Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank GOD it's Friday!! (Christmas Friday that is!)

(This should have been on my Christmas Card...maybe next year)

[From now on, for more than apparent reasons, the Holidays are no longer about Ricardo or myself!

Thank You for joining us on a journey that taught us a new and pure kind of Love, an unselfish type of life, and the greatest gift of all, FAMILY.

2009 was a year of many Blessings, the biggest came with the welcoming of our new son, Santiago Isaias. We pray that your family received their Blessings no matter how small and that you will have a wonderful New Year!

With Faith and Love,

Ricardo, Connie and Santiago Isaias Gomez.  ]

Christmas was exhausting but in all a success...MY SISTER IS PREGNANT. Now to plan another baby shower! I am ecstatic and have soo many ideas!!!

We shared so many fun, happy and loving moments together that it made the last couple of weeks WELL worth it! God is truly amazing and there is no doubt, NO doubt that 2010 will be the best year yet. 2009 leaves us the absolute BEST and most wonderful journey of our lives! My husband and I tell my son, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? But, he has been in our hearts and with God's perfect timing he is now in our arms! There is also NO doubt in my mind that my husband is the absolute BEST, he did amazing with gifts this year!!

I got a blow dryer...which if you would have seen the old one you would know why that was just the most perfect gift ever! And he also got me a gift card to my FAV clothing store, New York and Company! Which is also a most awesome gift cause I have not only lost weight over the last 3 months but my closet is SO out dated, since I was pregnant this last year I didn't buy regular clothes only maternity clothes, SO this gift I loved!

Santiago received many gift that at 3 months of age he could care less for, he slept through most of Christmas eve and Christmas morning. His life right now revolves around what time his next bottle is and how long his naps will be. Which I absolutely adore and cherish. But, I know he will grow up so fast that next year at Christmas, he will probably not sleep or eat much!

I will now try to dedicate a couple of days to sleeping and resting.

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