Friday, July 31, 2015

::Friday Letters::

Dear Life, things are well. Thank you. Even when they weren't going so well, I am happy with how far I have come. My children are strong and healthy. My Hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate 9 years of marriage.Trust me, no matter how much I complain.... You have been awesome to me. 

Dear Self, Keep going. You can do this. Trust that this is what you are made for. I know you are tired and some days you REALLY need to push yourself. Think of those who can't push any longer, who don't have everything you have and for them; do more, be more and rise above. You have made it through worse and now at your best, you should be able to breeze your way through.  

Dear Texas, Yo'its HOT for real THO! No really. It's hot. Not complaining. Just sayin'. It's a little HOT. 

Dear Houston, In case you didn't get the memo, ESTA CALIENTE. For real tho. I think Texas hates us. It's only cause we are awesome. Haters gon'hate.  

Dear YouTube, I will conquer you. I will. In the mean time, watch me be a total dork and share as much as I can. Practice makes perfect. 

Dear Amiga's, You know who you are. Thank you for all of your constant love and support. For always listening to me when I need to vent, for always being there with words of encouragement and true friendship. For being the type of Women that inspire and uplift. Who are genuinely and sincerely happy for me when good things happen. Who know that being this way is far better than those who are always trying to bring each other down. Thank you for being happy for me and my successes. PLEASE know that I am here to cheer you on and bring you up as well. 

Dear Hubby & Kids, I love you. You know that, no words can describe how I feel, no matter how loud I yell them. Maybe sometimes you can listen to me the first time, just sayin'. Thanks. 

Dear New Job, be kind to me. I have so much depending on this and I really want to LOVE you. I really do. I am old. My career needs to be now. I like you so far. It's only been a week. Be gentle. 

Dear Sun, back up off me dude! For real tho. 

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Toyota ::Day Trip- Houston Zoo:: #TBT

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. All opinions expressed are mine.}

One of our favorite things to do on a beautiful sunny Houston day is step out of the house and take mini-road trips. Day trips, short trips, in-town trips! 

The weekend before my Birthday I received this great surprise! Toyota sent me this beauty to test drive for a week. It made my week for sure, this Texas girl was giddy to jump in this truck. Trust me the agent had me at Tundra. But, not as happy as my children, they loved all the features and roomy interior. 

So, we headed out on an awesome adventure to the Houston Zoo. Our adventures always have a little chaos and whole lot of fun. On this day, we were so happy to be riding in style that nothing else mattered. 

How can you have a great weekend and enjoy your trips? 

A few quick and easy tips:

1. Be Comfortable- no matter what comfort is important. On this day we enjoy the spacious and        soft leather seats of the Toyota Tundra. 

2. Always have Fun!- no matter how crazy your short roads trips can be or how chaotic the back seat       is with your toddlers. Relax and enjoy! Life is too short not to. 

3. The more the merrier- being Latinos we always like big family outings, no matter how loud they     can become. Invite your friends and family and let everyone join in on your fun day. You will not       regret it. 

4. Don't forget to take some Selfies- These days you can not go without taking at least one selfie, it's     the best thing ever! They always make us smile and we even get photobombed. HA. 

5. Finally, wear a Smile- No matter how difficult or grueling our weeks might be. The weekend is a      great time to reconnect, disconnect and feel happy once more. After a wonderful weekend you            always feel re-energized and inspired to start over on Monday. 

What about you, what's your favorite Toyota??

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

::Flower to Flower:: #ShopReview

One of our biggest passions as girls in our home is fashion. Especially Camila. Trust me I have become girlier and more fashion conscious because of her. I know that other Momma's have the same passion because they have even began their own business centered around girl, or children's fashion. Today on the blog- Flower to Flower

{The dress that Camila is wearing in the picture below is from the Flower to Flower shop.}

::Meet Jazmin-Momma, Entrepreneur and Owner of Flower to Flower::

My name is Jazmin. I am currently a SAHM to a 5 year old Son that loves singing and baseball and a 1 year old Daughter that is fascinated with everything around her and loves smiling at everyone and anything. In my day to day you can find me in the kitchen experimenting with dishes from other countries and especially from my home country, Mexico. I wish I had friends from each country so they an teach more of their cuisines, I'm interested in anything and everything in Arts and Fine Arts. Reason why I got a degree in Filmmaking and I love helping in any DIY projects.

