Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This Summer has been busy! More like BU-SYYYYY!

Because well, it has been.... one whirlwind after another....and it's not getting any better...

Here is the story:

Our home consist of....

My Hubby; a Full-time student, trying to finish school ASAP, he will ONLY be 1 class away from graduation after this December, but in the mean time, he is taking FIVE classes, YES FIVE! Oh did I mention he also has to work to partly assist in supporting our home? Well he does. He is an intern and doesn't make much but still goes to work EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. He is very professional and hates missing work! But, did I mention the FIVE classes, well yes that's the Hubby.

Then there is ME. I recently received a promotion at work, YAAAY! I know right!? Only that it was one of those one day to the next kind of a thing where you really just... GO! Don't look back and think about it later...well I am in the thinking stage, NOW. You see for 3 years I prayed almost every day for doors to open and 3 years and 2 kiddos later...they open... SO wide, it's been amazing! An answered prayer... so again...I am thinking. My new job keeps me well, BUSY. And, did I mention I have 2 kiddos and a Hubby who works and goes to school FULL-time. Oh yes, and then, there is this place I love to go, it's called Church. For about 2 months now I have been going to the chapel on Friday nights just because and to a Prayer and Worship workshop on Tuesday nights, for Faith. Then there is this LOVELY Blog that I just LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to keep. And well, I have been a bit overwhelmed to say the least...but no worries..I love it all!

{As I look back on my Blog History..I have Blogged almost everyday the last 3 months, uhm, and to that I say, HOW ABOUT A LITTLE  BLOG-CATION!?!?! But, worry and fear quickly sink in and I wonder...what if I lose readers, what if my current readers get tired of waiting....and then God speaks...Connie...todo a su tiempo...and right a time to pause... to wait and to listen! Not for too long but just long enough!}

Then there are the two VERY busy, super active, Momma {& Daddy} Love wanting FINALLY 2 year old son and my beautiful 6 month old daughter! Surely you will miss them but when I come back I will have TONS of new Momma topics to discuss and post about! That will definitely be a part of my Blog-cation! {Need to get all my notes and thoughts in order!}My children are doing worries...all love and patience...for that day when their Momma can finally be a Stay-at-Home Momma! I have realized that, that {along with being my own boss}is my true calling but in the mean time I have to help in supporting my family by working an everyday 8 to 5 {or later, HA!} job! One day I pray that my dream of staying at home with my kids will happen! God knows why, and He definitely knows WHEN! All in His timing Connie. All in His timing.

And, don't worry..I usually provide some oldies but goodies!

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And who can forget all of the AMAZING Momma's who most recently taught me SO MUCH MORE ABOUT BEING A MOM, A WOMAN AND FRIEND! FOR THEM CLICK HERE! 


In the mean time..if you want to reach can email me at:

Thank YOU for being here!!! 
Some updated pictures of my Heart! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

{Momma of Dos ♥ ♥}

{Momma Love Series}

I came to Houston 12 years ago, seeking myself and waiting on God....
I was broken....
to say the least...
and these days I am not perfect 
but I have managed to pick up the pieces to hold it  together. 
Through Faith.
God, has given me the strength to find the broken pieces, super glue them together 
{with His Love} 
NEVER again allow the enemy to destroy my Victory! 

Today I am the girl with a broken past, like many, who was some how given a second chance {By the Grace of God}, at well, just about everything...and because of that I consider myself Beyond Blessed.

I try to be me and never let go. 
And, I stand FIRM in what I believe. 

I am {Connie}
Momma of Dos! 

I love to Blog. I love to share. I believe in Christ. I love my family. I love my Husband. I love my Son and I love my daughter. This is my life....I hope you like it....

My First Love:

As some of you may know my Husband and I were together for 7 years before we got married. We had been all that God and Love allowed us to be..or so we thought. 
We got married in 2006 and immediately thought of children. But, it didn't come easy to us... you see aside from being spiritually broken, I suffered from physical illness as well. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, a fibroid, 2 major surgeries, a Cancer treatment {just in case} and many words of discouragement. 
This is where my Faith comes in. I heard and saw all of this but never believed it. My thoughts of one day being a Momma were seeded, planted and rooted in my Heart, through His mighty Heart. 
Like His love my need to become a Momma never ceased. 
In fact it became my biggest determination. 
I would one day become a Momma, because I had Faith. 
So, 3 years after chaos. 
I became pregnant. 
A little baby boy was growing in my belly. 
This little boy is now the little man who rules our lives and fulfilled a purpose for us. We were more than prepared for the expected news but still remained surprised when it happened. We didn't think it would ever be. 
When I took the first pregnancy test and it confirmed that "funny feeling" we were ecstatic and life would only get better.

My pregnancy was well, NOT what I expected and just plain out BLAH. 
But, I endured. I read, LOTS, and just about everything. 
I nested. 
We went to Lamaze. 
And, then 8 months had past. 
After a wild delivery and at age 28, 
I became a Momma to Santi. 
A Momma of One.

