Friday, July 29, 2011

{Es Viernes!!!} Joy is comin' in the morning!

{My Husband just advised me not to write in Spanish create a whole new Blog?! A fellow Coog Blogger...YES I had to go there..Ha. I am sitting at UH in the computer lab tonight and YES I am a proud COOG HA, it's late, I'm delirious. Anyway a fellow Coog Blogger, also told me to think about it before I actually went through with it....I am stuck! Input please...but in the mean time....}


Es Viernes!!! 

Gracias A Dios!!!

Ha sido una semana larguísima! Me eh sentido muy mal y los días se me hacen eternos...así que, saber que mañana es Sábado y que no me tengo que despertar temprano me hace sentir feliz!!!

Mi esposo ha estado súper ocupado con la escuela, son las 9:21pm, y todavía estamos en la universidad tratando de terminar su "speech" acerca del DREAM Act para mañana. Le toco estar en contra. Se nos ha hecho un “poco” difícil pero creo que va estar preparado para su presentación. 

Mis hijos están en casa de su Abuela, y los extrañamos tanto que al escribir esto, se me hace un nudo en la garganta! Espero que cuando vayamos por ellos estén dormido...PERO...creo que los vamos a despertar… Solo para verlos un ratito!!! 

In all it's been a hectic week...time disappears and sorrows seem to fade. The pain is still there {we MISS my Aunt beyond belief} please keep my family from Detroit in your prayers. They are experiencing the grief that I can't begin to imagine. 

Buen fin. Hasta mañana! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Thankful Thursdays} LINK UP!

This week I am most Thankful for:

Sorrows {Without them I'd have no need to fall to my knees and be reminded of WHY I am here...of WHO my purpose is.}

Smiles {My kids have some of the best ones...see for yourself!}

Speech Courses {Without them, I wouldn't be reminded of how much I am needed and depended on as a Wife.}

Pain {It just brings everything into perspective. Really it does.}

"Like-Minded Women" {I am going through a lot right now and having these ladies in my life makes things all the more enjoyable!}

What are you Thankful for this week?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~Praise and Worship Wednesdays~

Today a man let me in front of him in traffic....

I couldn't help but notice his shiny silver Range Rover....

He was a well dressed man...with nice sunglasses, probably pricey....

He seemed to have a good job; with what his appearance was and the nice SUV he was driving....

But still...I couldn't help but think..."I wonder what problems he has?" {Not in a sarcastic way but in a truthful way....}

Just because he seems to have an awesome life...doesn't mean he does....

No todo es lo que parece.... {Not everything is what it appears}

Many of us hide our deepest sorrows and fears behind expensive shades and fancy cars... but truth is...

We all have sorrows... we all have problems....we all have pain....

Our struggles may not be the same..but they are there none the less....

My devotional today read like this:

New mercies every morning,
Grace for every day,
New hope for every trial,
And courage all the way.~McVeigh

This is true... Courage all the way....

This myself... walked out of his house this morning despite the sorrows, looking very stylish and MOVED forward... he like many of us is going through this journey of life.... WITH COURAGE.

The courage it takes to move MOVE forward!

I hope you too will move forward today filled with courage.....

Psalm 30:5
    For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime!

Weeping may last through the night,

but joy comes with the morning.

{Time Capsule} Part Dos

I was literally in the shower when I thought about what I would include in our Time Capsule {TMI? Ha. Sorry!} But, I was and I thought of the following items and I may or may not add or include some things depending on how I decide to store them.

So, if you watch the video yesterday you will note that they suggest a waterproof metal container.

I am thinking a coffee can? Or a lunch box? Not sure. Have to really research that part....

Anyway. That's the first challenge.

The second one is, when we will open it?

