Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All in a days work:

So, I read GOOP. And, my recent newsletter came with a "day in the life of" 2 working moms. Just gave me the idea to Blog about my day...and see; where does the time go ?

Wakey-Wake~ "Usually" happens and SHOULD happen between 5:45am and 6:15am; anything after that cause serious chaos for both Ricardo and I. We both wake up bew-ry bew-ry quietly, because we don't want to wake the silly wabbit! I shower, Ricardo showers; or vice versa. We turn or yours, Ha. Usually I get in first. It's better this way. 

While in the shower I think and pray and often ask for strength and energy for that day...for the most part it all comes at once!

I then proceed to get dressed and "do my hair" and brush my teeth, almost in that order.

Ricardo does the same...but a lot slower....Ha.

I then go on to get Santi's clothes together and anything he may need at his Grandmothers that day.

Then depending on how much energy I, we,  had the night before I get our lunches together. Unless Ricardo did it the night before which is always a HUGE plus! 

After I get bags and lunches packed. I go on to dress Santi. These last couple of weeks have been cold so Ricardo will run out and turn our cars on...or I will. 

After much complaining, from Santi, I finally get him dressed and he either gets in my car or Ricardo's, depending on who's turn it is. These days he is bundled up and carried out..usually he walks to the car as we marvel and giggle at him looking like a Little Man! 

He then gets dropped off and we rush to our jobs. In Houston traffic from our house, rushing means at least 45 mins in traffic..if we are lucky 35 mins, if it's bad about an hour or more. 

Me I have to go and drop my car off at my Mom's outside of Downtown and then she brings me to work; it's cheaper this way. 

Workie-Work~ Really it's a blur. Some 8 hours are great and others..not so much. Most of you know what I mean. 

I get out of work at 4:30pm. Ricardo right gets out at 5:00pm; except when he is in school...because then his schedule is crazy. 

Going Home~ I have to be picked up, if I was early enough to get dropped off. If not I can usually park for about $6.00 a day a couple of blocks from my building. If I park I get out of Downtown fast and beat SOME traffic. If I don't I have to wait for my Mom and usually get to my car around 4:45 or 5:00pm. I get lazy when I get to my Mom' some days I linger..others I run! 

I then set out to either go straight home or to pick up my Little Man. Right now since Ricardo hadn't started school just yet, I loved hearing..."GO HOME. I will get La'lly" (It's what Ricardo calls the Daddy) ! That is music to a 28 week pregnant woman who dreams of laying in a soft warm bed with about 15 minutes of silence after a long day at work! 

If I go straight home I can usually make it there by 5:30 at the latest maybe 5:45. If I pick baby up it will surly be 6 pm or later...depending on much I linger at my Mother-in-Laws house. When Ricardo is at school I like to run home so I don't get home when it's dark. When he is not, I know he will be there so I linger more. Or if we know what we want for dinner and are gonna start cooking right when we get home, I rush. 

I finally make it home and depending on if Ricardo is in school or not the routine varies. These days I am 28 weeks pregnant and Ricardo was on Winter break from school. So, the "uhm I will do it tomorrow" sets in. When he is not around and at school. I run home. Clean up. Make food (defrost, microwave, prepare, cook, whatever the case maybe), again these days Ricardo was home and he will either say make this, I will make this, or lets just get some take out! Another sound of music in my ears....We "usually" all eat around 7 or 7:30pm no later than 8pm. If baby is awake he eats as well. If he is asleep we eat really fast before he wakes up so we can veg out for about 10 to 20 minutes. 

If Ricardo is in school and baby is asleep. I run around like a mad woman picking up around the house, cleaning, washing clothes and getting things straightened out for the next day! If Santi is awake, we play and when I get him distracted enough I run off and do chores until he finds me's fun actually! Again, it was Winter break so Ricardo helped me with trash and dirty clothes and cooking and ohhhh yes DISHES...which I hate!!!! He also plays with Santi when I have the energy to just do all of the above mentioned.

All of this does or doesn't get done by 8:30-9:00pm after which Santi gets a bath and into his pj's and we pray that he falls asleep by 10pm so that we can also get in bed. He's not the best at a set bed time. It depends how much he slept during the day which is never a set time. If he slept a lot bed time is usually mid-night. If he didn't get much sleep then 10pm is pretty standard. We pray with him, talk to him while he falls asleep and then after he is done "telling us about his day" he is out until about 6:30-7am the next day when all this starts over again!  

In between all this I try to get other things in; like my "projects", my ME time, my Bible reading time or just reading time, husband/wife talk time, maybe some TV, and anything else that may need to get done...bills, mail sorting, etc etc.

We don't have a set schedule but I guess we have a pretty set routine!

Weekends are a bit better...only a bit...It depends on the weekend.

After I look it all over and think about it all, I will I do with 2 children, how do I manage to stay afloat and when do I have time to potty and breath!?!

I guess we (busy working moms and wives) just do.

God, I know, gives me strength everyday!

Proverbs 31:31 Reward her for all she has done.
      Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.