Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Blessed @ 30}

It was 30 years ago today that God allowed me to live.

I was born at about 28 weeks gestation, a 2lbs 15 oz preemie in Brenham, Texas. It was then that God gave me{and my Mom} a second chance.

I Thank God because He has allowed me to.... be here on this earth; to grow and gain spiritually, to graduate college in 2005 at the age of 24, to Marry my long time sweet-heart in 2006 at the age of 25, to have my most amazing Blessings, my children, Santi in 2009 {at 28}& Cami in 2011{at almost 30}. To have beautiful friends in my life. To share my life with my Husband, my Santi and my Cami and with my Mom and Dad, Brothers {Max and Belon} and Sister {Moe..I mean Jess} and my beautiful nephew Olin. To give me a GREAT extended family!

I Thank God for all the good and bad in my life, I have learned and grown from it all. No matter how bad, I've moved on. And, with the amazing moments... I've moved up!

I Thank Him and Praise Him...for it ALL.

Thank You to everyone in my life; now, in the past and in the future!

{I am sure you are probably glad the lists are over, HA! ONE of my MOST amazing Best Friends sent me THE besttttttt EVERRRRRR 30's list, AGAIN THANK YOU YVONNE!!!!!!!}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{30 from the Weekend}

30 Things I needed {more of} this weekend...

1. More time.
2. A laptop.
3. Extra person to help with the kids. 
4. To take more pictures
5. My Husband. 
6. A better camera....
7. More courage. 
8. Prayer
9. Patience.
10. More upper body strength
11. A better plan. 
12. Internet on my phone
13. An extra hand...
14. More words...
15. More hugs. 
16. More kisses. 
17. More time. {Did I say that already?}
18. a portable DVD player?
19. an Ipod. 
20. Better tennis shoes
21. a haircut..LOL. 
22. A better backpack
23. my notebook and pen. 
24. a good book
25. my rosary
26. My Husband...did I mention that one also?
27. More sleep.
29. Less sadness
30. More laughs and joy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What's to come? {30 Recap and Goals}

I have plans!

Lots of them!!!

I have been busy with work and well life but hopefully you haven't missed too much.

Here is a recap:

-I reached 75 FB readers, working on my 100! guessed it....GIVEAWAY time!
-My Hubby got a new Summer Internship~ With Vaugh Construction~
-I was on Maternity Leave for 2 months.
-I have been crafting {making and selling-But really it's a Hobby}
-I had my second Baby {CamBam}-Officially making me the Momma of Dos! {Yaay!} ~Hence the Maternity Leave~
-I finally had my first ever GIVEAWAYS! {Congrats again to the Winners!}MANY MORE TO COME I HOPE!
-I am currently seeking a new job in a Faith based community with Hispanic and Community involvement as a plus!
-I am planning my Son's second Birthday in September and my daughters FIRST in March!
-I am still and more so than ever in LOVE with my LIFE, MY FAMILY and GOD!

How? Where and Who?

My Blog originated as a "ME" blog on Wordpress; a hard-working, church-going, quirky Faith-filled Wife! It didn't really have structure.....

Then it became a Mommy Blog {still and more so Faithfilled but with some structure}....

Then it went on to become an all around honest Family and Faith Blog! {Still with structure and bigger plans in mind!}

Now, a NEW Me, Family, FAITH, Crafty Blog has emerged and I still have even BIGger the months go by {as God's will is done} and another year finishes I plan to execute those plans and move forward!  {I have never lost sight of HIM, I have as an imperfect Human Being that I am wandered away, doubted who He has brought me to be, and thought that He may not have been who guided me here to execute this specific purpose! BUT now, NOW more than ever, I KNOW, that I was SO VERY WRONG. That HE is MY ONE AND ONLY PURPOSE. That HE is my one and ONLY guide. THAT HE IS THE REASON I am HERE. In this place. In this moment. I will embrace HIM! Move forward and never again doubt what I believe IN, Who I believe in!}

With this in {with His purpose in} mind I plan to add and  return some features to my Blog! They went missing, I was caught off guard and thrown off course! But order must be re-gained. And life will once more be GREAT!