Are you bilingual and what is your favorite saying or motto? 

Si lo soy! Orgullosamente Mexicana!!! I find myself saying this saying the most "Para todos ahi sol" which mean "Their is a sun for everyone" also "God gives us the best opportunities dressed as challenges" which means "Dios nos da las mejores oportunidades disfrazadas de retos"  
What is your routine while creating items for your shop?

I love searching through our pieces while I listen to mellow music like Carla Morrison while my Daughter naps or is sitting in my leg taking out all my pens and highlighters from the cup holder.

What Motivates you?

Since the birth of my Daughter I've rediscovered my passion for fashion through my human doll aka My Daughter Rose. I found an opportunity to share a bit of the clothing that my daughter herself dresses with and share it with parents alike myself that want to dress their children fashionable without breaking the bank. We are trying to offered clothing you have picked in your dream closet for them and pinned in Pinterest.

Fun Details about Jazmin: 

I've found a love for thrift store shopping and up-cycling adult clothing to little people clothing. I can sit down in the couch with a cup of Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea) and sew my life away while I watch Netflix. Favorite series thus far is between Scandal and Mad Men. Also I started a small little garden in white pots I've been collecting. It's been fun seeing my 5 year old talk to be how the circle of life works with plants and the seeing both kids enjoying watering the plants.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

::Momma Date:: #DANCE

Last week  I took some time off before I started a new job and on Friday I decided to meet up with a friend. At a dance class! That's right, we made plans and I finally visited the famous Crystal Wall MixFitz Studio. 

The experience was amazing. The group of ladies was wonderful. I can't wait to go back! 

Crystal and I first met at the beginning of the year at the "Vision of Love" event here in Houston. I was totally blown away by her passion and her REALNESS. She said something to me on Friday morning that I can't stop thinking about. She said that she lives in North side {Houston} because "it's both a little of the city and a little of the hood." I identify so much with her because of things like this. I grew up in North side Houston but where you live and where you come from have nothing to do with who you will become and where you will go. 

Her personality is so positive and her smile is motivating. She is a Momma like many of us, she is a #BossLady, entrepreneur and businesswoman who is filled with class but keeps it real. I love that about her. 

She is so down to earth and I loved her high energy and ability to teach us all of her choreography. I love that her studio is geared towards women, I felt so comfortable shaking my booty and being ME. Her #1 Rule is "HAVE FUN!" She started her class by reminding us that we should be ourselves, that she was going to rock that workout with her style and personality and that we should give it our own unique all.

Her class is definitely one that I recommend and really any of her instructors and classes look great! 

Thank you to my friend Yvonne from Running in Faith for the shared morning! Loved it all! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Houston Podcast ::Elder y Jay Show::

As a blogger I have so many new goal before the end of the year, one of them was to start recording more videos. I also wanted to participate in a local podcast. 

I am finally moving forward with both. Excuse my video, it's a little blurry. Still learning. 

Hope you listen to the podcast, it's a local Houston show that talks a little of everything-sports, politics, culture, traditions and everything in between. 

Elder and Jay are very creative and smart hosts, they are funny and a great Houston talent. 

Here you can see one of my first videos of Jay introducing his show:

And, you can listen here to their show:

You can follow their shows social media pages below:


Friday, July 24, 2015

How to Walk Away Gracefully... #StartingOver

I honestly don't believe the decision to walk away or leave is simple or made over night. I feel that it's made over time and after a lot of thought. Regardless of what the situation is. Leaving, removing yourself from a certain place, person, situation, area. To me it happens over time. It's something that is planned. You plan in the back of your head. You take all the actions needed to move forward. You take the steps that will allow you to leave with the most respect, most humbleness.  Depending on the situation you want to leave without hurting the other party involved and without feeling guilty or bad about your decision. 

Of course some situations are extreme and you do leave and don't care what is being left behind or who is being hurt. And, you might not care about the ties being broken. Those are different situations. 

For me, it wasn't something that I thought of yesterday or 3 weeks ago or months ago. Unfortunately it happened day one, over 2 years ago now. It was my job. My "career". But, from day one I didn't feel that it was for me. In the back of my head, I have my friends words with me when I told her where I was working and what my duties were. She said to me "Connie, really?! It's like putting the sun in the closet!!" 

