Friday, March 30, 2012

On confidence. Or lack thereof....

Ever since I can remember I have been a very confident person with high self-esteem. That area of my life has never been an issue whether I am a size 2 or a size 14. My smile says it all.

I was never the prettiest, or the smartest, or the tallest, or the most talented. But, I didn't care. I walked with my head high and my shoulders straight.

Then life happened. Last year I turned 30. I felt AMAZING. These days. The 30 syndrome is hitting me.I will be 31, 31. No longer 25 and so far from 18. I have felt not so very confident, as I have in the past. Time has settled on me. I have lived a full life, I think. Family, friends, Marriage, Travel, Education and now Children and Future. And well; my mind, soul and body reflect that. I have had DOS amazing little babies! Life just becomes so LIFE filled. The days need more hours and the hours cry for more minutes. Let's just say I have not been doing the Pretty Girl Rock! at all latley. HA.

"My name is Connie, I am so very...." Ha.  

Then this morning it hit me. How am I suppose to raise an amazing daughter with an amazing smile and crazy amounts of self-confidence if her Momma don't have it? Well, I retract. I am thinking back to those days when life was confident and I didn't doubt who I was or who I would become. Those days when I knew the wind would eventually blow in the right direction. To those days when life was about happiness and faith. No need to wear fancy jeans and do my make up, just wake up and go on about my day.

I want my daughter to know that she can be and do whatever she wants and that the way you look and how others see you comes from one place...that place is within us. Our own faith. Our own confidence. Our own glow and light.

God has placed that light in our's up to us to keep it lit!


This little light of mine...


Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Vulnerability} ♥

As a Woman {and now more so as a Momma} I tend to guard my heart, my thoughts, my feelings. Sometimes pretending they don't exist. That's how Super Momma's are suppose to be right? As the oldest child I've learn to be strong, to move on and to carry on. That's how Super Daughter's/Sisters are suppose to be right? As a wife, I've learned to endure and overcome, to forgive and to love no matter what. That's how Super Wives are suppose to be right? As an everyday person I've learned to ignore and conceal. That's how a Super Everyday Person is suppose to be right?


There comes a moment when you look back and think; "Wow, I am so glad I didn't tell that person exactly what I was feeling or what I went through." I think that because we are women and we have so much riding on one person revealing our thoughts, feelings, and past we guard it all, we keep it all to ourselves... find that person. Or maybe a couple of people {aside from your Hubby or Significant other..}that you can trust. That you can be REAL with. I have that. I am Blessed.

It's helps. On those days when your super powers cease to exist and it feel like the world is made of Kryptonite. {Yes. I Love Me some Superman!} Release. Without censorship to a female friend without worrying about judgement, or future gossip is an amazing feeling. That conversation that you didn't think you could share because it was well, too much... but then you shared it and realized...I am not alone. Being a Super Momma is difficult and hey even Superman had backup to help through the really tough situations. God has give me not only a group of amazing Super Hero's in my life but also some pretty awesome sidekicks who help me pull through when I am running out of energy, motivation or faith.

As a Women I think we get so wrapped up in the "drama" that we forget; we are human and have our own personal drama raging within. As my favorite song goes...."there's a battle between good and evil..." I repeat, why is it that as Women who are suppose to be friends, we turn our backs on each other and destroy instead of build-up.

I've learned that drama will come and go. If it lingers it's cause you've got something to handle or confront. When it's gone. It's not missed. At all.

Every relationship a lesson learned. Every situation conquered with God.

Hope your week is going well. Me. I am fighting my own battle and moving on....

Moving on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{But, I have prayed enough....}

Yesterday I expressed how prayer was all I had.

Then I thought..
last night while I was praying
my son came looking for me
and it was bath time then bedtime..
did I ever finish praying?

So, then my thought was...
I say I have been praying about it a LOT,
but have I really or have I just been really thinking about it
and like my usual self ASSUMING that God knows what I am asking for
or what I am praying for without giving Him a clear thought!

Today I will pray.

With my whole heart.

An entire prayer.


My Husband
My Marriage
My Children
My family
My finances
My life
My Girlfriends
My relationships
My health
Being healthy

and above all for God's will to be done in every single area of my prayers.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{When all you have is prayer....} ♥

My hearts been a little heavy lately. For many personal reasons right now. The enemy is trying to chip away at my desperate little heart. The enemy doesn't know though that God is fighting this inner battle for me and nothing stands a chance against Him!  