What to look for in the coming MONTHS:

*Guest Bloggers [Monday] {EMAIL ME TO:}
*"New Addition to the Family" Feature {If you have special talents you want to share!!!{EMAIL ME TO:}
*En la Cocina con Ricardo {TOTALLY NEW!!!} The Head Chef will be my Hubby! YUP! He can cook too!
*La Sonrisa de un Niño {Also totally NEW! It will be weekly stories about my Children and how they make me smile!}
*Craft of the Month {A Tutorial Series-Monthly}
*I want to do "Praise & Worship Wednesday" again, I miss it!
*I want to start "Thankful Thursdays" with Family of Four Blogger {link-up}!
*I want to add "Finding Friday {& Suggestions Saturday}" - My cool "finds" of the week and what you think I should be looking at!
* El Domingo en Casa {Family Activities to do after Church~Local Feature~}
*As you may have guessed, I want to add more Spanish {With a Tex-Mex twist and Spanglish lingo} posts!!! Yes, Yo soy muyyyy Mexi-Mexi!
* I want to add more PICTURES to my everyday POST! For your viewing pleasure... Ha.
* I want to have a MONEY MATTERS post every Month {Where Finances and Organization and Spousal Communication about the issue is discussed!}
*I want to have a possibly weekly Health and Fitness Post {Where a Health Expert can tell us how and what to do to keep in shape but more importantly how to stay Healthy!}
*I also want a possible weekly Fashion and Makeup post {Where my Fashion and Makeup Guru's can discuss beauty and dressing cute! I have TWO people in mind already!}

Ambitious much!? HA. I think so. God will find a way!!! I know He will.

I hope you like it all!

Please stick around, FUN WILL BEGIN SHORTLY!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{30 About 30}

[I've never been scared of numbers. Like 30. I embrace it. I love it. It means a lot. Age represents time well spent, wisdom and lessons learned. I love 30!]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

{30 Words or Less}

{This will be difficult. I want to start a picture challenge; I found one over at Breezy & Sonny! I need to work on my picture taking skills, that's all!}

Friday, June 24, 2011

{30 Words or MORE}

{My 30 days of 30 are almost over. I plan on starting many new ventures and moving forward with my Blog and my journey. We shall see what life will bring. So far. Life has been fair. Life has been LOVE. Life has been FAITH. And, honestly....I have no complaints, or regrets. Life is life and it must go on.}

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[30 of FAITH]

This one took me a minute.

I couldn't find my older Bible:

30 Bible Verses that have gotten me through my 30 years (Really more so the last 6 years).....

1. Philippians 4:13

2. Psalm 23

3. Psalm 27

4. 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 {Read at my wedding...}
5. Proverbs 31 { My inspiration}
6. Lucas 1:39-45

7. Matthew 9:29-30
8. Juan 4:43-54
9. Luke 15:11-32
10. Marcos 9:24
11.John 3:16
12.Genesis 18: 1-10 {Gave me hope while trying to have children}
13. Psalm 1
14. Psalm 3
15. Psalm 6: 1-3
16. Psalm 22
17. Psalm 31
18. Salmo 84
19. Psalm 90
20. Psalm 91
21.Psalm 103
22. Psalm 104
23.Psalm 131
24.Psalm 139
25. Psalm 143
26. Psalm 144:4,6,8
27. Psalm 145:8,14
28. Salmo 55:11
29. Matthew 25:31-46
30. Luke 10: 38-42 {Side notes: We worry and do all the wrong things. The one right way is the Lord's way. Don't worry about petty things when he is teaching you LOVE, LIFE and HONESTY.}

I have so many others tagged and so many notes, but they are VERY personal.

During my time with my old Bible, 6 years ago, I was  going through a lot with my parents.

Their marriage was in GREAT despair. Hence my obsession with Psalms {and with having a Faith-filled family of my own}.

Psalms, was my favorite book during this time. 

I pleaded and cried out for help almost every night since I was 13. It wasn't until I was 24 that God came into my life and that He showed me that if I cried out to HIM...nothing was impossible and everything was possible.

At 24 I truly came to Christ and my life has changed very much since then. Not perfect but just right. I've learned many lessons and life has definitely hit me hard, but I have always managed to wear a smile. Not because of me, but because of God. He has guided me and I continue to follow Him closely. Yes, I still making mistakes but learning each day how to be a better me.

A little hint when reading the Bible, that I learned at 24:

You set a time and place a side for you and Jesus to talk. How?