She was so right. It was. 

I gave up after a while. Most days, I felt horrible. Because it was my job. I wanted to do my best and did most days. But some days, I just didn't care anymore. 

I looked for a long time and then I let it go. In the beginning of this year I decided to focus on my job and do well. Forgetting about the idea of leaving and even received a promotion. Months passed and I still didn't feel right. From one day to the next at the end of June, I had an interview. Suddenly, it all fell into place.

For the first time after a job interview my Husband said, "do it." If you know my Husband you know that he analyzes everything, within minutes you will know what he thinks and how it will all play out. So, for him to agree with what the new job was offering was a "sign" if you will. 

To me because things happened so quickly and just happen to all work out, it meant something.  I start my new job next week...

Whether or not its a new perfect situation. I don't know. But, I do know it's a new perfect situation to start over. To be myself again. To be renewed in who I am and how far I have come. At 34 being given an opportunity to continuously excel. To find myself again, because along the way, I lost who I was. That creative, happy being that LOVES working and meeting new people. Hence my blog thriving. I constantly seeked to be validated and renewed through my blog and all the events I attended. Filling that emptiness that had been created. 

An opportunity to do my best again. 

I had created a stand still. Filled with excuses and allowing others to lead when I knew I could so much more. But, the frustration set in and I had given up. That was me. How was it possible that everything else had fallen into place but my career had taken a stand still. I applied to so many jobs and received a constant NO.

Today, I am filled with hope and inspiration by the simple and almost silent, yes

A strong, resilient YES! Don't give up, ever. Keep pushing forward and working towards your goals and dreams. Follow your heart. Listen to your gut. 

Do you need help keeping motivated and being Inspired? HERE ARE SOME POSTS THAT HELP ME CREATE MY VISION:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

::Summer in Lake Charles:: #VisitLakeCharles

::Short Road-trip Re-cap::

Road trips are always fun for us. Especially for the Dos {two} little ones. The adventures, the new places, or simply visiting family. We have done several road trips and I feel that over the years we have overcome some of the biggest challenges and perfected the frustrations. 

For the 4th of July we opted for a short road trip to visit my Dad who works and lives in Lake Charles, the kids were so excited and even packed their own snacks and backpacks. But, we ended up leaving a little late so they slept most the way. We even got a flat-tire through which Camila slept through and Santiago woke up for briefly. 

Their favorite part of visiting their GranPa is getting pampered and spoiled, lots. 

{The following pictures are all from our cell phones}

Our trip to Lake Charles was eventful like always but we had such a good time, it's always worth it. The 4th of July fireworks over the lake were beautiful. The night was warm and we got to spend it with my parents, Sister and nephew. We even went for an evening splash in the splash-pad at the Lake Charles Civic Center Seawall and park.

We have visited Lake Charles for 4th of July before, it's very family friendly and a nice change of scenery from the Houston Skyline. We have even visited for Mardi Gras it's a lot of fun, not too far from us and the kids love it. 

The parks have great trails and kid areas. The kids didn't mind getting soaked late at night after the fireworks. They have so much fun no matter where they go.

The next day we visited another splash pad and the Sam Houston Jones State Park. We walked the trails and looked for alligators. Not sure what we would have done if we found one but we were up for an adventure.

Our next visit will require more research, the kids are getting older and exploring is our favorite part of our trips. I know they have a children's museum, natures trails, swamp tours and don't forget the alligators!

My parents being cute. Picture was taken by Camila outside my dad's house.

The day was hot but we all had a fun adventure...

Some of the pictures taken with my camera:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

::Explore Houston:: Hiking Trails-Bane Park

I started this series a couple of months ago. Since then Houston has flooded and rain had been a non-stop daily happening. These days the heat is quickly rising but thankfully the rain is giving us a break. With that I decided to continue our trail posts.

We love local on days when we just want to be outdoors but don't want to break the bank. So, we pack up a picnic, some chairs and water and we head out to a park or trail. It's so much fun. It's very inexpensive and best of all it's local.

There are so many Houston parks and trails, it's amazing. And, at times overwhelming. I don't know how many parks I have looked up and decided that I want to visit them, create an entire mental plan and end up mentally exhausted. But, if you get organized and out the door these places can be a true treasure. 