I was thinking when the kids enter Kindergarten...BUT that's such a long time from now. I guess that's the point! {Ha.} So, about 5 years or so. Santi would be 7 and Camila would be 5. I think that they would be at a good age to understand what we did and why. {What do you think?}

Those things are debatable, I guess. {Ha.}

My Time Capsule Items will possibly include:

  • Pictures{Of the kids and our family in 2011}
  • Music {A CD or Two; Momma's Christian Music and Daddy's Salsa hits}
  • Current Menus from restaurants that we go to and love
  • An old cellphone; we have several that we are not using
  • Newspaper clippings of the front page stories for August 2011 cause it will be then that we make it
  • I want to include a list of our physical appearances {Age, Weight, Height, etc.} 
  • I want to include a picture of our house and cars {in case we've become BILLIONAIRES in the next 5 years...we can look back at our humble beginnings...HAHAHA. Just sayin'.... I am totally joking. Hehehe.} 
  • I want to include copies of this Blog and the previous proof that I BLOGGED about it {Ha.}
  • Maybe some baby items; blankie, toys, favorite movie list?
  • And...then I got stuck... what else do you think would be an important or sentimental item that we could include?... totally open to suggestions here... considering I have never created a time capsule and all... {Ha.}
 To be continued......

**Note to Readers: Part Tres will come when we make our Time Capsule, which will probably be in the next month or so.... Thank You!!! Can't wait to see our finished product!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Time Capsule} Part Uno


Before my ears fall off!

Connie, why will your ears fall off?

Well for about 2 weeks now my Husband has been asking me..."Did you Blog about my idea?"

Now, if you know my Hubby you know his social well... not so social! {Ha.} Don't get me wrong he is a super fun loving guy with TONS of personality..many people who get his sarcastic but real view of the world, LOVE him and see him for who he really is...a GREAT big hug-able, softy bear! With that said.

My Husband used to not be so fond of my idea of sharing...our life and now our children's lives and I must admit to a certain extent I agree with him. But, it's been almost 3 years since my Bloggy journey began and I have nothing but great stories and awesome feedback from my readers....{OH.MY.WORD. "MY" readers. Ha!}


Another tidbit about my Husband; He is currently a Senior at the University of Houston {GO COOGS!}, his major is Construction Management. He has been employed as an Intern for a little over a year now. His first internship was last Summer. It took us on many great adventures! This year his Internship was in the city...Houston that is. They have small projects in different locations and he is learning as much as he can. One of his recent projects JUST SO HAPPENED to be right across the street from my office building! I know, pretty cool, considering I saw the building being fully restored from start to finish from my office window!!! And, come to find out, my Husband would join their team just as the project was finishing.

He came to downtown and did a walk through of the building. During this walk through the talk of a time capsule came up. Yes. Time capsules. He found out that many builders install time capsules in random places of the buildings and don't tell anyone where it is or that it's even there. My Husband being a History lover, thought this was above and beyond fascinating.

So, you guessed it. On our ride home that day...He sounded like a 5 year old coming home from show and tell. "And guess what little Jose brought to school today...A TIME CAPSULE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!" {Ha, I love love love my Husband!}

His next words were A HUGE SURPRISE but music to my ears.... "YOU SHOULD BLOG ABOUT THIS! And see what others have to say!" {After my mouth dried out from having hit the floor, I said...SURE!}

So here I am. Writing about TIME CAPSULES.

Our idea is to actually make one, for our family! You know I Youtubed it ASAP! I am the Youtube How to Queen! I found a great video and in the next couple of months we will be making, yes...a Time Capsule... ::insert galaxy like Star Wars music here:: {Ha. I am sooo not making fun! My Hubby and I are total nerds and LOVE this kind of idea!!! No offense to nerds... seriously!}

I will be supplying a list of what we will include in our project tomorrow... keep in mind.....I thought this post out as I got ready for work this all the details are not quite ironed out....{HA.}

To be Continued.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Vast Sea of Emotions?

One thing that I am is EMOTION. I feel. I feel a lot. In a most sincere and loving way.

That said...

