Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{G.N.O.} ♥

Last Friday night was a special night. I attended the annual KSBJ G.N.O. {Girls Night Out!}. A great night to head out with girlfriends in the Houston area to praise, worship and pray. To be changed. To be Blessed. It's my second time going..and let me just say, it's getting better as the years grow on me.

This year I went with a girlfriend who I grew up with, Yvonne, we stopped seeing each other from about the ages of 13/14  until we were about 26/27 years old. Yes. A long gap but when we saw each other as adults it was as if our childhood  hadn't passed us by. We were now; Wives, Momma's or future Momma's, and life had taught us a thing or two. God was right in bringing us back together as adults; we appreciate each other, accept one another and bring new light into each other lives. Who knows what would have happened had we stayed friends during our teenage years but I do know that as adults, I don't plan on letting the years gap, ever again.

We went to dinner, caught up on our week and arrived at Grace Community Church,  it's an amazing and personal space set up perfectly for praise and worship. A prayer at the beginning of the show. Then our seats... for the next almost 3 hours God was in that room and in my heart as a renewal of my Faith and Love for Him!

A great comedian; Anita Renfroe, brought light to our everyday and to the night ahead. If you've never seen her in person, I totally suggest you do. HILARIOUS. She is a Momma filled with wisdom and faith. She knows that in order to make it through this life we must laugh at ourselves everyday! She does the best job at teaching us that every life "drama" filled situation as a Momma and Wife are funny! My Husband saw THIS clip and was sold!

"Difficulty is inevitable. Drama is a choice."

Our speaker, one of my most abso-favorite Blogger/Speaker/Writer/Proverbs 31 Woman; Lysa TerKeurst !
She is the smallest, most soft spoken but powerfully spoken woman. She is so real, and funny. Her family is no different from anyone else.  She is no different than any other Momma, other than the fact that she is a super amazingly published author. Her soft words of Momma wisdom filled with peace, faith and love just filled every space in my heart with joy and true hope. I was at peace to know that amidst the messes of our lives, and the chaos of our homes, the loud children and hustle and bustle of every day life; there is silence in Jesus. Silence that allows us to hear Him and His love for us. No matter what we have been through, where we think we will go, God loves us all the same. His Love is real. His Love is pure. Only His Love can save us from despair. Only His Love can change us from the inside out. Only with His Love can we Love others.... She stated that her and her Husband gave a gift to Jesus from their hearts; they promised that for 365 days they would reach out to a live person and give them a little bit of their time, a little bit of their money, and/or a little bit of their encouragement; in order to touch 365 lives whom God knew they would be a Blessing to. I thought that was amazing. I want to be that person who gives time, money and encouragement. God has filled me with his passion and I know I have the Love to share it with anyone who needs it.

Matthew 5:8

New International Version (NIV)

8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
   for they will see God.

Finally, a singer a tiny woman with a powerhouse voice! Natalie Grant. You can't help but jump out of your seat and lift your soul in praise! She is also a Momma , her compassion and kind heart shines through her voice and performances. God has definitely given her an amazing talent. We are Blessed, that she decided to share her voice... she is amazing.... She reminded us that Jesus is Alive! ......and it is well with my soul....

The night was an encouraging, heart lifting and  faith empowering one. That will definitely allow this year to be my year of CHANGE!

God doesn't make mistakes...and that night...Yvonne and I were more than meant to be there... MORE THAN MEANT TO BE THERE.

I hope that everyone is given the opportunity to experience a night like I had on Friday...cause I know that God is working...working lots. 

Good night everyone. Blessed night everyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} LINK UP! ♥

It's Thursday!!!! You know what that means!!!


Thankful Thursdays Button

Here we go:

{"Well-Behaved" Children} Duh. Who isn't? But, you see I have a rambunctious terrible 2 and a feisty sneaky 10 month old. I am always, always fearing being "that Momma", "that family", "those parents" with "those kids". I don't care too much about judgement but it just takes a lot out of me ...physically. Lately though we noticed that going out to eat at an actual sit down restaurant with people in it, has become easier. Yes. That word doesn't really belong in our vocabulary these days..but it has been. Cami and Santi have been very well behaved at our last TWO dinners out in public. They do great in shopping carts at grocery stores but eating out was one of our least conquered fears but I think it's safe to say...we've overcome! I am proud of us, my kids and our faith in them.

{A New Day} This year is all about CHANGE as you may have read in my previous POST, but it's amazing how when you pray about it, go to bed and wake up with new Hope...things really do look better, seem better and get better! I think perspective and truth are everything...get some...of both...and life will  be that much sweeter...

{Thursday's} I have always been scared to "link up" and share my Blog with too many people, what if I can't keep up, what if I can't come through with a good post, what if no one likes me but they don't know how to tell me not to link up to their blog....well when I decided to join the Thankful Thursday Link Up I let go of all the what-if's and moved on to the what-IS! And, what has been, is a great experience and opportunity to meet and chit-chat with many awesome Bloggers...all over the US. I love that. I love my little Blogging community that has formed over the years... everyone is just awesome!

Well, what are you Thankful for today???