Just like you would with an old friend who you want to catch up with. You find the right location, where no one can bother you and where you can give that friend your undivided attention. You make sure it's comfortable and quiet. You set up a candle that will remind you of the constant flame that Jesus is within your heart. Then you start your conversation by saying; "Jesus, I am here, ONLY for You. To listen and give you my undivided attention. I am yours. Please give me peace and understanding so that Your Word can fill my heart and every empty space in my soul." Then you start reading your favorite verse...BUT slowly. Calmly. Taking in EVERY word. Listening to God. Really capturing His unique message for you. Once you are done reading, you sit. Close your eyes and listen to Him, for Him. His Word will fill your life with that light and that wholeness that NOTHING and NO-ONE else can give you. 

It's an amazing feeling. 

I hope you can relish in this one day.

This is my new Bible, which has started my Momma journey with me: 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[30 In my Bag]

30 things in my everyday work bag....

1. My Mom's Devotional Bible
2. My Jury Duty Summon for tomorrow
3. My Debit card
4. A pen
5. Pictures of my kids, a must!
6. My Cellphone
7. My lunch
8. A book I just started reading on my "down time" {Thank You for being Difficult}
9. My Monthly Planner
11. My everyday thoughts notebook
12. Printout of Old Devotionals I love
13. Notes taken from my Joyce Meyers, Dr. Tony Evans and Joel Stockstill online video's 
14. Lip gloss...I think...
15. Extra hair ties
16. My rosary
17. Tylenol
18. Tissue Paper
19. Keys
20. Markers
21. My kids Birth Certificates {for our trip Friday}
22. My Wallet
23. Spare Change
24. Texas ID
25. A mirror
26. Receipts
27. An envelope I need to mail
28. a necklace
29. Insurance card
30. A menu to a Vietnamese Restaurant on Bellaire...

Ha. Pretty EASYY.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{30 Things I am Good @}

Ahi. Here we go.....

I am good at:

1. Multi-tasking
2. Thinking under pressure!
3. Remembering names...although...I am getting old...
4. Typing
5. Making Breakfast
6. Taking Pain
7. Scrabble {I think}
8. Making lists?
9. Giving Hugs! I am almost positive of this!
10. Listening.
11. Being constructive
12. Being Crafty
13. Making ice! Ha.
14. Caring for my Children
15. Loving my Husband
16. Planning parties
17. Proof reading
18. Editing...some times...
19. Figuring out techy things
20. Checking my email
21. Remembering to get the mail
22. Cleaning up my house...although it doesn't always work out that way
23. Straightening MY hair...
24. Remembering to brush and floss my teeth...good for those around me...
25. Dancing! Love it.
26. Loving on and kissing my children everyday all the time!!!!
27. Washing's the folding I can do without
28. Planning trips!
29. Writing about random things
30. Dreaming up a little dream! Ahhh.

This is really getting harder than I thought...

Monday, June 20, 2011

[Thankful for 30]

There are soooo manyyyy reasons to be Thankful for but I will limit myself to 30, for the obvious purpose.

I am THANKFUL for:

1. My Husband-Rick Man
2. My Children-Santi & Cami
3. My Parents-They have taught me about life and then some.....
4. My Sister-She is a friend and so much more!
5. My Brothers-They are crazy!
6. For my Nephew Olin, he will forever be a younger brother to my children.
7. learning to Read and Write
8. having rights and a place within my community
9. having a stable and constant paycheck
10. all the Women of FAITH in my life these days!
11. Prayer
13. my Home, it may NOT be new but it serves a GREAT purpose
14. my Truck! It works and as of May 2011 IT'S PAID FOR! Say what?!?!
15. the ability to use all of my senses!
16. physical mobility.
17. my co-workers
18. The Internet {when it's used for good reasons}
19. Social Networks, they keep me connected with friends and family from afar!
20. my extended family!
21. my Husband's extended family- THEY ARE AMAZING SUPPORT!
22. My Mother-in-Law who watches my children
23. My Father-in-Law who is able to provide for his family so that my Mother-in-Law is able to stay home.
24. Being born in the US-Nuff said!