Our first year like my life was a ride! You know... "First Time Momma Syndrome"'s real...just trust me...I know! Ha. Tried everything, failed..lots, scared, happy, intimidated, and don't forget..sleepy, grumpy, and dopey! Just about every "first-timer" emotion possible. And yes..the worse...depression. The combination of frustration from a c-section and exhaustion, were the worse, I have ever felt. What's worse....I forgot about God and allowed loneliness to be my only companion. With Love and true support from my Husband and Mom....I made it through those dreadful months. Santi has always been a handful and those sleepless night...well they still haunt me. But I curl up on the couch with him to watch Rio, eat some "ca-corn", being a Momma and being in this moment is MORE than worth it! Nothing, nothing compares. Nothing, nothing matters. Love reigns and Faith prospers. God has Blessed me beyond my wildest dreams...ever!

More Love~Blessed Dos Veces:

For more love I have to back-track a bit. My son was born in September 2009 the same moth my Hubby lost his job and became a FT Student. It was difficult but we managed. Life was great. The following Summer {2010} he was asked to take an Internship in Mississippi. After much prayer and without a doubt, he took the offer and left us for the Summer. Santi was 8 months.  We began a new adventure. It was a long Summer, to say the least.  We would visit Ricardo and he would visit us. I am sure many nights, I cried. I was in Houston with an 8 month old. Not to mention I had a full-time job. It was a real challenge and Blessing all at once. Before I knew it the 3 months were up and Ricardo wanted Santi and I to come visit him one last time, to take a small vacation. During my week there, he worked and I stayed at his apartment with Santi. One day as I talked to my Mom all I could talk about was of  how sleepy and tired I had been all week..and how fussy Santi was being. My mom and her best friend discussed how I could be pregnant. Surely I couldn't be. Santi was only 11 months and it had taken me a whole 3 years to even get one pregnancy test to show me a "pregnant". That whole week, I thought. "Nah. It can't be." The day we came back home I told Ricardo, I could be pregnant. We drove 9 hours to Houston and our first stop was a CVS. I bought a pregnancy test and headed home. That same day we were to go and visit family, so as I showered I waited for my pregnancy test to give me a result. It was the fastest shower I had ever taken. 
I came back to where I had placed the pregnancy test.  
And sure enough
That word, once more.  
We cried. We laughed. We thought, Oh my!  
And, then we headed out to tell the news to our family. 
We were once more ecstatic! 
Santi would be a Big Brother!

Having had a horrible pregnancy with Santi, I expected the my surprise up until the very last day, I was actually ok. My pregnancy was very, very different. I didn't gain so much weight. I wasn't so sad. I was actually in love with being pregnant.Another wild delivery and traumatizing c-section after another 8 months {my children arrive not Mexican! Ha.} I was once more a MOMMA.
Only this time my delight would be a beautiful little girl.
My lil'ma-ma. Cami. 
She is now 6 months. 
Trust me when I say she will be a handful too but is such a good, sleeping, happy baby! And although the first 3 months were difficult for her brother. Now, it's like they were born together. He loves acting like a clown for his little Sister and she loves seeing her Brother act up and be wild.
They hug and laugh.
They smile and Love one another. 
They fill my heart with joy and our lives with meaning and direction.

God has given us the  most amazing gift ever. 
And, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be so fulfilled and accomplished as a.... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Momma Love Series}

Hello Everyone.

I didn't get all 16 entries like I wished for my Momma Love Series..but I did get I would say...It was a success!!!

Friday will be my turn!!! 

It's the day I officially became a  first time Momma!!!

In the mean time...feel free to go back and check out any of the other Momma Guest Bloggers and give them some feedback...follow them..I am sure they will appreciate it!!!

To my Lovely 12 Guest Blogger Momma's 
who were ever so gracious and 
allowed us to take a sneak peak
into their lives...
to you I say....



You've been a true Blessing to me and I pray that my readers have enjoyed you and learned just as much about you as I have....

It's amazing how many of you I know personally...yet didn't "KNOW" you!!!!

Thank You again for sharing and being a part of my life!!!!

To all the New Comers...readers and Guest Bloggers....I say....THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU STICK AROUND...
The fun is just about to start!!!! 

Blessed Night. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

{Kim} ♥

{Momma Love Series}

Today's Momma Guest Blogger is one of those friends, who left my life long ago, 
but through the world wide web, social networks, 
 and by the Grace of God,
she is once more in my life. 
Dios sabe lo que hace. 
We all have to live out our life's purpose 
and know that God is in control. 

This Blog has given me so much insight into her life. 
I was in her life when she had her 4 children but
I would have NEVER guessed that this was her story. 
I hope that she will not only inspire you, motive you and move you 
but that you can Love her much more for being so honest and willing to share her story with us. 