Also this week, linking up with:


The Fontenot Four

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{M.I.A.} on the B.L.O.G

One of my biggest challenges {motivations} for 2012 is fueled by "that" word... you know the one.... the "C" word...


Change requires a lot of different steps {& personal effort}. I think.

First off, you have to realize what it is you want to change {one thing at a time cause it doesn't happen over night and if you put too much on your plate... you will end up overwhelmed. Just sayin'}

Once you know you want to change something you are fully admitting and taking responsibility for that "issue" in your life, that "trouble spot" if you will {these spots sometimes hinder your life in big ways and you don't even know it}.

Moving On.

You then put thought into the change; device a plan...an outline, goals, to-do list in order to accomplish this change. Example: I am fat. {I am. Not being mean just real!} I know I am fat. I accept it. I want to eat better and exercise {definitely has NOT happened BY.THE.WAY.} My plan: I will buy more fruits and veggies and create a whole new eating schedule and meal plans. I will replace all evil with good. {Like drink lots of water instead of Dr. Pepper all day! Just sayin'...} I will in addition make it an absolute point to exercise at least TWICE  a week {cause we don't want to get overwhelmed ::wink wink::}.

So, once I have thought about it and said, "hmmm this is what I will do." I then put my words in action. Make it happen. Do what I said I would do...but then, I am set back..placed right back at step one..thinking..mediating. Deciding that what I am doing is really good for me, that it's what I really want...in all, talking it over with not only yourself but God {and your Bestie, she will have some real insight!}. I know what I want to do, but what will come from it, aside from a killer bod, I mean...health and  inner strength! What will I do to make my change last, how will I keep up with what I have learned and continue to apply it in my everyday life? What does it really mean to me? Who is here for support? {Support and prayer to me is a big part of all my current changes..more so prayer...}

It's this time, this mediation time that requires...well time. Hence the M.I.A. I am finding myself going back to what I said I would do more this year...and yes..I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit but I don't care and I don't want to give up! I insist that change, CHANGE is what God has placed in my heart! Deeply rooted and planted...waiting to be watered and fertilized for TRUE growth that will endure and overcome... any stormy day!

But, no worries... I will overcome and move on... move forward and attempt to keep up...2012 is the YEAR!

I can feel it....

{Day~25} 365

Friday, January 20, 2012

{Follow and Be Lead}

Happy Friday Everyone!

I don't know about you but there are moments when I know for sure that God's plan is working in our lives {my Hubby and I}. This week the message in my mind and heart have been to simply FOLLOW Him. God has always been ever present in our lives. Trust me, Ricardo and I have been through so much together, things that when I look back and think about it, I am proud of us to have stuck it out..well, together! Ricardo has never left my side and I have never thought of leaving his. We get angry and we work through, with each other. I have always been one to think of Ricardo as the leader in our family, but this week I am thinking that God is trying to tell us to just stop and go back to following Him. His lead, His guidance, His light.

Just the other day I went to the chapel at church and a couple who was expecting a baby walked in after me and it came to me. Sometimes we just have to go back to that baby stage and start over with baby steps. For us one HUGE baby step that we have been meaning to get back to is church..I know it's been at least 2 months since we went... Not GOOD! At all. 

We feel the need and this weekend we will make it a priority to get back to church. We need it.

Just something in my deep little heart today.... thought I would share... 

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

“And so we shall all come together to that oneness in our faith and in our knowledge of the Son of God; we shall become mature people, reaching to the very height of Christ's full stature.” (Ephesians 4:13)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Thankful Thursday's} LINK UP!

Hello All, guess what? It's THURSDAY again...YAY!

My favorite part of Thursday's aside from the fact that it brings us closer to Friday is the ever so fun Thankful Thursday Link Up! I love it!!!

Thankful Thursdays Button

This week I am most Thankful for:

{Slow Days} As many of you may know, I work in the Elections Department and well when it's not Election season, we have slow days when we play catch up and get small projects done and ready for Election season to kick in. But, it also gives us time to schedule things like doctor appointments and get personal things done that you can't get done during Election season. It's a Blessing I've grown accustom to and Thank God cause this week I have already had to go to the doctor twice, my kids are sick and this morning..it was my turn!

{Prayer} I have been praying a lot for different reasons..and it give me peace. Nuff'said!

{Creativity} I love seeing other creative Momma's put their Pintrest motivation in motion..it inspires me to want to get my Creative On!

{Family} They get me through my days and weeks and listen to me gripe and explore new possibilities every week... I love them!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day~17 {365}


We all know that inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely places, people or situations, except after "c". Or something to that effect...

A fellow Momma Blogger wrote..I ramble on sometimes and make no sense. Don't we all feel that way? Some days we just move, do and go about our day without even thinking that what we write, do or say may just ignite a spark in someone else.{It happens, just like this post was inspired by her comment and my friend Casey's post on FB.}

My de-cluttering phase started last year. In trying to clean out and make room for my second baby. I really think I have made HUGE progress but I feel like I can make more. I need more time and thought. Recently one of my Bestie's {Casey}came over and took some things from my garage, she then said, I inspired {motivated} her to get rid of things.

