Friday, April 16, 2010

Santi Update: Month 7

7 months ago today....

Santiago Happened!


He Happens EVERYDAY! And we are  SO Blessed!

My monthly baby news letter described the 7 month old as: “A Mover. A Shaker. A Mischievous Mess-Maker.” This couldn’t be so much truer!

My son has not only become extremely mobile but agile and fast as well! He will start in front of me while I am changing his diaper and end up on the other side of the bed in a blink of an eye playing with the bed railing! It fascinates him as does most anything at this point in his life. His fast little feet are also taking him everywhere in our house. Keeping me alert and aware not to mention, ON MY FFET. He is not only truly enjoying the world the way God intended but also discovering a new world everyday!

It is also more than evident that Santiago thinks and knows that we are here to entertain and amuse him. He seems bored and gets very upset or fussy if his world is not being literally rocked! He loves to play games; like Peek-a-Boo and watch mom and dad act a fool so we can all giggle and have fun. He is more than a Blessing and more than anything we could have ever dreamed of or hoped for.

After a long day at work after he’s been at his grandmother’s home or with his daddy..he’s not ready to give mom some down time and let me close my eyes for 15 minutes, swear that these days THAT’S ALL I NEED, no ma’m or sir…he is ready to PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR! And you may think you know, BUT SERIOUSLY…YOU HAVE NO IDEA! HA.

This child has been BLESSED with so much energy and movement that he has become quicker than need be. He is now attempting to not only pull himself up on the side rails of his crib but also pull down and out anything that is in his reach while in his walker. Can you say Baby Proof!? It’s something that you seriously don’t think about when they are born,  “BABY PROOF?”, “HE CAN’T EVEN BURP ON HIS OWN!” But oh does the time fly, and here we are 7 months later and the house…is still NOT "baby proof" well it’s either act like our parents and just yank your finger out of the outlet and traumatize you for life or act quickly and “baby safe” it all. I say a little bit from column A and little bit from column B! Hey we survived, didn’t we?! Ha.

Last month I went to a KSBJ’s G.N.O. and one of the speakers was Anita Renfro, aside from being absolutely hilarious she is REAL! She spoke about how as new mothers we think we are “the ONE”, referring to, us thinking that we will be the perfect mother, never yelling and always responding to your child in full sentences. At only 7 months, that feeling is gone… not saying Santiago is a bad baby...He’s NOT, he is perfect! But, the mix of exhaustion and responsibility can easily take over you. Trust me you work on it day to day! I love my child and pray for patience everyday! I need it just to keep sane!

He now enjoys long walks in the afternoon, dinner, his bath and then bedtime routine. He needs it. The structure really does make a difference. I am more than in Love and can't help but Thank God day in and day out.....

Today I write this blog with a heavy heart as I read another Mommy Blog that I follow and found out of their loss of a beautiful baby girl at only 5 months, something that is beyond my understanding, it breaks my heart and reminds me of HOW BLESSED I TRULY AM!!! My heart and prayers are with that family......


• He had his second, third and fourth fall! Did we forget he’s A BOY!

• He sitting completely unassisted.

• He is attempting to pull himself up to standing position in his crib and playpen.

• He is opening cabinets and trying to pull stuff in his reach to the floor while in his walker.

• He LOVES being outdoors.

• He is starting to feel that stranger and lonely anxiety.

• He is starting to cry when mom or dad walk away.

• He is lifting his arms to be picked up.

• He LOVES to dance.

• He started eating blended meats and beans, black beans, “picadillo” to be exact!

HE WAVES BUH-BYE!!!! It’s the craziest and most adorable thing ever!

• He is learning to feed himself with his little Gerber Finger foods..the scariest yet best things ever!


• That he has mommy wrapped around his finger.

• That he is scared of loud noises, but who isn’t?

• That if he cries people will do the IMPOSSIBLE to get him to laugh!

• That he looooves his banana puffs!



• Organization

• Time management

• Leaving Santi to do Volunteer work

• Going to church with a 7 month old without there being chaos.

• Leaving Santi to go to work every day, it's still a difficult process....

• Going to a Restaurant with a 7 month old without there being PURE chaos.

• Finding time to exercise.


• Anxiety

• Getting to bed in time

• Only being able to restfully sleep in mom and dad’s bed! Even if that means mom and dad get kicked,    pushed and drooled on throughout the night! Ha. Oh the wonderful things about being a parent!

• Getting him to sleep in his crib!

• Allergies VS Reflux…the ailments begin! He has had a constant congestion and this month the Pedi recommended a I did what every former TCH mom does…I called the wonderful nurses at TCH ENT….who suggested a million and one things and oh did mention… sleeping in his own crib…it helps! :D I am still waiting to try these things…

Height: 26 inches

Weight: 21 lbs.

Next doctor’s visit: on June 29th for his NINE MONTH check up.

What to look forward to:

• We still have a pending Photo Shoot so I can’t wait to compare photos from when he was 6 weeks to now.

• Crawfish season and his “Crawfish” outfit, still have not worn it out of the house!

• Maybe some crawling.

• Maybe some standing!

• His First steps!!!!!

• His FIRST words!!!!!!!

• His Baptism.


Monique said...

It's so beautiful to sit here and read how blessed you are as a mother. Congrats on your beautiful 7-month-old baby boy!! God Bless!

Connie Leon said...

Thank You! It took me a long time to get here and at times I am so human and I can't help but complain but on days like Friday I remember why I am here and can't help but feel Blessed!

Thank You for the comment and many Blessings to you.