25. My Husband's education.
26. My Husband's Internship.
27. My Husband's friends, they are all GREAT men of Character and great examples to my Husband.
28. The Bible, I'd be lost without it.
29. My Church
30. Above All Jesus and my knowledge of Him, my Trust in Him. His un-failing Love and forgiveness.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

{30 films of 30}

{ noooo particular order!}

1. The Dilemma {Because we watched it last night!}
2. Dirty Dancing {Because Rick saw it for the first time Friday night!}
3. The Bucket List
4. FootLoose
5. Pretty Woman
6. The Notebook
7. The Godfather {my husband made me see it...a million times!}
8. Lord of the Rings
9. Runaway Bride {Anything with Julia!}
10. Bourne Identity {Anything with Mattttttt!}
11. Sweet Home Alabama {yes!}
12. How to loose a guy in 10 days
13. The Fighter
14. Slumdog Millionaire {LOVE}
15. Gran Torino
16. The Social Network {a MUST}
17. Toy Story 3 { A GAZILLION TIMES!}
18. Children of Men
19. Hope FLOATS {Anything with Sandra!}
20. Transformers
22. Prince of Persia
23. Iron Man
24. La Bamba
25. School of Rock
26. Big Daddy
27. Wedding Crashers
28. Man on Fire
29. Love and Other Drugs
30. No Country for Old Men


Saturday, June 18, 2011

{30 tv shows}


8. ALF
15. AMERICAN IDOL! {You already  know!}

{THERE ARE SOOOO MANNNYYY MORE! But, I bet some of these will take you down memory lane..if you are my age... HA!}

Friday, June 17, 2011

{30 Places to see {or go to} in Houston}

1. Hermann Park Conservancy
2. I love going to the Museum District in general

3. Mecom Fountain

4. Babaloo’s

5. Taco Milagro

6. The Public Library in Downtown

7. The Metro Rail System

8. Discovery Green

9. Market Square Park

10. The Houston Zoo

11. BearCreek Park

12. River Oaks Movie Theater

13. Hank’s! You already know!

14. Mary Jo Peckham Park

15. Medical Center {Cause I think it’s amazing..not just cause I used to dream about it but cause it just is!}

16. The Heights
17. Downtown Houston during the day…

18. MidTown{Nightlife, never been…}

19. Memorial City Mall

20. Galleria Area

21. Christ Church Cathedral
22. Co-Cathedral of the Scared Heart

23. Greek Festival {On Eldridge}

24. Bayou City Art Festival

25. A Ball game {Pick one Football-Reliant, Baseball-Minute Maid, or Basketball-Toyota}

26. Party on the Plaza

27. Any kind of Festival!

28. Children’s Museum

29. Traders Village

30. Farmers Market

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{30 FAVORITE websites}

~Favorite websites and blogs~

1. Google

2. Amazon

3. Blogger

4. Facebook

5. Twitter

6. Yahoo




10. Wellsfargo {You already know}

11. {For obvious reasons}



14. Kraft Foods



17. {NUFF SAID!}

18. ETSY {I WAS OBSSESED FOR A WHILE…but have NEVER bought anything! }

19. Shutterfly




23. Proverbs 31





28. Anything about crafts

29. Anything about Blogs {mostly Techy stuff these days}

30. Sites and Blogs on Faith, Family and Freinds....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{30 things I make lists for..}

Ok, I have some catching up to do..I didn't know how easy finding these list topics would be and if I could follow through but so good!

{This one reminded me of FAMILY FEUD}

1. Groceries

2. Things To-Do at work

3. Packing for a trip

4. Packing Baby’s Diaper bag

5. Chores to do

6. Friends I have to call

7. Invites to send out

8. Party Planning

9. Emails I have to send

10. Websites I want to look up

11. Places I want to go

12. Blogs I want to write

13. Pictures I want to download

14. Wish lists

15. Upcoming Birthday’s

16. Blog Lists {Ha.}

17. Thank You notes I have to send out

18. Orders I need to complete

19. Appointments that need to be made

20. Renovations I want to do to my house

21. My dreams

22. Books I want to read....

23. My Goals

24. Dinner

25. Things Ricardo’s needs to get done

26. Things I need for the kids for our week

27. Things Ricardo’s mom needs for her house for our kids for the week

28. Crafts I want to do

29. New things I want to try out

30. Finance Matters?

{wow this one was an easy one!}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[30 images]

I think this one will be a staple post to my Blog!

I will pick 30 images every so often and post them [probably with a better theme in mind. HAHAHA.]!

I love the idea... HA. {I am clever.}

Here they are [I only found a collage setting for 25 pictures so I did an extra one with 5! HA. Hope you like]

A Summer nights Dream.....