Here is how I thought about it. While I was cleaning out my garage my friend gave away my Hubby's punching bag, my Hubby was mad and I told him this... If there was a fire I would grab Camila and Santiago and get out of dodge. The house and everything in it could burn down to the ground {knock on wood} as long as the kids were OK, I didn't care about loosing materialistic things. Therefore, if I have already imaginarily {it's a word, I googled it.} lost it in a fire, then I can get rid of it in real life? Right? Yeees. It's so easy to get caught up in sentimental value of objects but I think that as long as my children, Hubby and family are OK, I am OK without things.

Therefore another key word this year is: SIMPLIFY. {Other word was CHANGE! I guess they go hand in hand. Change involves being simple. I think....}

Monday, January 16, 2012

{It's happens...} Life.

This is what happens when you spend a few days without posting..lots of post come to mind... 

As part of my Non-New Years Resolutions, I decided to de-clutter, in so many ways.

One item that I thought of was my fridge. It becomes living proof that a busy family occupies this space! Ha.

Throughout the year calendars, invitations, birthday cards, pictures, children's art work and other useful and very important documents get magnetically adhered to the fridge. I love it. So, I cleared it up for 2012's life to happen...

Here is our before picture {believe it or not this is clutter free}:

JANUARY 2012 {Before}

Day~16 {365}

{Falling Off} Means getting back up again....

I was all like "YEAH! I'm gonna do this. This year I will be a Supa'Star Blogger and Blog everyday and post pictures every day!" then I was all like, "Yeah, I got to go back to work, I am super tired and I don't feel like posting today!" {Whoa!}


Well, I have fallen off the whole 365 project for about a week or so but you know what, that's OK, there is no "Blogger-Police" who is gonna give me a huge Blogger-Ticket cause I have not been keeping up with my non-New Years Resolution list. If there is, don't tell him/her where I am! Ha.

There is beauty in falling flat on your face. {Yes, I said it. I am Human. I make mistakes but...} There is no affect or effect on others, only on yourself. And, you know what? All you can do is get back up again...literally dust yourself off and keep moving FORWARD. How sad would it be if I fell on my face and remained there? I mean. How heartbreaking for me. How disappointing for me. The best thing about starting a new year is being a new you. I am done with dwelling on things, situations, people, me, everything. I am moving on.

Well after that little heart wrenching moment, let me continue with this.

I have some small projects this week...

  • I have Photoshop on my computer. I have never used it. {Now is when you can yell at me.} I need to learn how to use it. So, this week I will do as much research as need be to learn. 

  • I am also on a mission to print pictures, book a Birthday session for Cami's {First Birthday portraits!} and get pictures framed. We shall see how that goes! 

  • There is LOTS brewing in the Gomez household most of which I wish to keep to myself... {No, I am not pregnant...but we have been talking about Numero TRES a lot, but future...future... } I am just constantly praying for God to give us guidance and peace in all of our choices in 2012. 

  • I have started to plan Cami's first birthday and praying about Ricardo's graduation party. Fun. Fun. 

I have gotten, I think, a lot of my chest in the last few weeks..mostly in talking to my Sister and my Hubby.... this weekend with my Sis-in-Law and a few good friends.. I think peace will be achievable in 2012. Finally.

Well Happy Monday to All!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Frequently Asked Questions and Blog Advice!}

From me!!!?? OH MY!

I don't have this section on my home page yet, because I still considered myself a Baby-Blogger, Ha. But, I am so very humbled that new Momma Bloggers and my readers would even be interested in my Blog advice {and life!}!

Thank You so much!

Please know that I more than happy to read and respond to your emails and questions any time: mommaofdos@gmail.com

Here we go:

{These questions have all been sent in by readers and/or friends who want to start Blogging..I am in no way an expert nor do I consider myself a Professional Blogger but I don't mind sharing like with everything else in my life...how, what, where or when?}

The first question that I have been getting a lot, A LOT lately is this....

1. Momma, how in the world do you find time to Blog, Pin, FB, upload so many pictures, Twitter and email with Dos babies and a Hubby calling your name every minute?

Honestly, I have no idea. Ha. I make time. I am up late. A lot. No bueno, I know. I also have a Hubby who understands that I love to share and Blog and take pictures; most night he stands behind me at the computer saying.... "are you ready to go to bed yet?" Some nights I say, Nope. Others I run to my pillow. I also have a good set of kids who have at this point gotten used to Momma sitting at the computer a LOT. What I like to do is DART home, clean up, feed the kids and then while I wait for the Hubby, I compute and surf! Especially on nights when he goes to school..it's easier..less explaining and more time to think... Most night my kids will sleep through my writing. If I am realllyyyy hooked on something, I don't sleep and then do it all again in the morning. My house is a mess some nights and I still sit and think and type... On really good days when the Hubby says I am picking up dinner and  my Aunt who sometimes helps me clean happenes to drop by, I get LOTS and LOTS of free time. But, I figured that if I ever want to do this FT, I would want to wait until I can afford a Nanny and a Personal Assistant...Heyyy Dooce has is...why can't I!?

Second pregunta: Momma, how did you get started in Bloggy-Land?

