Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Whaaaat?

Yes, it's been some days..not too long I hope but yes. Some time. Just relaxing. Enjoying. Living.

Can't tell you how Blessed I am. How great my LIFE (personal that is) is. No explanation but life is good.

I had a great weekend. Lots to do. Lots to process.

A little Santi update...HE LOVES to DANCE....Dances it all. I just pray he will like to dance with Mommy and can be my little dance partner. Love it.

I know I am SO behind on my SANTI update and soon it will be time for another one...and the countdown is on.... to his FIRST Birthday. I didn't want it to be such a huge production where every year had to be continuously lived up to but he is the first born son, grandson and nephew to many soooo I guess it's inevitable!

We shall see.

Also pending...his Baptism...GabGab we will get on the ball swear, and love you Comadre! Haha. Sounds cute, Huh?

My good friend, who's mom is my mom's childhood friend, was married this weekend by the Catholic Church. She has a wonderful family; husband Mario, son Aaron and daughter Yaya! I am happy to have been there to witness the Blessing of such amazing gifts from God...I know Ms. Karen has some good pictures, will have to get them from her... 

In all, our weekend was another AWESOME one....

Despite it all...feeling SO much more peace than in past days...Thank You to my girlfriend Casey for listening to it all..I think the worse is behind us...

Another countdown that I am SO looking forward to is that of my husband coming back home.... it's almost over ya'll!


In 11 days I will go on vacation.... 

and.... 8 days after that...we will all be back home...yes all; Daddy, Mommy, and Lil'Daddy! 

Praise Him.  

I don't have new pictures uploaded but here is a good one:

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