Monday, May 17, 2010

NOT Again Monday! (Day 1)

This is a Monday...that came to fast...
A Monday that maybe deeeep down inside I wish NEVER came?

But then what, Ricardo wouldn't have started to find HOPE and see NEW DREAMS come alive.

Today he left, to create new memories, new experiences and gain new knowledge and wisdom. I have always known...Que Dios hace todo por alguna razon... God does EVERYTHING for a reason.

Ricardo has been in school for 10 years now...NEVER loosing sight of the big picture... a future for his family, in this instance him, myself and Santiago. Ricardo has always been a big dreamer AND quickly caught on to what God had in store for him. He admits that before he met me though, BRAG A BIT, HAHA, he never really knew where those dreams would take him. This day provides that direction and distance. My husband has always thought of bigger and better ways to provide for his future family, when we were dating we dreamed of days like this...where Daddy would go away for a business trip and baby and I would see him off. Of course the dream is only half way complete but on its way none the less.

I hope that Ricardo's family can see Ricardo as a great inspiration, to want to be more and do more, NO MATTER WHAT SET BACK YOU MAY HAVE. I see him as a wonderful provider who is always seeking new adventures for us and never forgetting that God is in control of who we will become. I can't stop saying how PROUD I am of Ricardo and how much I hope Santiago can follow in his footsteps to being a great man, educated and filled with Faith! My husband may not like that I share as much as I do...or the idea that I often wear my heart on my sleeve and how naive I can be at believing and seeing the good in all and everyone..But he forgets that I learned it from him!

Today I lift him up in prayer and PRAY to God that his peers, his family and his friends can see him for the imperfect human that he is but always remember that he is the PERFECT Husband, Father and Provider to his little family! We love him...will miss him...and look forward to all his phone calls telling us what, who, where, when... if you know my husband he LOVES to talk...and in return..I love to write... this is going to be THE Summer of ALL Summers...well aside from last years... when I was months away from giving birth to that rambunctious chub-chunk of a son of mine!

I have some great pictures from our day yesterday... but forgot to load then on my flash drive...will get them on here tonight...

Aside from all the pride, Hope and Faith in my heart...I did fight back tears this morning as I dropped Santiago off at his Grandmother’s house....He waved GOOD-BYE to his Daddy from the door of our house until 10 minutes later at the door of his Grandmother’s house....

I heard something on the radio this morning and I loved it...."We don't remember things but we do remember experiences." That couldn't be more true for us this Summer.

And, since Friday...I have done nothing but pray over my husband and remind myself that She is watching over him... She has been there for me MANY a times and I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN HER AS A LOVING MOTHER TO ALL: