Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Updates:

  • So, I lost my phone this weekend... POOF! And it was gone...not upset at all...I am not a phone call type of person  :)  I am not worried or upset about the missed calls or the lost property. What I don't like is that I took so many pictures of my son with that phone and now if someone has it they have his picture, that I don't like. :( I am on the look for an inexpensive alternative, if anyone knows of any please tell?! :D
  • My hubby was in town for the weekend! Time very much appreciated. We realized that we have been apart for  4 weeks when we talked for 3 days straight and still had things to say! Ha. Santiago and I were so very happy.
  • Facebook, Thank You for everyone who has thought about me and emailed me to know where I am. Makes me giggle :D  But, I am honestly seeking Him and you have no idea HOW great I feel...I got this in my inbox this morning, which reminded me that I am on the right track: Taking Time ~What kind of relationships would you have with people if you never spent any time with them? — from God, Help Me

We really just spent time together and with family this weekend and it was a GREAT weekend!

I hope and pray that everyone has a GREAT AND BLESSED Week!!!

This week my Sunshine of a Chunk will be 9 months! :D I will have some new pictures! :D

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