Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Houston Children's Festival} GIVEAWAY!!!!

I posted details about the Houston Children's Festival coming up in April ::HERE::  

The Festival will take place APRIL 6th & 7th in DOWNTOWN HOUSTON at City Hall, Houston Public Library Plaza and Tranquility Park! The fun will begin at 10:30 am and continue thru 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10 per person and Children under 3 are free!

For more on ticketing information check out the festival's webpage here: http://www.houstonchildrensfestival.com/tickets-info

NOW it's time for a giveaway!!!! Thanks to the Houston Children's Festival and in association with Hello Houston! Media Blogger I will be making one lucky family of 4 very happy! I will be giving away a FAMILY 4 PACK TO THE HOUSTON CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL!!!!!!!

Enter below!!! Tell your friends and GOOD LUCK!!!!


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{Momma Disclosure: The above statements are both my true and honest opinion. This is not a compensated post. However, I will receive complimentary entries for my family in exchange for posting about this event from the Houston Children's Festival in association with Hello Houston! Media Bloggers.}

Monday, March 25, 2013

{2 years of Cami} Letters to my Daughter...

{Dear, Camila Isabel}


You go by many nicknames but you are simply my precious gift. I love you. As you turn 2 my heart skips a beat just like the day we met. Your heart melted into mine and our lives forever linked. No matter how old you and I grow, life is our canvass and your smile paints it of sunshine and pure love.

You are my ever growing skinny long leg beauty. So, sweet and wild. So, beautiful and so smart! You are indeed a silly Daddy's girl and a super girly Momma's baby. You have an spunky little attitude and won't take "no" for an answer. You have a million and ONE questions daily and you talk to everyone about anything. You can literally talk up a storm and the silence is your playground.

You are very interested in; who everyone is, what everyone is doing and what everything is, oh yes, and "how it work?". You are our little P.I., always seeking and always smiling. You love to hug your Brother 'Tavo, who some days doesn't give you the time of day.. you are patient, he is a boy. You also stand your ground with him and fight back now... only later to give up and follow his direction. He loves you. You are his Sis'der.

We hug you and kiss you, and you say.. "Dat'nasty?" but still you are loved and cared for. We give you what you want and when we lay down the law you get overly dramatic, lots. 

You love make up and play with dolls but you are also a little tomboy and can run and play with your Brother all day long. You love to go outside. Your favorite food is bananas. Your favorite snacks are anything with "pica on it". You love spicy food and you can eat just about anything no matter how spicy. You are tough but a soft and gentle baby. We love you.

Two years ago today you came into our lives as a Beautiful Blessing. Today, you run our home and stole our hearts. You and I share a love for your "Ta-ddy" and your brother "Tavo". You are girlier than me; you know how to put make-up on better than me and I am sure you own more shoes than me! You are heartfelt and passionate about singing with your Daddy, you sing all his favorites and you are not shy! You love us as much as we love you...You are my Princess!! 

Life would not be the same without you and we love you more than words can describe. Yesterday, today and always! 

Happy Birthday My LOVE!!!! 

Love Always, 
Your Momma 

Friday, March 22, 2013

{Friday Letters} Anticipation


{Dear Friday}.... this is going to be the longest weekend of my life. It's been a long week and very stressful..lots of pressure. But, we shall see... my future will be determined on Monday... ::taking one big deep breath:: and moving on....

{Dear Husband,} Your support and hugs this week were SO helpful. In the midst of the storm... your faith in me shines like no other... Thank You.

{Dear Kids,} Thank you for loving me despite my imperfections.....

{Dear Blog,} I promise lots of good posts coming up! Did you like your make-over? Because I loved it! Thank you to Ms. Olivia Smith for doing an awesome job! If anyone else is interested, let me know! I can get you connected to awesome-ness!

{P.S. Dear Friday} No offense BUT CAN IT MONDAY!!!!!! I am so anxious! My stomach is in knots and I yeah, I need it to be Monday!