Well, it just happened. Back in 2008 {Presidential, I work in Elections so I think in terms of types of Elections..any who} I started at my current place of business. I needed to practice my writing and also kills some down time. So, I started writing. I had NO idea what Blogging was all about but once I figured it out...I couldn't stop. I was addicted. Then, I got pregnant and had my son and had SO much more to share..and well then I got pregnant again and yeah... the rest is historia...

Next question please {Ha.}: Momma, I don't understand how Blogger works and what's the difference between this and Wordpress?

Honestly, to figure out Blogger {which by the way...goes on a trip some days but I love you Blogger!} it just takes  some time and just really messing with all the settings and buttons... I have tutorials on how to do certain things but then Blogger updates and changes so often, I am not sure if they are right or not..about the difference between Wordpress and Blogger for me it was a matter of design, Wordpress was simple and business like and Blogger just seemed more user friendly and fun! It's a matter of taste, I know a lot of Blogger's who use Wordpress and love it. I personally prefer Blogger. {Except when it's being whack! Ha.}

Fourth question: Momma, what kind of camera do you use? I don't have a super fancy anything I use my little Nikon P-80, it has grown on me but this Momma needs an upgrade! Maybe 2012 is the year for upgrades! Ha. I hope.

Question # 5: Momma, what program do you use to edit your pictures? I downloaded this program called Photoscape from Google and loved it. I am not a Photoshop expert but I do have it on my computer..horrible I know.... I will learn...one day soon!

Question # 6: Momma, what are your kid's names and how did you come up with them? Well, my son is Santiago Isaias; My Hubby and I just fell in love with the name Santiago, my Hubby is a huge Salsa fan..and he thinks the name Santiago Gomez makes for a very popular Salsa singer... {now we have to wait a few years and see if Santiago is even interested in Salsa or singing!} But, we gave him the name just in case... both his names are in the Bible and that was awesome too! My daughter...the amazing Camila Isabel, was derived also from Music! Go figure....Camila is our favorite Mexican Pop group! So, ever since we discovered their music, we have loved the name...as for Isabel. My Hubby is a HUGE movie buff! Yes, movies..music... he loves it all. His favorite movie is Legends of the Fall, if you've seen the movie then you know... if you haven't, the beautiful Native American girl in this movie is Isabel Two...the rest well is historia...

Number 7: Momma, is your Hubby an artist or musician?? UHM no. He thinks he is..but he is a Construction Management nerd by day and an ultra I think I am super hip guy from the 70's Hubby and Daddy by night! Ha! {Ok, I made this question up! Ha. It's fun.}

Pregunta Ocho: Momma, what is your ethnic background? I am a very proud Mexican-American. My parents were both born and raised in Mexico and came to the U.S. when they got married they later had me and my siblings. For the most part, I identify more with my Mexican side than with my American side. I speak mucho Español, me encantan los frijoles negros con epazote and tortillas de harina. But, I can also have a good plate of Tex-Mex enchiladas and feel good. I am really a mix of Border Town {Mission/Reynosa} Norteña  and  deep south Mexican roots {Temixco, Morelos!}. I love Pozole and I would kill for some taquitos de orjea o de tripas con cebolla y cilantro, and of course I love spicy salsa! I can dance cumbias all night but once those Chinelos come on....I just can't sit down! {That's me, Mexi-Mexi!}

Question # 9: Momma, where does your daily inspiration come from? Everywhere and everyone. First and foremost; Jesus. My faith and my beliefs. I love His word and reading my Bible. Then of course my everyday life with my Hubby and children. They are so amazing and special, a true gift from God, I love them more than life! Then just in general, everyday occurrences with life, my job, my friends, people who I meet, people who I walk by, my daily observations. Inspiration is around us and in us. I can't get enough..Oh yes and Pintrest of course! Ha.

Finally numero 10! Momma, why are you so awesome? Ha. Joke. Not a real question... Momma, who designed your Blog Page? I used to do all my own designs and even messed with making my own headers and what not...but more recently I have not had time and I asked an awesome fellow Houston Momma Blogger to help me out and she so awesomely transformed by page a while back... I think I will have to contact her soon to create something for 2012 for me! Her name is Jamie K. and here is her Blog link: http://www.designsbyjamiek.blogspot.com/

My Best Blog advice is just do it! Jump into it and even if you are not a super writer {which I am not} you will at least have a journal to go back to one day for yourself, for your kids and for your family! Even if you start and then fall off the bandwagon...keep pushing forward and when you can, get back to it. Life is crazy and hectic not everyone has time to write but trust me it's worth it if you can find the time. I have chronicled my life the last almost 4 years and I can't wait to print it out and look back..on my growth, on my faith, on my life...

Be the best you...for you and trust me everything else will fall into place!

If you have any other questions don't hesitate in emailing me.... even if I take long to reply...I do read and I will reply...promise! mommaofdos@gmail.com

{Thankful Thursday's} LINK UP BABY!

So, I was so busy in thought that I almost forgot today is THURSDAY! Yay...

Any whoooo.....

Thankful Thursdays Button

This week I am most Thankful for:

Endless Possibilities: God is really taking Team Gomez to new heights for new beginnings...we have A LOT going on. I wish I could say more but we just have to wait for God to continue to reveal and fill us with truth! We love it. It's so awesome in our little home right now. I love it.