For a while I did really well.

That feeling of belonging was coming back to life. Change happened and everything was well; short of amazing.

Then for weeks..months...that feeling came know the ONE...irrelevance. Silence. Sadness. The sense that you just don't belong. That place where you can no longer sit still and life just begs you for change.

Because there is a better place out there for you. Maybe. Maybe?

I look around and everything is in place. Smiles. Happiness. Belonging. Then my heart yells but WHY? And in the words of the ever so famous and  horribly spoken, Dane Cook, WHY NOT ME?

And, the whisper tells me..."why not YOU? You are here for a reason with a purpose on a mission. I never told you I would make this easy, that life would be easy, that your life would be set and perfect. Never. Following Me is NOT meant to be easy, and spelled out for you. Following Me means trusting without seeing what I have in store for you. "

But it's difficult. To wait. To hold my breath. To sit in this irrelevance. To wait. To hold my breath. It's been a while. When I think's been a long while. The irrelevance sits, in every corner of my heart and marinates until I can't hold it in any longer.

"Do you hear yourself Connie?"

Every time things get bad you want to bail.

Here is the thing {and I am simply sharing, no need to feel bad for me, that time is over..this here is menial}..for 10 years I stood in the storm. Faced it head on. I was 14 the first time I heard my Mother sob. The abuse. The knowledge. The pain. The tears. The struggles. I lived it. My Husband has been my Knight in shinning armor. He came "swooped" me up and shook me to wake up and to grow up! God gave me strength, motivation and hope. To move forward, to protect, to love, to forgive. I did. I have. I am in new place.

James 1:12 {Amplified Bible}
12Blessed (happy, [a]to be envied) is the man who is patient under trial and stands up under temptation, for when he has stood the test and been approved, he will receive [the victor's] crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him.

I thought that was hell, everything else should, would and could be easier. Right? Then the enemy settles in my mind and heart that lie. The lie of irrelevance.
The place where hope fails and I feel like a failure.

All those years, of building and growth. For what? For who?

Why not ME?  And I sit. In prayer.
Alone. Thinking. Tears.
Heart open and Bible in place.

God is here. He has ALREADY won this battle.

And prayer is all I have....


Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Year ONE, CamNoodles!} ♥

{Oh my. I don't know if I will get through this one with a dry eye. Just thinking of the words to type I start to get emotional. But, I guess that's a girl for you....

In 1999 I met Ricardo...had anyone told me that by 2012 we'd be married and with not one but DOS amazing little Blessings..I wouldn't believe you. As an 18 year old waiting to conquer the world, I didn't see myself as a House Wife or Momma, AT ALL. Ever. Go figure, huh? I wanted to be a doctor, God knew where my true accomplishments and talents would lay...

God, you ROCK!


Mi Morenaza {Mi Amor y la mitad de mi ser....} Camila Isabel,

You came into our lives as one of the biggest surprises that we never expected but one of the most amazing Blessings that we prayed for day and night for years and years. Your mysterious and exploring eyes. That amazing smile that will melt hearts for years to come, to much of your Father's dismay. With your pearly white piranha teeth, "dientona" is what Daddy calls you. Those long legs, that little potbelly and stick straight black hair. It's leaves me in awe every.single. time that I think of how such a  wonderful little human being came to be.

You are the light of our lives, the way of our days and the breath of sweet fresh air that Team Gomez needed. We are complete {or are we?}; God will know.

Yes, you were a surprise but trust me, you were MORE than welcomed. The day I figured out I may be pregnant was a day that we will never forget. Could it be that inside this Momma grew another little seed of love and faith.

My pregnancy with you was amazing! So sweet and such a glow of new light. I knew you'd be a little Momma... and the day I found out, Hot Pink and Purple flashed before my eyes! Butterflies grew in my heart as it awaited your arrival into this world.

The day you arrived. I knew you'd be my littlest princess. You are that and so much more.  La Nena.