{Dear House,} You look like a tornado hit! I promise I will get my act together this weekend.. MAYBE! Ha.

{Dear Blog Readers and Facebook friends!} Thank you/Gracias for being here! I appreciate your support and daily reminder of why I love to share and tell others about my experiences.


Monday, March 18, 2013

{Houston Children's Festival} 25th Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Houston Children's Festival!

{Source: Houston Children's Festival Website}

It's the 25th Birthday Celebration of a family friendly Houston event!

The Festival raises money for a good cause!  Raising over $4.5 million for Child Advocates, Inc. to make a Donation visit their site here: http://childadvocates.org/give & to further create a local impact Volunteer here: http://childadvocates.org/volunteer

The Houston Children's Festival is one of those purpose filled events that make a huge difference in our community! For detailed information check out their website here : http://www.houstonchildrensfestival.com/ and follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HoustonChildrensFestival and Twitter https://twitter.com/Houstonkidfest


                                       {Source: Houston Children's Festival Website}

The Festival will take place APRIL 6th & 7th in DOWNTOWN HOUSTON at City Hall, Houston Public Library Plaza and Tranquility Park! The fun will begin at 10:30 am and continue thru 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10 per person and Children under 3 are free!

For more on ticketing information check out the festival's webpage here: http://www.houstonchildrensfestival.com/tickets-info

There will be OVER 300 family friendly activities and 5 Entertainment stages!!! Including appearances from Nickelodeon and Disney Celebrities!!! As well as special appearances from our personal favorites; DORA and Sid the Science Kid!!!

                                         {Source: Houston Children's Festival Website}

I am sure that this event will be a lot of fun as well as bring awareness and raise money for a good cause!

Mark you calendars and head on out to the Houston Children's Festival for a day filled with fun for all ages!

Explore Houston and help raise money for  Child Advocates, Inc.


{Momma Disclosure: The above statements are both my true and honest opinion. This is not a compensated post. However, I will receive complimentary entries for my family in exchange for posting about this event from the Houston Children's Festival in association with Hello Houston! Media Bloggers.}

Saturday, March 16, 2013

{Enjoy Life} Living Abundantly....

Thursday night I had a great {life changing if you will} experience...while at a Pitbull concert! I know highly unlikely but true! It was amazing! The energy, the fun, the laughter and the joy! So, alive and one handsomely awesome bald man sang and danced his little heart out...and you know what... he looked like he was having so much fun and in return the crowd NEVER sat down. We danced! We sang and we ENJOYED life at that very moment!

Living life ABUNDANTLY! Isn't that what life is about? About doing things that make YOU happy and bring YOU joy...if while you are doing those things you can make others happy and bring joy to others or inspire and motivate them, then to me that is an added plus! Fulfilling your purpose and living to reach your goals is an awesome feeling and way of living. But, the moment you do things because others are doing it, or because you think you should and you DRAIN the joy and fun out of it..well then to me you have nothing!

That night I saw it all... my Husband says "everything happens to you when you go out alone..." but the truth is that when I go out alone I am not worried about my kids slipping out of my hand and running off, I am simply focused on the world around me.

That night, a Momma and Dad danced so silly with their two boys and took pictures of one another and recorded it because in a few years those boys will be at a similar concert with their friends and will no longer think it's cool to have their super awesome Dad and very beautiful Momma dance the night away with them.

That night, a Grandma and Grandpa drank it up and then shaked their booties like there was no tomorrow... because maybe there is no tomorrow.

That night, I saw a Cancer patient take her wool hat off because she was dancing so much and sweating. She became carefree about what she looks like to have fun and sweat and dance..because who cares how much hair you've lost to a horrible disease when the night is young and Pitbull is telling you..."TO GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR".

That night, I saw young and old, Hispanic and Non-Hispanic, men and women, probably from all walks of life, socio-economic status, and religions take advantage of the night for we may not have gotten a new day..

