Monday, November 29, 2010

Admit it!

I have to admit.

The months in this year have taken me further away from WHO I AM. From the One I love and WHERE I SHOULD BE.

As my good friend Casey would say....DRA-MA! But, it's so un-needed. I know that. Now.

I embrace it all.

And move forward. Once MORE. Yes. I am human you know?

Well what a better time to embrace who I am, change and move on. Forgive and Let go. Then now. Easier said than done. I know. Trust me. I know. And to my friends, new and old, Casey and Kathy. I may sound like a broken record but I admire their compassion, loyalty and commitment. Their Faith and purpose. In my life and in theirs. Thank You ladies!  

Thanksgiving just passed and much to my surprise it was such a PEACEFUL day. I was surrounded by my family with much Love and plenty of laughs. And oh yes, the food. The FOOD. Was so good! So good

I loved spending 4 days at peace with my family, having fun, relaxing and enjoying. 

One thing that I did was watch Toy Story 3. Yes, I was one of the few that has gone this long without seeing it. But, as with everything around me. It was for a good reason. Life has been so hectic and tiring, that God knew when, yes GOD. He knew when it would be the perfect time for me to watch this movie. Give it my undivided attention. And well, I have seen 4 times now since last week Friday! I love it. 

The message. The story. It's awesome. Plain and simple. Awesome

My favorite part comes at the end of the movie and without spoiling too much and allowing those who have seen it my own personal take on it.

Here it goes: 

The movie is ultimately about; Friendship. I parallel it to MY friendship with God. The characters Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bulls Eye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, the 3 Aliens, Hamm, Rex and Barbie all prove commitment to their owner Andy. Even though Andy is grown and no longer plays with them, they know that he is there for them the way they should be there for him. They are loyal and devoted to him. As friends should be. I loved this part of the movie. It's very difficult to find true friends who you can be yourself with and who accept you and love you for who you are. So, for this movie to remind children and adults that friendships can be everlasting and that all we need to do is have some FAITH in one another and move forward, was just breathtaking for me. The moment when Woody reminds them that they should all go back to Andy because he is who they belong to, that just leaves me in awe. Woody knew the real reason the toys got placed on the curb and no one believed him. When they too found out the truth. They felt bad and began their mission to return home, the place they should have never left! 

The next moment that just captured my attention was at that very moment when the toys had been betrayed and they were getting ready to loose all hope. Or it seemed as if all hope was lost. Where Jessie asks Buzz what they should do and Buzz reaches out and holds her hand and everyone else follows. They are ready to face the worse possible end. Together. Having "lived" a long life of lasting love, commitment and friendship. They prepare to let go and let God. And at that very moment. "The Heavens" open up. FAITH has reigned and they were saved. They never lost Faith in one another. I loved that. God is like that. He knows when we need Him the most and at that very moment He reaches out as our Saviour and reminds us that we should never loose HOPE or FAITH in Him. He will always be there for us!

I love this movie. 

The final moment and the other thing that got me throughout the movie was Andy. He grew. He grew to fast it seemed. In the end his mom holds him and he reminds her that she will always be with him. I have a son and a daughter on the way. I can't stand to think that one day..... and yes though my son is 15 months and my daughter is not born yet, the day will come when they will have to say good-bye. Being that I should, by then, be a good understanding Mother with FAITH and Hope that her children will be ok "in the real world", I will let go but I can't even think of that day! 

To say the least. I cried. I full out sobbed. I held my Santi and cried. To the point that my husband said; "What in the world is wrong with you!" When he saw the movie. He too looked at our son and said; "I don't want him to leave us." But, we know. Just like our parents have let us go and allowed us to now form our our family, make and learn from our mistakes, and "grow up".

Well we too must let go and Let God.

I hope everyone had as GREAT of a Thanksgiving as I did. And, that you will join me on this new journey and year in my life. I know God has great things in store for us. In the mean time. I am seeking. Seeking ways to get back to me. To get back to God. I need Him in my life.     

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