If you have SUPER active children like mine who don't mind stepping outside and getting a good walk in, then you will definitely want to follow this series! If you want us to feature your favorite park, email me! I will visit the park {when I can} and write up our Momma review!! {email:} 

The park we visited this time was:

It looks small but trust me the possibilities are endless. It has a short trail, fishing lake and even a splash pad and rock climbing spot! 

{Please note these pics are from back in February or cooler days... hahaha} 

We arrive and quickly find a good spot to start our visit and adventure... At this park the ducks walk right but to you. We try to remember to bring bread to feed them. While my Husband fishes we set out to explore. The kids love it all.

We come back to our spot to eat some snacks and as my Hubby would say... to hydrate. Especially on hot days.

Honestly. No matter where my kids go they always have fun. To me that's all that matters. Plus my nerves are not as bad when we are in public open places where my kids can run, be loud and my nerves are at ease. If you know me, I get nervous, easily. 

Creating memories and having fun it what it's all about. Visit Bane Park and tag @mommaofdos on social media {@mommaofdosTX on Twitter) so we can see your adventure!

Some information about the park:

9600 W. Little York Road
Houston, Texas 77040
Phone: 281-353-4196

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

::Weekend Snapshots:: July Edition

My sweet friend Ari of 3TwentySix does an amazing job at keeping up with her weekend snapshots. I think I will make it a once a month thing. HA. Because I suck at it! HAHA. I take the pictures but then never put them into a post. It's why I love Instagram {follow us!!} I can tell a short story and share my pictures all at once. 

My last weekend snapshots is from like April you can see it here: 

This weekend was fun, not too eventful and VERY hot ya'll. We opted for staying in, a lot, at least during the day when the heat was unbearable. We came out only at night like the bats. When it was not so sunny! Ha. But, we had fun none-the-less. 

Our weekend kicked off with a quick visit to the doctors office, where Camila was diagnosed with Viral Croup. It's not fun. But, for some reason my kids have no fear of doctors or medicine. I guess it's a good thing. I think this will change for Camila once she gets her next set of shots. We shall see. In the mean time she is a happy camper and always good at waiting for the doctor. 

Saturday morning my Hubby, the foodie, wanted to take us to try something new for breakfast. Einstein Bros. Bagels. It was a good change from our usual cereal and scrambled eggs on Saturday or weekend mornings. Santiago had trouble sharing his Chocolate chip bagel with sweet cinnamon cream cheese.  My Hubby tried to explain he couldn't eat both and had to share with his Sister. We enjoyed a variety of bagels, you know to figure out what we liked! Ha. 

We had the following:
Chocolate Chip Bagel with Cinnamon Sugar Cream cheese
Plain bagel with Berry Goodness Topper
Asiago bagel with Smoked Salmon spread topped with capers and smoked salmon-this was my fav! 
Plain Bagel sandwich with turkey sausage and cheese 

And, it was pretty kids friendly. Except my kids are wild, so we couldn't just hang out and talk. We usually eat and go right.before.the.tantrums. 

Saturday afternoon the girls headed out to a baby shower for a sweet friend whom, I happened to do Maternity Pictures for! 

Saturday night we headed out on another food adventure- TORCHY'S TACOS. It was OK, in our book. We went to try it out but not sure it's a place for us. We felt we could make it all home, or have had better homemade. We did eat, service and food were good but yeah... They did have a kids menu which is always appreciated and it was semi-kid friendly. Definitely the night crowd was starting to stare at us but the kids did very well. Colored the coloring pages provided, asked infinite questions and ate their chicken quesadillas.  We had a good night out. 

Sunday morning we headed out early and registered the kids for Soccer, this will be Santiago's 3rd season and Cam's first. Let me tell you. She is beyond ecstatic! She has been wanting to play since last year but is just now old enough. She can't wait and I know she will kick butt. She is focused, fierce and excited- perfect attitude to get the goals in!

We also signed up to COACH! Posts on that for sure! HAHA. 

We ended our Sunday with my parents coming over, cooking for us, fixing my plants outside and helping me clean up! They are SUCH  a huge blessing for our children and family. My parents are amazing. We also watch Mexico play and you know everyone has to support and sport their Mexican pride!

That was our weekend, what did you do this past weekend?