God knew what He was doing when He sent this little bright eye, busy body into our bring us new and happiness and joy, to help us explore parenthood to a different extent! You are such a peaceful and calm baby. You go about discovering new things on your own always cautious that Momma, Dad or Big Brother Santi are right behind you to help if you get stuck. Trust me. We are always there. You are such a little babbler, "talking" and wide eyed since you were 3 months old! You started holding your bottle and sitting up at around 4 months. And, you are definitely your Momma's child. You have ants in your pants and do NOT sit still EVER! You are feisty little Mexican Momma. morena and strong! You put up a BIG fight and your brother will soon get away with nothing, if you have anything to say about it! You LOVE, love, LOVE to get it from yo'Momma. You hear music and you look for your Daddy {your more than willing dance partner} and if you can't find him, you shake your booty right where you are! Trust me, your Dad will be sleeping with one eye open when the time comes!

You are definitely your Daddy's little girl, I think you will be inseparable soon. You learn everything your brother teaches you, and quickly! And, even though Santi seems very jealous of you, he never EVER forgets you and is very protective of you. I dress you up in pink and frill but I think soon you will be sporting sneakers and dirt, like your brother and cousin {Olin}. I pray you are a good mix of tomboy and girly, cause we have enough testosterone in this house. You are very lovable and cautious. Perfect combination for a Woman's heart.

Don't be scared. The world is not a nice place but with God by your side NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. He will be the light and guidance you need as your years grow. He will be the LOVE and strength that you should seek when those years get weary. I will be here for you every step of the way but if I am not, then God will be your ONLY way.

Men are complicated, when the time comes, I will be giving you the full lesson. Your Daddy is an amazing hardworking, loyal and God seeking man; find one like him and you will be okay. {Your Daddy will tell you otherwise..but life is about learning and growing... } GET AN EDUCATION FIRST...Love will always be there...TRUST ME. Trust in yourself. You will be stronger and more knowing than you will probably think you are. It's in your blood. Faith and Family come first, friends if they are true...will always be there... Don't try to grow up too fast... that doesn't lead anywhere good and when you are 30 you will wish you were 1 again... Life is difficult, but well worth living. It will NOT be easy. Be safe and learn quickly. {I will be here for you... maybe not always your favorite person but always the most truthful.}

You are very tall for your age. You wear a size 18 to 24 months and are only 12 months. You have chunky hobbit feet. Your hair is so dark and so straight. You only have 8 teeth and you have been sick once really bad, with a fever and all. You get into just about anything and everything. You have been crawling for about 3 months now and sitting up for about 4 months. You are trying to walk as you prop yourself up on just about everything. You love to laugh and have fun. You eat  just about anything and LOVE your binkie.

You have always been little Miss. Independent and slept in your own room in your own crib, until recently when you have been waking up at 4 am and you don't stop until we bring you into our know exactly what you are doing! Daddy calls you MommaLongLegs and you are your brothers Nena.

You and your brother are our life! Don't ever forget that, everything we do...we do it for you!!!!

Love Always,

Momma, Daddy and Big Brother Santi

Friday, March 23, 2012

Camila's First Birthday Party {Pictures by Erica R.}

As you all know, last weekend was Cami's first birthday party. Her actual birthday is this Sunday! The Big ONE. My beautiful little LadyBug is just a TRUE Blessing to our little family!

As you all know, Cami's party was a  FIESTA! themed party!!! AND. OMG. We had SO much fun planning it and getting everything together. Yes, there was stress but when it was all said and done, it was AWESOME. I have no regrets. My debit card growls at me when I try to use it but oh well!


Let's start here:

This is Ricardo's younger cousin the oh so Bee-u-ti-FUL Erica. Ms. Erica is an amazing Aunt and was ever so sweet to let us use these pictures.


As you can see.


Oh yes!

Thank You Cards go out next week!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Aftermath!} ♥

Hola! I still exist! Ha. 

Just been a little M.I.A.

It's been about oh, 4 days since Cami's first birthday party!

And, the word is still....


I am so very beyond tired! But, guess what, I did it, we made it! Other than my cake being a decorative disaster, EVERTHING else went well and according to plan! I am happy with my end result and I don't think I want to do it again... until maybe September for Santi's 3rd Birthday BUT we will see!

We also have Ricardo's Graduation in May, I pray it will be low-key, cause this whole party thing is difficult, overwhelming, stressful and a bit draining.