You are a true Woman of strength, courage and Faith. 
I admire you and your efforts to create a fulfilling environment 
not only for you but your children as well.

{Guest Blogger}

Hi. My name is Kimberly Ragan I am 31 years of age. I am a Personnel Coordinator for the company Fiesta and have worked here for almost 6 yrs now. Being a mama of four is a challenge a very complicated challenge. My life changed when I was 17 yrs of age....

When I had my son Luis, this little boy just did not want to be born, and now as the years past he still shows his stubbornness lol. Two weeks after his due date my doctor induced my labor. This was on a Monday at 6:00 am, being induced to provoke contractions are the most painful contractions I have ever felt. I still remember  the nurse coming in and asking me for the last time if I wanted the epidural and I could no longer say no and gave in. (worst mistake I ever made). My son was born Jan. 5th 1998@ 2:03pm weighing 7lbs and 15 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. With the birth of my son all the struggles I was going through and all the questions to myself of "Why Kim why?" just didn't matter anymore. I had just given birth to the most precious, kind heart-ed, big baby and I was so blessed.

Years past and while I was enjoying my son very much, with the getting him dressed up and showing him off and buying all these things for him, yet I was just not happy with my marriage and I felt incomplete. So I thought that by having another baby my life would be better....NOT! Well though my first son was not planned I intentionally got pregnant without consulting my ex. Four years later on Feb 17th 2002 (this was on a Sunday) I awoke feeling sad and depressed. So I got into the shower thinking a nice hot bath will help but it didn't . I immediately started to feel pain in my abdominal area, so I rushed to the hospital where my ex just dumps me off and goes back home to sleep off his drunkenness. So I called my sister, and doctor to come meet me but neither of them came. So practically I had my son on my own, and the poor doctor that helped me. I say poor because I screamed so badly when I pushed, I could feel every contraction and the tearing apart and even the stitching. My son Brandon was born @12:30 pm weighing 6lbs and 8 oz and 20 inches long. This day was the start of the woman I was becoming, not being dumb anymore and not letting my feelings get hurt so easily kind of woman. My little Brandon got the worst of this mama, because his daddy did not want him throughout my pregnancy and I suffered way too much because of it and took it out on him. Brandon crawled at 3 months and walked at 6 months that just shows you how bright my baby is.

I guess  God knew his intentions when I got pregnant again when my Brandon was only a year old. Let me tell  you this pregnancy was not wanted at all, under the circumstances of which I was living in NO! At two months pregnant I decided to have an abortion and my sister loaned me the money and made my appointment. Everyone convinced me not to do it and I am so glad that i didn't go through with it! When I went to go do my ultrasound my doctor said that she thought she saw two babies and then confirmed it, I burst into tears and my sister told me it's ok Kim we will all help you through this. I told the doctor please tell me that at least one of those babies is a girl, and sure enough it was! I was filled with happiness and thanked God for sending me her with a little extra gift, 5 months later my son Dillon and my daughter Yasmin where born on 11/20/2003, weighing 5lbs 6oz and 5lbs 5oz.

It was very difficult to raise my babies because it was actually like having triplets, Brandon was not even TWO! But I did it and I breast fed like I did my others for up to a year. I had my days when I would leave the room and go to the other and scream and cry and then come back in like nothing happened. I can tell you that I not regret any of those days because today being the woman that I am, I am very proud of myself. I have been with my four children on my own since my twins were 1 year and a half and we are together happy and safe. My son Luis who i adore is such a big help to me and I'm so grateful that God put him in my life.

So this is me, a mama of cuatro!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Jessica M.} ♥

{Momma Love Series}
I am really excited about this post. 
It comes from an old friend from one of my very first jobs...
I worked with Jess at Texas Children's Hospital here in Houston. 
 I never thought I would keep long lasting friendships with such amazing women
but God has been great to me! 
 Jessica is one of those Momma's that continuously inspires me to be not just a momma..
but a MOMMA

Might I add, she has the most handsome little boys ever!!


{Guest Blogger} 

I’m Jessica Meza, a.k.a Momma.  I have two boys.  My oldest son, Gabriel, just became a teenager over the summer.  And my youngest son, Julian, is 7 years old.  I have always been a “working” mother.  I’m not gonna lie, part of me enjoys working outside the home since I’m not the best at keeping house…so I try not to complain too often.  Currently I’m working as a Realtor, and part time as an office assistant at a psychiatrist’s office, and trying to create a new bakery- JJ’s Cupcakery, with my BFF.  Yup, I’m busy!  Amazingly, I still have time to enjoy my crafts: photography, scrapbooking, crocheting, sewing, and reading.
The year I turned 23, two wonderful things happened.  First, I became pregnant for the first time.  Second, I gave birth to a sweet and beautiful baby boy.  This first pregnancy was completely unplanned, but I prepared myself through one of my favorite activities, reading.  The pregnancy itself took some getting used to.  My body was being difficult, and didn’t want to keep any food down for several months.  During this time period, I actually lost weight.  Once I was able to eat and keep my food down, my weight stabilized and luckily I had no other problems.  