I am not saying live life so carefree with no responsibilities or without limits and restrictions, yes I get it people need rules..but really...LIFE in general is NOT that serious ..and when people drain the JOY, FUN and LIFE out of ordinary everyday things that should be great and fun, then what is the point. I wasn't taught to live life so serious... I was taught to do what you do for yourself and your own happiness but don't take yourself so serious that you lose YOU and you lose sight of your life plan.

God has given us all our purpose, our gifts and when we shine through our passion.... we are fulfilling that purpose and plan that we were born with... I think...

To me this applies to all my views... religious, political, and just life rules in general.. "it's not that serious"... I learned it from my Biology professor at HCC while I was in college, I got a "C" on a test and she said to me... "Honey. This will not make you, or break you. It is NOT that serious." I have taken that phrase with me through the last 15 years... IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS.

Live LIFE ABUNDANTLY. Enjoy life. Be young, no matter how old you are...and don't take yourself or what you do...so serious.. that's not what LIFE is about!

Be happy. Do you. And have fun doing it!!!

John 10:10
English Standard Version (ESV)
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it really MARCH?!? {Friday Letters}

{Hello, Hello Beautiful Sunny Friday}


I have missed a few of you now but not today! Guess what the sun in back in Houston and this Momma is happy! No more Winter Blues... they were so BLAH!

{Dear Friday!}
WHOA! REALLY? The week is over! I was busy... inspired and filled with faith. Thank you for a good week!

{Dear MARCH,}
Why Hello Hello there..... Ha.

{Dear Computer,}
You have been gone but I got word on your well being and you will be home soon, I missed you. I will treat you better and there are FULL Spa days waiting for you when you come back!

{Dear Hubby and Kids,}
I love you. Lots. More than you know. I am Blessed to have you and I appreciate your undying love, day in and day out. Your support and understanding mean the world to me. You are the best... Los quiero.

{Dear God,}
You are my everything! I praise you for the way you have provided for our little family. Times have been difficult  but I see the change coming and it's amazing...  Thank you. THANK YOU \0/

{Dear Blog,}
I think I am back! Hugs! I missed you!!

{Dear Macklemore,}
Because of you... I "only got twenty dolla's in my pocket!"......and "I look in.cre.di.ble."..cause yes... "I wear your grand-dad's clothes!"... HA. I love that song!!!

{Dear Long-distance Amigas that I have met through the awesomeness of Social Media,} Thank you for your constant presence and beautiful inspiration through your Blogs, your posts, your comments, your Facebook friendship and support groups! You have no idea the impact that you are making in my life and the friendship and cariño that is growing inside of my heart! Thank you. Thank you so much!

{DEAR WEEK!} THANK YOU...You've have brought me new inspiration and light... my soul is lifted and my heart is open...

Have an AMAZING weekend ya'll!

Sincerely y con mucho cariño,
This Momma

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Kemah~Spring Break 2013} Locally Inspired...Kinda

Funny how at times inspiration to do more locally comes from 1,523 miles away... trust me, I Googled it. 

My Social Media-Cali-Amiga from Raised by Culture, Xenia... said to me....after I posted about being in an "inspiration rut"....

 "Connie - I'm a huge fan of bloggers that talk about local stuff, I especially loved your taco truck post and when you went to Sam Moon... are there other local things you can share?"    

To which my local wheels starting spinning... 

Now every time I step outside I think local

First was the Rodeo... which this year we opted out of with the kiddos... as much fun as Rodeo is and can be... uhm not so much for a 3 and 2 year old, waiting in line and big crowds are a bit overwhelming for adults so you can only image for TWO-terrible two-er/horrible three-er-Toddlers... it was fussville last year and not-so-fun-ville for Momma and Daddy... 

Therefore, for our first day of Spring Break, even though our kids don't go to school, my Hubby took the day off and took his little family OUT! To enjoy a day together and the somewhat good Houston weather... we went to a little place about 45 minutes from our home...called Kemah! The Kemah Boardwalk to be exact.... 