We have also asked my Cousin and her Husband to baptize Cami for us this Summer. I called our church yesterday morning and I think the date is going to be July 29th. It takes months to get a Spanish mass so I am glad they got us in that quick. Plus my cousin will be coming from Mexico so I need to do everything with time...

I guess it looks like parties plague us this year..HA!

So, that whole, I will never have a party again may just be a total FAIL.

I didn't personally take any pictures, I hired a very talented friend to take them for me, so I don't have but a couple that I took at the end of the night. But, my Husband's cousin took some and I may just post hers while we wait!
Other than that I am back at work this week. Things are gonna get busy and this here Bloggy may suffer some negelect but I will do my best to post some updates..BIG months ahead of us! BIG months. I pray. God knows where he is taking this little family of CUATRO. I pray that His will be done in our lives and I know that He has a plan for us. I know that everything happens for a reason and God is present no matter what.

I can't believe we are more than half way done with March. April should be just lovely.

I know I have dropped the ball on several projects...haven't kept up with Thankful Thursday or my 365 project from way back when..soon I hope I will be back on track.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Nervous. Lots. For things to turn out ok. For everything to be enough. And, then I hear God, have faith everything will be ok! :: sigh of relief ::

Remember those invites{created them on Mixbook!} is what they look like:

And, a sneak peek at our centerpieces:

Ahhh the BIG DAY...mañana...una Fiesta Mexicana para mi Cami!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Epic Fail.

Yes, it's what I thought after my Husband circled the HLS&Rodeo grounds for the millionth time... no joke. How people/parents leave their homes with a 2 1/2 year old and a One year old is beyond me. I admire you strong women and men of faith in your ability to be or become some kind of a Super Hero for a day!  

I really do.

We went to the rodeo. We were totally OVER the rodeo about 5 minutes before we ever got off the car and then we went home.

We felt like everyone was watching the chaos as it walked passed them. We got on one ride and saw about 2 and half animals. The kids were not having the long lines and the whole...lets wait for an hour to see a cow chew on hay while it lays on the ground and stares at the wall. Go figure.

It was not a good day and for about a minute we thought about sitting and crying but then we got through it and realized that there are some events, places or situations that you just shouldn't bring into the life of a clueless 2 1/2 year old and One year old, like taking them to really expensive over-rated adult like events, like the uhm Rodeo or Monster Jam. We, I hope, have learned our lesson and will only ever attend events that clearly state how kid friendly they truly are. But, in the end we thought about it all and laughed it off, slept for about 15 hours and thought about what we may do next weekend. Ha. We will never learn...

Here are some pictures from that lovely day..... it was lovely nonetheless!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the Skinny..but not so much...

Yesterday I went back to the gym after oh, about 2 years away from it. Before I had my son, I was a workout buster. Not quite a workout freak but I loved working out and oh yes there was this thing called time. You know b.K. {before Kids}! Ha.

I love my children and have attempted to stay active for them. So, yesterday while I was signing up for my membership at the gym, Francesca, yes beautiful name and she is a super cutie with a 2 year old herself, asked me; "What are your goals?" I was thinking...hmmmmmm. Well, in all reality, my goal is NOT necessarily to be skinny..let's get real, I have never been skinny, this Momma's got some meat on her. Proud of it. I have always been a "love me as I am" advocate so for me it's more about being strong, healthy and feeling good about myself! I can be as skinny as sticks, and I have been in my 20's when I thought food was over-rated but then I learned that food can be your best friend and I went with that; and still feel ugly or be ugly {inside}.

But, again, not in my 20's anymore. That's life. {No regrets here though, my 20's were great; graduated college, traveled lots, partied too much, planned my wedding, bought our home and got pregnant..TWICE..but I want my 30's and plus to be even better!}

Some nights are all about the frozen pizza and ice cream; uhm..I have an almost 1 year old, 2 1/2 year old and a 32 year old going on 2, HA! The fastest easiest thing is pizza in the oven and ice cream out of the freezer. And, don't get me wrong, my amazing Hubby and I attempt to eat healthy every night, until life happens and then we just eat. You know to survive and all. So, our best outlet and most effective way of staying healthy is to keep active! We take walks to the park and around our neighborhood or simply play in the backyard with Santi, soon Cami will be running around TOO and that will be even better. We love being outdoors and thankfully so do our kids. But, AGAIN. There is this thing called life, it tends to happen on a regular basis and well then we get all "let's just watch a movie tonight" and/or "let's try and get this house somewhat presentable to the general public." and maybe every once in a while we like to shower and sleep.