On July 29th, I woke up about 6 a.m. with what I thought was a stomach ache.  I headed for the bathroom but was unsuccessful.  I returned to bed, only to be awoken by more stomach pain and then I finally realized that I was experiencing contractions.  Later that day I arrived at Memorial Hermann Hospital.  I settled in and received my epidural. Then I waited.  As the afternoon became evening, my contractions became even stronger.  I requested another epidural, but it was too late! The baby was coming and I had to push.  I know the pain was intense since the epidural had mostly worn off.  I struggled with the pain for a while, but finally at 8:13 p.m. Gabriel was born.  

It wasn’t difficult to adjust to my new life as a mother.  Gabriel was an excellent baby.  He had a good temperament and even began sleeping through the night at 4 weeks!  I don’t recall many specific details from that first year, but he was the first grandkid on both sides of the family so he was spoiled with love and many, many toys! 

My second pregnancy was planned and went along just fine.  I only suffered through a little morning sickness in the beginning.  This time I was working and worked until the day before the baby was born.  I left work on Friday, after having contractions for most of the day.  That night at about 11pm I was admitted to the Methodist Hospital.  This time I was feeling strong contractions before I was given the epidural.  My legs were shaking uncontrollably from the pain.  It wasn’t long after I received the epidural that I was in full labor.  This time the medicine was working great and the labor was easy for me.  I felt fully alert and was able to push without any pain.  Julian was born on February 7th at 7 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds.  

Julian is my “little one”, and I love him, but I don’t recall having all these white hairs before he was born!  It was TWO years before I was able to get a full night’s sleep…I was just exhausted.  And the tantrums!  I had never even thought that I would have a child that would throw such horrifically loud, screaming fits, throwing himself on the floor, crying, throwing up, will this EVER end tantrums.  I’m actually smiling as I remember them, as if I find them funny, but I have the white hairs to prove they were real and not figments of my imagination.  Well at least he grew out of it (mostly).  

I love so many things about my boys.  I love how they are the same and how they are different.  I love watching them have fun, hearing them laugh, and snuggling with them.  I love being their mom.

Contact and Follow Jessica :

Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Joani} ♥

{Momma Love Series}

The next Momma has been my friend for over 7 years now.
Funny story.
Her and I had class together in college.
We were studying together one night when our boyfriends {our now Hubby's}
came  to join us
and we discovered that they knew each other too!

For years we did everything together...
we all got engaged around the same time and married the SAME year!

So, it was only expected that we would all have children around the same time.

And we did.

My daughter Cami and her son Mason are only weeks apart!

Joani is one of those Momma friends who have reached
several life changing milestones with me and I hope that she is around for many, many others.
Thank You Joani for being my friend..and now... a Momma friend.

{Guest Blogger}

Hi I'm Joani and I have been married almost 5 years and work for a construction company as the HR manager. We became proud parents to Mason this past April and we also have a fur baby, Bubba, he's 7 years old.

How old you were when you first became a Momma?

29 years old.

Was it expected?

Baby Mason was expected, even though I was surprised on how quickly I got pregnant.

Did your pregnancy go well?

Yes! My pregnancy was very easy, I did not have any morning sickness at all!

Was your pregnancy what you expected?

I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't really read much about it before hand and during. I would just ask my doctor any questions I had.

Did your delivery go well?

Yes. Even though he came 4 ½ weeks early, delivery was super easy and quick!!

Was your delivery what you expected?

No! I thought I was going to be in horrific pain, yelling and screaming and cursing out everyone! You know like you see in the movies. Yes that was not what happened. Don't get me wrong contractions were painful but not enough for me to be all crazy yelling!! Oh and once the epidural kicked in it was even better.

How was your first year? And Was it all that you expected?

Well its only been about 5 months and it has been wonderful. I LOVE being a MOM! Which is still sometimes weird to say! I never thought it would be so easy being a mom and come so fast.

Friday, September 9, 2011

{Salena} ♥

{Momma Love Series}

Ok, so again. I want NOTHING to be lost in translation! 
So today... for our Momma Guest Blogger post we head on over to "A Little Piece of Me". 

{Her Blogs weren't posting exactly as they are on her Blog on my Blog... in other words..having some technical difficulties}
And, again. I am also in AWE as every new post comes in, about number one; how  much you can learn about a woman and her journey through her Momma story and also, at all of the amazing women that God is bringing into my life through my Blog! I am over joyed like no other!
My next Momma is DEFINITELY one HOT Momma and yep...Gran-Momma!

I recently visited her Blog and it's such a Happy place with lots of great pictures and stories. There is no doubt that this Momma has her hands full! 
She submitted not one Momma story but TWO
Both equally amazing. I hope you like them....
Oh yeah..and did I mention... she is Hawaiian...Aloha!