On this hot Summer night....I dream.

I have lived my life for 30 years, I've had extreme ups and horrible lows.

On this breezy, warm evening I whisper to God.... Please let time stand still.

This moment with my son; his cheerful smile and exploring eyes. This time of holding my daughter so close and protected by my heart. This night of chatting away with my Husband about life and what's to come.

This God given evening of Love and playful fun with my family.

It all comes down to the little red wagon being pulled by my Husband {32 this year} as he huffs and puffs; inside the son, Santi {21 months}, my daughter CamBam {2 months} and myself {almost 30 years old}...on this evening we are all children of an all mighty God and we are Blessed.

The silence. The breeze. Our conversation. Santi's laughter. Camila's silence. It's all perfect. I think of my life before my own little family of Four.... the chaos, the pain, the anguish...and nothing makes more sense than where I am now.

The peace. The Faith. The future. LOVE. Family.

My heart melts in the evening sun and my soul floats onto cloud nine..... drifted away with a lullaby...and lifted by the soft angels in my arms...

This is where my life is today.....

....and I am Thankful. I am Blessed.

And it all comes down to that little red wagon on this hot Summer night....

Nunca me lo imagine así......

Monday, June 13, 2011

{Part of my 30's lists} Mommy Wish List. ♥

I know this is a bit selfish... but I have a few items {for myself} on my wish list especially this year....

{30 things on my Mommy Wish list or to-do list}

1. New clothes.
2. New shoes.
3. New makeup.
4. More time for my kids.
5. More time for me.
6. More time with my Hubby.
7. More date nights with my Hubby.
8. To find a new Church. 
9. To loose about 10 more lbs and not gain the almost 30 that I have already lost....
10. New haircut {if I have the guts}
11. More time to craft and blog. 
12. To go to the Beach. 
13. To see my Aunt in Detroit, soon. 
14. To get Camila's baptism plans complete {I've already thought of the God-Parents; we just need to ask them}
15. Find a new job. {HUGE sigh}
16. Get  pictures done with my Hubby and kids.
17. Have Thanksgiving dinner at my house.
18. Plan Santi's 2nd Birthday
19. Plan Cami's 1st Birthday
20. Spend more time with my Girlfriends.
21. Attend Bible Study
22. Sign up for a Church Group
23. Visit my Grandmother.
24. Buy myself a James Avery Bracelet.
25. I want to give more money at Church.
26. I want to see about opening an Etsy account.
27. I want to take a Business class {Accounting and Business Organization}
28. I want to take my GRE
29. I want to have a Business meeting...
30. I want to fly away... sometimes...

Eeeeek I think that makes me...caught up...on 30's lists until tomorrow that is!

{30 things I saw today!}

Today I saw {Really it's from my weekend!}:

1. A Yorkie. I [heart] Yorkies! They are soo my favorite doggie!
2. An awesome Camera..I so wish I had!
3. Ants. All over my Diaper bag....
4. Cupcakes. They were good.
5. Doritos. I had not had them in a while.
6. Cash. I hardly ever have cash! 
7.  A new home. [Not mine. I wish!] 
8. A cute pair of sandals I want for Cami.
9. An Olive Garden bad.....{drooling}
10. Pink Toe nails.
11. A messy house. {Mine of course! It was horrible}
12. A clean kitchen after 2 days of mayhem!
13. A finished photo project.
14. A cute shirt. I need new clothes.
15. An awesome car.
16. A freeway.
17. Pretty flowers in the entrance of our neighborhood.
18. A messy garage.
19. A tiny grill.
20. A big grill.
21. Swim gear.
22. A cute haircut, not mine!
23. Did I mention Cupcakes..yes both days..they were good...but bad for me!
24. Coke. {Nuff said}
25. Violet {Puppy Pal}
26. Determination.
27. Consistency.
28. Faith.
29. Love.
30. My unpolished nails {hands and toes!}

{30 things I like to do}

I had to do easy lists since I am behind a couple of days...

