Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

First Tuesday in May!

Let's get this month started right! :D

I love blogging but some days life can be a real interruption (Gosh! LOL!) but it seems that I am getting back into the swing of things and it's probably the perfect time to feel this blogging thing again.....

You don't know.....(and excuse me if my thoughts seemed jumbled...)

But on April 15, after 8 months of semi-chaos our lives went into full chaos mode!

We are very, very excited! On this day I had a mini-celebration lunch with the hubby. We had to plan out the next 3 months of my family’s life.

For years now Ricardo and I have said almost on a daily basis….the first opportunity we get to travel, relocate, or leave Houston due to a job we should do it. We knew that at one point it would be him traveling for work purposes and I would stay behind with the kid(s) fully supporting him! And, today that “dream/goal” is happening and me, I am here for my husband!

I pray to God that this new journey will take us to where HE wants us to be…and I know that my husband has God in his heart and that decisions to be made in the next 3 months will not in any way humilate or shame him or destroy my husband's character or moral standing. My husband is a loyal and committed man to God and he knows that where ever God guides him, he will go, and make the moves that our purposeful for His Glory and always keep his family in high favor to what He wants us to achieve.

I can’t express how happy, how excited and how proud I am of my husband. If I was in a rut, a writers dry spell, a creative clutter or just not myself the last couple of weeks or months, NOW, I am back and ready for what is next. I have been waiting on God and He has come back in full force!

Spiritually I am feeling… drained. Too much thinking, too much talking…and too much of too much! Is this bad? Don’t know.

Now what? What are you going on and on about now Connie?

Ricardo leaves in 13 days for his 3 month long internship in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Ricardo has been a student for 10 years, I know, he should be a doctor by now, LOL…and he jokes he was on the 10 year plan..but no matter how long it takes or it has taken him, his is continuously focused on his goal. He had worked full- time for 7 of those years but in the last 3 years we have been through one heck of a ride and now this, that we are about to experience is, I pray, going to make us stronger as individuals, as a Married couple, and as a newly formed family of 3. He has been laid off for about 8 months now, and just when his unemployment ran out and we didn’t know what was next, he was given this internship…Yup. About 450 miles away and a 7 hour drive to a small town that will hopefully bring us new hope and change, so that soon we can show everyone what we have been up to the last 10 years. Building, fortifying and accomplishing!

The next 3 months I will be strength, listening over the phone, reminding him of our journey and building him up to take on the next day with fierce passion and wisdom all which God has covered him with. My words should build his heart and soul to face the world that he has no idea is coming straight at him. For the next 3 months I should stay still and run fast all at once and God will be there. God will guide me. I have not been the best wife; I gripe and speak words that don’t feed the soul but instead poison the heart, I am human after all. But, I am done. I want grace to cover my mouth and filter my words. So that Ricardo no longer looks at me like; what are you complaining about now?

I will miss him and I will pray for him. I will have time to remember why I am here and why I got married…

In all we are about to embark on a new stage in our lives and we are SO excited, SO Blessed, and VERY much so looking forward to it!!!

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