{Guest Blogger}

                                                 Her first journey: BABY LEE

                                                  Her second journey: KAPONO

Contact and Follow Salena:
Blog is “A Little Piece of Me”

Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Yvonne ♥}

{Momma Love Series}
Today's Guest Blogger is a special one in my life. 
Crazy story...we grew up together...
stopped seeing each other for over 10 years and the day we reunited...
it was like NOTHING had ever changed. 
We picked up where we left off, 
only now we weren't 13 year old's trying to find our way...
instead we were soon to be Momma's and Wives...

We then ended up pregnant in the same year... yes. 
Funny I know. It's God. He's awesome like that. 
She then became a Momma for the second time and I became a first time Momma...
only this time we vowed to never be apart again...
we would remain friends for a lifetime...
and never miss out on the amazing work that God has done and will do in our lives! 
My long-time, long-lost, Bestie...'Bon....

 {Guest Blogger}

Somehow I don’t think that being a momma for the first time isn’t ever quiet the way that you expect it to be. One of my most loved momma friends dreamt of the day that she would be pregnant, she couldn’t wait for the glow and experience; only to now tell me (on baby #2) she absolutely hates being pregnant “its.the.worst.thing.ever.” 

As for me, a momma of two I can tell you with out a shadow of a doubt it was never what I thought it would be. My first baby came when I was a young 17. And during the whole time it was mostly one thing- scary. It was my mom and her friends that put the fear into me. They would go about and tell stories about how much it would hurt and how I should not get the epidural because of all the horrible things it would do to me! In the end I’m sort of happy they scared me so much. 

I was so naive that I didn’t even know when I was in labor, I walk into a Dr. appointment for a check-up, only for the nurse to freak out when she realized that I was in fact 4 centimeters dilated! I arrived at the hospital at noon and had Christian Alexander Pozo just before 6pm, on November 4th 1996. No epidural (hello I could be paralyzed!!) no real meds of any kind. I laid there waiting for that horrible moment that all my moms’ friends talked about and well…I never really felt. I take that back, by the time the real pain hit for me it was hum too late. So Christian came in an ole’ fashion kinda of way.

Having Chris at such a young age, I didn’t know what to expect so there is no way to tell you if raising him has been what I thought it would be! I know this, I’d be lost with out my little man. He changed my world and turned it right.side.up. With out him I’d hate to think about what kind of life style I would have ended up with. He set my priorities straight, and made me into a hard working momma, wanting at all times what would be best for him, slowly realizing that to give him the best, I’d have to give it to my self as well. Chris has shown me LOVE, unconditional love that runs deep…

When Jose (my now hubby) came into my life, it was Chris and I rolling solo for 8 years or so. AND when Jose and I began buying our house and planning our wedding, planning our future, it became clear that a little one needed to become part of our family. I had been so sure for so long that it would always be just Christian, that the thought of having another baby (yes Chris is still my baby) was well – scary again. Of course for different kinda of reasons, I wasn’t sure my health was in the right place, being over weight, and being border line diabetic AND not being a young 17!!! Plus I didn’t know if I could LOVE another baby like I love Christian. I knew only that it was something that my husband and I wanted, to make our family complete. Then began the challenge of my health, honestly I was very luck. I went off my beloved pill, began to eat right and exercise, and three months later- TADA! I was preggers!! Just a few months before our wedding! Needless to say we have a habit of doing things upside down and backwards. 

This pregnancy was a challenge, early on I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could and do what felt right for me so I turned midwifery. YUP. I knew that this is what felt right for me. I was 13 years older and still over weight but I decided that if the first time around wasn’t a horror story then this time wouldn’t be either. I continued to eat right and take care of my self and lost weight through-out my pregnancy. Thankfully it all paid off. This time around I would not be so naive. 

The day Hailey was born I woke up and knew right away I was indeed in labor. I didn’t say anything to my husband figuring –

1. He would only freak out.
2. I’d be in labor for a while and he should just go to work first.

My son was at home with me and I didn’t want him to freak out either. SO I kept it to my self and began to nest. I picked up and washed and cleaned a little. By noon my contractions picked up and I called the hubby wrapped up things at work and come home. He must have thought I sounded too relaxed because he didn’t come home till 4. AHHHH! By then contractions had kicked into over drive and it was time to head to the hospital. As we waited to hear back from my midwife, we went for a quick walk down the street! My crazy idea, for some reason I felt less pain moving around. Finally we made it to the hospital just around 5:30 – got settled in a room by 6 and again my midwife was quite surprised to find out that I was indeed 7 centimeters dilated…

November 24th 2009, Hailey Tirado, was born just before 7pm, 13 years 20 days and 1 hour after her big brother. NO drugs and none needed. It was what I expected it to be and into my arms arrived the one thing I was uncertain of, more LOVE. Another heaping load of LOVE that I never knew was possible... 

