Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Update ♥

                                                                      I'm 26 weeks!

{Pregnancy Updates}
  • How Far Along: 26 Weeks
  • Size of baby: According to, Camila is the size of an "English Hothouse Cucumber" that's about 14 inches and she weighs approximately a pound and 2/3's.
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained  7  lbs (Yayy me!)
  • Maternity Clothes: I am wearing all of my regular clothes {jeans and pants and some shirts~ mostly the stretchy ones..hehehe} and some of my old maternity blouses for work..but I wear them even when I am not pregnant! :D
  • Gender: It's a girl!!! We already know this....and I love the name Camila Isabel {That's what I am sticking to!}
  • Movement: She is quit the gymnast during the day; if Santiago lays on my belly she is already kicking him off and for some reason..Daddy is not her fav person just yet...but she moves GREATLY during the day..I love it and feel very happy every time she karate chops me! :D
  • Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good except when Santiago and Ricardo move all over the bed...
  • What I miss: Nothing really - maybe agility and balance?  Or the ability to bending over? HA!
  • Cravings: Lemony anything, Burgers and recently COKES {which I can't have}
  • Symptoms: Mostly TIRED, I've been in waddle mode for a couple of weeks now, vomiting..lots at times..., back pain, leg pain, stretch, headaches..which I hate, and just feeling blahness some days... :D
  • Best Moments so far:  Every time I tell Santi to say Hi to the Mama, he comes over,lifts my shirt [no matter where we are!} and kisses my belly! I love it!!!  
  • Updates about this week: I was hospitalized was only an over night observation...I was feeling a lot of cramping and baby was her normal I called my doctor who didn't hesitate and sent me to the hospital....yep another infection... Dealing with it now. I hope this doesn't's quite annoying......
  • Momma Perks: Because I've been so sick my husband hasn't even asked one night why dinner isn't cooked {instead he runs out and gets us take out!} or why I am laying in the middle of a pile of dirty clothes. And, because I have started to feel sooo pregnant, I don't care that my house looks like a robber came in specifically to mess everything up and take nothing! lol! That plus the fact that I have a 16 month old leaves me with little worry for what my house does or doesn't look like at this moment! Love it!
In all this pregnancy has been a BIT smoother than when I was pregnant with Santiago. I feel like I have to get up and DO rather than just lay around and feel I am not sure if that makes things better..or worse. With Santiago if I was sick, I was sick, and that was that. But, this time around, I feel a little more responsible and the need to just get up and deal with it, and it's partly due to the fact that my symptoms are not as over powering as the first time.

I still have not started working on Camila's nursery, with Santiago we started about this time, so  I anticipate a burst of energy and creativity soon. I hope! Plus we are trying to finish up remodeling our kitchen, once that nightmare is over, I can start on my DREAM....of PINKS AND LILAC and butterflies all over! I love it!

I have ordered some baby clothes for Camila! I know... I know..but I found a gift card for Gymboree that still had money on it and well Santi has so much clothes right now I couldn't resist but to get my Lil'Momma's wardrobe started! Hehehe. She will be fashionably chic!

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