Monday, January 24, 2011

10 years in the making... { Written a little before our Son was born in 2009}

[This Blog Post is from 2009 but all very accurate.]

Going back and watching my wedding video brings back so many memories.. already gone.

Some happy and some very sad.

Ricardo and I met in 1999, "OFFICIALLY". We actually met in 1996, when I was 15 and he was 17,we were merely introduced, that was all that my two older and very protective guy cousin's allowed. Ricardo lived in an apartment complex and was best friends with my cousin, we had gone over to swim in the pool at the complex. Ricardo came over just to say "Hi" and to talk to my cousin. So, we both went, "un-noticed".

It wasn't until 1999, when I graduated from H.S. in Mission, Texas and moved here to Houston to start college that we "OFFICIALLY" met. We were set up as a "blind date", my cousin was dating his now wife and didn't want me to be left out so he set us up for a double date. Reluctantly, both Ricardo and I accepted. From that moment, it would all begin.

We met August 13,1999 after a rocky first date we never let each other go again; on our first date Ricardo's dad's truck was totaled by a couple of guys who claimed that Ricardo hit their car as we enetered a restaurant parking lot. They stole my purse and messed up his truck, all while we were having dinner. After that date, as a scared 18-year-old new to such a big city, I wanted nothing else but to go back "home" to the valley and never come back. {HA!} That didn' t happen.

We went on to get to know each other for about 3 months, and then on November 2, 1999 we started our courtship. {We both knew, this was it. Ricardo got me a promise ring about 2 years after we started dating (courtship).}

Flash forward to August 13,2005, Ricardo and I became engaged, yes, after 6 years of dating! We had finally reached a point in our lives when we thought we were ready to move forward. Then in the same year I graduated from college, we bought our first house and started planning our wedding! All made for a very good year in both of our lives.


On August 19,2006, 7 years after everything began, we were married. 

That year, our wedding was the best thing that we could have ever done! We were so happy and excited to have such an amazing moment in our lives.

The following year in March of 2007, Ricardo lost his grandfather. Having been Blessed with his presence at our wedding it was a very difficult and trying moment in Ricardo's life and the wedding video brings him back (physically) into our lives, because he is always in our hearts...

Now, September 2009, 10 years (technically 13 years!) after Ricardo and I met, 3 years after our wedding we wait for another AMAZING moment of our lives.

To become parents!

It's amazing to look back at the pictures in our wedding video of us as children and then dating; so young, so innocent, with no real knowledge of what God would bring into our lives at 28 (me) and 30 (Ricardo).

God is amazing and his doings and our purpose is what keeps us moving!  

We know that we are Blessed to have met each other and that we could have never come this far without each other in our lives. Ricardo is the person who motivates me to be a better me, to do more than I know I can and to always smile and laugh no matter who is watching. He is an amazing person and will be an amazing father. I can only wish that other couples are as Blessed as we are ( and more!)!

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