So, my goals for this whole going to the gym routine...are; to be healthy, to stay strong and to feel good! I have spoken! I don't want to get caught up in what Sally Q. looks like cause uhm my name is Momma Gomez and like I said; curves...they come with me. I have no plans to wear a yellow polka dot bikini this summer those ideas went away when I turned 18 and realized I don't look like Sally Q. plus I feel more comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, cause those bikini's are tiny and if it falls off, everything and I mean everything will fall OUT with it. Just sayin'...

I also am NOT a fan of diets or depriving myself of yumma goodness that, YES God intended me to eat...I just don't believe it in. Again, yes, I will eat healthy I don't mind a salad and a Greek yogurt every now and again but I also don't want to be so overly protective of myself that I end up craving everything I "can't" have. I love to eat. I try to eat in moderation. A little bit of everything. Unless it's pozole and tacos, then it's on! Ha. But, again I believe that with a good balance everything is achievable.

We must also rely on God be a little secure about ourselves. God made me. He created me to be strong and have will power. To have some faith in myself and what I can and cannot do. To be happy and stable and to be me. Therefore. I should want to be healthy, strong and feel good about myself. God is asking me to maintain self-control and not have to over eat or be too lazy. I am also NOT a fan of diet shakes and magic slimming pills. No offense to anyone, I know different strokes for different folks. Don't get me wrong, in my 20's, I tried it all, and I did everything I could to be "skinny"! You learn from your mistakes and I plan on making my 30's about being well-balanced and practicing self-control. I can do it. All things are possible through Christ,{Philippians 4:13
Amplified Bible (AMP)13I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who [a]infuses inner strength into me; I am [b]self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency].} and I may have to pray about it from now on, but it will happen.

Not bashing on anyone or anything. Diabetes is REAL in my family. Most of my father's family has either passed away from it or is currently on dialysis. So, trust me I know I should be keeping healthy. Plus, I have had Gestational Diabetes and I've learned a think or two about balance and self-control. Being preggers and not being able to eat, MOST anything fatty and super delicious brings on the humbleness like no other.

So, what are you saying here Connie? I am saying that being healthier, stronger and feeling good about oneself is all about our own strength and self-control. It's all about obeying God and prayer. It's all about balance and well-being. It's all about doing what works best for you and fits your schedule. And, in the long run it's all about what makes you happy. Because we all know that when Momma is happy our homes are happy. Our well being stems from happiness and the happiness of our Husband's, significant others and CHILDREN. For them, I will be happy!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Make it a GREAT one.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change...

Time change. TOTAL {massive} FAIL.  Santi was up at 5 am watching movies and wanting to drink a COKE. Was he loopy? Just a bit. You think! This child never rarely drinks coke, if he does it's never more than a taste. So, for him to be so persistent about a coke at 6:30 in the morning. Yea, time change effect.

Because of the Time Change, I no longer recollect anything before Saturday night. Ha. I wish. But, it feels that way!

Other than a crazy Monday morning, we had a great, great weekend. We went to the rodeo which I was kinda sorta boycotting but maybe I will ease up. I had to for Sunday night's concert! #gotejanoday

There are many things already established for Cami's Birthday party, thankfully. Lots of people on board in a very good and positive manner, always good!

My invites FINALLY arrived!!! Thank God for FB and texting! Ha.

I am SO extra nervous about it all getting done the way I envision it. I know that at a certain point on March 17th {yes less than 6 days away...}, I will have to let go of my vision and just go with what I have so we shall see! It's a difficult task for me to just let go....

On another note Spring Break is this week. My Hubby is off from school and I will be off from work for a few days mostly to get things done for Saturday but still we have a couple of other things planned to enjoy time with the kids.

Other than Cami's Birthday "DRA-MA!", I am excited and kinda in the clouds. Been feeling a little blah-ish. But, we gots to shake it off and get things done. It's the only way! Right?

I started going to the gym tonight with a super sweet girl, Kelly, she is really motivating and I hope I can keep this up!

