Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Update ♥

I am now 24 weeks! {6 Months and counting}

It's hard to believe that  it's been that long already. Because of my job, I had been very very busy and oh yeah not to mention that I have a wild and out 15 month old now!

When I was pregnant with my son, I had no life, Ha. I would go home, eat and sleep for 9 months...it dragged and seemed like I was pregnant for years! Plus, during the time that I was pregnant with my son the first couple of months at work were pretty laid back and non-stressful, which was not the case this time around! Needless to say, it's been very different! I was sick and never really thought about it and I was tired and had no time to rest. Now things have slowed down and I have gotten to enjoy and realize that, WOW, I am PREGNANT!!! Ha.

I think the most tiring part has been the fact that I have Santi. He is a non-stop little man. He usually wakes up between 7:30 and 8am, if I am lucky and doesn't go to sleep until about 10 pm! So, my days are long.... Not to mention the last 4 months my husband was not only a full-time intern but a full-time student as well! Therefore the 20 hour days with non-stop madness belong to me and me alone. The last 2 or 3 weeks have been great though, we are staying at my 'In-Law's house since our home has, well, "issues", they are hopefully fixed now and we should return back to reality in about 2 days! Also, my husband finished off his semester and will be home after work everyday to ease the madness at least until January 19th when he starts school back up again! He is a HUGE help when it's just us two and little man... God has seen me through many trying times and these are just a test...I will come out a live. I have made it the last 15 months... I will make it through 15 more...

My favorite part of all of this is Lil'Man's reaction to my growing belly. I think it happened over night and so one morning I woke up to his hand on my belly and his face full of amazement! Almost like "What is this? And why is it here?" Now we tell him that's your sister and he hugs my belly, kisses it and puts his ear up to it to see if he can hear anything! I love it. I have a feeling he will be very loving with his sister. I hope that he is not jealous and that he can realize at this young age that we love them both just the same! 

Aside from the growing belly, hospitalization, occasional nausea and light headed-ness and oh yes the being tired part; overall it's been a very different pregnancy and somewhat easier. I have only gained about 3 to 5 pounds on and off, meaning I gain and loose, mainly due to my diet and plus I stay somewhat busy with Santiago. 

I love feeling my Lil'Momma kick and thump around inside the belly and every doctor's visit I look forward to hearing her strong beating heart! At 28 weeks I will begin fetal monitoring and stress test due to my Gestational Diabetes and history of  Pre-eclampsia . Which thank goodness I have not at all started to swell up! With Santiago at this time I was the Goodyear Blimp, no joke. My feet look like small pillows and I was retaining fluid like he was playing in an indoor belly water park! This time around that has not happened. I am praying for a better c-section and overall delivery experience!  

I will post some belly pics soon, I have not taken one lately!

This is my last one at 19 weeks...I AM MUCH BIGGER NOW! HA.

And, here is Camila at around the same time...

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Marcela said...

I love belly pictures! Congrats to you!
Sending warm thoughts to you and family during this Christmas season!!!