Thursday, June 24, 2010

Because I'm a Momma!

In cleaning out Santiago’s room I decided to make a list of what I think you REALLY need!

If you are having a baby shower, or 2, or in my case 4! Hey.... first grandchild for both set of grandparents, in a very large family! What can I say. Ha. Any who, if you are having a baby shower, I say don’t worry about the clothes…everyone will give you clothes!

Of all things make sure these are on your Baby’s registry:

  1. Diapers, Diapers, and more Diapers (From Stage 1-4 )
  2. Wipes, Wipes and more Wipes (Sign up for the refill boxes like 5 or more- You can buy a pretty container once and just refill it.)
  3. Baby Formula, Baby Formula and more Baby Formula- The Hospital will give you some but sign up for samples so you can see which one your baby will like….most common- Enfamil Advanced with Iron…Blue Can. Santiago hated the soy and organic.
  4. Baby Powder
  5. Butt Cream-Desitin or any other
  6. 2 to 3 Bottle Brushes, you may just want to stock up on these you will probably go through about 5 or 6 in the same year if you are going to bottle feed and use the regular bottles, not the ones with the disposable bags.
  7. Bottles (Lots)
  8. Receiving Blankets (Lots)
  9. Bibs and Burp rags (Lots)
  10. Wash cloths and Towels(Lots)
  11. A GOOD Diaper Bag with lots of compartments; seriously take your time, look for one you love...because you will soon learn this is it! Your purse, briefcase, camera bag, book bag, etc etc.
  12. Booger Syringe-Nose Bulb is what it’s called I think, lol.
  13. Nail Clipper, I suggest you go to the pharmacy and get one where the tip is at a slant, we call it 'the edger" in my home, makes for a SUPER time and insanity saver when trying to get those wiggly little bitty fingers to keep still so that you can clip those super tiny finger nails that can be almost deadly! Santiago's were so sharp, I thought he was going to behead me every time he swung his arms! Haha.
  14. Thermometer, a digital, fast reading one...for when they start wiggling and grabbing!
  15. Humidifier, I suffer from allergies so bought one from CVS but anyone will do.
  16. Monitors, especially if your house is horribly designed like mine! lol.
  17. Baby Proofing items, I only got one item, those plug cover things but they help! Thank You Erica and Michael! Not the siblings but the husband and wife! ha.
  18. Baby Gates, I have helps. Until they start crawling and pulling up onto things from the floor! ha.
  19. Diaper Caddy or Basket to put all the diaper changing stuff in one place, time saver to have everything in one place!!! Trust me. When panic sets in you forget where your head is!
  20. Bottle Rack, I have 2!
  21. Microwave Bottle Steamer
  22. Heavy Blankets for when it’s cold
  23. Plain Onesies, for when they are newborns and poops all over the place… :D
  24. I recommend a Changing Station…. I am old and my back hurts when I change Santiago’s diaper on a surface lower than my waist.
  25. I signed up for a ton of samples and coupons: Strong moms and Enfamil are two good sites to start.
  26. Playpens, Cradles, and Cribs….unless you plan on being VERY strict about them sleeping in them don’t go super expensive. Used, borrowed or on sale is the BEST way to go! I think. Santiago only used the cradle for about 3 months, the Playpen for about 7 and his crib….ehm ehm…uhm…never? :D
  27. Bottles, the best ones for super busy working moms are the “Drop-Ins”
  28. High chair, car seat and strollers are a great investment for feeding and travel. My High chair was a used one from a garage sale, simply cleaned it very well way before baby was here. The car seat and stroller we were a bit pickier about and really read reviews online before deciding on a brand. You have to check for recalls and so on.
  29. Sippy cups , spoons and bowls. I bought a lot of them at IKEA, in the children’s section and then at Target or Babies R Us my favorite brand is the Take and Toss. I don’t really toss them! I just wash them! They are very good. I like that the sippy cups don’t have the handles because for some reason Santiago does better at gripping them like this.
  30. Toys. I would stick to anything soft that rattles or has music for the first 6 months, once they can sit and crawl (which is where we are now) and are more active; noise making and learning toys are fun. I made homemade "shakers" from plastic containers and uncooked hard pasta and they work fine. If you need a visual, I will post one later.
  31. Bath tub and rub-a-dub-dub. Santiago only used his baby tub for about 5 months, he sat up fairly quick and was interested in playing with the water. As for the bath toys, he’s more interested in the water faucet at this point. You will need a shower caddy or something to put all the toys in while they are not in use. I usually find great tub toys and shower caddy's or bins in the Dollar section of Target.
  32. When your baby starts eating solids, I found that the store brand “puffs” , “melts” and “crunchies” from Target or Wal-Mart are just as good as Gerbers Graduates and they offer more flavors. As for purees, Gerber has so many new and exciting one…I just try them all. There is also a brand at Babies R Us called Ella’s Kitchen, which I just absolutely love!
  33. Gift cards and cash are always awesome!

DON'T FORGET TO SAVE THE RECEIPTS, tape them to the item if possible so you don't get confused when and if you need to return things!

As you may have guessed my top stores are:


Babies R Us


It’s all about doing the research, trying the products and then looking for sales and coupons. I love shopping for Santiago!

Two things that I am researching and will take action with in the next couple of days are:

Child Proofing
Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

I hope these little insights and reviews help!

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