Happy week everyone.

I can't wait for the weekend..CAMI WILL BE ONE! {This Saturday is just her birthday Party not her actual the way. Ha.}

Friday, March 9, 2012

{The Table in the Cornor} ♥

The other night I went to "dinner", more like a friendly meet up with one of my amazing Momma friends. We met at La Madeline, I had never been there and was really just there for the company and the listening ear.

We got a small dinner and found a nice quiet, cozy table in the corner. As we started talking I noticed the room around us was bustling and in full swing. But as the night went on the tears welted in our eyes and the conversation about life, family, marriage and kids began to draw us more and more into that little corner table. Once we got started the laughter and anecdotes about our Husbands and kids began to flow. I realized that the table was engaging in a whole new type of dinning experience; one where happiness, sorrows, goals and faith were being shared.


Life was being lived at this very table.

No one knew what we were talking about. Maybe some were intrigued by the two 30-something year old  Momma like ladies having a great conversation over pink lemonade and sprite. Maybe no one cared or even saw us and maybe we were at the table that everyone wished they had snagged. Either way. We cared. My friend and I, Momma Yvonne, were there for each other as Momma's, Wives, Sisters, Daughters and friends...

The room around us was also very much alive. I didn't realize it until we got up and our conversation ceased that the restaurant was busy. Very busy. Too busy for my peace of mind. We bought some desserts for the Hubby's who had stayed at home that night. We walked out and into the busy streets.

It's those nights of intriguing conversation and great company that I love so much. Those nights when laughter and tears can be shared.

Those nights when faith and life stories bring out the best in you. Those nights when Love and Peace can overcome the chaos in your brain and soul.

Those nights when we snag corner tables to talk about being women and every day struggles.

Those nights when you know Jesus was sitting next to us at the corner table and walking along side of us as we headed to our cars.

Those nights when Blessings are so clear.

Those nights when friends can be so real.

Those nights when life....doesn't pass you by but instead draws you near...

We all need those nights... the nights when meeting a friend can change your whole perspective on your busy schedule.

Those nights when you realize you are not crazy..just Human.

Those nights...

I love them and I love my friends.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{I've fallen... and I CAN'T GET UP!}

No, literally.

I fell yesterday morning, here in my home.

No, I don't drink at 7am the floor just loves me, so I visited with it for about a minute. It wasn't fun. But, it happened.

My Husband ran to my rescue..only because he thought I had fallen over with my daughter... when he saw me, the gallon of milk and my body sprawled out on the floor, he laughed... it was pretty funny. You know that episode from Family Guy {I know, not the best cartoon but yeah...} where Peter falls and hurts himself and just sits there "whoooing and ahhhing" over his pain. That was me. So, as I slowly recovered from my throbbing foot and knee I laughed... as I told my was tragic then it was funny.

Isn't that life? Wow.

Well lesson learned. Connie can't multi-task while walking in platform heels on slippy tile floors in her own home. Oh well. You live and you learn!

On the upside I think I found a cake place for my lil'Momma's birthday cake! I am SO extra excited. I only have a few other things to purchase this week and then I just have to wait until next week to buy the food.

I can't wait...

Other than was just another day at the foot hurts a little, I think it's just a minor sprain nothing major...

11 days away now...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Thankful March Days 3 & 4}

{Day 3}

3 gifts wore

my wedding band {it's a constant reminder of my commitment and consistency, my accountability and my stability, even when days become difficult and nights are weary... we are united with Jesus in Love, I pray.}  
a child on my hip { my constant reminder of the Blessing of being a Mother and of having DOS beautiful children whom I love and are healthy and happy...} a heavy heart {it reminds me that I MUST pray. that I MUST be thankful. that I MUST LOVE and not doubt... love and not worry... love and not cry... }

{Day 4}

3 gifts hard to give thanks for

work, people who hate and are jealous of truth, & pain

Countdown! {14days...}

As I mentioned! The countdown is ON!!!

The excitement is building and well the anticipation is killing me!

How will it all look and turn out...

I am still looking for a cake maker, must settle that this week!

In the meantime I got an email that the invites were shipped! Will totally have a sneak peek at those next week!

Then it will be a mad dash to get them out to everyone!

Today is a beautiful day outside! I am obviously in an "!" using kinda mood!