I had no idea what to expect having a girl; she is a whirl-wind of unexpectedness. This little pile of love is an energy packed firecracker that melts our hearts and drives us crazy and in about a 5 minute cycle all day long. AND what is it like having a 14yr old and a 22 month old? Well some days I feel torn between my teenager as we talk about school, football and his future and on the flip side I am coloring and singing ABC’s! The amazing thing is that Hailey has a 6ft+ older brother that flies her through the house on his shoulders and never minds grabbing every pillow in the house to build a fort big enough for the two of them!! 

I am blessed and I know more now than ever that even though having the two so far apart sounds nutty, God knew it would work for us.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Jess ♥}

{Momma Love Series}

The next Momma Blogger is my younger, more beautiful SISTER! Those of you who know her, know how REAL she is. No tiene pelos en la lengua...she is the ONE person who has been with me the last 27 years and has never left my side. Her raw-ness, no mess kinda personality has gotten me through my worse days and pulled me through more than I thought I could handle. 

She is one tough cookie. I read her post and cried. The thing is...some people will read it and never ever understand that my tears are of pure joy. To see my Sister become an accomplished Momma to Olin, is more than a dream come true for this hopeful Sister and hopeless romantic. 

When I read her post, I thought, maybe I should edit it..and make it Sister is so squishy's ridiculous..but she would never reveal that... and then I thought..if I edit who she is..that's not fair to her or my readers. 

So, yes. She is real. She is raw. AND, by the way...she is MY SISTER. I am MORE than proud of her....

I know that more than one young girl out there will connect with her...

So, here she is...the girl who didn't think she could be a Momma....and is growing every day into an AMAZING ONE!

 {Guest Blogger}

I am a paralegal for the “Texas Hammer.” Question of the day: “is he really the hammer??” Geez, I don’t know. You tell me b/c all I hear all day are complaints from clients who don’t think we’re doing enough to rebuild their broken lives! … Call me harsh, call me rude, call me a B. Sorry but life ain’t easy and if it were meant to be then we’d all be perfect like Jesus! … Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I love my son. I love my sister. I love my mom. I love my family. I love law. And I love me!  

But most of all I LOVE my son!

Weird to hear those words come out of my mouth because here is how my story goes … I was living the “good life” as any accomplished 25 yr old girl does. I had no worries: Paid my own bills, Graduated from UH with a BA in Psychology (which I can do nothing with! But I have a degree!!), and did my own thing partying and concerned only about MYSELF. I had no real desire to live the fairy tale life of finding prince charming, getting married, having kids and living happily ever after. I went on crazy shopping sprees, clubbed, and drank like alcohol was the only thing keeping me alive. I had just moved out of my parents’ house and was living the life. I was the girl who “didn’t like kids.” Not that they aren’t cute and cuddly, but once the crying and fussing began I was more than willing to hand them back to their mommy and daddy and go about my way. So the thought of having my own crying and fussing to deal with was the last thing I wanted.

Then the rain came down on my parade (don’t get me wrong, I make it sound like a horrible tragedy, but keep reading) and at 25 ½ yrs old I took about a million tests hoping to God that I was just drunk beyond belief and seeing things! But no, it was confirmed. I was pregnant. So was he planned?? HECK NO! Not at all, especially when not only was I NOT ready to be a mommy BUT the boyfriend was a 21 yr old, who had been unemployed for mos w/o any hope that he would find a job soon, and I was handling EVERYTHING on my own. To say the least, we FREAKED. Kept it hush for as long as we could after finding out going through all our “options.” But I was nearly ready to pop by the time everything was said and done. So we just threw our hands up and said okay.

I got through the last couple of months of the pregnancy fairly well. All I could do was pray that since I hadn’t had ALL the prenatal care I should’ve, the baby come out perfect. I didn’t show until about mo 7. I weighed 126 lbs at 37 weeks. Cravings, gas, heartburn, nausea, and all of the above were nonexistent to me. So it was nothing like I had expected. TV and movies make it such a DRAMA scene. Nope. I worked up until the before the little man arrived. If I haven’t already totally just made you cringe with the nearly nonexistent pregnancy then you’re gonna wanna run me over after I tell you that all I heard the day of the delivery was, “you make it look so easy.” But no one was in my shoes!! Some of those contractions made me wanna punch someone in the crotch! But I went into the hospital about 10:30 am. Checked in at 11 am, had my epidural at 12 pm, and Olin was in our arms by 5:04 pm on January 29, 2010.

The first year has been a ride. Olin’s made my life so much more interesting and worth living for. His stinky breath in my face at 7 am every morning is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. He makes my heart whole. I don’t know the first thing about being a Mom, but he’s teaching me as I go. If there’s anyone I will do the IMPOSSIBLE for, it’s him. To see his face light up when he discovers something “new” it fills my heart with joy. Teaching him about the world and watching him explore and learn can’t top anything I thought my life would bring. It’s all about Olin now. And as long as he’s healthy and well, there’s nothing more I need for myself!