This weekend I was ill. Very ill. So ill. By Saturday morning I was sitting in the ER with a nurse and doctor at my side. I needed pain medication. Pain medication so strong that the doctor's first question was, "Is there any possibility you could be pregnant?" My answer left the nurse in limbo and a pregnancy test was in order.

For an hour. A whole 60 minutes. My Husband's heart.... and mine, swam, in a VAST sea of emotions.

We know that we want to have ONE more child. But, we also know that Santi and Cami came so quickly that we now want to enjoy each, individually for at least 2 or 3 more years. Therefore we sat there; worried wondering and praying. We are not ready for a 3rd child but Dear Lord, let be it be your will not mine, I repeated in my head. Ricardo started thinking finances and school and calculating when the baby would be born {breath everyone...breath}; to which I told him, calm down, there is no YES, just yet

An hour had passed and my pain increased. I needed a confirmation and some medication. Ricardo was just anxious to hear an answer. At this time, an x-ray technician came into the room to take me away to x-rays, Ricardo asked so the pregnancy test was negative? The tech said. "Oh they haven't told you?"...." was negative." After we both started breathing pain medication was administered and I was taken to x-rays. I am better now.

But, for that brief moment ....we had no idea what God would do with us. It just places A LOT into perspective! A Blessed moment? I think so.

SO, How was your weekend?! {Ha.}

As you can tell, mine did NOT go according to plan... {Ha.} The is no Vlog today.... {Ugh.}

What is it about Monday's that makes you want to sink your face deeper into your pillow and say...UGH...MONDAY! As opposed to jumping out of bed and saying...YEAYUH!!! MONDAY! {Ha.Ha.} 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Thankful Thursdays} LINK UP!

It's a little late but here I go....

This week I am most Thankful for:

My Momma's of Faith {They are 3 GREAT friends that I have made and met ONLINE. Yes. ONLINE. But, we are great friends together and to each other. We had dinner this week and it was AMAZING. We ate, we talked, we laughed and have that one great FRIEND day for the week! It totally rocked my socks!}

Pizza {Without it, I wouldn't have been sitting on the couch, gazing into my ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD'S most Beautiful, Big Dark Brown eyes as I wiped tomato sauce off his mouth and chin and cheeks.... He is perfect....}

Mornings { I am in deed a MORNING person. I love it. I love the sun. When it's up and out so am I! I love it. Did I say that already? My favorite time these days is saying Good Morning to my new little ray of light, MY CAMBAM. She is ALSO a morning person! She SMILES from ear to ear as I say "Good Mornin'Mama!" That more than makes my day!!}


Dress shoes and Socks on the living room floor { It reminds me that I have a soul mate in my home, that the Lord has given my home a provider. It reminds me that my Husband has a stable job that he went to that day. It reminds me that I am a Wife and that I fell in love with THAT man....}

That's all.

{Great Thursday to Everyone!}

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you ever wonder...

Why people are in your life?

Everyday people cross paths with everyday stories.

Some of sorrow others of joy.

We are all on this journey together. {Technically} To help and encourage, to love and to hold....

Life has brought many great people into path. These days I think about how Blessed I am to have these people in my life.

I learn from their mistakes. I heal with their wounds. I pray for them.

We pray for each other.... We love our families..... We go to Church.....

We craft. We Blog. We take pictures....and have fun!

I've seen them grow. I've seen them hurt. I love them just the same.

We cry together. We laugh at one another. We live life.....

That's life.

A journey.

We don't take it too serious and always tell the truth...even if it hurts...

We are all on the same bus with different stops. {The big yellow bus that is... }

No matter where this ride may take me.....I am holding on tight and enjoying it...every minute of it...

Life is too short to be worried about tomorrow...and what or who it may or may not bring...

Only God knows when it will stop..and when I will get off the bus.... {I hope it's at Disney World....Wha'? I hear it's fun...I'm just sayin'....}

I hope you are all sitting next to your Besties on this ride...I know I am.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cause I'm Human.

I find myself asking; why? A lot lately.

