Monday, December 13, 2010

Hospitalized. Baby Update. And then some?

Most of you know. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby, a little Girl! (Or as we like to call her "Lil'Momma" a perfect addition for our Lil' Daddy!)  At this point. We have almost finalized our decision on her name...we think maybe...Camila Isabel. I am writing it and it looks perfect. So, we shall see! Most of my friends have told me..have several names and wait until they are born to decide...but I didn't do that with Santi. We had a name picked and stuck to it, and now Santiago, is the best name for our perfect Lil'Man, and it fits him JUST WELL!

Well in all baby is doing great. She is quite the gymnast and growing according to His plan. I love to feel the bump and jump in my belly. She is very active. Just as much as Santiago was around this time. I love knowing that she will be here soon, God willing everything will be great!

Yes. I was hospitalized for a couple of days reason why I have been MIA. I had an infection. Now hopefully gone. After some IV fluids and antibiotics not to mention some pain meds. I am almost as good as new. Normally. Pain comes and goes. But, with me being pregnant, I worry a million times over and NEVER hesitate with seeing an ER or two.

The first day, I felt lonely. Like I had no one. I admitted myself into the hospital and was there for hours..alone. Things got very overwhelming. Praying. Telling myself things would be OK. I quickly felt better. My husband was at work and crazily enough....completing his FINALS! Which we pray he got all "A's", he is such a nerd, is incredibly and naturally smart, don't tell him I said that, so I know he did. He always does. Even with all the pressures of having to be a WONDERFUL and LOVING Hubby for, a GREAT and LOVING Dad to Santiago, and a DEDICATED provider for our home, he manages, he does, and he ACCOMPLISHES!!! Always! God has Blessed me. I know this.

Then came the loneliness from not being with my son... for almost 3 days!!! I was devastated to say the least. I hated being in the hospital. Alone. Without  my Little Man. To think. And then. "HELLO. MOM. HERE I AM!" It gave me such rest and peace for 3 days that I had the BEST and most wonderful alone time with my daughter. This new little pitter-patter on my heart! This wonderful new Blessing in ma' belly! Ha. There she was...dancing around in my belly, reminding me that God has given me MANY Blessings and MANY reasons to NEVER again feel lonely, a son...and now a daughter. I didn't mind that the cold, dark room was just me and her. I didn't mind that my cell phone was dead and my hospital phone never rang. I didn't mind that the nurse was my only company with the exception of nights when my Mom was there. I didn't mind the silence because it helped me focus on her. It helped hear Him. I loved it. Yes. Can you imagine. I learned. I LOVEDAnd I moved on. In many aspects. Being hospitalized. I read some, watch TV some and slept some. It was OK. 

[ DON'T GET ME WRONG. I was texting the first day with two of my girlfriends, whom I really wouldn't have bugged or said anything to until now, just because I don't like to bother people. I know, I am sick and pregnant. But, most others have their own hectic lives to deal with and I feel like I can deal with most my ailments. My mom was there after a while. I was also communicating with my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law both very concerned and since they were watching Santi, I wanted to keep them updated.  I also had to tell my job so my co-workers were on the phone as well. And my husband was texting and calling as much as he could. All until my phone went dead. I guess as a human being, I am used to human contact, HA. Go figure. And not being able to have my husband there with me the whole time, was different and well...made everything feel lonely.]

In the end. I am OK. I am back at work today. To which my boss joked.... "You still work here?!"

Yes. Yes. I do.  


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Loved this!!

and ummm that was NOT bothering me, crazy woman!!! LOLL I was freaking outtt!

Connie Leon said...

Yes. But you know me... I really hate to bug... :D Thank You!!! :D