Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

This Tuesday I have to add a 3rd fatty.....although he really isn't THAT fat at all....His name is Javier Olin and here is his story..... I just hope that my recollection of this event meausures up and that people can appreciate it and Love it as much as I do!

Javier Olin Rodriguez:

If you would have told me almost 4 years ago that my sister and Ricardo’s cousin would end up together and ultimately have a baby, I would said “yeah right!” Not that there is anything wrong with either of them, just that it would have not seemed feasible. My sister was never going to have children and I saw Ricardo’s cousin, Rafa, grow up…so he was like a baby to me! At any rate the year is 2010 and Jessica and Rafa just had their first baby, Javier Olin. He was born January 29th and this is how it all happened.

First some background information. My sister and Rafa started dating after a very daring Rafa, made the most assertive comment that my sisters problem to not having or meeting the right guy was that and I quote; “She hasn’t met me.” Yes that she had not met him. Well I got married in 2006 and at that time Rafa made his “move”, and my sister….well she fell in Love. After many a years they have made it through and are still together… and NOW have such a Beautiful Blessing to keep them together for the rest of their lives. My sister is very strong as an individual and confident. Rafa is just the same together they are an explosive but deeply caring couple. Well our families are now linked so tightly that we may never get away from each other, Haha.

Around Christmas time my sister gave us the very unexpected but welcomed news that she was having a baby and that she was having a BOY! With no time to waste we hurried and got together everything and everyone possible to make this baby feel LOVED, welcomed and safe. Jess had a very good pregnancy having little discomfort and of course at the end having lots of “I am sooo ready for this to be over!” feelings. It was Thursday and Jess went in for her weekly check up after 2 visits where she was dilated to a 3 then a 4, well she was now a 5! The doctor said you can’t wait any longer you will have the baby tomorrow. Jess without hesitation notified us and went on about her day, she had to get some last minute baby shopping and nesting done. She was told to check in around 5am Friday morning ….. No one slept that night and my dad came in from Louisiana.

Friday January 29th:

5am –Jess and Rafa call in to see if they can come on in…but there are no rooms available.

5:50am ---My mom txt me to know if I was awake and did I know anything about Jess yet…I fell back asleep! Lol.

7:30 --- I called and txt Jess, who said she wouldn’t be going to the hospital until 9 or 10am cause there were still no rooms available.

Around 10 am Jess and Rafa arrive to the Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital in the Medical Center and are told they may possibly go home….it’s almost 2 minutes later that Rafa txt me and states that she is having the baby today since she is already 6cm dilated and her contractions are about 5 minutes apart.

By 12pm Jess is admitted into the hospital and in bed ready for what’s to come. Her doctor was as laid back and as cool as her. Her contractions were growing stronger and her doctor advised the nurse to add some Pitocin to her IV so that the contractions could intensify and she could dilate faster. Around that same time he breaks her water bag and predicts that by 3pm the baby will be born.

For the next 3 hours Jess lay in pain, she was quite and breathing and patient. She requested her epidural and was still waiting for it to kick in, her labor pains grew and we all began to get nervous and inpatient.

Around 3pm the doctor came in and checked on her…still no progress and the 3 o’clock prediction was out the window. The doctor ordered for more Pitocin and predicted 5pm. We waited some more and nothing…she was a possible 7cm by then. Well after a couple of hours her pain medicine kicked in and she was feeling pain but not as strong. She was still laying on her back but a bit more comfortable.….the nurse suggested that Jess should lay on her side so that it could ease her pain some more. Around 4:20pm I stepped out to check on my baby who was at his grandmothers, and to call my husband with updates…I also called my mom who had stepped out for a bit. I finished talking and about 4:30 I went back to the room only to find Jess completely sitting up and lots of movement going on around her…I asked what happened and the nurse said she’s 9 1/2cm! In a matter of minutes she had almost fully dilated and was almost fully effaced! She was all smiles and had no idea what was to come… Rafa went from worried and weary to even MORE worried and weary!

The nurse prepared the area for the delivery and the doctor proceeded to the labor part of her delivery. She labored for about 25mins and the doctor was almost completely devastated that he would miss the 5 pm mark …..and at about 5 minutes to 5 we saw a full head of hair, the doctor and nurse scrambled to get everything together and catch the baby. About 10 minutes before that my mom had walked in on the labor and was standing looking on very worried. I remember Rafa standing about 3 feet away from the bed in complete amazement as to what the female body can go through, probably completely beside himself, at the sight of his baby’s head he got teary eyed and took a deep breath. Seconds later it seemed, the doctor excited and full of adrenaline said, “Whoa, hold on push that head back in!” At about 5pm the doctor proceeded after several strong and energy wasting pushes from my sister, to pull the baby out and at 5:04pm, Javier Olin full of life and yelling for help, was born! The room filled with excitement and Love and there was not a dry eye in that delivery room the second we saw Olin! Rafa walked over and kissed my sister both still trembling from the absolute miracle that they had both just been a part of and in tears as their emotions took over. Those uncontrollable emotions of pure and instinctual Love just overcome anyone and everyone. He was the tiniest 6.6lbs but a fighter, filled with strength and life. The instant love that you feel for a baby is a feeling that I will never cease to be amazed about. You just want to wrap your entire heart around them and never let go.

I never thought that the year after I delivered my little miracle, my one and only Love, my BABY sister would deliver her first baby as well. People repeat to me everyday how they don’t stay little forever and we should cherish those moments. My advice to Jess and Rafa…Cherish his entire life time.

In all, this is just a recap of what we went through on January 29th, but words cease to exist and nothing can compare to what Jessica, Rafa, my mom and I lived through in that room. Life, Love and Family all in a matter of seconds. Now and forever no matter what happens Rafa and Jess will have a bond that NO ONE, NO ONE can take away. I wish them all the absolute best and as I pray every night and repeat it here cause I mean it, “Dear God Bless my sister, Rafa and Olin MORE than you have Blessed me..because they deserve it!”

How do you follow that....welll I won't....I was going to post updates about my husband and son..but I want people to live for Javier Olin today....

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Jess said...

Just read this and damn it THERES NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!! LOL I love you! I'm not even gonna say anything else bc I refuse to cry right now! AGAIN!