Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fatty Boy Tuesdays:

I am not sure if many of you know this, but we received a Blessing in disguise about a week before Santiago was born back in September. After 1 year at Baker Hughes my husband was laid off, before that he had been laid off for 8 months after 7 years at Tyco Valves and Controls. Needless to say it happened. We were so wrapped up in my pregnancy, my health and Santiago's safe and healthy arrival that it was a shock but we really didn't think about it too much.

Well as we all know....Santiago came; (http://gracejunkie.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/santiagos-journey/) we were then so wrapped up in the baby and getting use to being parents that we still didn't think too much about Ricardo's job status. We soon learned how fast time really does fly and it was soon the week that I had to go back to work. I was out looking for a daycare and completing paper work when we realized, DAYCARE IS EXPENSIVE! We knew we couldn't afford it at the time and that we needed to find an alternate at the time nothing seemed feasible. Then, a "Duh" moment, Ricardo wasn't working and most of his job search consist of searching on-line or could be done via e-mail. It was settled, he would stay home and on days when he had to go to an interview or do something work related we figured out that his mom or mine could be scheduled to take care of Santiago.

It's been 5 weeks since Ricardo started his own private Daddy Daycare for 1. Trust me, it has NOT been easy! The first 2 weeks were not only torture on my heart, leaving my son behind after 7 weeks of bonding, but also complete torture for Ricardo, HE WAS NOW ALL ALONE! That phase thankfully is over and we are now in the more serene and "haha, you'll never guess what he did today!" stage....

It's fun coming home to a happy baby and a distraught father. Ricardo does a really good job. Some days like any other situation, are better than others but he manages. Before this, Ricardo used to joke about being a Stay-at-Home dad and me being the sole supporter, but we NEVER in a million years imagined it to come to be, especially this early in our lives..ha. He has learned that being a "Mom" is a true challenge. I think he appreciates the situation a lot more and has learned so much from it, and will continue to learn from it. The bond that he is creating with Santiago  is not only an important one but it is soon becoming a strong one. I don't think many father get a chance to create such a special relationship. Some days I wonder if Santiago even realizes I am gone over 8 hours a day. I have mentioned this before but I never thought to want to be a Stay-at-Home mom but after only a short time with Santiago in my life I don't know how working women do it! I can't even fathom how some mothers whether by choice or circumstance are obligated to abandon their children. The love that this little man created within seconds of knowing of him is beyond words and not having him in my life would be disastrous! I know Ricardo feels this same way...

As Hispanics we grow up with our parents either both working hard and never letting up or with a Stay-at-Home mom, while the father works. The bond that we have with our fathers is created later in life when we learn to appreciate all that they really do for us. Which is why, I am so happy that Ricardo was able to have this opportunity to create what will strength not only his heart but his son's as well. Not sure how he will cope when he too has to go away for over 8 hours a day. It makes me feel sad just thinking about it.

You can already see it in Santiago's eyes; he has NO other Hero, NO other Love, No other Happiness in his life than his DADDY! The twinkle that Ricardo's face produces in his eyes and the smile that Ricardo's voice bring to his face are more than priceless....they are a Blessing! We discovered about 2 weeks after Ricardo started watching Santiago that it makes him sad to know that his Dad has merely left the room..I can't imagine what will happen the day Santiago is dropped off at a caregiver's home and he realizes that his Father has left the building entirely!

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