Here we go:

{30 things I like {love} to do}

1. Well DUH. I love to BLOG.
2. I love to share.
3. I love to talk!
4. I LOVE spending time with my Family {Hubs, Cami and Santi-most the time}
5. I love creating. 
6. I love crafting {Or "Hobby-Lobbying" as my Husband loves to call it. He gets a kick out of it!}
7. I love shopping for my craft projects.
8. I love to EAT!
9. I love to write.
10. I love reading and will pick up a new book soon! It's a must!!
11. I love thinking of new ideas...
12. I love watching my favorite shows on TV {Come on Idol, Big Bang and Biggest Loser!}
13. I love searching for new Blogs! {I've made a couple of consistent Bloggy finds!}
14. I love to Daydream! {I'm a Dreamer...::sigh::}
15. I love taking pictures of my children and sharing them.
16.  I love taking my kids to the park!
17. I love quiet alone time.
18. I love to sleep in...although I have not done that much lately! {Not that I can't but my body just wakes up everyday at 5:30 no matter what is going on! }
19. I love dressing my little Cami up and taking her out with me!
20. I love running around in my backyard with my son!!
21. I love talking to my Husband about what we will do in the future {God willing that is....}
22. I love planning PARTIES!!!!
23. I love talking on the phone with my sister and my mom....
24. I love browsing websites for new blog design ideas.
25. I love walking in our neighborhood and meeting new neighbors.
26. I love to dance...although we haven't gone in a long time.
27. I love to help others and volunteer...haven't had much time the last almost 3 years.
28. I love organizing events {I have a good one in the works}
29. I love going to Church with my family.
30. I love being me and bringing smiles to peoples faces!

Whew! Next one... 

Not a Make-up Artist,

I am in almost no way ever interested in make-up. I've never even really worn make-up. I am thinking it's the whole I'm a new Momma of Dos and turning 30 in a few weeks deal that maybe I want to feel, "pretty" {Oh so pretty}.

No idea. Random for a Monday, if I do say so myself.

Our family had a very busy weekend. Lots of fun get-togethers. I love Baby Showers! I created a little something. I will post later tonight on my Craft blog.

We went to the pool at a friends house {Thanks Kathy A.!} I DIDN'T GET MY CAMERA OUT ONCE! But, I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of chit-chat, laughter and yummy food! {Thanks to all the cooks and great company!} I was very happy to see my son run around and have fun in a bigger pool than the one at home {his little 20 dollar Wal-mart pool, Ha.} but I think for now he prefers the latter. He was a bit scared of the whole situation and would only ask to get in the pool if his Daddy was in there. Otherwise he ran around outside with the other kids or his Aunt Kathy who did a great job of wearing him out! {Or vice-versa! Ha.}

In all we had lots of fun, saw great friends, spent time with family and planned for weeks ahead. 

How was your weekend? Any fun Summer activities?

I know June has been busy and will be busy for us but other than the 4th of July next month, I am not sure what else we will do. I definitely want to go to the Houston Zoo once this Summer with both our kids, and the Children's Museum and the Movies with Santi.   

Have a great week. {BTW, Since I am back at work my posts will probably come later in the day or the night before. We shall see. I have lots of catch up to do....}

Friday, June 10, 2011

The morning ride....

This week was a tough one.

We had only one car. I finally got paid after 10 weeks on one income. We had to be mad crazy creative about our kids everyday care. My Hubby had a follow-up doctor's visit for his Blood Pressure problems. And, this morning my Mom told me that we may have to go to Detroit to visit my Aunt who is ill and was sent to Hospice.

The ride this morning was as it has been the last 5 days; chaotic, unorganized, loud and funny. But, it was also reassurance.

As we approached my Husband's job.

He said this "Connie, we will make it out of this...."rut"."

Little did I know that those words would be the most affirming grace that I would need the rest of the day to remind myself that God is HUGE and my problems are not. Those words are a new breath into my lungs. His words are my life line. His WORD is my salvation.

The morning ride.....

Will be missed.

{30 Emotions}

30 Things that I am today.....

  1. Blessed.
  2. Drained.
  3. Tired.
  4. Sleepy.
  5. Full. 
  6. Faithful.
  7. Hopeful.
  8. Exhausted.
  9. Sad.
  10. Concerned.
  11. Inquisitive.
  12. Annoyed.
  13. Bumped.
  14. Confused.
  15. Amazed.
  16. Thankful.
  17. Friendly.
  18. Loved.
  19. Loving.
  20. Caring.
  21. Thoughtful.
  22. Creative.
  23. Inspired.
  24. Motivated.
  25. United.
  26. Supported.
  27. Supportive.
  28. Seeking.
  29. Lovable.
  30. In Need.
In all I think the good outweighs the bad and THANK GOD it's Friday!