Reconnecting! ~ So, I have had many many wonderful friends in my life, in the last 10 year or so. Some are still here others have moved on and just recently a few have reconnected with me. {Thank You wonderful world of FB!} Just last night I had a late night conversation abut life, change and the future with a dear old friend..who is just as sweet as she was 4 years ago when I last had an every day phone conversation with her! {Love it.}

Self-Control: I am slowly learning it. As someone who is always so eager with words and gestures...the words self-control make me nervous. But, it's been repeated to me again, once more today. And, I thank everyone for being so honest and sincere. No, I don't always have to tell the world EXACTLY what I am feeling it's ok to keep some of those words inside sometime..healthy maybe even for your own sake! I can't tell you much..I have to practice my self-control! Ha.

Guess what everyone! Tomorrow es Viernes!!! Gracias a Dios!!! {Thank God!} My body is so still on vacation mode! Ahiii.

Happy Thursday!!! What are you Thankful for today??

Uhm did she just say...what I think she said?

That word...that question...

I always hear of women who have more than two children and think wow...HOW? First one says;" I have 3", the next one "Oh I have 4", and then...the one that just takes your breath away... "I have 6 children; I had four naturally and I adopted 2." My thought..." I have TWO and I want to pluck my eyes out everyday..." {Joke..only every other day...HA!}

That word... adoption. The question of how many kids do you have? One to be admired. One to be encouraged by. We don't say it often but when we do we mean it. My Husband and I have had fertility issues in the past, before we had our son that word came up...adoption. We didn't know how it would be, if it would happen. Our "plan" { which of course only God knows if we are able to or not} was to have three children of our own and then adopt. Maybe one. Maybe two.

When I hear of it being done. A Momma with four of her natural born children and then two adopted, I look at her in awe of admiration. My heart fills with joy and faith. To be so Blessed. To be so happy. To be a Momma to children who need you. I love that. I think deep down inside...we both want that... God knows and he will know...

What about you? Has adoption ever been mentioned in your family? I'd love to hear from you....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

::The Student's Wife:: An Identity Project

When I came up with the whole... "yeah, I'm gonna write about my Identity, thing"..it seemed a whole lot easier... Then, I read Vanessa's post and thought, WOW! I was even more inspired about the whole.."YEAH, I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT MY IDENTITY, THING!"

Then for 2 nights in a row...stuck...like no other....

Then I thought...what makes me, me? What makes me, Ricardo's wife?

My Husband is a student. He is 32 years old and God willing after many, many years of sacrifice he will be graduating this Summer! {Go Coogs!}

When I look at him I see faith, strength, and courage. Night after night of studying, working during the day, coming home to be a Husband and a Daddy. I am not perfect {duh!}.  I gripe. I complain. I go on and on about everything that bugs me, things I want and live for, my passions, my creative peaks, my creative ruts, my wants, my needs, my LOVES{my children}, my friends, my family, my faith, my job..... {and on and on....} Some days he would come home and tell me he wasn't going to make it through the semester and he wasn't going to do school anymore... He was just going to quit.

As a wife...I'd step in and step up. I'd put that thinking cap of encouragement on and snap on my woman of faith cape....I have needed it most {and many of} nights...It's not easy. To see him suffer. To see him doubt. It hurts me. Some nights my tears put me to sleep as I listened to his thoughts in the dark... it's been a ride. Trust me, it's been a ride. TRUST ME.

I have learned to; uplift, pray, support, encourage, some days just let it be, some nights just sit in the still quiet, other nights remind him that he'd come this far..there was no WAY in the world I would let him give up..not for us, not for him and not for anyone. He gets discouraged, people don't see him the way I do. He sees me the way others don't. That's when it hit me...I am THIS, a Student's Wife and he gets that, many don't, many won't..ever.

He struggles with everyday life, work life, family life, school life and still he has accomplished so much and embraced it all. He has overcome. I love it. He has faith. He has prayer. I love him. He is my strength when I am weak, my motivation when I have none... He is himself for  me...

Where does that leave me? As his support, as his friend, as his cheerleader, as his coach, as his personal assistant, as his wife, as his everyday reminder of what we are working towards... of our goals and wants, some days of our basic needs. I am ME for him, I am a Student's Wife, and I love it. Simple. Sincere. Upbeat and upfront. Honest and Loving. Supportive and caring. Trying to make our own little way. Our own little life with our own little mistakes...we learn we grow. I am ME, for him... he is himself for ME.

To my Husband:

You may not know this, but I love being a Student's Wife it keeps me on  my feet and it keeps me alert! I Love you.

{He'll read this one day..he goes through my Blog sometimes..he doesn't admit to it..but he does... }

Being your Wife has given me new confidence, new courage and new strength to move forward. Motivation and encouragement to think BIG, to plan ahead and to be well organized! Thank You for giving me a job to do when you are away... and when you are near... I am your wife... and you are a student!

Love you more than you know,

The Student's Wife

Monday, January 9, 2012

{Houston...we have un problemo!} Literally.

So, my 365 project has been temporarily compromised..... I need a backup camera in 2012....

You see wha'ha'happen was?