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{Kathy A.} ♥

Last night I was ushered off to bed by my Husband...he didn't want me to stay up late since my new job requires me to wake up early. So, I listened. {I was tired!} 
So, tonight..a double dose of  Momma Love!

{Momma Love Series}
This next Momma I have only "known" for about a year! I say "known" because...ok..long story short..she was a family friend of my Husband's LONG before my days... She knows my Husband's family very well! 

I found her through our first Momma Love Guest Blogger CaseyLove. There was an instant Momma connection with her! These days..she is one of my absolute best Momma friends! I love her dearly.... 

She is determined, out going, funny and very confident. She helps me pray when I feel blah and also does my makeup! Awesome combo..if I do say so myself! Ha. 

She is also a recent University of Houston-Downtown Criminal Justice graduate..hence the being determined! 

And, here she is....

{Guest Blogger}

My name is Kathy A. Single mother, full time worker. I work as admin assistant.  I love being a mommy and playing soccer.
I am also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and fellow Blogger!
I have a daughter her name is Alyssa or "Aly" for short.
How old you were when you first became a Momma? 25
Was it expected? YES
Did your pregnancy go well? Very well!
Was your pregnancy what you expected? I didn’t know what to expect. I read “What to expect when expecting” and I guess that helped me. Over all it was a really smooth pregnancy
Did your delivery go well? Extremely well!
Was your delivery what you expected? NO because I didn’t know what to expect. The one thing that happened and I had no clue its actually normal was the gagging! I thought I was going to throw up when I first started pushing.
How was your first year? Well I did get post-partum depression. Very very mild but I cried all the time. The only time I felt ok was with Aly was awake. Motherhood was great! Aly was such a joy! She was a happy baby!!
Was it all that you expected? I didn’t know what to expect but I was one happy mommy! (still am!)

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Monday, September 5, 2011

{Laura} ♥

{Momma Love Series}
Yesterday my Guest Blogger was Darlene. Darlene took my breath away.....

 Today another wonderful Momma...
and guess what, she is Darlene's Momma!!!!

Laura is funny, I loved reading her story she reminded me of my own Momma who was young and only had my Dad as her support as she birth her first 3 children... {we are 4 but the 4th came when I was 13, my sister was 11 and my brother was 8...}

I am loving my part-time job as a Blogger these days... and the people who are on this ride with me! 

Enjoy her I have....

{Guest Blogger}

               My name is Laura, I Love Jesus, I love my family, I love to read, I love the beach. I have 3 kids. 2 daughters and one son, my eldest daughter's name is Darlene and my babygirl daughter is named Angelina after my mama. My son is Tony Jr. . I became a mama when I was just 19 years old. I was very young and in love with their father Tony. My eldest daughter Darlene was born to me when I was 19, I got pregnant, graduated high school and married at 18. I was very scared but honestly I had their father's love by my side and he helped me alot. So I can say I didn't know what I was getting into and I'm sorry to say I didn't have the patience I should've had, she had colic real bad and was always sickly my poor Darla but I never hurt my child. 
              Pregnancy wasn't what I expected but then again I was so naive I didn't know what to expect. My daughter Darlene was such a good little baby and I love her. It  was  3 yrs later my husband & I wanted another child and were very blessed with another daughter whom we named after my dying mama Angie. I was 5 months pregnant with Angie when my mama Angie passed away. I was so distraught and honestly I know my Angie was heaven sent because she was the happiest baby and was so cute and just funny always has been. She helped me make it through my mama's death, well her and Darla did. I knew I had to be the best mama I could try to be to them, even though I didn't have much guidance from my mom, I tried and I know I made mistakes along the way but I hope and pray my girls will only remember the good times and not the bad ones. There weren't many bad ones :) . So my husband and I said we would try for another baby and I especially wanted to try before I turned 30. 
                 From the time my Angie was born in 89 to 95 I had got a bad infection from an IUD and was told I might not be able to have anymore babies so I was scared but my husband and I decided to try because If I did get pregnant I wanted it to happen before I turned 30, so the year I was turning 30 we succeeded! I had my son one month shy of turning 31 and he was born 13 years after his big sister and 10 years from his other big sister so it was a huge time gap! 
                 My pregnancies were all good, I have to say the last one took a toll on my back and I had them all NATURAL! OMG! What pain, but when they put that little person in your arms for the first time, there is no words to describe the instant love you feel for a person you just met. When I was pregnant with my first one my mom prepared me by saying "Just imagine the worst pain you will ever feel in your life" I was like Thanks mom! LOL and as I was in labor all I kept focusing on was meeting my baby for the first time and I'm so happy to say my hubby Tony was by my side to help me with each of our children. 
                 My kids have been true blessings to me and all three are good kids, thank you Lord! I now have 2 beautiful grandchildren from my eldest and let me tell you that love is like no other, it's undescribable and yes you do let your grandbabies get away with more, It's like the love is intensified because you see that little piece of person that came from your flesh and it's like "WOW", So I have to conclude this by saying being a mother is a true blessing from above and the joy I feel in my heart when I see my kids and now grandkids happy, smiling, laughing fills me up with love & hope for our futures. 
             Thank you for allowing me to share this, it does make you feel good :) And for me to remember ALL the way back to being that young, naive mom to this happy confident mom and grammy is AWESOME!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Darlene} ♥

{Momma Love Series}

Captivating. {To say the least….}

You know those moments..when someone just instantly captures your heart…. when least expected.