Seeking answers about life in general, about my Faith, about success, about goals?

I love to Blog and would do it fill~time if I could! I love sharing and expressing.

I love when I eventually get feedback...good..or bad... which then leads me to another question; why not?

Is what I say {type/believe in} important?
Does it impact {in a positive family/marriage/Faith oriented manner}?
Does my sharing inspire or make you think?
Is it informative and joyful, and joy filled.....

At what point do I let it go and just write for self-fulfilment, for growth, for sake of keeping track of memories.....

My goal as a full-time outside the home {Christian/Catholic} Working Mommy/Wife "Blogger" is to identify. To create an identity that can be relate-able to MANY, not just to "OTHCWMWB's" {Ha. Came up with that one on my own ::insert cheesy smile here::; it's kinda long I know}

Then I I Bloggy High Maintenance? {Ha.}

What do I need? What do we all need?

After a late night email, some nights ago, with one of my SuperBFF/Momma's of Faith....who mentioned a support group... I came across a book, which another Family Mommy Friend/Aunt gave me when I first took Santi to daycare last's the Houston Mama's Handbook....and then,  it hit me... I am NOT high maintenance and what I Blog about may be of support to just about ANY other Momma out there!

There for...I am calling this my Momma Blog Followers Support forum! {Ha. Man I gotta come up with shorter names!}

If you have ANY resources that we can share PLEASE comment or email me....


Here are some that I have found over time; We all need a helping hand:

Houston Area Women Center

Women's Resource Center

Crisis Intervention of Houston

Community of Faith

Catholic Charities

WorkForce Solutions

Casa Juan Diego

Please feel free to add....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Travels with the under TWO group!!!

As you all  know we made a trip to Detroit about 3 weeks ago, to see my Aunt who was very ill. She has since passed. I have learned so many things since but one very well learned lesson was that of flying with a group of 3 children under the age of TWO!

The airport is a community all its own. Filled with experienced travelers, destination thrill seekers, and lots of alcohol drinkers. {Ha.}But, seriously. Why would they  mix alcohol with 2 hour confinements IN THE AIR?  Uhm. Unruly drunk people plus small flying object, never a good combination. There was chaos and restlessness. People's stares filled with judgment. Either thinking "Bless your heart." or "O.M.GEEE."

Despite our efforts to seem experienced and laid back we ended up being... those Mom's with those kids....

Would I do it again? Sure...why not!

Was it a fun experience? Sure...why not!

But my advice, DON'T ever, ever travel by plane, with 3 children under the age of 2, unless absolutely necessary! I will also say this, an airplane is NOT a library, a hotel room, or your office...we all want peace on our trip but understand it's only to a certain extent.....I paid the same $500.00 everyone else paid to board this plane. {I'm just sayin'} 

Judgment and dirty looks...really? We are not the first and we will definitely not be the last....

We definitely lacked some planning on our outgoing flight, that was utter chaos and people definitely did not like us! In our defense we were NOT the only ones with children under TWO and honestly our kids were VERY quiet once they boarded the plane. It was the long layovers that got to them. We were happy to land in Detroit that first night. No matter how late it was, being at my Uncle's house was definitely a lot better than the 3 airports we were in that night...we got to the Houston airport at 4pm and didn't get to Detroit until 1am.

Can you tell?

Travelers had mixed emotions about us...and we had mixed emotions about them...but we made it there and back...and it was a trip I wouldn't change for ANYTHING in the world!

I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, July 15, 2011

{Mi Gente, Es Mi Pasion}

Please check out this Blog Post by fellow Houston Blogger {MUCH more successful than I am!} Juan Alanis over at Juan of Words!

It's a very emotional and motivating story about Child Migrant Workers of South definitley hit home for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grief. {Final Chapter}

When the day came my body was weak, my heart was weary, and my eyes filled with tears....

The sea of tissue covered my bed and all I wanted was to I slowly lost my breath....

No matter how many times I told myself it would come, when the day came I reminded myself that I am NOT that strong....that only God could hold me now.... Hold my Uncle...Hold my cousins...together....Lift my family in peace and carry my Aunt..into His loving arms...

In His Loving Arms.....

I ran to that place as my Husband said..."we can pray for her tonight"...I thought I will pray for her now...

I run to that place that I know so well....That place where God talks to me...where He holds me and nothing else matters....

It's that place of peace where ONLY God can hold you.

I miss her so much. Will miss her forever. Will dream of her being here. Will pray for her soul to truly rest in peace...she deserves it.

I will pray. And ONLY God can hold me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grief. {Part 2}

My Aunt.

A pure heart. A faith-filled heart. A Woman of Faith.

My Aunt who read Corinthians at my wedding. My Aunt who handed me my Bible and Rosary at my wedding. The same Bible and Rosary that sits in my bedroom.

The Bible which she introduced to my Uncle...who preferred one with BIG print and lots of pictures. An example of constant Faith and Love.

A beacon of Hope and Marriage.

The biggest {self-less} heart in our family.

The peacemaker. The neutral.

The Godly. The God given.The God surrendered.

My Aunt Lola.

A tribute to her  life. Not just a memory but a true testament to life.

A gentle soul filled with faith, love, courage.

Her house filled with awards.

Awards to her unfailing perseverance and patience.

Courage and Faith. That's what I know.

That's how I love her.

Beauty within and on the outside.

My Tia.

I feel like I didn't spend enough time with her.

Did I say everything I should have said?
Did I kiss her enough times?
Did I hold her long enough?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Terrible TWO's? Sure. Why not?

It doesn't matter how many times you drive me insane. Or how fast I have to run to catch up with you. Or how many fits you throw. Or even how many times I wish I could fall into a hole while you yell. 

None of that matters. 

I will always {always} cherish this time. These moments. 

Of dancing with you, while I carry you in my arms. Of hearing your amazing laugh in my ear. Of seeing your beautiful smile filled with little white teeth. Those mischievous eyes that say "ready or I come!" The smell of those amazingly stinky little toes. The life within you. The joy in your heart. Your unconditional love. Hearing the word "Ma-Ma" over and over {and over} again...while you stretch your arms out for me to hold you. The moments when we sit and watch a movie and you fall asleep in the warmth of my arms. Those amazing hugs and kisses that only you can give.

It is in these moments {and many others} that I feel more than Blessed to be your Momma. 

Know that no matter how many times I lose it or how many times I get after you...Nothing...No-one can take away the Love, the Joy, and the Happiness in my or ever

I love you Son more than words will ever express. Te Amo.

In 2 months you will be TWO.  

They say that's when the real fun begins....and you know what..I CAN'T WAIT! 

My Heart. My All. You make me smile even when I don't have the strength to.

Grief. {Part I}

Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion.
Is it wise to grieve publicly?

I don't know...I will soon find out...

Even when you know...that "the end" is near.... The situation is still difficult. Especially when your hurting family is 1,387 miles away. {Detroit, Michigan}

The pain grows deeper with each thought.

The wounds dig further inside with each attempt to think that life will be okay.

Life is not okay right now. And that's ok.

To feel sad. To be upset. To cry.

It's the future, the Hope, the Faith, and the Love that will allow us to move into a better emotional state, this is what I believe matters. The future.  

In the mean time..I will in fact the pain and the hurt because I know it's only temporary...

She is indeed in a better place.. {My Beautiful Tia Lola...Q.D.E.P}

They say her house was filled with people who knew her that night....all there to celebrate who she was and now the Angels up above get the same pleasure of knowing her. {Amen.}

That hurts. But, I know it's just my selfish heart. My Aunt was in pain...only she knew how much..I can not even imagine. I will never know if she was ready. I was a coward not to ask. I was dumb not to speak about it.

Shoulda', coulda', woulda'....time is up. I will never know.