Places like this in Houston remind me of why I am such a city slicker, who lives in the suburbs, ha.ha. I love the city, I hated working in it but I love all of the amazing surrounding areas of Houston. It's truly a place that has grown in the last 14 years since I arrived here to start college, whoa, that makes me sound way old! Way. Moving on... 

Kemah. It has the best of the best; rides for truly all ages and levels of heart-attack desired... and then of coarse, who can go wrong with amazing seafood! I love the concept of building little cities within and/or around a bigger city! It gives you a sense of adventure at only about 45 minutes away. You don't spend much on gas or overnight stays and you get to enjoy a fun filled day of amusement without ever leaving home. 

Here is some of what we did on our first day of Spring Break 2013.. 







It was a Blessed day, the kids had a blast and my Hubby and I loved it. No stress, no long lines and HUGE smiles on everyone's face! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Dig Deeper} What the silence is teaching me....

I haven't always been a "person of faith" and still most days I fail at just about everything and in just about every area of my life... but one thing that I never give up on is seeking or as I have recently discovered... digging deeper. I seek faith and hope in everything because I know that those feelings come at the most unlikely times, from the most unexpected places and at times in the worse of situations.

With that said... the last few months I have been a Stay@HomeMomma and I think that some of the most difficult situations have come about....and for some reason... my ability to handle it all is slowly becoming less? Or maybe this is me becoming stronger? All I know is that for months I felt worn out and overly spent.

When I was in my 20's I fought many battles and looking back...I came out stronger than before...now in my 30's the battles are no longer visible but within. My life is good though. I don't worry about the outside world unless the outside world steps into my life... then it's on. Fighting the battles these days are taken on in a whole new way.... I am a firm believer of Prayer. Silent prayers. Or out-loud with tears... it's all I have most days...

If there is something that I have learned in the last few months as a Stay@HomeMomma is that I have/had little to no patience. You would think that as a Momma and wife I would have lots of it and maybe it's something that in the past I have taken for granted but my patience has I think grown. My "tolerance" of little everyday things has become heightened. I am more aware of the fact that I apparently am not as patient as I should be not just in general with life but as a Momma with two toddlers who love to run and never use their inside voice, as a Wife with a Hubby who works very hard outside the home, as a Friend who needs to be more supportive and encouraging, as a Job Seeker who needs to be reminded that the "dream job" is out there somewhere, as a Sister who needs to learn to just give when giving is impossible, as a Daughter who needs to love no matter what, and as a person of faith...who needs to DIG DEEPER. 

Lent is in full effect and as a person who loves to learn and grow... I have learned that you can never learn enough, and you can always GROW more. My life is NOT perfect, it's far from it. My life is not simple, it's chaos. My heart though is yearning... to dig deeper. 

The silence is great but the lessons are being stored. In a heart, a soul and a brain that will one day, soon, burst... of light and sunshine onto not just her little home deep within but for the world to see. Just because I am silent doesn't mean I am not learning, growing and yes....digging deeper.... 

"I refuse to be limited and I refuse to remain unchanged. I am indeed... changing... deep within... observing and learning.... "~Momma of Dos


I am a firm believer in the statement that "everything happens for a reason"....

For strength...
For faith...
To seek...

For Love...
With Hope...
and Courage!

As a 30-something old Momma I know that the last few months have opened my eyes to many of my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I don't like to dwell on those negatives that bring me down daily...instead I attempt to increase my faith and strength so that I can move forward.

I have realized that the last few months have allowed me to work on one of my greatest weaknesses; patience..... as a wife, as a Momma and in general. 

Another aspect that seems to have grow immensely is confidence. Who I am and where I am going and even what I look like seems to all be falling into place, I am happy with those areas of my life. Trust me I have never been one to settle and being more, doing more and looking good have always been concerns. Not saying I am giving up on anything or that I am not currently trying to achieve any of the mentioned goals but I am saying that I no longer need the same type of validation that I needed before. I now find happiness in being me and I am OK with what I have or don't have. 

