not dumb, I just don't feel qualified to be my children's teacher. Maybe later in life but for now, I would rather leave it up to the professionals. Who at my Son's daycare are AWESOME. I trust them and have faith that their daily instruction has done a lot for Santiago's daily structure and routine. Yes, it's a cost but it's worth it. Not to mention his speech and language have improved tremendously.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love. I adore. I live for my children. But, part of achieving my 2013 goals, personal and on many other levels is discovering what my true talents and gifts are. I love being at home and I think I do a good job but there are areas where I know that I would be of better help if I assisted rather than led. Simply said, being a Stay@HomeMomma is a gift that I have not fully developed yet. I know MANY awesome Stay@HomeMomma's but now I can honestly's not totally for me.

The Dream's what I am after and seeking. It's what I am learning about myself and gaining confidence for each day. I believe that God has brought me here to this place not only to help me discover who I am but also where He thinks I would be of greater use for His purpose in my life. I am after it everyday from now on.

Now you may recall that I left my Full-time employment due to a full blown panic attack..well don't get me wrong, I am not easily taken, and I have done a lot as far as work goes, I just needed a break. I worked for over 4 years many jobs and through pregnancies and illness to help my Hubby get through school. It was my turn to relax for a bit and I have. And, now I will seek a job that will BETTER fit not only the financial needs of my family but one that has a better work to life balance and more suiting schedule for us. I know it's out there and it may take some time, but I know that God will lead me there in His timing. I trust and have faith in His love and His timing for my family.

{Side tracked on LIFE...} & Giveaway Winners!

{Post was written last night around 2:30am}

My brain is on fire! RIGHT NOW. I have a million and ONE posts on my mind and I can't get through one....Ahii no! Creative overload....

Ok. Deep breath.

Here is how this is going to go down. It's late. I want my bed  but everyone is asleep and I must write, type or talk to myself because the silence....well it totally kills me. Any-who. Life. 2013. ORGANIZATION.

Everyone was doing these post about goals, and inspirations boards and I was like "Hola 2013" and now I feel like a total nut job...I am an over-thinker. An over achiever. I guess. I love to do. I love to write. I love to say that I will write about it and then do

So, I took pen to paper...yes Ari, Pen to paper... Ariana is this super awesome techie {or is it techy} friend of mine who laughs when I say pen and paper... but any who. I wrote them down, my initial goals for 2013 from Faith to my Casa, they all got a page... I am happy now. My mind is kinda sorta at rest but ready to tackle something on the list! We shall see what gets done first, but for now writing it all done.

Thank you.


And! Pay close attention here!
Liz from E Creations {yes check her out if you have not already} and myself set out to get her 250 fans, we have now reached and gone beyond that goal! It was awesome! We virtually high-fived and then picked some GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!! Yay!!!!!!

E Creations Fan: Crystal Briones  
 Momma of Dos Reader: Adrienne Elizondo 


{Ladies: In order to claim your prize you should contact myself and Liz through our Facebook Fan page messaging at your earliest convenience!}

Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Hola 2013} ♥

It's 2013 YA'LL! { I totally just typed 2012... it's going to take some time... I guess.}

I am so happy to be here!!! I am feeling  hopeful NO matter what my days bring I will always be hopeful everyday, thankful about it all and learning from what I do on a daily basis. I will also be seeking A LOT more than before where God wants me to be and where He is leading me and WHO He wants me to become! Be more outspoken He is saying. Be MORE bold in what you believe! And, HAVE NO FEAR. {and it's only day 3 of 2013!!!} Awesome I know!!!!

For now I want to say that the Holiday's have been rough... again when it's time I will tell everyone about it but for now we are thankful for the prayers and constant support. Thank you friends and family.

Also, I got a new toy and am super anxious to share my results with you! But, I am working out all the kinks and getting to know my new camera better.

Like many, I am not going to set any "New Year Resolutions" I have a set of goals that I am working on and one is not only to be a better writing but also a more recognized Blogger and I am working on networking and oh yes, the writing. I know, I have really let my writing go. I used to be so witty and sarcastic ::hahaha:: and these days I hesitate but I know it will come as the year goes on. Like most Momma's, I want to grow as a Momma, learn and move on and past my Momma flaws!

I have been home with my kids for almost 3 months now...and being a Stay-@-Home-Momma has really made me realize that my career goals needed to change as well. I want to be not only an assistant-provider in my home but also a successful Hispanic career woman example for my kids, not sure yet if that means moving and pushing my Blog more or seeking a job outside the home so for now one of my on-going goals is to find a job and push my Blog forward! I have so many wonderful Momma inspirations to follow most of whom I met at my very first Blogger Conference last year in October! So, MOVING FORWARD!

SO, much excitement! Tomorrow, I will share one of my most recent Blog/Facebook fan page goals which was to partner up with Local Shops and promote their business and help them reach their goals! My first shop partnership was awesome and I helped Liz get to 250 fans! Now I am on the move to help Stacey get to 500 fans, ambitious much? Hey, it's 2013 ya'll!!! No other way to be....

Here is my FACEBOOK page! Hope you check it out all my current promotions are posted here!!!