The battery on my camera died on me...all the way dead, and my charger was on the other side of Houston at my Momma's casa. Ahii. I will get my charger today...catch up on my pictures and post for my 365 project and move forward with what has literally started off as a VERY productive and positive year! I can't wait for the rest of 2012 because I am thinking MORE and MORE as the days go by that this is really going to be a GREAT year! Why wouldn't it be huh?!

We had  a GREAT weekend... had a little Momma guilt Saturday night. I still can't manage to go out on date nights with the Hubby without feeling like a horrible Momma! It's hard. I know, I am probably being a little over dramatic but I couldn't have a good time without thinking that my kids were at their Ma-Maw's home without us but God always has a way of making us feel more at ease...

We went out for a friends birthday, my friend has four lovely girls and of course we started talking about them and sharing pictures and the other couple sitting with us...also three lovely children..so guess what, we talked about our kids and felt a lot better about being out and having fun but also being able to incorporate our kids who we ABSO-MUCHO LOVE!

It's Monday... YAY! ::totally NOT being sarcastic:: I really do love Monday's! But, it's gloomy here in Houston..I think some tornado's actually made land fall this morning... Any way!

Oh yes and this whole Identity Crisis series has started off a little more difficult than I expected!!! Wow. I really have to put some thought into that one...

Also, I AM SOOO LOVING JON ACUFF. He is sooo awesome !

Lovely and Blessed week to EVERYONE in Bloggy~Land and away!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

{Y tu quien Eres?} Series Introduction

One night I was thinking about my role in my Husband's life and who I am to others. Then I thought about other roles and titles that I have take on as the years have gone by. So, I decided to write about them...I am was going to call these posts; my Week of Identity! Then, over the last two weeks I did a lot of Blog-catching up and I read a fellow Momma Blogger's post about her identity search! I thought; WOW, I am not the only one! How awesome is that?

I invite you to join me on this exploration of who I am, who I have been, who I have become and where I want to go. I also invite you to share your roles and who you are and how you see yourself.

Embracing who you are is such an important step in your life. I learned it early on as a teenager and then later as a college student, then as a wife, now as a Momma of Dos I find it even more crucial to understand ME. To know ME. Often I feel like we fail at ourselves without even trying to get to know OURSELVES.

That's just me and this is my own personal journey. New year. New Me. Changes. Learning. Growth.

Needless to say it's going to take far more than a week, so I am calling my post about Identity...

           "Y tu quien Eres? {My personal Identity crisis and journey to finding it....}


Friday, January 6, 2012

{Baby steps, an Epiphany, & Respect}

Change. It's been ALL over my mind. Funny thing. Sometimes you don't realize how much change your soul and heart need until someone ELSE points it out to you.

I admit, I've allowed situations and people to make my crystal clear blue waters into murky and bitter ones... Horrible, I know! Not in anyway shape or form blaming anyone for anything; other than myself for allowing the bitterness and blah-ness to linger and stick like glue to my happy {pretty} thoughts; if you know what I mean. This year is all about change. I am also not saying that everyone else is right about me, but I am saying "HEY I AM HUMAN RIGHT?" It happens. Better late than never...and change is MORE than welcome in the new year, just sayin'. I for one am starting with ME. My attitude, my life, my perspective and forgetting about the past. I think I am an ok person and deserve a clean slate in 2012... I hope... Ha.

Thankfully, I have some pretty amazing women of God in my life. My Sister for one has showed me to live life and move forward. I also have a growing group of Women of Faith; who share scripture and uplifting words with me no matter what!
Don't get me wrong, they are not always like, "OH CONNIE YOU ARE SO RIGHT AND SO GREAT {so pretty and so perfect and your BLOG Oh-M-Geeee, ahhh-mazing!}!"

Uhm no, they wouldn't be real friends if that's how they thought, some days they are like;
"Connie get over it!", "Connie it's your pride, read your Bible", "Connie DON'T BE STUBBORN and listen to God"; and in those moments I realize how amazing they are and how God has slowly by surly placed them in my life to be my most BESTEST friends EVER! I have lots of great women in my life who listen to me, respect me and love me...for me. I have been Blessed but trust me..it's taken time and lots of prayer... these ladies didn't come over night and I have grown to know them and they have grown to know me..and I think that together we have grown. I love them lots they know who they are...

So, let's get to changing! Ha. Ok, we take a break on day 6 of the New Year we can start over on the 9th....even change deserves a weekend!

{ Notes & Reminders} 365 ♥

{So, I have to find a way to make things balanced..some for Cami and others for Santi and confession, these are picture I took over my vacation I needed to share! I love her! }

#6 You are an amazing little lady, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.... EVER. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Thankful Thursdays} LINK UP!

It's a little late in the day but never too late to be Thankful....

