::About this Momma::

{La Mama de los Pollitos}

Mission Statement 2015: Just do IT! 

              Mission Statement 2014: Be Happy, regain PEACE and DO MORE! 

Mission Statement 2013: This year I am on a mission to further seek my talents and improve on them as well as to follow and cultivate my Dreams for every aspect of my life….  
Mission Statement 2012: This year, I am on a mission to further discover who I am and where I want to go...

Who I am:
Lifestyle/Parenting Blogger
37 Years Young {38 in June}
A Momma of Dos to my Dos amazing and growing Blessings; SANTI & CAMI. Yes, they are a handful but they are worth it.
I am Christian/Catholic {I believe in having faith & Jesus.}
I am seeking my Dream Career.
I LOVE to Blog. It’s my passion. It’s my vision. It’s my dream. 
I am a raging Pinaholic! 

I use this Blog to:
  Chronicle our life together,
our blessings & prayers, 
our big & little accomplishments, 
our adventures, 
even our failures, 
and lots of fun pictures! 
{Mostly from my point of view.}

{This Blog has developed into a Lifestyle/Parenting space that allows me to share my creativity, my experiences as a Momma, my suggestions and advice and to connect to so many people of all walks of life. I love it.}

I know this much; 
my house in not always clean, 
my kids don’t always behave, 
and me well, I am not EVER perfect!
We are just a humble family trying to find our way in this world of mayhem and disorder, chaos and pain.  
 God has been good to us and Blessed us with one another....

I am a Momma of Dos and this is my family and our lives together.... 

I invite you to join us on our journey through life with God in our hearts and Faith on our side...

Oh yes and we like to add chaos in the mix...
just for fun!