I don't think I could have handled another day in this work week!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

(30 on the playlist}

{30 Artist on my playlist today}

I sorted them alphabetically...can you tell..hehehe.

1. Adele

2. Aaron Shust

3. Alejandro Sanz

4. Aventura

5. Ayiesha Woods


7. Casting Crowns

8. Dixie Chicks

9. Drake

10. The Clark Sisters

11. Fergie

12. George Straight

13. Green Day

14. Gwen Stefani

15. Hoobastank

16. Israel and New Breed

17. Jars of Clay

18. Jason Mraz

19. Jeremy Camp

20. John Legend

21. John Mayer

22. Joni Lamb

23. Julio Jaramillo

24. Kirk Franklin

25. Los Horoscopos de Durango

26. Los Lonely Boys

27. Marvin Sapp

28. Matthew West

29. Michael Buble

30. Ricky Martin {You already know!}

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{30 About Me}

The list they uh'continue!

Ha. Ha.

I hope I am not boring you! Let me know if I really let me know. {Ha.}

{30 Things you should know about me!}

1. I don’t like’s a long story.

2. I love to EAT. {Anything and everything…except MAYO!}

3. I am not a fan of cats.

4. I had 2 birds once, and unknowingly killed them with Clorox fumes…but I said they committed suicide. {Shhhh. Ha.}

5. I have 2 brothers and a sister!

6. I have 6 God-Daughters {Cindy, Lorena, Gloria(Zuri),Melisa, Suzie and Becca} (I keep in touch with all of them or try at least)},  and a God-Son {Alan Yahir}

7. I secretly love to be alone!

8. I talk a lot…NO REALLY…A LOT.

9. I’ve never been to Vegas….

10. I would love to live anywhere other than HOUSTON!

11. I really don’t want to grow up! Ha.

12. I think I AM A TOYS R’ US KID! Ha.

13. I LOVE to stay up late and talk to my Husband about anything and everything…..

14. I love TV but have very little time to watch it.

15. The last Novela I saw was “Mañana es para Siempre

16. I love Christian music but totally dance to Bachata and Salsa while I drive!

17. I haven’t gone out to a “club” in over 2 years!

18. I don’t hate people but I do hate actions. {Some people are so inconsiderate}

19. I am Catholic but I am not perfect!

20. I love taking pictures but need a new camera.

21. I am no longer scared to die. {I used to be. And, other than leaving my family and amazing husband and children behind, the actual thought of longer scares me.}

22. I love MOVIES!

23. I laugh reallllyyy loud..and it used to be louder but when Ricardo and I were dating he told me I laughed really loud and it made him nervous so I stopped laughing loudly because it made me self-conscious. {Darn it.}

24. My favorite animal in the world is the elephant...but I know nothing about them! {Maybe I should learn}

25. I love Butterflies, ever since I was about 13.

26. My favorite color is {PINK}.

27. I haven’t bought new jeans in almost a year!

28. I dream of spending days and nights on an island somewhere far away with my children and hubby….relaxing and forgetting about the “real world”

29. The “Real World” was the first reality show I was addicted to.

30. I am not an addict…just saying…

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{30 foods of 30} FOR ALL MY FOOD LOVERS!

This will probably be my MOST favorite list!!!

I will be splitting it..I am so excited. HA.

{30 Foods that I have just LOVED in my last 30 years}

Mexican {Duh. I am Mexican}
1. Sopes
2. Pozole
3. Huaraches
4. Tacos de Pastor
5. Consome de Chivo
6. Tortillas de Harina con mantequilla
7. Tamales de Frijol con salsa verde! {yum}
8. Frijoles Charros
9. Arroz Blanco con elote
Italian {You would think I am part Italian}
10. Pizza {lots any kind}
11. Spaghetti with meatballs
12. Lasagna
15. Boudin
16. Red Beans and Rice
17. Jambalaya
18. PHO!
19. Spring Rolls
20. Vietnamese Egg rolls with Peanut Sauce
21. Vermicelli Noodles with grilled  pork
22. Vietnamese Combination Sandwiches {Pork and Chicken}
23. Com Tam (cơm tấm) which is Vietnamese for broken rice, with a grilled pork chop, thinly shredded pork and pork skin (bì), fried egg, pork meat loaf, pickled carrots and sliced cucumbers. {SO GOOD!}
American/Texan {Yes's where I am from!}
24. HAMBURGERS with avocado and cheese!
25. BBQ Sandwiches with extra BBQ sauce
26. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
27. Hot Dog with lots of ketchup and dill pickles!
28. Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
30. Nachos with lots of CHEESE and JALAPEñOS!