Thankful Thursdays Button

This week I am most Thankful for:

My Supportive Husband {Don't get me wrong, he isn't a passive Husband at all. If I am wrong, he tells me I am wrong. I don't mind it. It makes me more aware of what I need to work on. But, when I am right he stands firmly next to me!}

Short weeks {This week I only worked 3 days, I was on vacation for 2 and 1/2 weeks before then! All I can say is THANK GOD for short weeks! Ha.}

Shoe Sale!{Yes, that's right. I just had to do it. When I was younger and before I had kids I would buy myself Jessica Simpson shoes without thinking twice about how much they cost. This week I found a pair on sale for $38.00 and I clung to them like my life depended on it. I had to have them BUT only if they were on sale. HA!}

Future Dates { This week I set the date for my daughters FIRST birthday and I am so excited. I also looked at college graduation dates and rings! One proud wife!}

{BTW this is the THANKFUL THURSDAY OF 2012! Yay!!}

{Notes and Reminders}


#5 Learn to laugh at yourself, because honestly..it's NOT that serious...{Remember that when days aren't going your way.}

{Grace} ♥

My husband’s favorite word is virtuous. {"Connie be virtuous", he says} He uses it a lot. Mine is Grace or Favor. Either way, we show our virtue by being graceful. I love talking to my Husband about our Faith, about Faith in general and about what we believe. He always has the best, most direct and open insight. We grew up differently and it’s so true that opposites attract. We are night and day. He has given me new confidence, a better meaning of courage, and definitely a more open EYED view on life! He taught me not to be so gullible and not to believe in everyone or everything they tell me. He taught me to really get to know people before I said how amazing they were! I was young and naive, still some days are not good in that aspect. Oh well. Such is life and we learn.

Well, today I received one of my usual daily inspiration emails from The Daily Love Blog and this was part of the Blog:

“Sometimes our biggest problem is the greatest act of Grace. What seems like horror, terror or really bad luck is the event that we needed in order to heal our wounds, step out into our power and then use our experience, strength and hope to help other people come out of their darkness. Grace can feel like a soft feather and sometimes Grace can be a kick in the teeth (or worse).”

I thought that was so perfectly described. Some days I feel like my grace has been enough and sufficient for others to realize that what I say and do is from my heart and not to hurt. I am what I think and I wear it on my lips… I know not good but it’s true. I talk. A lot. About it all. Hence, the blog. Then there are days when I am so humbled and at times humiliated that I don’t feel like I have done enough to win back truth and reputation. But, guess what? Yep you guessed it…such is life. These things have to happen….for me to grow, to learn and to heal. I realize every day that, I am not perfect, that people are not perfect and that life may never be perfect. What I do know is that I can strive to be a BETTER ME {there is that two letter word again...ME. I think it's the 2012 theme..to be a better ME, to worry about ME not so much others... selfish maybe but I think it's necessary at times...}, every day in every way! That’s what I want for 2012!

Yes, it’s only day 5, but I feel a lot MORE confident this year than I did last year…no matter what discoursing words {or gestures; as my Husband learned a couple of nights ago that a shrug of the shoulders can be worth a thousand words…} people send our way, no matter what setbacks or disappointments life may bring…life goes on! AND YES. Such is life, that we must MOVE FORWARD. NO.MATTER.WHAT.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I was feeling a little blue over New Year’s Eve, but this New Year has just really allowed me to MOVE on and LIVE MY LIFE; with my Husband and my children. Life is beautiful and worth living. We just have to work at it every day past others and what they may or may not think about you. I am fully inspired to be inspired and inspire this year!

{I know you may be thinking..."Whoa Connie slow down...day 5 and already you are in that change the world mode?" Well it's that kind of a year..it's that kind of a week..I WANT IT TO BE THAT KIND OF A FUTURE FOR MY LITTLE FAMILY! I have the BEST most POSITIVE feeling EVER about TEAM GOMEZ and Oh the places we will go.... ONLY GOD KNOWS!}

I want it.
I need it.
I breath it.
I love it.

Make it a GRACE FILLED day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


      #3 Your faces  fill my heart with joy....EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without fail. {I love you!}

Taking back my LIFE! {Semana: Six!}

About 6 weeks ago I promised myself to push past the pain. Deal with whatever my body was going through and move forward with LIFE!

You see I started reading ALWAYS LOOKING UP by Michael J. Fox and after only a couple of pages I was fully inspired by his pain. Literally. He is amazing. The thought process that he has to go through to get out of BED is just incredible. Will make anyone rethink what they are complaining about...especially ME!

I think I have managed to overcome the pain of my Kidney Stone problem and surgery fairly well. I am feeling almost at 100% these days. I didn't go back to the doctor from the fear of the words "another surgery" coming out of her mouth. So I finished my meds, started natural supplements and just coping with the everyday pain as it slowly faded into the back of my thoughts...

Now, I want more pain free days so I plan to make one more major doctor appointment and start eating better and exercising. I am 30, I need to start sometime. I had done really good throughout my 20's some years are blur others I have pictures to prove I was a size 2! I will never be at a 2 again, not sure that, that's where I want to be. But, I do want to be a healthy person and good size 10! I love being a size 10 it's my ideal size, for now I am a 14 on good days and a 16 on my blah days. I deal. Ha.

Today I plan to read more of my book and see how much more inspiration and motivation I can pile up into my week. The first week of 2012 is looking really good! I love it.

I know I will be fully motivated...THE BIGGEST LOSER STARTS TONIGHT!!! LOVE THAT SHOW! Always sooo full of hope! American Idol starts in a couple weeks tooooo! Other fav!

Hope your first week of 2012 is grand! Make it a good one!