My Hubby tells me daily how great I look before I would tell him "BLAH. I hate me!" I have found that the more I grow to love me the more I believe him. These days my kids tell me that I am beautiful and now that is all that matters to me..... life is good and I pray everyday for it to increase... in faith. In grace. In Love. In peace. In joy and in life itself.

I have confidence that those little places in life, that my career, and my roles in this life are slowly going to fall into place, not because I haven't work hard for them but because at this moment I am seeking; peace and acceptance in other areas and from a different type of group. I realize that I am no longer 20-something and simply seeking but now 30-something and digging deeper. It's a quiet place but an amazing one once I open my eyes, my heart and my ears...to the right words at the right time from the right place... deep inside of my soul. 

Life is to be enjoy and to have fun. Not to be so involved that you become un-involved in life itself. The sun is out. My mood is changing and as my Sister stated... "As our lives change, sometimes our friends should too." I believe that my life has made a complete 360, the constant prayer for more Godly/Positive women in my life is now complete I am surrounded not just by women with my similar walk of life but future goals and family plans. I love it and I am very happy with them and their constant love and friendship! 

These ladies have in the last few months not only provided words of encouragement and uplifting friendship but also unconditional support in various forms. I am thankful for their self-confidence and the confidence that they helped build in me. 

Never is life perfect but it is slowly but surely, complete and fulfilling... 

Never comes from having         all the answers; it comes          from being open to all the                                                              QUESTIONS. ~Earl Stevens

Saturday, March 9, 2013

{Rodeo Houston} 2013

While the rest of the world is turning... Houston enjoys Rodeo! For 3 whole weeks the city if consumed by Cowboys, Horses and Concerts. Lots of fun Concerts. This year so far I have gone to see Lady Antebellum and Thursday, it was Bruno Mars!

One of my life long habits has been volunteering. In High School it was the library and nursing homes. In college it was well... just about anything from church to official governmental offices that helped people complete their INS forms to become Citizens. I have always loved helping. More so in those areas where my culture, my language {Spanish} and my passion would shine through!

Bruno Mars 2013 118

Bruno Mars 2013 210

In 2008, I was asked to become a part of a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee which provided daily tours to students and international visitors of the Rodeo... in particular those who spoke Spanish. I was added on to the roster of Bilingual Tours Committeemen and I won an award that year... Best Spanish Speaking Tour guide! Say What! Ha. I did. It was a fun committee. I loved, I mean LOVED it! More so hearing the Hispanic kids mostly Mexican kids tell me how their parents; owned horses and ate pigs! True story one little boy in particular gave me the run down as I gave his class a tour of the Ag-Venture livestock area... he told me that his Dad had goats and that he would kill them and eat them... {circle of life}, but amazingly as we went on this possible 2nd or 3rd grader went on to tell me how they also had pigs and how they also killed and ate those... when we got to the cows he said he Dad showed him to milk the cows just like the one I was telling his class about. When we got to the horses I said. "So, do you eat the horses too?"... and in a very Norteño accent he says to me in Spanish; "No'mbre! Esos los montamos!"And, as I pictured the little boy and his Dad, Vaqueros of the Houston area, riding away into the sunset and this little man being so full of agricultural knowledge and life long skills, I knew that my job as a volunteer with the Houston Rodeo....would be a fulfilling one!

Bruno Mars 2013 238

Bruno Mars 2013 246

Bruno Mars 2013 134

Bruno Mars 2013 129

I loved it and as the years go by I am excited to be a part of such an awesome Houston; lifestyle and tradition. I mean the days of riding off the farm in your horse and carriage into the city to work or conduct business are long gone, the Vaquero traditions live in this city very vividly for 3 weeks! Along with tradition, entertainment and Texas heritage the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo brings large groups into Houston from all over the world. I mean, I have met many Mexican Cowboys and European Cowboys as well as people from Japan and many parts of the U.S. Who come specifically to see what the Houston Rodeo is all about. There is also the matter of money raising for not only local kids but Texas High School students to obtain not only agricultural skills but also scholarships to go to college. My current committee raised over 6 Million this year alone!

