Thursday, December 2, 2010

~Mommy Wish List~

Christmas is just around the corner.... and how appropriate a Mommy Wish List Post! {Hohoho!}

Lets start this off:

  • First on my list! I want His and Hers Union 28 apparel more specifically a MY HUSBAND ROCKS tee and for him a MY WIFE ROCKS tee!! You must check these out! I love them!!!
  • I also want the same apparel for my children :'s {YOU MUST MUST check it out!}
  • I want to find a GOOD book that both my husband and I can read...about life, marriage and Faith...any suggestions, let me know. In the mean time...I run to my buddy Amazon and do some research!
  • We neeeeed a new computer! I would love one with all the fancy upgrades and Blog and what not! Oh yes and so the Hubs can do all his homework!!! {Ha.}

  • I want to start planning our Baby Girls new nursery. I need some time and money....go figure!
  • I want to go back to being more involved in my Church, I keep saying that..I need to put myself in motion...
  • I want to take a break before baby comes...
  • I want to continue working on my Blog. I like it. I love knowing that people are actually reading the stuff I write. I love sharing!
  • I want to get my son his Christmas presents....nothing big.....I took an idea from a fellow Mommy Blogger about 3 gifts and a Santa gift. The 3: Something you Need, Something you Want, and Something to Share. Santi is only 15 months and he has more than enough of the "Need" Thanks to all of our friends and family who came to his first Birthday...except a Winter jacket..which this weekend will be his "Need". He really doesn't want anything...except to play and eat..and sleep...and Laugh and Love. Oh yes and give we want to give him a couple of movies and a tent..for camping next year. And, something that we already got him that he can share was a Radio Flyer! These things are great!!!
And well, we shall see what Santa brings.... I am sure he will be excited either way.....

  • I want to have a nice, quiet, peaceful, uneventful Christmas with my Husband and my Son and our families.
  • I want to be able to help someone out this will probably be through my church.
  • I want to give my family a hand as well, in whatever they may need, if I can.
  • I want to let everyone know that I am Blessed and that God has brought me here!!! I am Blessed and my Lord has provided. Amen.
{Philippians 4:19 (New International Version, ©2010)19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.}
  • I want to attend a seminar or conference or workshop..for Moms, Women, about Faith and Life to help me get pumped in 2011!
  • I want to attend a seminar or conference or workshop...for Husbands and Wives, about Faith and Marriage to help US get pumped in 2011!
  • I want to finish a project that I started.... CROCHETING! I must do this. I will do this.
  • I want to meet with my girlfriends for breakfast, lunch or dinner..I already have them in mind.... Be prepared girls. {Ha.}
  •  I want to finish reading the books in my everyday bag and on my night stand! NO really..I do.
  • I want to write in literally hand write in my journals the way it used to before I met the computer and BLOGS!
  • I want to stand firm in my Faith and remind others to do the same....
  • I want to be ME! And re-gain ME! Through my Faith, with God by my side.
  • I want Peace. Eveywhere. Impossible. I know. Call me a Dreamer.....
  • I want more time to sit and just enjoy life, my Son, my Husband, and soon my daughter...
  • I want more cuddle and hug time with my Hubby...he works so much and he needs a break!
{Please note that these are in no particular order...and I will strive to be and do the best I can to complete my no determined time..but His time!}


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