Monday, January 2, 2012

{365} Notes {& Reminders} to my Children

I started a new daily project for this year.... click HERE for the first installment... and here is today's....

#2 Life will take you down many roads; remember to always look to each other for support{Your Dad and I will be here for back up..}


For 2 weeks I was in Love! I became...temporarily... a Stay@HomeMomma! I love being home with my children, if I could do it permanently, I would. If I could be a Stay@HomeMomma permanently I would probably attempt to start my own business, no, not photography! I love taking pictures but it's an art that I am yet to master. If I had a nice camera and could take better pictures of my children, it would be all I ask for, HA! One day.

Going back to work on Wednesday is going to be a challenge number one; waking up at 5am again is going to break me! Ha. Then, I have to get dressed, get my kids up and dressed and everyone ready all before 6:30am. It's 1pm today, we are all still in our PJ's! Secondly, leaving my children again. It's always, always been a challenge for me. It had just gotten better around October so we shall see. It breaks my heart to drop them off and walk away. But, times are of struggles and sacrifices so I must do it. Life goes on. My kids will once more adjust, the question is, will I? Then there is all the in-between; the morning smiles and snuggling, the afternoon laughter and tears, the "Mom, ahhhh SHREK!", and Cami's gibberish and coo's. It's all the little things that I miss on a day to day...that I will miss... such is life. I must trust in God.

One day.

It's a difficult task for me to be a Momma who works outside the home, it's one that even after almost 2 and a half years, I still can't shake. I was never once to think that being a Stay@HomeMomma was even an option. I thought I will always work outside the home and it will be okay! Then I had my son, and all I wanted was to be at home. Then I got preggers again, and I definitely knew being a Stay@HomeMomma at 30 was all I wanted to do!

One day.

But, the year ahead is a long one and who knows what plans God has for us. In the mean time. All I know is that I must FOCUS.

It's a key word in my mind today!

FOCUS. Remain focused on the task at hand and God will light the way... it's the only thing on my mind today... remain.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

{365} ♥

{So, I am copying an idea from a fellow Momma Blogger to write notes to my children for 365 days. I will do my absolute best to post one everyday.... As my little 365 day project evolves I will post more about it. In the mean time.}

{365} Notes {& Reminders} to my Children

#1 There was a time in your lives when you thought of each other as aw~thom{awesome} remember that when you get older..{I will always think you are both more than AWESOME!}

{9 Months Cami} ♥

On Christmas Day my Cami turned 9 months. 
{Yes, this post is 7 days late but that doesn't matter I have to do it.}

Camila Isabel {9 Months}

My Cami is....
a Blessing

Our Cami is an amazing little fireball made of sugar and spice with a hint of cinnamon, no really she loves syrup and is sticky..lots. Ha. She is definitely my little sidekick she wakes up early with me, with a HUGE smile on her face, ready to start our day. She sits patiently as I click away on the keyboard and eats her breakfast as if she knows not to make noise for the boys. She is my beautiful little lady who loves playing dress up and doesn't mind Momma's camera in her face. She is the new love in our lives... Santi, Ricardo and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit to this little family of FOUR! Making me the happiest most Blessed Momma of Dos ever. Camila, you will learn that your brother pushes you, punches you and LOVES you all at once. Your Daddy melts every.single.time he sees you. He will cry the day he walks you down the aisle. I am so Blessed to know what it's like to have a daughter. You are Blessed to be a part of this family. We are NOT perfect. We are Loud. But we LOVE one another more than life! Don't forget that when people fail you...God will NEVER leave your side. Lean on His words, His grace and His power all the days of your life and you can never go wrong. Being a girl is tough, we must stick together, grow up fast, learn everything at once and do it all in under 20 seconds, if you have patience life will treat you well, be slow to anger and even slower to respond to anything spoken against you. God knows your heart and with that your heart will be complete. Know that we love you so much and that you are the BEST person to have come into our lives in 2011. We can't wait for the days to come.... 

You will be ONE in 3 short months... I can't believe that! 


I didn't make any in 2011....
My life changed forever when I had my children. I learned that you take one day at a time. 
And we have. Therefore in 2012 I will be constantly reminded of that. 

I am not perfect. 
I must take it one day at a time. 
I will make it a goal to pray every day for my family and myself. 
I will make it a priority to continue to pray every night with my children and instill faith,values and morals as the days go by and they get older.
I will learn to move on. 
I will learn to let go and truly let God. {Easier said than done.}
I will attempt to write EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for the sake of keeping clear records for my children and myself.
I will attempt to take MORE pictures of my kids, they will only be this little ONE time... 
I will strive EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to be a better Momma, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Family member.
I will make the best of every resource that I have and deal with my current situations one at a time. 
I will not get ahead of myself or make assumptions. 
I will further learn to tame my tongue. 
I will smile EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. God has given me the most AMAZING Blessings aside from Life itself! 
I will exercise and eat healthier, for myself and for my children. 
I will be happier as the days go by. {It's not a difficult task!}
I will pray more for others. 
I will love others more {my pride less}.
I will bring joy and pride to my home and my family! {My Hubby and Children deserve it!}

And, I will add to this list as the days, weeks and months go by! 

 HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE!! Let's make every day count because we count! 

Much Love from Momma of Dos!