Bruno Mars 2013 060

Bruno Mars 2013 181

It's definitely an organization that I am very proud of and enjoy participating with. And, all of the above mentioned are the kind of Texas and Mexican culture that we want to instill in our Children. Volunteer work, Heritage and yearly traditions!

I used to be in LOVE with Mexico and every year thought that NOTHING could ever compare to my Mexico lindo y querido! But, as I grow older and learn to enjoy local Texas cities and traditions I know that Mexico is beautiful, but  Houston and Texas has a lot to offer a family who wants to have well-rounded and locally educated children! Don't get me wrong... one day I hope to be able to travel to Mexico to show my children the cities where their Grand-parents were born and where I grew up {Cuernavaca & Reynosa} but for now... we will have to settle for local grounds!


And, a THANK YOU to Xenia from Raised by Culture...for helping me gain some perspective and inspiration... 

Sometimes we don't realize our own potential until someone opens your eyes... 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello Hello... 

it's my greeting for the week.... 

Guess what..I am tired of our look and we are moving forward with a new 2013 look..not sure what it will be but I am thinking that it will be simple... mainly because I will be doing it on my own... 


So, please excuse the plain-ness until I figure this out... 


Friday, March 1, 2013

{Speech} Therapy/Evaluation

Hi. My name is Connie. I write at this here Blog. And, I can't believe it's MARCH. WOW.

{WELCOME! BIENVENIDOS! To all the new Momma readers and Facebook friends!!!}

I know. I have been SUPER M.I.A. Reason is..it's Rodeo time here in Houston {I volunteer...lots.} and both the kids were in a wedding last month {which kept us busy, somewhat} for my Hubby's little "LITTLE" 20-something year old cousin. She is a great gal and my part-time helper... we love her, I have lots of pictures to share but am being lazy.

We also attempted our own little Valentine's Day Photo-shoot in February... which because of uncooperative children who fuss and fuss and oh yes. FUSS! And, also in part because of this BLAH-UGH Houston weather, may or may not have been a success. Those may also be posted soon. I know. So much.


Let's start here:

Santiago was recommended to a Speech Evaluation last year in July. The Speech evaluation or Speech therapist rather, recommend Speech Therapy or Daycare/School-Social Setting. At the time. I was working. LOTS. Ricardo had just started a new job and we got news that he would leave to UTAH for 3 weeks. Therefore, Santiago was placed in daycare and unfortunately we never got it together to do the actual Speech Therapy. That was yes, 7 months ago.

Fast forward to October, I became a Stay@HomeMomma! {Yay me!} In, December we decided that both the kids would stay home with me. I was only staying home with my 2 year old daughter before then. Around that time. I noticed Santiago had developed a stutter... I again initiated a Speech Evaluation visit. He finally had his visit last week Monday.

The result. We have a "genius" on our hands! Hahaha. Well kinda-sorta. First off the Speech Therapist was EXTREMELY impressed with Santiago's capability to understand BOTH Spanish and English on and above his age level. Santiago was tested at a speech age range from 2 years old to 7 years old. Out of 120 questions, Santiago answered 113 correct. Not only was the therapist impressed with his Bilingual levels but also with the fact that 7 months ago he was only speaking in one or two word sentences and in a short time this boy can basically talk up a storm. She was in other words...pretty much blown away.

Final result. Santiago's stutter is probably a result of the complex Spanish and English language that he is learning and capable of understanding. The therapist suggested that we ignore the stutter and reward his good speech patterns as well as continue to speak to him in BOTH Spanish and English. I will say this. He mostly answered all the questions in English, so I think that the Spanish will increase in our home since he is learning English in almost every other aspect of his life.

I love my little man. He is an awesome little boy and although he is a troublemaker busybody... he is just growing so much and learns something new everyday. He may not always say the right thing but he definitely has a voice all his own... ha. ha. ha.

It's Friday. First day of March. Promise I will try to be around more this month... so much to share!

Have a great weekend everyone!