My Husband has been working all weekend...go figure it's been a beautiful weekend and he has to be in an office working... the kids and I enjoyed our morning outside, now they are resting and guzzling some Gatorade. 

I pray everyone has an amazingly Blessed Sunday..I am off to watch a live streaming church service....

Here are some pictures from our morning:

Friday, March 2, 2012

{Thankful March} ♥

As part of a way to improve in March and make it a GREAT month. I decided to start this March challenge from one of the most beautiful Blogs on my daily Blog list, A Holy Experience. Often Ann's posts require me to be fully aware and in the presence of God because her writing is so profound and inspiring. It's a challenge in this busy noisy world. I enjoy the challenge though it helps bring me closer to God in that noisy silence and busy stillness.

I am behind one day so here is my March from yesterday and then my March from today... my March around the circle of Christ. I love it.

{Day 1}
3 at 3pm:
by 3pm, I was thankful for a Husband who works late {because he is conscious about  providing for our little family} , a Momma who goes along for the ride {because no matter where I ask her to accompany me to,she does and is such a riot about it}, and for a sister who is understanding {because when my Momma and I are on mission she doesn't think twice about it and helps my Momma with her afternoon errands}.
And, I MARCH on...
{Day 2}
3 green:
today I was thankful for these 3 green gifts from God; Post-It's{neon green that is, I opened a new pack of them for my desk at work...I love Post-It's they are the best thing known to man-kind and God gift to me today, on them I write His word, I write His love notes to my soul and they linger as constant reminders of the Blessings in my life, always.}, dried leaf once green {this morning as we walked out the front door my Santi asked me, "mom what’s that?", it was a dried leaf once green dragged in from the outside, nature, God's most amazing gifts to me my Husband takes us to the park often and nature is of a God a true gift}, salad {for lunch a good friend and his girlfriend, an equally amazing friend took me to lunch... the company and my all veggie salad from Chipotle on this Lenten Friday were a great combination, just what my soul needed... good friends and good food!}

{Day 2} ♥

Oh the ever so lovely {by the way...I may be using that word a Amiga over at "Oh My Loverly Stars!" just has me thinking about how LOVELY life yea..inspired!} countdown, is where I was heading with this..the begins...

15 Days Left!

To Cami's BIG UNO celebration.

Con una fiesta muyyyy a la Mexicana...

What I have done so far:

~Booked her Birthday Photographer...EVER so Excited about this one. She is another AMAZING friend of mine... over at Del Mar Photography!
~Purchased her Birthday prints to display the day of her Birthday! {Gotta get frames}
~ Purchased her invitations!
~Booked entertainment; Music for the adults and face painting for the kids! {FUN!}
~Purchased decorations...lots of festive very traditional little details to add to Cami's Fiesta!!!

I was going to purchase a big bulk of my items online but Houston has this awesome shop called ARNE'S....and what do you know, they had EVERYTHING I was looking for!!!

Aside from that there is this awesome Marqueta...where I found some other great items! 

I have this vision in my mind...we shall see if it is conveyed the way I want!!!

By the way..I think I may have some extra supplies and I have a feeling this will be my next giveaway! Which reminds me I still have to send out my last 2 with LONG letters of apology!!! 

Good day all...

Reminder: It's a meatless Friday..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

{March} ♥

You know..... this is great! A new month. Gives me the impression of STARTING over. 

What happened in February, stays in February! Ha.

But, March! Oh boy. March will be the MONTH. Because, I want it to be THE month! Of new beginnings, of fresh starts, of progress and new levels accomplished.

One HUGE reason is the Blessing that March brought me in 2011..This little human being. A girl. With all her sweetness and love. March was good to me last year and I want to celebrate it every year with my daughter as HER month!

Here is to March and it being a GREAT NEW MONTH TO PROGRESS IN!

{Day 1}

This month we will celebrate Camila Isabel's FIRST Birthday! 
A whole year of this amazing feisty little angel! 

Her birthday will be celebrated with a traditional Mexican Fiesta theme!

My more than Beautiful BFF over at DREAM TREE PHOTOGRAPHY, Casey, captured my very Mexican dark eyed beauty a month before her birthday so that we could get a glimpse as to how the celebration would pan out! 

I hope  it's a pretty sassy fiesta!