The passing of a family member is never easy.

Expected or's ultimately the most difficult good-bye you will ever have to say. I've said them all too often but it had been a while...and's that time again...and it's so hard.

My eyes are weary and my heart is heavy....


Friday, July 8, 2011

Dirty Laundry.

I woke up at 5 am today. My son had a fever.{My "Momma least favorite moment" for today. I think it's a virus..his fever is accompanied by a clear runny nose and dry cough....we are in could be allergies..} I got out of bed, took care  of him and then went on to try and start my day.

First couple of Momma duties:

#1 Get clothes out of the dryer.
#2 Get whites out of the washer and into the dryer.

As I was pulling out all of my clean and fluffy laundry, I realized how much I dislike folding baskets full of clean clothes. I don't mind gathering, sorting and washing. It's the once they are clean  and dry, getting them out of the dryer and into the basket to fold, hang and distribute part that really gets me.

This morning as I pulled my clothes out of the dryer I thought; why can't everything just be placed on hangers? Or better yet! {My "Momma ah-ha moment" of the day} Why can't the Folding Fairy come through at night and fold and put away all my clean clothes for me?! I'd like that better than 50 cents under my pillow for a loose tooth...any day... probably not so much when I was 6. {Ha.}

I'm just sayin'

It's Momma Pet Peeve # 101~ Folding and putting away laundry! 

What's your pet peeve?

And, if you LOVE folding and putting clothes away...You are more than welcome to come over to Team Gomez's home and give Momma a HUGE helping hand! {Ha.}

I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's back....{Momma con Fe}

Visit my Momma of Faith Blog for some good music: 

When I grow up.....

What do I want to be when I grow up....

I never thought I'd say this..but I want to be a Stay-at-Home Mom! {And own my own business...}

In the last couple of years I've thought about getting a second degree in Architecture or Civil Engineering...hmmmm....yeah I don't think most would have guessed that....

In the last couple of months I've thought about taking a Graphic Design class...or two!

These days being an adult and with all the daily Mommy/Wife responsibilities...I don't think much about what I used to wish I would be when I grew up....instead I look at the future and where I am now.

When I grow up...I wanna be a Millionaire... {HA.} No not really...or maybe?

What about you? Y tu que quieres ser?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30, Now what?

Pictures taken by my Beautiful Friend Kathy A. I Love You Chaparrita!

I turned 30 last week....

Other than the fact that my back and knees ache, I am loosing my hair and I am going on a consecutive 48 hours with heartburn..I honestly feel no different then when I turned 20! {Ha.Ha.Ha.}

Honestly...It doesn't feel any different yet.... I do feel a bit more "ugh" know I have to take care of myself "physically" because I am obviously falling apart but other than that it's more of what I can sit back and think about.... 

10 years ago, at 20, I was focused on school and money. Getting a degree and making money. Today, I have a degree but still no money..but I have all that I need. My Husband {an amazing man and friend of 12 years} and my 2 children {Beautiful Blessings}. My Best Friend Casey wrote to me in my Birthday card that this may just have been one of my most Blessed Birthday's yet...and really, she knows me too well, it has been....Marriage and Children and family and great friends, YES BLESSED

5 years ago, I want to LIVE and be FREE! I wanted to be a party girl with a free spirit, today...I am a free spirit and I party everyday at 4:30pm when I get to go home to my Hubby and 2 children. They are all the fun and freedom I seek. I love them. 

3 years ago, I didn't think I would even have children and today..I have 2! 

2 years ago I started a new journey...I was pregnant with my first born son...a Blessing beyond Blessings....

A year ago....I found out I would once more be a Momma....a Momma of mind was blow away, my heart grew a little bigger and God became more and more visible in my everyday life! 

Today at 30..I know that time and age, are all about FAITH AND LOVE. 

Follow me in this new journey...and tell your friends to join's gonna be an exciting one! 

Thank You for all the Birthday wishes and Blessings... 

They are very much appreciated!