Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hurricane Season is here...

This morning was one of those mornings, stuck to the bed and too cozy next to Santiago to even think about getting up and going to work….but ah at last, I literally pulled myself out of bed. Dragged to the shower and then brushed my teeth (my usual morning series of events) as I am at the sink, I realize, I haven’t asked Him to get me motivated. Why? Why do I forget to do it, I know I should? Every morning I am supposed to wake up and say “Good Morning Lord, Thank You for this day PLEASE give me then grace and motivation to do what Your will is for me today!” But I forget. Why? Because I am human and I am imperfect and I think I can do it all, but I can’t! God reminds us that He died for our sins and that if we cast our worries on Him, HE is the only one that will bring us through it and allow us to shine!

Amazing how God works, I know. You go from empty to full in a matter of words. As you all know last week I made a step towards a renewal of my journey with Christ well only about 4 days in and God is not only sending me all the right messages but also all the great feedback that I needed to keep going!

Just this morning as I listen to [KSBJ] on my drive in, I saw one of those great electronic billboards on the side of the freeway, you know the ones that display traffic updates and Amber alerts and around this time is has in big bright red letters: Hurricane season is here be prepared. We receive warning messages like this all the time! I couldn’t help but think how this was God, telling me it’s that season in your life so get ready. I feel we go through cycles in our lives and every year we have to experience some turmoil because we all know that after the storm comes the calm. Plus God never said this life would be easy He only said that He would never leave us or forsake us. These seasons, I think, are used to strength our Faith to remind us that we should be prepared!

So, how do we prepare? We look for the necessary items and resources.

I had not read emails in a while…not too long but a while, I was picking and choosing and only reading those that I saw interesting. Well yesterday I had the time to read through them and they were all from God. He simply stated, I was saving them for you. Have you had this happen to you? You feel like you are missing out on something but at the time it doesn’t matter, well it’s for a reason, you were meant to miss out at that moment. Only to realize that God was saving all those messages for you; for when you REALLY needed them or for you to PREPARE. I received my preparedness kit in writing but maybe in your life its people, or experiences, or situations, or the radio or TV or a stranger on the street. No matter what your preparedness kit is composed of or what form it takes on; know that now you need it or them.

The following messages were part of my preparedness kit and now I will keep it close, in case of an emergency, Ha:

Being Unstuck
God’s Will
Becoming involved

Feeling Free

Another way to prepare is by allowing God to cover us with joy, never forgetting that He is here and if He has gotten me through this time and time again then why shouldn’t I trust Him, now?! So, I do trust that this time, like all others, He is here and He will allow me to SHINE! I have been working through a lot of selfish anger but I hope that I can once more be a vessel of love, grace and selfless acts.

“Keep in mind that dead ends are part of God's plan for you.” –Rick Warren

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