Monday, February 8, 2010


I had the busiest of weekends and it has been one of those Monday's, I was late and I have to be here late for a meeting.

This weekend we had the FINAL "Baby Shower" for my sister which as of Jan. 29th was converted into Javier Olin's Welcome party. It was an amazing display of Love and showering of Blessings for my sister. I am VERY very Thankful for EVERYONE who came and showed their love in such incredible ways. Thank You to everyone who HELPED us accomplish this and who has been there for us the last 3 months. It has been a rollercoaster of absolute emotion, FAITH and trials!

My sister has embarked on the most BLESSED of journeys and I pray that the Lord guides her and protects her and my little Viejito (Old Man), J. Olin! As well as creates the most amazing father out of Rafa, the daddy. They are both very Blessed to have lived this experience, many wait a lifetime for an opportunity to be parents and to become parents is a true gift beyond words can describe. They are young parents who have an entire life ahead of themselves to enjoy and cherish each other and their son! I am proud of both and am so happy for them!

Thankfully though this little series of events is over because they are so overwhelming and stressful, but I know they are Blessed moments.

Today I start a new week of Hope and challenges and GOD will be here with me to help me through. Already SO much light has been shed and so much truth has been exposed, I am here, quiet still and waiting!

Have a wonderful and extremely Blessed week!!!

Hope it doesn't rain too bad!

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