You know those moments, when you are thinking…does this really matter…do I really matter…do they even care!

And then someone comes along with the most simple words of Praise and then all you can think {after you clear the tears that are gushing from your eyes} is WOW. God. You are so GOOD. And, WOW. God you have created the MOST amazing people on the face of this earth..I like to call them Momma’s..

And us Momma’s we like to stick together…

If I can ever impact lives..the way some Momma's do..
I would feel MORE than accomplished and truly Blessed!

When I became a Momma it became ME!

Since then..I have been on a tell others..HOW AMAZING it is and How Amazing I have been Blessed…and along the way…

and guess what..
I get to share them with you



{Guest Blogger}

Believer in Christ - Faith
Conflict Mediator
Founder of A little Xtra Organization

Have you ever seen the I Love Lucy episode titled, “The Marriage License”? (to watch it, click here: Well I like to say that I resemble “mother” or Mrs. Willoughby, the lady of many hats :) 

My first hat started twenty-five years ago. It was a rather tiny hat or I should call it a beanie. It fit my head when I was the first-born child to my parents. That automatically made me the first born grandchild on my father’s side of the family and first-time grand-daughter on my mother’s side of the family. I guess it’s safe to say that I was a big deal back than. lol Anyhow, time passed of course and since than I’ve worn plenty of different hats. I always wore my FAITH hat because I knew I needed the Lord, the SISTER hat, the FRIEND hat, the STUDENT hat, the ATHLETE hat, the CONFLICT MEDIATOR hat, ENTREPRENEUR hat, the evolving girlfriend-fiance-WIFEY hat, etc. Before I knew it I was full of hats. I honestly doubted I had any more room left to fit any more hats. Yet, I was proven wrong. I'd have to say the most interesting part of my life begun when my MOTHERHOOD hat was placed. My first child was born when I was twenty-one years old. A priceless gift from the Lord above, my daughter who we named Bella Mia. My pregnancy went great & I loved being pregnant with her. I had taken the AFP (alpha-feta-protein) for screening of most disorders or syndromes. My test came back showing everything was well & normal. No complications or worries until the day she was born. After a very scary emergency cesarean delivery in the early hours of the morning while it was still dark out, my beauty was born. And as soon as the pediatrician observed my daughter following her birth the doctor informed my husband that they suspected she had Down syndrome just by her characteristics. Of course this was the most shocking news we expected and absolutely one of the last things on our minds. I remember my husband walking towards me to tell me the news while I was in the recovery room after surgery. Even though I was so heavily medicated I was feeling extreme bliss, the highest high of my life. I could tell from the swollen look in my husband’s eyes that something was wrong. I’ll never forget what he said, “Thedoctor says she has Down Syndrome.” At that instant my heart sank. My feelings from sky high shot down to the lowest degree in less than an instant. It's really hard to explain. In the simplest form, everything I didn’t expect to happen, happened. And the happiest day of my life turned into one of the worst. The feeling of such immense insecurity wondering if my daughter will be ok, imagining the things she will have to endure and the cruel world she will have to face. I don’t think I can ever forget those feelings. Twas as if I couldn’t begin to heal because I knew there was more pain yet to come.  Amongst the chaos of mixed emotions God really pulled me together quick. As fast as my motherly intuition and adrenaline kicked in, came as quickly as my ADVOCATE hat was placed. For me, leaving the hospital had to be a very sad realization since my baby girl had to stay in the NICU. I got to see all of the other ladies of the maternity ward leave with their flowers, balloons & most importantly, their newborn baby. While I was the only one loading up all of my flowers, balloons, cards but no baby :(* I cried all the way home. Regardless, my “SUPERWOMEN” hat flashed brightly along with my hat of “FAITH” and instead of allowing all of the negative feelings I felt I was able to turn it around and think in a different way. I realized, “MY DAUGHTER IS ALIVE! MY DAUGHTER IS AGIFT FROM GOD!! and most importantly, I learned from a dear loved one that there is an abundance of HOPE THRIVING! And now I believe my daughter will prevail. And I know she was given to my husband and I for a purpose. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. God is good, God is Great, God is AMAZING! And I praise him. I praise him for allowing me to find peace in faith, acceptance and love... 

The lady of many hats
Apple Valley, CA

“You’re your child’s advocate!”   

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