My easiest list so far!

Moving on up....

I am currently pleased with how my Blog is coming along.

I am not a super "techy" person at all and I don't know much about getting "things" onto and done to my Blog but I am pleased. And, I try....

I am getting more hits on my page, different areas of the world on my destination tracker and more followers on my Blog and Facebook page! 

I love it. 

And, I hope you love it too!!

Would love to hear your feedback? 

A few questions for my Blog-xperts {"Blog Experts"Ha. Not a real word!}:

How do I get different fonts on my posts?
How do I get a signature?
How do I get cool buttons and widgets on my page?

Thank You for your help!

Monday, June 6, 2011

[30 IN 30]

There are probably many others but here are 30 place I want to go....{any time in the future!}

{30 places in the next 30 years...Ha.}

  1. Mexico { long as it's safe... Eeeekk.}
  2. Peru {Machu Picchu to be exact}
  3. Disney Land {In California?}
  4. Disney World {In Florida..can never get those right, for the know..HA.}
  5. Sea World {San Antonio/ with my kids and Hubby!}
  6. Vegas Baby! {Just the Hubs and I, we've never been!}
  7. New York City {Just to see what all the hype is about!}
  8. Chicago, IL. {cause the Hubby really wants to go}
  9. To visit my Aunt Lola in Detroit Michigan {WANT TO SO BAD}
  10. New Mexico {For the style}
  11. Italy {Would  be nice.}
  12. Spain {Seems romantic}
  13. Canada {For the snow eh'}
  14. Miami {Never been}
  15. California
  16. Hawaii
  17. Washington, DC {To see the White House!}
  18. Harpo Studios {Would love to see where all the magic happens!}
  19. Nashville, Tennessee
  20. Cuba {Maybe, if I wasn't so scared...}
  21. Vatican City
  22. La Catedral Metropolitana, el Zócalo, México D.F.
  23. France {Paris?}
  24. Greece
  25. To the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  26. To the BEACH!!!!! {With my kids and Hubchub!} 
  27. Camping!!!!! {With family and friends!}
  28. To anyyyy MUSEUM, anywhere!!! {Especially Children's Museums}
  29. To the Zoooooo with my kids, anywhere!!!
  30. Aquarium? Not in Houston tho....
That one was easy enough... on to the next day! Ha.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Random 30}

This list is a list of 30 but split in TWO. {Ha.}

List will be composed of the 15 things I have with me at all times and 15 things I don't have ever! 
{30 with and without!}

1. I always wear my wedding band and engagement ring. 
2. Always have my cellphone! 
3. I always have keys; House, Car, Work, etc. etc. 
4. A hair tie or clip. {If it gets hot and I can't stand my hair in my face!}
5. Glasses; I always have to wear my glasses or contacts. 
6. A pen. 
7. These days; wipes. 
8. Tylenol or some type of pain medication. 
9. Some religious article {Rosary, pocket devotional, my Bible}
10. Debit card. Although sometimes....I have no money.. {Ha.}
11. Water; either for myself or for my son.
12. My drivers license.
13. My Camera. Especially on the weekends.
14. Tweezers.
15. Receipts.
16. Never have CASH....any kind... ask my co-workers...HA.
17. Mirror
18. Make-up. I only wear it to go out so it stays at home.
19. Jewelry; other than my wedding band..I always forget to put it on...these days at least.
20. Pictures; other than on my cell phone and camera.
21. A little notebook to jot down numbers.
22. Lip stick.
23. A hair brush.
24. My passport. {never got it... eeekkk.}
25. My social security card. {lost it.}
26. Some women carry deodorant or perfume...I never doooo. I should
27. Hand sanitizer...I should!
28. A camcorder; does anyone?
29. An I-pod. Don't own one.
30. My work badge. {one time I lost it for months... it was in my purse wallet in a compartment that I never open! HA.}

This was a for fun list, very random and still not as easy as you would think....